FAKE NEWS: Media falsely claims Trump was SNUBBED by Polish First Lady, calls it a “PUBLIC REBUKE”

The NY Daily News is reporting that Trump was snubbed by the First Lady of Poland today when he reached out for a handshake:

They write:

President Trump just can’t get a proper handshake abroad.

The First Lady of Poland appeared to snub Trump for a handshake Thursday after he gave a speech in Warsaw — giving Trump yet another public rebuke during a foreign trip.

News cameras captured Agata Kornhauser-Duda gliding past the open-handed Trump during a photoshoot, stepping straight to First Lady Melania Trump instead.

Trump seemed stunned by the snub, and let out a slight smirk as the wives talked.

A public rebuke? Seriously?

Watch the video for yourself. You’ll see her shake Melania’s hand first, then Trump:

Jaffy is with NBC Nightly News and he’s exactly right. There was no snub nor public rebuke.

NY Daily News does go on to say this:

Kornhauser-Duda then did give him a one-second shake—much shorter than her prolonged shake-and-chat with Melania. Moments later, he walked away alone as the wives talked again.

They are actually calling a 2-3 second handshake a prolonged handshake just so they can pretend that Trump was snubbed.

Such bullcrap!

And it wasn’t just the NY Daily News that ran with this phony story:



And even CNN’s own Chris Cillizza:

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