Erdogan to EU: Accept Turkey’s membership or be Islamophobic

Looks like Al Sharpton has moved to the Middle East:

TODAY’S ZAMAN – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said Turkey is testing whether the European Union is really against Islamophobia, implying that the bloc would be Islamophobic if Turkey’s bid is rejected.

“We are testing Europe. Will Europe be able to accept a country which has a Muslim population? Are you [Europe] against Islamophobia or not?” Erdoğan asked in Djibouti on Saturday at a joint press conference with his Djiboutian counterpart İsmail Ömer Guelleh.

“You have to accept Turkey to the European Union. Turkey is now a powerful country. If you still see Turkey as a country which would beg [for accession] at your door, Turkey is no more a country that would beg at your door. Turkey would join the EU if it is accepted. If it is not [accepted], it would draw its own path,” Erdoğan said.

Noting that the European Union “has to accept” Turkish membership, Erdoğan said otherwise, the EU would prove the claims that the EU is a “Christian club.” “But if they accept Turkey to the EU, this thesis would be put aside. Turkey is a member of NATO and OECD. Turkey is also present at many other formations. Then, why aren’t you accepting it to the EU? This means there is another problem,” Erdoğan added.

What a choice. Accept us or be Islamophobic? Sadly this tactic will probably work.

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