Eric Bolling STILL pushing crackpot GOP convention conspiracy, even after TRUMP said it was DUMB!

Eric Bolling is playing the “I can kiss Trump’s ass more than anyone else” contest over at Fox News, but he’s definitely thinking out of the box. While Sean Hannity just regurgitates Trump talking points and O’Reilly tears up after getting a rebuke from the cheeto-faced moron, Eric Bolling is creating conspiracy theories out of thin air.

Here’s his ridiculous Quixotic stand against a conspiracy conjured up in the cobwebbed recesses of his vast hollow skull:

Now he just pulled his ridiculous conspiracy theory out of his Trump – there is absolutely no reason to believe that the GOP would pull the nomination from Trump if he got to the 1,237 delegate threshold. And it would be pandemonium if they did.

He completely misrepresents what happened with Karl Rove which you can see in context and in full here. 

I mean the idea is so stupid, that EVEN TRUMP REJECTED IT:

I mean Trump will go along with ANYTHING as long as he thinks it’ll toss more chaos into the race – and even HE said it was dumb!!

But that won’t stop Bolling. He needs to win that contest to show that he can latch his lips firmly on Trump’s ass quicker and with more love than any other Fox News host. And I, for one, applaud him. Not many go that extra step to use their imagination and utterly deplete any modicum left of respectability and credibility for the sake of pleasuring the Trumpinator. I mean, you gotta respect the guy’s dedication to his idol. 

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