Eric Holder says you might need a ‘gun bracelet’ to use your gun in the future…

Apparently Biden and Holder met last year with some people trying to figure out how a gun owner would be the only one to fire his weapons, whether it be through finger-print recognition or gun bracelets:

Say an intruder breaks into your home. The last thing you want to fiddle with is trying to get the gun to recognize your fingerprint or worse, trying to find your ‘gun bracelet’. I don’t see anyway these ideas are compatible with protecting yourself. If you can’t just pick up your gun and start shooting, then you may as well be dead.

(h/t: PJ Tatler)

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64 thoughts on “Eric Holder says you might need a ‘gun bracelet’ to use your gun in the future…

  1. On the contrary, there is enough criminal evidence against Holder that he should be wearing an orange jump suit.

  2. This fascist POS once more reveals the true spirit and beliefs of the progressive democrats: tyrannical totalitarians.

    The only other people in history who think like this are Nazis, Communists and Fascists. Add Democrats to that infamous company.

  3. They continue to go after the law abiding citizens with firearms. This is another of the signs of an impending dictatorship in the near future. Civil disobedience is already beginning in CT and MA. People will only take so much of this before they start to push back.

  4. Would love to see these commie bastards try to enforce that regulation. One would hope the Sheriff’s of this country would tell Witchington to pi$$ up a rope.

  5. And Holder might need something shoved up his ass. It’s really hard to know who I detest the most in Washington, there’s so many.

  6. holder can take his bracelets and all his other communist ways and stuff them where the sun don’t shine.

  7. Holder needs to wear a bracelets called handcuffs, they would go nicely the his new orange jumpsuit.

  8. I think the idea has merit but with a different twist. All progtards should have to pay a tax to speak their mind, bracelet.

  9. Wonder what Eric would say if his SS protection detail had to have “shooter ID(iot)” bracelets. He may have a completely different outlook. But then again, Eric isn’t the brightest bulb on the string. Biden’s option would be to fire a shotgun into the air or thru the door with or without a ID(iot) bracelet…well, maybe with Mrs. Biden’s bracelet…

  10. With his hx of fast and furious you would think he would stay clear from fun laws. He seems to have an obsession with gun control.

  11. the crazies that murder wont abide by a law that the good guys will be subjected to. Why is this even a conversation or a wasted idea on the part of these two crazy dems. they both have security, so let them eat cake.

  12. I think it is time for this lawless corrupt official to be removed from his office, forcibly and lead to prison!

  13. I think the CIA, Secret Service, FBI and ATF should be the first to test them out for about 10 years.

  14. If I’m wearing a “gun bracelet” then Holder better be wearing an ankle bracelet so we can track him as he runs guns across the border.

  15. If justice still prevails …In the not too distant future …Holder will be required to peer through bars to look out his window.

  16. Oh yah…you know what you can do with your gun bracelets! Maybe you need to wear the handcuffs bracelet!

  17. Shall not be infringed.. as long as you’re wearing a bracelet. we must have missed that small detail

  18. No Eric Holder, AKA CORRUPT B*STARD

    Law-abiding gunowners don’t need tracking bracelets, but LAWLESS Officials LIKE YOU DO, you CORRUPTOCRAT!


    (and the REST of the scandals YOU are NECK DEEP IN!)

    Btw – this move by the Lawmakers in TN recently will REALLY PI$$ OFF the LAWLESS Obama and Holder:

    (What you, Obama, meant for evil, America is working for GOOD ~>)TN Senate Votes For Open Gun Carry Without Permit ~>

    also – for gunowners who are interested:

  19. I do not understand why anyone would see the problem with this as interfering with quick access to one’s gun in a home or defense situation.

    The Second Amendment was not penned by people who were worried thier right to stop home intruders or hunt rabbit. It was penned by people who knew their arms were all between them and slavery. That holds as much today as then.

