ESPN’s Stephen Smith: Black Conservatives Are Pariahs In Our Communities and It Makes No Sense

This transcript starts at 2:49 of the video:

I have profound respect for the iconic figure that is Jim Brown, what he’s done in the sports world, the political conscience that is attached to him. But what he said, I deem inappropriate. I thought it was wrong, and more importantly, I thought it highlighted something, Skip, that I told you many, many years ago — I mean many shows ago. Actually, not that many shows ago.

When it comes to the African-American community, you have a plethora of individuals. For example, the black population hasn’t given the Republican Party more than 15% of its vote since 1964. And anybody who is deemed a black conservative, I am not one of them — I’m a registered Independent, just to get that out of the way — but those that I know who are black conservatives are considered pariahs and are ostracized in our communities and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

But this is how — this is a problem that exists within our community. Because you are from our community, everybody believes that everybody is supposed to be identical to one another and we can’t display or exercise any kind of versatility, alright, or range in our thinking. It’s a problem that we have to deal with. It’s an internal problem that exists and we’re going to have to handle it because if we don’t we’re gonna see more Jim Brown’s speaking out against more Kobe Bryant’s and we’re gonna see more Kobe Bryant’s retaliating against the likes of Jim Brown.

Stephen Smith isn’t best known for moments of quiet contemplation, but in this case he echoes a point we’ve heard from many black conservatives over the years. Lockstep insistence on political uniformity is not a good or a healthy thing for any community. He objects to the idea that being from the community means you must agree with the community on all things, and rejects the idea of african americans as a “monolithic” group.

Rejection of black conservatives whole cloth simply for the (R) they may choose to support is particularly offensive and often, as we saw last week on Hannity, an angry, ugly thing. Any voice that will speak out against demonization of black conservatives as race betrayers is a welcome voice indeed.

For background on the controversy Smith is commenting on see here. It’s about rejection of “other” … in Kobe’s case, his “other”-ness is based on his time spent abroad growing up.

(h/t RealClearPolitics)

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42 thoughts on “ESPN’s Stephen Smith: Black Conservatives Are Pariahs In Our Communities and It Makes No Sense

  1. Love Stephen A.

    Great commentator and the few times that he talked with Levin on the Radio, it was pure gold.

  2. I can’t listen to the guy because it takes him 3 minutes to say what I can say in 30 seconds – but I have a definite opinion on ESPN and race.
    Originally that show was called something else… Morning Pizza, something like that. The debate was between that liberal, Skip Clueless and this other report named Woody, who left.

    After Woody left, they would often match Clueless up against multiple black guys. There were these two (literal) brothers, one got thrown off ESPN for attacking RG3, for being a Republican, married to a which chick, and not “down for the cause.” But , in terms of debate, Clueless used to mop the floor with his opponents.

    Eventually, Clueless’s Man Crush of Tebo because so unbearable to the audience that ESPN brought in Smith (basically) to shout Clueless down. And he has.

    Now, how much of this is the producers, and how much of it is Smith in love with his own voice, I don’t know. But Clueless – Whitey – has been neutered. During this whole intervening time, ESPN has begun to look like a meeting of the NAACP.

    We’ll see. Did ESPN just want to melaninize their broadcast, or is Stephen A the wrong kind of black, now that he is out of the closet.

  3. “…but those that I know who are black conservatives are considered pariahs
    and are ostracized in our communities and it makes absolutely no sense

    Don’t have time to listen to video but in reading the transcript am I correct in interpreting it as he is saying it is wrong for black conservatives to be ostracized? Not that it doesn’t make sense for blacks to be conservatives. Big difference and we must make sure to get the right context of his comments.

    This guy always seems angry, however, I remember one interview/clip some time ago, where he seemed to understand the politics but “couldn’t go there” because of his job, or something to that effect.

  4. It makes no sense to Stephen Smith, because like 90% of Black America, Mr Smith refuses to open his eyes and accept the truth. Black America is racist and wants revenge against white America, they have willingly sold their soul to the devil to get that revenge and the Democrats have promised to give them them that revenge. It really is that simple.

    New York Times: Don’t believe their lies, believe our lies.

    1. Once you understand that, everything else falls into place.
      I thought I came up with something I’ve been using all along, but Levin quoted Adams saying it over 200 years ago. Redistribution government is coveting and stealing. There are other sins involved, but those two cover most of it.

    2. You commit the same error as the people he’s talking about: treating a skin-color group as a homogenous unit. They are not, just the same as all other skin-color groupings (which is a stupid idea to begin with) are not.

      Only Democrats Care About Skin Color

  5. Stephen A’s whole gig is sounding down in the street with deliberate ignant (sic) street accent and jargon. Wants to cover the fact that he is erudite and knows better, but suffers from a subtle lack of character that keeps him from being genuine.

    Could have been the number one sports analyst in America. But wants to be a brother, separate, racist, whining. He’s reached his goal.

  6. Well, most blacks I know AREN’T capable of anything other than leftist groupthink. That’s why a loser like an Obama will always have a home.

  7. I’m proud to say that I don’t know wtf Jim Brown said and I’m not going to google around to figure it out. I’d rather go out and exercise on any day than watch a bunch of jocks strutting around. I didn’t like those guys in highschool and had no connection with them in college. Why support them now?

