Everyone loves Constitutional freedom of religion but ‘I view it differently’ – Trump

Trump had another weird disjointed interview where he just randomly spewed out contradictory stuff. At one point he’s muttering on about the Constitution and how everyone loves their freedom of religion but he “views it differently.”

Watch below at about the 7 minute mark:

Can anyone figure what the hell he’s saying? What’s clear is that he is changing his idiotic Muslim ban so that it is actually practical – he’s adopting the Ted Cruz plan of banning immigration from dangerous regions, not just a religion. But he’s now extending it to France and Germany. How on Earth is that going to work? They are major trading partners of ours and he wants to cut all travel? Amazing.

But really the problem is how he says the Constitution is making us commit suicide. He sounds as if he would happily ban a religion if it wasn’t for that damn meddling Constitution. He’s already said he’d prefer to “go it alone” without a Republican Senate – just what kind of weird power does he think the President has?

He also said we’d leave the World Trade Organization too, and doubled down on abandoning NATO. Pretty incredible.

I can’t make sense of this muddled crap, go ahead and see if you can.

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