FEAR OF ISIS: Terrorist group Hezbollah supporting the ARMING OF CHRISTIANS to fight ISIS in Lebanon


Lebanese Christians aren’t going down without a fight. Instead of running away and forsaking their property as Christians have had to do in Iraq and Syria, Lebanese Christians are taking up arms as they prepare for a possible invasion by ISIS. And these Christians understand the threat they are up against:

“We all know that if they come, they will slit our throats for no reason,” said one villager as he drove through the streets of the border town Qaa, an assault rifle resting next to him.

While leftist and communist groups support arming Christians, the threat from ISIS so alarming that even Hezbollah is indirectly supporting the arming of Christians according to World Magazine:

Some leftist and communist groups in Lebanon have supported the rearming of Christians, and black market weapons sales have climbed. Even Hezbollah, a Shiite group, has indirectly supported the effort, hoping the Christians would be a last defense for Shiite towns in eastern Lebanon. Anxiety along the border rose after Syrian militants overran the border town of Arsal, killing and abducting soldiers and police in the worst spillover from the Syrian conflict since March 2011.

This brings new meaning to the notion that the enemies of your enemies are your friends. Wowza.

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