FINALLY: Trump just REVEALED what he’s going to do with the 11 MILLION illegals already here

Last night Trump gave a pretty good speech on immigration enforcement. But one big thing he left out was what he would with the 11-30 million illegals that are already here.

Now we know why:

Trump tells Laura Ingraham he really is softening and explains that when it comes to the 11-30 million illegals already here, he isn’t going to do anything with them now. Nothing. He’s just going to let them stay and “make a decision at a later date”.

So why didn’t Trump have the gonads to say that last night in his big immigration speech? Is it because he knows that his base won’t like that he’s completely flip-flopped on the issue?

He said in the primary over and over that they would all be deported and then they could come back quickly. But they all have to go or “we don’t have a country”.

Now, surprise surprise, he’s completely flip-flopped on it.

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