Feds launch prison LGBT affirmative action plan

Prisons are a hodgepodge of everything we hate in society whether it be racism, bigotry, drugs, etc. It’s all there and it’s magnified to the nth degree. Groups self segregate into gangs based on ethnicity or race and they just foment hatred for other groups/gangs in the prison. And it always leads to violence. If you don’t believe me, just watch MSNBC on the weekends. They go into prisons all over America and you always have the Blacks, the Mexicans, the white supremacy groups, etc. And it ain’t pretty. In short, I wouldn’t last a week unless I were put in special protection.

Anyway, they also ban sex and sexual relationships, much like the military. There are certainly gay guys in prison but they are not allowed to be in relationships with other men as it creates a more difficult scenario to manage. Same is true in female prisons.

But now in this highly volatile and hateful environment, the Obama administration has the brainy idea of creating LGBT advocacy groups in prison that are meant to promote LGBT issues. This flies in the face of how prisons are currently managed and would seem to create a contradiction in prison management policies. As Pat Nolan says, vice president of Prison Fellowship Ministries, this makes no sense. He says that it seems to be just politics and has nothing to do with running better prisons:

CBN NEWS – The Federal Bureau of Prisons has begun to recruit employees who will serve as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender representatives for each correctional facility.

The Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons announced the new plan earlier this month. It’s for employees who are willing to devote 20 percent of their workday to promoting lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender issues.

The government said LGBT representatives will serve as members of each prison’s affirmative action committee.

Specifically, they’ll “coordinate activities and programs designed to cultivate LGBT cultural awareness both within and outside the institution.”

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72 thoughts on “Feds launch prison LGBT affirmative action plan

  1. Anybody who has a clue knows that there is all kinds of sex in prison already. It’s acceptable for many otherwise “straight” inmates to have a bitch inside. This is generally not illustrated on NatGeo and MSNBC shows because gangs, tattoos, and violence sell more ads than some noob getting raped or a weakling becoming an unwilling sex partner. Although I did see one on women in prison that showed how common relationships were.

  2. What this will do is create a new currency for corruption. Sex will be used in the same way drugs, alcohol, or any other contraband. Putting the power of prison sex in the hands of corruptible czars will prove to be a huge mistake for everyone, including the participants.

  3. Having persons with same-sex attraction in two person cells, dormitories, and public showers, is as certain to make for discomfort and unwanted advances in prison as it does in the military, probably more so.

    Obama has made it his priority to try to normalize and promote unhealthy lifestyles that produce negative outcomes, including violence, mental health issues, physical injuries and disease.

    1. Even when they are “privatized” they are still paid for with tax dollars. I would rather see them run like a Marine “Red Line” brig.

  4. The vote Mr. Santorum cast, Senate vote No. 31 in 2002, would have overridden state laws when it comes to federal elections. It would have required them to let felons register to vote once they have completed their prison sentences and any probation or parole. Mr. Santorum was one of only three Republican senators to vote for the amendment. The others argued it trampled on states’ rights, said there was no pressing need for federal action in this area, and said it would create a nightmare for states that would have had to come up with different systems for federal and state elections.

    If it were to pass today, it would override laws in 11 states that require felons to apply to have their rights restored.


  5. So, Christian based rehabilitation programs in prisons are outlawed regardless of their proven high success rates — viewed as a violation of the mythical “separation of church and state” — but having LGBT representatives….ok?

    When we abandoned objective moral values we abandoned both reason and objectivity with it.

    I see Obama is again catering to the Demoncrat’s future voting block.

  6. If you don’t believe me, just watch MSNBC on the weekends. They go into prisons all over America‘ – Scoop

    Dang, I always thought MSNBC on the weekends was a tour through the studios there. Shows what I know of that station.

  7. This has nothing to do with politics- but everything to do with destroying every last bit of moral fiber left in this country. Sure, it’s only prisons- but many of these people will get out eventually, and it’s bad enough in those places already.
    Nope, this is satanic pure and simple. Prison Fellowship ministries is about the only real Christian organization to help inmates, is the main ministry which is continuously up against lawsuits and attacks by the ACLU and CAIR, and they have enough of a time trying to win hearts by showing love and compassion to the worst of the worst. This little experiment is just another nail in the coffin of anything decent left- even in our prisons.

    1. You said it. Christian Ministries will eventually be forced to abandon their prison ministries. This is another indirect attack on Christianity. Just another chink in the wall from the godless left.

      1. It is simply another attempt to collapse Western civilization. Nothing more. Christianity has always been the foundation that held everything else up, but godless radicals have been chipping away at it for years. Their aim is the collapse of the West, not just Christianity. If they collapse the West, the rest of the world follows.

