FIREWORKS: AFP’s Jennifer Stefano Tears MSNBC Snot Chris Hayes A New Snot Hole

On All In with Chris Hayes tonight, Jennifer Stefano of Americans for Prosperity was on to discuss Obamacare. During the segment, fireworks spectacularly erupted. Hayes played the tough guy to disturbing effect. Stefano threw down the gauntlet and gave the MSNBC liberal a taste of the network’s own medicine.

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Hayes begins the segment already combative, introducing Stefano as someone who wakes up every day thinking about how to destroy Obamacare.

He then throws up a ridiculous straw man argument, asking how the deadline extension takes away Stefano’s choices as a mother. Of course, that’s not what Stefano said, but Hayes is having no part of reason or logic in his brow-beating of the woman. One expected him to put on a sleeveless white t-shirt and grab a bottle of tequila any second, telling the COPS cameraman “she started it.”

Hayes goes through the standard shopping list of Obamacare tropes and tripe that are de rigueur at MSNBC, and takes a few moments to inexplicably criticize Stefano for not being a member of Congress. His apparent point being that AFP wasn’t working on a plan to do what Obamacare does and only worked instead to stop Obamcare, and therefore they have no moral grounds to object to Obamacare, because nah nuh nah nuh boo boo and so there! Or something.

He closes by demanding that Stefano just be honest and admit she doesn’t care about poor or sick people. Which is of course a totally reasonable demand with which we should all immediately comply. And that is really all that the likes of Chris Hayes really want from a conservative guest in the first place: Please come on my show and admit that you’re a piece of crap who hates love, is that really so hard? I mean geez.

Well I would like to extend a similar invitation to Chris Hayes. Please, come to my blog and admit that you’re a snide, sniveling, toadying, water-carrying hack who is only involved in politics to attack conservatives, apparently especially women conservatives, and generally pretend to be big and tough and important and not a dime store Maddow.

Any time you want to confess buddy. I’m right here for you.

h/t Tommy Christopher

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666 thoughts on “FIREWORKS: AFP’s Jennifer Stefano Tears MSNBC Snot Chris Hayes A New Snot Hole

  1. that’s what they do,interupt you,cut you off while your speaking,try to degrade you,name call.i,m surprised chris hayes didn,t pull out one of the top 5 democraps answers your a racist,how can you hold a conversation with these maggots,when all they do is cut you off,shout out you try to demean you.a page from the democraps book of{gee I think is logicial,and I,m always right,and your always wrong.

  2. Bill Oreily just claimed that she is a joke and was only put on MSNBC to make the republicans look bad

      1. Well actually it is a set of suggestions and pretend deadlines that mean whatever Barack Obama think they mean when he gets home from vacation or the golf course or after playing hooky from a national security meeting.

        Can’t wait to see what it is next Tuesday.

    1. It’s a weapon of Mass Destruction launched at WE THE PEOPLE by the Tyrannical Control Freak Democ-RATS.

  3. Stefano reminds me of my ex-wife: She thinks if she talks louder and faster and shriller then somehow her argument gets better.

    1. I think your ex-wife would have a different opinion. You actually believed it when she told you “Don’t be sad – it’s me, not you. Really.”

  4. So utterly typical– as a conservative, I get it all the time when I’m out in the DC area. It starts with the accusatory and insulting question– often based in myth, the double hyperbole or a dogmatically repeated phrase. Before you can respond with two words, you are asked another question– equally inane– then another and another along with more insults and insinuations. (like in the clip). Often, opinions will be stated as facts and when you ask them what are they basing those “facts” on, you get a red herring response– such as , GW Bush is an A hole, an idiot, couldn’t read (and on and on) even if you are discussing Obamacare, raising the minimum wage ETC.
    Then, if you continue this dog chasing it’s tail exercise to the point where you think you have them into a fact based corner, they will insult your intelligence, insult you, laugh in a forced, mocking, arrogant way and claim you don’t know what you are talking about (which is somewhat true– by that point, chasing them around as they deflect and change the subject 10 times– you really do not know what you are talking about– you’ve forgotten!!).
    Really, I still get sucked into it– but a friend told me– it’s a waste of time to talk to a Liberal–and it is true. You are trying to convince an illogical person with logic. It’s like trying to convince a mentally unstable person they are not Napoleon!

    1. In about two minutes, you are going to start seeing a written record of exactly what you described as the lefties rouse from their medical weed induced slumber.

      Conservative: “Ummm, how many of the six million people that have signed up for Obamacare had to do so because their insurance was cancelled? Do you really think the program is saving every family in America $2500 as Obama claimed time and time again?”

