Intel Chief comes clean, says Obama funded pre-ISIS groups AND KNEW IT

Michael Flynn, the former director of Obama’s Defense Intelligence Agency, said he warned the Obama administration in 2012 that the groups they were funding in Syria were indeed Islamic jihadists. Not only that, but they warned that these jihadist groups wanted to form a “Salafist principality in eastern Syria” and that “ISI (Islamic State of Iraq) could declare an Islamic State.” All this is bolstered by a 2012 document from his agency that’s recently been declassified via a FOIA by Judicial Watch.

First, watch this interview clip:

Here are the screenshots from the previously classified 2012 document that they are talking about. Note who the insurgency is and who is supporting them:


So we have “Salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood, and AQI (Al-Qaeda in Iraq)” listed as the MAJOR forces driving the insurgency in Syria. And who is supporting them?  “The West, Gulf countries and Turkey.”

And then we have this:


So they knew these groups wanted to form a principality in Syria. Sound familiar? Oh wait, there’s more!


Not only do they warn that the jihadi groups in Syria may want to form a principality, they specifically cite that ISI (Islamic State of Iraq) could unify with other jihadi groups and declare an Islamic State!

And all of this was in 2012. Since then we’ve continued to fund and train these groups, all the while Obama knew exactly who they were and what they were capable of – J.V. my foot!

Note that Flynn says he’s been in the intel business for a long time and he still can’t make sense out of what Obama is really doing here.

Well, perhaps it would make more sense if he stopped believing the lies that Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim. Obama is obviously working with Turkey to take out Assad and help bring forth Erdogan’s dream, the New Ottoman Turkey!

Turkey wanted ISIS to exist in the first place and that’s why Obama has done very little to destroy or even degrade them. It’s all about taking out Assad and creating the coming Ottoman caliphate.

Look, even if this is not clear to you, any rational person must admit that this 2012 document and admission by Flynn raises serious questions about why we pulled out of Iraq and what we’ve been doing in Syria and Iraq, then and now.

And let’s not forget about Obama freeing Iran from sanctions to help grow itself and the region with new import/export partnerships, all under the guise of halting their nuclear weapons program.


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