Faith and family are more important than money, says irreligious lecher who cheated on his wives

El Trumpo talked to gullible Evangelicals who apparently have never actually read the bible because he said the most hypocritically stupid things and they applauded like drunken seals.

Watch below:

Isn’t that amazing? These dimwits are applauding this fraud for talking about faith when the moron can’t mutter ONE piece of scripture, and for family, when he cheated on both of his former wives, and BRAGGED about sleeping with married women!! And all of this wouldn’t be so bad if he had asked for forgiveness honestly and showed some contrition. But he’s LITERALLY said he’s NEVER asked God for forgiveness, and he hasn’t done anything that he should ask forgiveness for!!!!

I’m honestly shocked with how stupid and gullible people who are supposedly on our side are, but I guess that’s the best you can say about this election – the top fraud is exposing all the little frauds in our midst.

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