        How does this contribute? Radicals are doing what they do best — radicalization of criminals. They feed the immoral cancer rather than treating it. As society morally deteriorates from the inside, it will inevitably collapse upon itself.

        If there is a moral issue of consequence in society radicals will ALWAYS, without fail, choose the position opposite God.

        This is why I get so angry when stupid, near sighted people claim this race isn’t about “social issues”. LIKE HECK IT ISN’T!

        The entire Republic rises and falls on the way we choose to answer moral challenges both fiscally and socially.

      2. Your right and all that will be left is Islamic ministries. The infiltration of Islam into our prison population is frightening. They should be banned from all prisons…now.

  8. Okay, so I’m going to try to get this right. LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) — lesbians are gay, and bisexuals are either, while transgenders are both. Is that straight? Makes one want to be asexual.

  9. So instead of felons being “born again”

    they will be encouraged to have more sex and praise Satan


    What will Santorum say ? Or anybody for that matter?

  10. There’s not a lack of awareness of any certain group of people. Prisons are an environment of hate because these people are cooped up and have had all their freedom taken away. One thing they could do is decrease the overpopulation of people who are in there for non-violent crimes. The rest, well-we reap what we sow. If someone doesn’t learn after being in there once, then I’m not sure they ever will. What’s sad is many people are in there who aren’t violent. They made a stupid mistake, maybe they were falsely accused, got mixed up with the wrong people. Ever see Shawshank Redemption?

    1. Prisons are a microcosm of what our country will be like if liberals take away all our freedoms. Ask any liberal if that’s what they want. Should warrant a ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ look.

    2. I’d be willing as a taxpayer to support separate facilities for violent and non-violent inmates with the hope that non-violent inmates would be offered an education including learning a trade which could give them hope for some kind of normal life after prison. Some prisons that have offered even the hardened criminals a positive program say like training dogs as companions to the disabled or bathing animals for the local humane society has worked very well.

      Except for the most brutal (sociopaths) and those on death row I believe prisoners should have some kind of positive activity where they must help others in some way. Not because they deserve an activity but because they should need to contribute something back to society. Many hardened inmates do eventually return to society giving them some means of self worth and doing something positive can’t be all bad. Our tax dollars are being spent by the billions on things much less worthy than this.

      Yes, we do not have the money now. The day will come when we will and punishment although necessary for our safety and justice to be served isn’t the way to change hearts and minds or return a productive individual to our streets when possible.

      This is why Christian ministry in the prisons has been successful. It’s given hope for a better life. We need to be offering that and other solutions for societies sake if not for theirs.

  11. School children, the military, Hollywood, TV, now prisons. What’s not to love about having Roman heathenism forced on our society. I’m for live and let live but for the left that’s never enough it’s agree or else we’ll make you agree, by fiat if necessary.

  12. “The government said LGBT representatives will serve as members of each prison’s affirmative action committee.”

    Prisons have affirmative action committees? What for? (Serious question.)

  13. This is not surprising. Obama and his fellow satanic tea-baggers are so ingrained in their relativist idealogy that any stupid a$$ idea can be implimented. In a sane world people like Obama would be cast out of society or locked up in a mental facility…or thrown in jail.

  14. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, there the left goes again.

    They are a disgrace to this country.

    1. What a surprise. Liberal states have the highest cost of living and the highest gas prices. Wooptee. I’m confused about where the “bizzare” comes in.

        1. I think I may have misunderstood your bizarre comment. I thought you were referring to the “gas buddy” chart. Were you actually referring to how the liberals are pushing liberal social agendas instead of addressing what’s important?

          Yeah, that might be bizarre to us, but we don’t have the liberal mad cow disease.

  15. Prediction: There will be a large increase in the number of glitter bombs in the very near future.

  16. What a train wreck. I thought prison was supposed to rehabilitate prisoners. This is a sad and sick, twisted attempt to get votes. What a nightmare.

    1. That’s where we lost it. Prison was supposed to be punishment {As in death PENALTY}. We lost it when we got soft and had to hand out more and more time while being easier and easier during the time. You will not rehabilitate anyone.

    1. Lol… too funny. Maybe the LGBT’s showed be given mandatory sensitivity training with regard to heterosexuals.

      1. Doesn’t it seem likely that there is a comparable percentage of criminal LGBT’s as any other segment of society? I have an aunt who worked as an ER nurse in New Orleans and can tell you the LGBT’s are far more violent with one another then heterosexuals. They don’t break up with one another, they knife each other.