  8. I’d really like sports commentators to focus on sports. For every sane statement these folks make on societal or political issues, there are 20 mindnumbingly stupid rants (e.g. Bob Costas).

    1. I’d like actors to focus on acting too, since neither one of these categories seem to have much of a grasp on the real world.

  9. I actually like Stephen A Smith. I dont always agree with him but he seems like a thoughtful and fair minded man. The fact that he acknowledges this problem with the progressive ideology goes a long way to getting that truth out to those who might never hear it, otherwise.

    ESPN has become a network pushing left wing politics under the cover of sports.

  10. Steven ABC/XYZ Smith is sooooo arrogant. I can’t stand listening to him. Either mute or switch channel. Even his tone of voice is racist.

  11. “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.
    [Touting his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs, LBJ
    confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One]”
    ―Lyndon B. Johnson (D)

    1. Thanks for posting this. I was in the process of trying to figure out the best way to spell the word of rap music when I saw your post. Repeat and repeat again. Democrats started the clan, voted against a federal anti lynching law, and destroyed the black family, but man oh man conservatives are evil.

      1. It is proof that the Stockholm Syndrome will work on a group of people as well as it does an individual.

        No only do they begin to love their masters, they hate and despise those that come to free them.

      2. yeah, imagine, if it was the other way around I doubt you’d have to figure out a word to replace honky, whitey, white trash, redneck or any other of word you’d choose to describe the weakest people around.

    2. The only quote/prediction made by a democrat that is 100% true. 150 more years until they wise up and see the sucker bet the progressives placed on/for them.

  12. I watched this live and wasn’t surprised as Stephen A. has said this a couple of times already and it was nice to hear. He does piss me off though because it seems no matter what he gets race involved in it seems any issue. He will take on the other side too so I have to give him props for that.

  13. I’m sick of sports. The players are a bunch of whining prim a donna’s. Their excuse for needing all these high wages was that they could get hurt and now they got the money they don’t want to play for it because they might get hurt. Someone gets tackled and they are off the field because they might have a concussion. It seems like every time one gets hit they run to them like they are 6 yr olds that fell down on the playground..Now this BS liberal anti Christ BS and political whoopla they can have the Wimpy game. It don’t even resemble football any more plus who can enjoy the game when leftist political trash has been pushed out on the playing field. watching sports is supposed to be an escape. NOT any more.

    1. Me too DHardy. There is too much to do in life other than watch a bunch of self absorbed athletes play for millions and then think they can tell us how to think.

    2. That particular show is not watchable for me. It’s all gossip. He said, she said. I’m X’s and O’s. Don’t care what the say.
      I call it the Oprah-fication of sports. Or Soap-Oprah-fication of sports.
      ESPN = Easter SoaP-opera Network.

    1. Really? Get politics out of sports. Tell Costas that. Tell Olbermann that, Tell the whole month of October in the NFL that. Tell ESPN that. Words like monolith, rubicon, and quasi ain’t cuttin’ it. Tell the new Heisman winner that. As long as weekend warriors want to buy tickets this is going to go on. How about a boycott, I used to love watching sports on T.V. and sitting in the stands. But these days it’s all about the latest concussion, personal foul, replays, At least Stephen A. is trying. Here’s some monolith thinking for ya…let’s ban all sports. Dodgeball anyone? Oh crap they banned that already

      1. Anyone who thinks ESPN hasn’t been laced with politics since day one; either hasn’t been listening well enough or is too used to being bombarded with propaganda to notice.

        How many hundred stories has ESPN done bemoaning the lack of black coaches? the lack of black baseball players?

      2. Not sure what I said that has your knickers in a twist, but I agree with you about the politics throughout sports, and it’s ensuing wussification thereof. I’ve already conceded Hollywood, most music, and most network TV to the liberals, but I’m not giving up my sports, morons and their antics, or not.

    2. I’m opposed to monolithic thinking too. As all people should be. Rubicon this, quasi that. The real kneelers at the monolith are PC sportscasters like Costas, Olbermann, most of ESPN, every play-by-play announcer that wring his or her hands over the latest injury, the latest bully, etc. I gotta a monolithic idea for ya sybill, let’s just ban all sports. I don’t believe Stephen A. is rubicon or quasi enough for that.

    3. Not everyone in this country is in well defined boxes. So if he feels comfortable being an independent (like myself) then let him be so. It’s not like the Republican party is the of home conservatism anyway. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!


  14. I must admit, with all the political correctness in sports media (not to mention the news media, Hollywood, etc.) Stephen A. can be a breath a fresh air…now and then. He nailed it though. Enough of this labeling, identity, you must do this you must do that, you must think this you must think that, you can’t do this or that outside the law based on this or that. Jim Brown ran over every white or black dude that tried to tackle him during his playing days, what more does Jim Brown have to prove. He went on to act in Hollywood movies, rubbed shoulders with the beautiful people. Old soldiers never die, they fade away. And every soldier gets knocked around. And I’ve always thought of JB as a soldier. Maybe it’s time for old soldiers like JB to fade away. Will Stephen A. be a future soldier, only in a more forward thinking manner?

  15. SAS can be a bit of an over the top showman with a flare for the dramatic, but his heart is in the right place, seems like a good guy

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