      Liberal: “You don’t give a crap about children! You want to throw my grandma off a cliff! Why won’t you talk about the poverty line in Pennsylvania?!?!”

  5. please…. please let me take one swing… just one… everything lib-scums are is rolled up into to this pompous, arrogant , self-righteous piece of crap…

  6. Well, it looks like even our Trolls have headed for a soft pillow. Lord knows they need it. Hard work, being a Troll.

    Good night, America. As you say your prayers, remember this. Tomorrow, we are one day closer to getting rid of Obama.

  7. She just had a complete meltdown, bringing up an unrelated topic and somehow continually talking about her children, which has nothing to do with the conversation.

    That and her continued repeating and long since debunked talking points made this whole thing just laughable. She made a fool of herself.

      1. Did an Obama fanboi really just write that sentence? Has he no sense of irony sir? At long last, no sense of irony?

  8. Hilariously, the version of the piece posted on this blog visibly edits out things said by the host. I’d love to hear the reaction here if a left leaning site posted the same interview and surgically removed the guest’s comments.

        1. I’ll take that as a “no, but I am really going to think about it” and “thanks for paying for all my stuff!”

        2. Sven, I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time here this evening, because I have really grown to like you. The reason we need to have a certain number of Liberals on the site, is because we need to have a reminder of what we are fighting for.

          It is somewhat embarrassing, though, when they come here unprepared for what they inevitably wind up facing.

          Actually, I was rooting for you, because for awhile there, you were pretty good. Unfortunately, like most Liberals, you couldn’t keep it up.

          I’m sorry, that was a bad choice of words. What I meant was, you couldn’t keep doing what you used to be good at doing.

          Dang, missed it again. Try again. You couldn’t keep doing what others expected you to do. I guess I’m not going to get this right this evening. Try again tomorrow.

  9. Here come the trolling leftist msnbc supporters with drool coming out their mouths, playing Robin Hood. Like they’re some intelligent savior of mankind who can avoid any historical evidence that shows their methods are only hurting people. They’re crap plan has put >85% of the people who have “signed up” for (forced into) Obamacare off their old plans and now they just keep delaying just like anything else until they get the results they want, meanwhile costing Americans more of their money. Just keep putting it off and before 2016 you can say you did it you liars. Oh wait, is that what it’s about? Sorry I told everyone about your disgusting plan to keep poor people in their place and at the same time keep their votes. Liberalism is a disease, and the only treatment is a good dose of what this lady gave him. A reality check. Check. Next please.

    1. “They’re crap plan has put >85% of the people who have “signed up” for (forced into) Obamacare off their old plan…”


      “…your disgusting plan to keep poor people in their place…”

      Nothing you said in your rant prior to this demonstrated ‘keeping poor people in their place.’

      “…the only treatment is a good dose of what this lady gave him. A reality check. Check…”

      I was unaware that making demonstrably false claims and answering questions with unrelated scripted talking points constituted a ‘reality check.’

      1. Has anyone seen Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow in the same place at the same time? Just sayin’…
        You actually call Hayes’ hissy fit “questions”?

      2. Why bother with you crack pipe statements? We all know you for the ditz you exhibit your self to be! Not to mention the laughing at your feeble attempt to think!

  10. The liberty school recognizes the dangers to liberty posed by collectivists who seize upon temporary crises to centralize government power.

  11. So your new technique is to call a humiliating defeat a victory, eh?

    It’s not so new, BTW. People who’ve had their butts kicked have been doing it for centuries.

    1. That can be countered with photos of Hillary, Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz, Elizabeth Warren, Sheila Jackson Lee, Roseanne Barr and several other female liberals with equal and far worse expressions. So what’s your point?

      1. I think the point is, that fine don’t look at the pictures. Just read the transcript. You can disagree with the law, that’s fine but if you do this woman is a horrible representative of your ideas. Not only was she unhinged, her entire interview has been torn down by fact checkers both on the left and right.

        1. Go blow smoke up you own behind! You sound like you are completely devoid of truthtelling! Name one fact checker from the right who advocates this crap you put out! You can’t because there are none! Liar!

  12. if this hysterical performance didn’t embarrass Americans for Prosperity , it sure as hell embarrassed my whole gender. No wonder the right wants to keep women quiet , barefoot and pregnant if this woman is indicative of other right wing women. facts were WRONG . Family of 4 – $30,000 for Medicaid expansion . d’oh!

