Fatah member Zaki: Our goal is the end of Israel but we can’t say that to the world


This will surprise none of you as we already know this is what they want. But here they are saying it:


UPDATE: Not sure why PalWatch’s YouTube account was ‘terminated’, but I find that oddly conspicuous.

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20 thoughts on “Fatah member Zaki: Our goal is the end of Israel but we can’t say that to the world

  1. We need to deal with these guys once and for all. If you have a pest problem, your goal isn’t to cut their numbers down to an acceptable level; your goal is to eradicate the bastards. We need to take out every single muslim member that backs the annihilation of Israel, one by one with drones.

  2. Really? If you wouldn’t have said that, we would have never known you pedophile prophet following dirtbags hated Jews.

  3. Just like what we did in WW2 to Japan, Israel could do to palestine, if we stopped our foreign policy of calling all the shots of what they can and cant do

  4. Curious, those screen graphics they use look an awful lot like those used by MSNBC.

    things that make you go, hmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. All these people are liars, hypocrites, murderers, ignorant and incapable of doing anything good for even their own people. They are absolutely worthless! I do not understand why God abides with them.

  6. Just in reference to your question about PalWatch’s account. YouTube has a long and sordid history with regard to users who are anti-jihad and get “flagged” unfairly by offended muslims, they close down their accounts even if they don’t violate any rules. If you try to get literal jihad propaganda accounts taken down for supporting terror, it takes a long time and many of them pop back up again under the same names. They document these things a lot at the Jawa Report http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/

    If anyone would like to help get terror videos taken off of youtube you can help them at the Jawa Report or you can go to YouTube Smackdown Corps http://www.smackdowncorps.org/

  7. There are two types of torture I fully support. Waterboarding, and that which can be done to a metaphor.

    Israel isn’t going to wait forever to kick some Islamic booty. When Iran steps in, Israel will knock them right back out.

  8. If I was the president I would send a message to Al Jazerra and place this out there: Anyone, I mean anyone that places an attack on the United States, Israel or other allies will be a declaration of war. I would have all the drone planes on Stand by to annihilate those who cause us or our allies any harm. Enough of these bastards!

  9. You Palestinians have destroyed just about everything Israel has already surrendered to you, your culture is one of destruction, annihilation and religious mockery. God bless Israel, and Lord have mercy on you Islamists.

    1. There will be no mercy on the islamicists.

      They are EVIL and will be cast into the fire by Jesus Christ.

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