    Even if this technology was 100% foolproof and reliable, freemen could never let the government require its use

    It is gun registration and gun control – plain and simple.

    The second amendment says our unalienable right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

      1. Don’t forget the gun serial number tattoo on the forearm and the yellow gun lapel patch.

  20. The new attack. Make the gun so expensive you can not afford it. Include technology the government can use to disable any gun any time. Because that is what they will require these bracelets to do. Be disabled by police easily.

  21. Of course such a system can never be hacked, especially if the same people whom set up democratscare are involved… And let us all remember criminals never break the law so this will stop them cold!

    I’m thinking maybe we could run beta test on such an idea. We can start with the system set up as a dog collar, let’s have those in-favor of the idea wear the collar and if they lie it will shock them.

    This beta testing should last several years and the collar cannot be removed during the testing period.

    Then we can move on to testing it on politicians wearing the system while holding office… Each time they lie the shock level increases…

  22. HAHAHAHAAAA please come on over and try and make us put these on our firearms you POS…please

    1. That’s an excellent example of the old saying:

      “When life gives you lemons, you fire up the truck-mounted .50 and turn them into lemonade”

  23. People need to call this despicable Communist for what he is: a skumbag
    Commie! Holder is the slimiest of all corrupted lawyers and
    the DOJ. He’s even lower than a worm’s @$$!

  24. What amazes me is how they tell us what they plan to do, and most think “that will never happen”. This admin knows damned well they will never get gun control through congress, but when have they cared about the law. BOLO for some new regulations written behind the scenes from one or more of the agencies.

    Didn’t HHS already mandate that doctors ask if there are guns in the home? I’m not sure where that stands.

    If they can’t control the citizens, can they control the gun manufacturers?

  25. This is just another vehicle for “GUN GRAB”! Do not fall for it! The “bad guys” sure won’t have a bracelet that “lets” their gun work!!! And just think how easy it would for government to build into the bracelet a “kill switch” so you cannot use your gun!!! Then they control us!!! DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO GO THROUGH!!!

  26. The recent Fort Hood shooter used a weapon he legally purchased…

    Mrs. Holder, your “idea” is null and void!!!! JACKWAGON!!!

  27. My first thought is of the woman last year who was home with her little kids and an intruder broke in. She had to shoot him multiple times to stop him from harming them.
    The gun was registered to her husband. If it was his fingerprint that activated the gun, she and her kids would be dead now.

      1. I know. But unfortunately I’ve developed an addiction to facts that I just can’t shake.

  28. This whole Obloody regime are nothing but low level, intellectually dull, Marxist antagonists. They are degenerate nothings pretending to be something or as James Bond said of Napoleonic authoritarians, “Minnows pretending to be whales.” (Dr. No)

  29. Finger print readers are unreliable. Been there, done that, and it’s no fun when your own fingerprint reads as being someone else.

    This isn’t about gun safety. It’s about control.

    1. You say stupidity, but that would only apply if he was actually trying to make the public safer. They aren’t doing that. They are getting crafty and sneaky on how they disarm law abiding citizens using public safety as a guise. I don’t think that’s stupid (in a sense of lack intelligent thinking), but it’s crooked as hell and destroying the Constitution. I have no doubt that if the Constitution could be burned tomorrow, the Democrat party would do it in a heartbeat. All of it. They don’t want conservatives to have freedom of speech, either. After all, that’s hate speech.

      1. It is stupidity*…and those that fall for are even more stupid.

        But it is also manipulative, deceitful, and lying…which makes it evil.

        *I call it stupidity because it isn’t a winning issue. Most Democrats don’t support this crap.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I think the agenda is completely wrong. Being criminal doesn’t mean “stupid” though.

          I totally agree with you on the last statement. It is stupid to try to backdoor the 2nd amendment by using a tactic that even Democrats won’t buy into. In general, though, the Democrats can come up with some very shady ways to defeat the law and the Constitution. Treason in my opinion.

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