Even MORE Hashtag Diplomacy Nonsense: Red Carpet Activism With A Smile And A Yosemite Sam Beard

If ever there was proof of the useless, vapid, embarrassing nothingness of hashtag diplomacy, it is this. (via Twitchy):

Look at that ridiculous photo. Smiling, holding up printed signs, on the red carpet, the cast of an action movie appeals to .. what? To whom do they appeal? The kidnappers? The Nigerian government? Obama? Do they even know?

This reply just about sums it all up.

The whole thing went from pointless but mostly benign effort, to stunning lack of self awareness, to straight up Hollywood fad in record time. From the First Lady’s #sadduckface to Sly Stallone’s jovial grin, the whole thing is preposterous. The lame, ineffective, media-obsessed, self-involved, faux concern we are routinely subjected to in America is as stunning in scope as it is embarrassing in obviousness. They might as well be having their picture taken with the latest youtube sensation or telling weak jokes about Donald Sterling.

Or twerking.

Did they miss out on planking? Maybe they can plank and hold the sign! Has anyone made a vine video? You know what we should do? Get tattoos. That will definitely help. Wait I’ve got it! A planking, twerking, owling, duckfacing, celebrity-laden, instagram-filtered, meme-texted, DOGE-SPEAKING, FROZEN-THEMED, MUPPET-HEAVY, COMMON CORED SUPER SELFIE WITH THE FIRST LADY HOLDING A PICTURE OF BOKO HARAM WITH A CIRCLE AROUND IT AND A LINE THROUGH IT AND MILEY CYRUS TEBOWING ON A WRECKING BALL WITH EVERYONE READING TWILIGHT, BUYING MICHAEL JACKSON’S HOLOGRAM A COKE, AND EATING KALE BECAUSE THEY’RE HAPPYYYY THAT YOUR BASE BELONG TO US FEELS FOR AMERICA TWITTER POST OF A TUMBLR IMAGE OF A FACEBOOK THREAD ON A PRINTED T-SHIRT SENT FROM THE SPACE SHUTTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That should seriously fix everything you guys. Truth. This.

I guess the only thing left to say is ….

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