      2. To quote the Princess Bride: “I don’t think that means what you think it means.”

        You need to quote the ENTIRE scripture, not just the convenient parts:

        “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, FIRST cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and thenshalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

        In other words, get right with God FIRST and then you will have perspective from which to render a RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT of things. An ungoldy person, without first hypocritically borrowing from the Judeo/Christian worldview, has no basis from which to render moral judgments.

      3. 1Corinthians6:2 Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

        3. Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life?

      1. Really? It sounds to me like it has everything to do with what he considers the morality of homosexual behavior to be.

            1. No really. If we are going to start using force and taking aware freedoms of those who sin in the eyes of Christians, how is that different than when Muslims do the same?

              1. I’ve got no problem with locking up more LGBT’s‘ – Mike

                This is what he said.

                “I think we should lock gays up” – jim

                This is what you want us to believe he said.

                Is there no difference to you? Do you believe that the ones already in prison don’t belong there? Do you believe Mike wants to round up gays for no reason? He said it wouldn’t bother him if more were there. Period. Doesn’t sound ‘sick’ to me.

                1. Okay then going from that interpretation he really didn’t say anything. I don’t think it would bother anyone if more whites were locked up because they committed more crimes, but if Al Sharpton said “I have no problem locking up more Whites,” I’m wagering most people here would be furious.

                2. So, what, we now have Afro-Americans, Asian-Americans, and LGBT-Americans, is that it? You equate being gay to being Black, White, Buddhist, poor, or rich. Why is it that you don’t want any LGBT’s in jail? (There you see. I’ve used your argument to Mike against you.)

                3. Saying that you wouldn’t mind locking up more of X group really doesn’t make sense. Either you are bigoted toward that group, or you haven’t said anything. Saying “I wouldn’t mind locking up more from that group if they committed more crimes” isn’t even worth saying. It is a redundancy.

          1. GOD IS THE LAW!

            If God calls it sin or in this case, an abomination, that is what it is. Homosexuality shouldn’t be outlawed, it should be treated. With dignity and respect, with an attitude of love, but treated as a mental illness.

            1. I have no problem with this attitude and for the most part agree with it. My problem is with the “I think we should lock gays up” attitude.

              I’m sure you have heard the poem “First they came”

              1. I don’t agree with locking them up unless they are a threat to our children. For instance, right now they’re being allowed to teach elementary aged kids how to have homosexual sex. It’s vile and sick and should not be given legitimacy in society.

                1. While that sounds sick, that sounds far more like a fireable offense than a jail-able one. Now pedophiles that act on their desires for small children obviously should be locked up, but from what I understand even though their sexual desires are perverted most would not identify as gay.

          2. In Saudi Arabia,after they have their Friday afternoon prayers at the mosques, they will perform beheadings on those who have been judged guilty of a crime punishable by death – namely, murder, adultery, homosexuality, and some other crimes.No way do Christians drag sinners out to their churches and publicly behead them, and if they did they would be going against the words of their own spiritual leader, Jesus. It is difficult to imagine that you could compare our American laws to Sharia law, which MANDATES that a Muslim kill someone for speaking against a Caliph, questioning the Quran, being a Jew, being a woman caught in an adulterous act, drug abuse, etc.

      2. Mr. Land, are you suggesting that being a butt pirate should be a legal defense to prison time? I am a firm believer in do whatever you want in the privacy of your own home. i don’t give a crap what someone’s sexual orientation is. I do have a problem with someone forcing me to know their sexual orientation and then want me to endorse immoral behavior. And if you have broken a law, prison or a bear cage at the zoo, period. End of sentence.

        1. Okay, but what does that have to do with your original statement? Use the same sentence with any other group of people.

          I have no problem if we lock up more Blacks
          I have no problem if we lock up more Whites
          I have no problem if we lock up more Buddhists
          I have no problem if we lock up more poor people
          I have no problem if we lock up more rich people.

          If you want to debate the proportionality of committing crimes that is one thing, but the connotation of your first statement of locking up people for something that is not a crime is shameful at best.

            1. Really? Sodomy is a worse sin that adultery, lying, stealing, masturbation wishing ill, or insert any sin here? The only sin I am aware of that gets special treatment is blasphemy against the holy spirit. Would you like to be locked up in prison based on your ability not sin in God’s eyes?

              1. I live in the state of Maryland and in my christian, but unionized state, same sex marriage is against the law and so is sodomy. This country used to be based on Christian mores and our getting away from that is why we are falling down the rabbit hole so fast.

                1. Yes or no? You seem perfectly willing to lock gays up for their failure to live up to God’s standard. Should we lock you up too? If not than what is the difference?