      1. Embarrassing? The host wouldn’t stop saying her name enough for her to get a word out. He has a guest on the show and doesn’t let her answer without giving a one word reply, then interrupting with another question. I see what he did there, nice try commie. The only way she could be heard was by yelling back at him. Given, a yelling contest isn’t appealing, but it’s about all you can do to get through a thick liberal brain. Thump their skulls and make them cry, then maybe they will understand what real pain they are causing Americans.

        1. They don’t care! NTM they have no sociallly redeeming values at all! Just Communist Pigs at the trough of Freedom! Soo wee pig!

      2. Actually, facts and math are what is destroying Obamacare. Sorry. Happens to you guys all the time, huh?

      3. On the contrary, facts and math are Kryptonite to liberals, progressives and socialists. Emotional overreaction is the status quo for them.

    1. What should embarrass leftists of your gender is that you all think that Big Government is a fantastic daddy and an even better spouse. No wonder all the guys play videos games these days.

    2. Don’t worry. No one of any intellectual importance watches MSNBC any way. Just DEMO-NAZIS!

  13. Wow. You guys call that a victory? How about those amazing ‘facts’ like the one about 130% of the poverty level being over $90,000! Bwaahaaahaa. This lady came off as an idiot. Here are some real numbers, for the lady who likes to scream “FACTS” with an insane, feral gleam in her eye while spinning complete fantasy.

      1. You might just want to look at that chart again from the link you posted. Over 90k is for a family of six at 300% the poverty level, At 130%, a family of six would be about 40K. Good luck with your GED, pal.

        1. And you went to the Cornell Ag School like Olbermann, I guess. Go ahead – share with us buddy – where did that graduate degree come from? Or do you believe you are SO smart because you serve coffee in Silicon Valley and really, really believe in osmosis?

            1. Hmmm…so no graduate degree for you, huh? OK – how about undergrad? Which Ivy did you attend? I mean, you must have the academic chops to bring up the whole GED thing – right?

              1. Diversion is a neat tactic and all, but does 130% = 300%? Doesn’t seem like such a hard question to answer.

                1. Like all the hard questions the HHS director can’t seem to answer under oath?
                  Like how many people who have signed up did so because they had their insurance cancelled? Why don’t you take a crack at that one, pal?

                2. That is not what I replied to, genius. Try to stay with the conversation. I am not here to debate with you. I commented about the apparent lack of math skills and now, apparently reading comprehension as well. Have fun talking to yourself. I am sure the other voice in your head is listening intently.

                3. Here’s some math for you. 6 million signed up = utter, complete failure. Nice work. That’s about how many people got their policies cancelled – so far.
                  Be proud. Be very proud.

                4. Obviously you’re well versed in the art of liberal fuzzy math, but don’t let facts get in your way.

                5. Why can’t you ever answer the question? Do you understand the difference between 130% and 300% even conservative fact checkers have mocked her on this topic, by trying to blindly defend something that is so clearly wrong you’re really making yourself look stupid.

                6. So your answer to the failure of Obamacare is to shuffle the poor into another demonstrably failed government program? I think that “by trying to blindly defend something that is so clearly wrong you’re really making yourself look stupid.”

              2. I think by finishing at least eighth grade, a person would be able to read a very simple chart. Since I thought you would find that so personally objectionable, i upped it to a GED. Have you taken it yet?

                1. OK, we are making progress. No undergrad degree either, huh? Here’s a pro tip, pal – if you don’t have a degree, don’t be a smartass about education. I’m here to help.
                  Oh – another pro tip – don’t move to Detroit. Your little plan didn’t work so well there.

                2. Ok, you’re totally delusional. That’s cool. Good luck, pro. I ‘m not really sure what you’re angling for, but the fish aren’t biting. Have a good night. I’m done.

                3. Delusional. It’s delusional. Again, don’t bring up the GED thing if you can’t spell.
                  Gone already, though? Come on, this is fun!

        2. I didn’t say it wasn’t. I was correcting the link, pal. Still doesn’t make you right troll.

          1. Look, you made a mistake, apparently the same mistake that Jennifer Stefano made. Your link “correction” barely moves the relevant number, which btw is the increase of Medicare eligibility to 130% of the poverty level.

            Making the same claim that Mrs. Stephano did is patently wrong as both you and her have stated that the 94K income number as a family that would be eligible for Medicare under the current guidelines. It is not. That is 300% of the poverty level of a family of six in PA.

            So please, explain to me how I am wrong and you and Mrs. Stephano are right? That is, please use your words and your numbers and tell me exactly how someone in any state qualifies for Medicare with a 94K annual salary.

