Erick Erickson calls for Tom Cotton to fire campaign manager after nasty attack on Ben Sasse

Erick Erickson brought this to our attention yesterday, pointing out Tom Cotton’s campaign manager, Justin Brasell, is moonlighting in the Nebraska Senate race and is attacking Ben Sasse by putting Sasse’s own children in an ad attacking him. We won’t play the ad here but if you want to see it you can watch it here.

Justin Brasell ran Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign in 2008 and according to the Weekly Standard has helped start two super PACs, one of which is the Freedom Pioneers super PAC, which is the one attacking Sasse:

Last week, the Freedom Pioneers super PAC spent over $100,000 on online ads and direct mail attacking Sasse — and many of the negative ads are using quotes that have been criticized by Nebraska newspapers for being taken out of context. Further, that may have just been the beginning. “We expect the Freedom Pioneers super PAC to spend a lot more money attacking us this week,” says Sasse campaign advisor Jordan Gehrke.

Sounds like this super PAC is the kind that likes to play dirty. Erickson says that McConnell is denying any responsibility for the ad using Sasse’s children and that Brasell left the Freedom Pioneers super PAC after Erickson posted about this yesterday. He figures Brasell is trying to distance himself from the mess.

Erickson writes today that while he has given $100 to Thom Thillis, now that he has won the primary in NC (making the point that Thillis is far better than Kay Hagan), Erickson won’t be giving any money to Tom Cotton as long as Justin Brasell remains on the payroll.

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