FIREWORKS: AFP’s Jennifer Stefano Tears MSNBC Snot Chris Hayes A New Snot Hole

On All In with Chris Hayes tonight, Jennifer Stefano of Americans for Prosperity was on to discuss Obamacare. During the segment, fireworks spectacularly erupted. Hayes played the tough guy to disturbing effect. Stefano threw down the gauntlet and gave the MSNBC liberal a taste of the network’s own medicine.

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Hayes begins the segment already combative, introducing Stefano as someone who wakes up every day thinking about how to destroy Obamacare.

He then throws up a ridiculous straw man argument, asking how the deadline extension takes away Stefano’s choices as a mother. Of course, that’s not what Stefano said, but Hayes is having no part of reason or logic in his brow-beating of the woman. One expected him to put on a sleeveless white t-shirt and grab a bottle of tequila any second, telling the COPS cameraman “she started it.”

Hayes goes through the standard shopping list of Obamacare tropes and tripe that are de rigueur at MSNBC, and takes a few moments to inexplicably criticize Stefano for not being a member of Congress. His apparent point being that AFP wasn’t working on a plan to do what Obamacare does and only worked instead to stop Obamcare, and therefore they have no moral grounds to object to Obamacare, because nah nuh nah nuh boo boo and so there! Or something.

He closes by demanding that Stefano just be honest and admit she doesn’t care about poor or sick people. Which is of course a totally reasonable demand with which we should all immediately comply. And that is really all that the likes of Chris Hayes really want from a conservative guest in the first place: Please come on my show and admit that you’re a piece of crap who hates love, is that really so hard? I mean geez.

Well I would like to extend a similar invitation to Chris Hayes. Please, come to my blog and admit that you’re a snide, sniveling, toadying, water-carrying hack who is only involved in politics to attack conservatives, apparently especially women conservatives, and generally pretend to be big and tough and important and not a dime store Maddow.

Any time you want to confess buddy. I’m right here for you.

h/t Tommy Christopher

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