Firewall with Bill Whittle: I’M TALKING TO YOU

No fear tactics here. This is serious, serious stuff:

At current spending rates, there will be no U.S. Economy by 2027. That’s not Bill’s opinion: that’s the opinion of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, using the Obama Administration’s own numbers, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner doesn’t even bother to deny it.

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55 thoughts on “Firewall with Bill Whittle: I’M TALKING TO YOU

  1. Add Obamacare to that, you will be lucky if your economy still stands in ten years. If the debt ceiling and borrowing keep on this phase – toward the stratosphere, well…sorry guys, your country’s prognosis is quite terminal. You’re making Greece looks like a genius in comparison; at least Germany and Europe are there to bail them out. With you, your debts are too big for the world to help save, without having to sell your souls and your country in the process. For your country’s sake kindly vote all the liberals (both Democrats & RINOS) OUT!

  2. The only one that has verifiable integrity on this subject, is Mr Paul. That is an undeniable fact. What Mr Whittle leaves out, is the fed financing of miltary intervention, which is unlawful, and is a major drain on economic stability. Classic false dilemma here. Mr Ryans budget is a status quo plan that does not address the fundamental problems with dishonest money (federal reserve), and the injustice that it breeds. Why hasn’t this man wholeheartedly supported Mr Paul?

    1. I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that it’s because he’s not interested in supporting a blame-America, head-in-the-sand, Israel-hating fringe candidate.

  3. He’s so depressing. Let’s just pretend like the CBO never said anything and go about our merry little way….at least that’s what’s going to happen. Until we make some serious changes in Congress, boot out the libs and big spending RINO’s, we are doomed. If we wait too long there will be nothing we can do but watch the train’s lights come for us as we are tied to the tracks.

    Republicans won’t even nominate a fiscal conservative for President. Bush…Romney. If that’s the most conservative we can get there’s no since in even trying any more. Conservatives don’t even get it, so how can we expect Obama supporters to do it with three brain cells?

    1. Remember Ross Perot? I voted for him because he was willing to dig up the charts and show us how screwed we are. How there was going to be a vacuum of jobs going to Mexico and China. He was dead on, but he was mocked and laughed at for his charts.

      I was young then, so I don’t remember his views on national defense. I may have been a young and naive Ron Paul supporter, lol. It’s too bad Ron Paul is an isolationist. On the fiscal side of things we need many more of him.

      1. You voted for Ross Perot even after he suspended his campaign over some paranoid fantasy about his daughters wedding and then re-started it in time to screw up the election? You voted for that?

        Thanks a lot. Because of you we got 8 years of Bill Clinton, which spawned United States Senator Hillary Clinton which spawned 2008 candidate Hillary Clinton which resulted in Barack Obama being elected president.

        1. I said I was young and not much into politics. I was learning, as I’m sure many young people are now that get behind Ron Paul. I don’t even remember what his national defense positions were, but I remember him rescuing some of his employees that were being held hostage and our government did nothing.

          At that time I didn’t know much about what splitting the vote would mean. I just voted for who I liked. As I grew older, reality started seeping in and I became more aware of world affairs….beyond “we are at war”.

          Don’t worry, my vote didn’t change a thing. The delegates from my state all went Republican.

          My point was just to say that Perot had the balls to tell us how bad off this country is, which most politicians will not do.

          1. I also remember “read my lips, no new taxes” and feeling betrayed by new taxes. Silly how the young think they can vote a protest. I learned a lesson back then too. Here’s hoping a lot of us adults show up in the fall to vote.

        2. Perot had no effect on the outcome of the 92 election, Clinton carried 32 states and DC , had 370 electoral votes. Bush carried just 18 states and had 168 electoral votes, Perot carried not a single state and did not get a single electoral vote. Bush’s reneging on his “no new taxes” pledge and the “read my lips” soundbite ads is what killed his re-election bid.

    1. I agree, and there’s no point in saving money. When it collapses the money won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. I honestly do not believe they will turn it around because there are very, very few Congressmen willing to curb the spending, and a bunch of them (liberals) that believe we should spend more.

      The only chance is to fire them and get in serious people that will do what’s necessary. But I don’t think that will even work. As soon as a Congressman votes to do the right thing…he will lose his job. America is addicted and we will be Greece on a much larger scale. The Constitution is great, but the next time around we need to make it longer and more specific to limit the power of government. They have spit, pissed, and crapped all over the current one.

    1. Shows/Entertainers that used to be funny or entertaining, then the main person became a lunatic leftist after the 2000 elections:

      Prairie Home Companion
      David Letterman
      Rosie O’Donnell
      Saturday Night Live
      Paul McCartney

      …and on it goes.

  4. Sorry Whittle,

    Republicans “passed” the ruinous tripe-down debt under Obama? Better check the voting records again.

    The 2009 Budget Act (the one we are still operting under) only got two Republic votes in the Senate – Collins and Specter, and their votes were not necessary to passage. And almost every House Republican voted against it.

  5. I had to watch the video twice because I just didn’t see what point Bill was trying to make. I still don’t.

    OK, people who watch videos by Bill and read conservatives blogs and listen to Rush and Mark all know what’s he’s talking about. We’ve all read the stories, seen the charts, watched the videos.

