Erica Gardner FURIOUS that Hillary campaign discussed USING her father to attack GUNS

Erica Gardner is blasting Hillary’s campaign for talking about using her father’s death to attack guns, vis-a-vis gun violence:

CNN – The daughter of a New York City man who died after he was put in a police chokehold blasted Hillary Clinton’s campaign Thursday when WikiLeaks revealed email conversations about using her father’s death to protest gun violence.

The conversation about possibly considering mentioning Garner in an editorial about gun violence became public in private emails illegally hacked by WikiLeaks. The Clinton campaign has not commented or verified the authenticity of the emails.

CNN has reached out to the Clinton campaign for response to Erica Garner’s tweets and have not yet gotten a response.

Well of course they aren’t commented on the authenticity of the emails – because they ARE authentic. If they were fakes, that’s all we’d be hearing from crooked Hillary and her crooked peeps.

Gardner continue to tweet:

Whatever you think of Eric Gardner’s death, his daughter is right. This had nothing to do with guns or gun violence and the fact that Hillary’s people were considering using it as an argument against guns just reveals how desperate they are to water down the 2nd amendment using any argument they can.

Here’s one for the road:

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