                2. Mr. Land, you and I normally agree and you usually read every word and translate properly. Nowhere did I say lock up fags because they were gay. I did say that I had no problem locking up more of them. They break the law, just like everyone else does on occassion. They seem to have become a protected class and that is what my comment was associated with. I do believe they will go to hell but that is not my business. That is between them and God.

      3. I would prefer to NOT ENABLE homosexuality. That is the problem! Homosexuals have high rates of promiscuity, sexual diseases, mental illness, domestic abuse, and ENORMOUSLY HIGH rates of suicide associated with their lifestyle even in nations like the Netherlands that are friendly to homosexuality. But rather than treating homosexuality as a mental illness — which it once was, and rightfully so — radicals have done what they are doing with criminals in prison — enabling their behavior.

        1. Honestly, while I agree with you in that it shouldn’t be encouraged the way that the government encourages single parenthood, (God what I disaster) and even though I would consider it sinful, we can’t paint but so much with a broad brush. You are 100% right that homosexuals disproportionately lead destructive lifestyles. The life expectancy numbers speak for themselves, and they cannot be explained by discrimination alone. I am friends with many gays who very much so fall into this category. However I have a cousin who is gay, but he leads a lifestyle that is virtually identical to that of any other college educated urban single male. He even complains about the bad decisions that his gay friends are making. Now while I do not condone him engaging in sexual acts with other men I wouldn’t dream of making the assertion that his sin is any worse than mine.

          1. I wouldn’t make that assertion either, but sin is sin. There are no degrees of offending God. The wages of sin produce the same judgment regardless of our cultural excuses to justify them.

            But your cousin does not receive a pass simply because he’s a monogamous homosexual. The act of homosexuality is a sin in God’s eyes, and regardless of what our wicked culture does to legitimize it, he will still face the judgment of God as a result. Likewise, adulterers will also receive the wrath of God regardless of whether they’re sitting in a church pew every week singing songs and praising God or hanging out in a night club every weekend. God turns His face from those who live in open sin and rebellion against Him.

            I must qualify this though. This is a far cry, however, from a recovering homosexual who STRUGGLES with feelings of homosexuality. Temptations abound for homosexual and heterosexuals alike. In this, we are equally weak. It isn’t the temptation that’s the sin, it’s engaging in the behavior and promoting it as a legitimate lifestyle worthy of God’s approval that is the sin.

            It doesn’t matter how good hearted the adulterer was when he sinned, he will not inherit the Kingdom of God, nor will the practicing homosexual.

            1. hmmmmmm………..I’m trying to figure out exactly what you are getting at here. While I really like your third paragraph, I can’t say the same about the forth. No one beats their temptations and struggles each and every time. I need to do more study on this, as we are all held accountable, but the Bible does say that Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners. It doesn’t say that you are forgiven after you stop sinning.

              1. No, but you have a responsibility to stop sinning. Repentance is turning away from sin and living a holy life “without which no one will see God”.

                You are forgiven when you confess with your mouth AND REPENT of sin, not just when you confess. You can be sorry for your sin and still sin. What repentance is advocating is that you are no longer aligning yourself with sin and the wickedness of this world, but are consciously committing your life, lifestyle and efforts to serve God with your entire being. This is an act of the will, not merely an act of the mouth.

                The free gift of forgiveness is activated by a humble and repentant heart — I recognize my sin and how I’ve offended God and it brings me to my knees in repentance.

                LIVING FOR GOD (sanctification), requires living a holy life. This requires a constant circumspection of ones life in relationship to God’s requirements on our lives. We are bought with a price, we are no longer our own.

                “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me…” Galatians 2:20

                1. I think we are very close to seeing eye to eye, but it sounds to me like you are viewing faith in the legal paradigm which is very easy to fall into. I really like the way Greg Boyd talks about it where it talks about it in a relationship paradigm. I don’t think I have sinned in the past 5 minutes. I try and beat temptation. I don’t always succeed. Am I free from sin because I haven’t done it in the past 5 min? What if I don’t sin today? This week? This month While I agree that works are indeed important after you confess your sin, it almost sounds like you are saying that you start over if/when you do it again. Lets give a common one. The vast majority of Christians believe that looking at pornography and masturbating is a sin, yet the percentage of males, particularly young adult males who do it is excessively high. Lets say that person A is a Christian who masturbates almost every day. He feels awful about it and confesses his sin, but can’t seem to stop it. One day he prays so hard he thinks this time he is going to beat it. And he does……for a week. Then he slips up. Next time he lasts 2 weeks. The next time only 10 days. The next time a month. How is he doing in God’s eyes?

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