    And so the message is….what? It’s gonna be painful. Right. We know that. And?

    Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame and if you vote one way or the other it won’t matter so just….do what? What’s the point, Bill? That Timothy Geitner is a moron? I got that a long time ago, but thanks for using Martin Short as his stand in.

    This is the worst Bill Whittle video I’ve ever seen. But then again, I hate this crap about Democrats and Republicans being just as bad as each other so I’m the wrong audience.

    1. He did say the message was for those that aren’t into politics, so the message wasn’t for those of us that already know. Question is, who’s going to see it that isn’t interested in politics?

      1. Good question. I follow Bill on Facebook but I ain’t sharing this one. They’re all already voting for Barack Obama, I don’t need to give them another reason.

  6. Erm … methinks 2027 is a bit of a stretch. I don’t think it’ll last beyond 2020, at this rate.

  7. Inflation is a TAX (or gov’t theft from all consumers)
    QE weakens the $ thus causing Inflation, Hyperinflation, stagflation (housing values drop, cost of living sharply rises without pay increments or new jobs for unemployed)
    As the $ is devalued, Oil rises in price as does everything else (Ex – today the Mkt is on a tear up, so are PMs because of what Bernanke said ensuring more QE measures to sustain our weak “recovery.”) The Fed is destroying the $ on purpose and it is the biggest theft in History. We need more people to grasp this and really comprehend what that means to their family and the survival of our country.

    So when Obama spoke about energy prices necessarily sky-rocketing, he also meant Americans way of life would necessarily plummet. That is the plan and it’s sadly working.

    1. Borrowing is a tax as well. Get money for government prgorams now, make citizens pay for it later.

      No need to risk their careers by increasing taxes to pay for what the want.

        1. …and there’s going to be a whole lot of printing in the next decade. How long before hyper inflation sets in?

      1. I was including that as part of the QE in my mind mainly because I was to lazy to make a list of the fraud “stimulus” and QE programs and I think the real argument to be made that is most translatable comes from direct and dire consequences (now not later) which people feel at the pumps, shopping for groceries, making ends meet. When the Fed buys up the treasuries or the banks that it gives no-cost loans to, which in turn purchase these and we buy back our own debt with not-so-funny money; it is inflation that will kill us first because that inflated dollar is being used to repay the debts. Ugh what a vicious and diabolical cycle!

      2. “No need to risk their careers by increasing taxes to pay for what the want.”

        I understand your sentiment but raising taxes decreases revenue to the treasury….so the “tax increase” nay-sayers are right. I think the saying would be better as….

        “No need to risk their careers by cutting spending so we have enough money to pay our bills”.

  8. Awesome as usual Bill, this video needs to be heard by the masses, which will NEVER happen with the mainstream Media! This video needs to go viral.get it on Utube,Facebook,etc. shock the American people out of their slumber!

    1. I usually don’t forward videos to other people, but in this case, I definitely will. I was just talking to my parents here in Canada the other day about how bad things have gotten with entitlements, debt, taxes, etc. This video sums it up nicely.

  9. I’m with Bill…I liked it better when I could just watch TV and not care about this stuff. I probably go too far and act like a political junkie (over 1200 comments here), but this actually matters.

    Dancing with the Stars – doesn’t matter.
    Economic ruin before my kids turn 30 – that matters.

    Remember: Television, and not religion, is the opiate of the masses.

    1. I miss the day when I was blissfully ignorant. Interesting mentioning TV, as I was listening to my local Christian radio station yesterday and I heard a commercial saying, “Have you ever noticed that the people you watch on tv never watch tv?” It’s true. I don’t watch it anymore, but I was thinking about the shows I used to watch- and very rarely did the characters watch tv. hmmmmmm

      1. It’s true. Very rarely do TV characters sit and watch TV. Usually, they are out doing things that we watch them do.

        Doing vs. Watching

      2. Not only do they not watch TV, but the only time they spend on a computer is when they are depending on some teenage hacker to break into the Pentagon’s most heavily guarded data center using some TRS-80 BASIC code they wrote on their Dad’s old computer, and it only takes 15 seconds. Getting around the password only takes six seconds, because obviously the Pentagon lets people use passwords like “daisy” or “mom.”

    2. Not paying attention and doing our due diligence is what got us here. Hopefully those coming after us will not shirk their responsibility as we have. We weren’t minding the store and shouldn’t be surprised to see it’s empty.

    1. Keep fighting through the primaries, then we have to rally behind whatever gets the GOP nod and surround it with a GOP House and Senate.

      If it’s Mitt, then the GOP clearly no longer represents my Conservative values, and I’ll be considering turning in my (R) card.

  10. Irresponsible, unethical, illegal (if it was the budget of my house), evil, outrageous, and ridiculously stupid. Thank God there are a few logical and clear thinking patriots who are speaking about this, but will there be enough that this course will change?

  11. Scoop –


    It is still possible

    Why can’t we do it

    He is the only one who can save us!

      1. Maybe I don’t want His Oneness to know???
        “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. Could you please bring me that ice pick?” — Trotsky

    1. If he gets a second term, we’ll all need to become more flexible.

      Otherwise we won’t be able to kiss our a** goodbye.

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