            I know you can’t because you know you were wrong. You can say all you want that you were just correcting the link, however in your original reply it reads as somehow agreeing with Mrs. Stephano’s claim of the magic 94K number. Other than that, why would you bother to even point out that in PA, 94K is 300% of the poverty level? Is useless and non-relevant information your speciality? Also, you edited your post after you made it and added the 300% number. That’s some skillz you got there, pal.

        1. no, my response is the link has been corrected and your that backwards way of thinking is hurting people, not helping.

    1. Wow you could have had a V-8 but instead you been drinking the Purple Drank Kool-Aid, Skeezix!

  14. Ummm, what were you watching? She came across as a blustering idiot who thinks that if she just shouts her rhetoric and talks over people that it will somehow make it true. Typical. She talks about facts but has no problem twisting facts to her advantage. *smh*

  15. The real debate should be that Obama once again Illegally changed a law that was passed by congress, signed by him, and deemed constitutional by the supreme court, without going through congress

  16. “He then throws up a ridiculous straw man argument, asking how the deadline extension takes away Stefano’s choices as a mother. Of course, that’s not what Stefano said…”


    “I think people should care about the deadline for the same reason that I wake up, and millions of women, actually 85 million … women across the country wake up and think about their children as well, that’s how many mothers we have, because we really are having our choices removed from us as mothers, and the health care that we can provide our children.”

    1. I patiently await your explanation as to why what she said is, in fact, not what she said.

        1. He’s still at work paying for your healthcare, since 20 of his 80 hours go to the federal government

  17. Um, no, she screamed unrelated talking points through the entire interview, ignored his questions, and generally foamed at the mouth. That you think she ‘won’ in this situation says a lot about your understanding of reality.

    1. Um, No, in typical liberal fashion, you conveniently disregarded the obvious fact that she was frustrated trying to get her point across while at the same Hayes was rudely and relentlessly interrupting her and shouting over her. Anytime she began to answer a question she didn’t get more than three words out before he was shouting over her, again. So spare us your sanctimonious attitude and your warped understanding of reality.

  18. I hate when there is a knock down, drag out and then one or both of the parties smiles and says, thanks, you’re a good guy or “spirited discussion”. My blood is boiling and for them it’s just in a days work! Ugh

  19. Hayes didn’t let her get through her talking points…he just tried to get her to answer a simple question…and then she uses feigned indignance to lamely attempt to redirect away from the actual question…so lame, and so predictable.

  20. Jennifer Stephano is my hero! When and if I grow up, I want the connection her lips have to her brain

  21. Nice revisionist history, Caleb Howe. You can’t even properly or accurately frame the discussion and how it went. Right in lockstep with Ms Stefano, who lamely attempts to wrap her argument around her feigned compassion for women and the poor. Her mock outrage is desperate and phony.

    1. Yeah, the left has the poor locked up……… ghettos, trailer parks, old folks homes. You should be proud of all of the poor your party have made under this president.

    2. Twoody, if she is feigning outrage, guess what all of the “outrage” of leftist women is? FEIGNED. now that we got that out of the way, why is only 15% of those signing up for Obamacare those who did not have insurance before Obamacare? Because the youth the left are berating are not stupid, they take into account which costs more, the fine or the terrible insurance. They already are cash poor and you and the other socialists are making it harder for them.

  22. This loon got pwned. She is clearly unhinged. Keep putting them out there, Koch brothers – no one with brains or morals can argue persuasively against the ACA.

    1. Another (Right Scoop) ‘One post wonder’.
      No one with brains and morals, can even figure out the ACA?
      If it was so friggin good, why does Barry keep changing it? 😉

  23. Nancy Pelosi – “You’ll find out what’s in the health care law, AFTER we pass it”.

    The democrats then gave every Congress person one hour to read over twenty thousand pages of this illegal albatross before shoving it down our throats.

    1. She was talking to the people who were told the lies like you are telling. And she was right. With its passage, the lies you told and continue to tell are obvious. Like, for example, that one about being given one hour to read it. Have you no shame at all?

      1. Actually she was talking about the Senate version which the House had not seen yet, and properly would not see until the Senate passed it, but…..

      2. I am sure if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Or are you still clinging to that one?
        Heck – it doesn’t matter to you. I’m paying the bill, so party on!

  24. She is disturbed. If she thinks about her children each morning I hope she is thinking about how to not teach them her communication style. This video might be a clue as to why a majority of Americans view the Tea Party as a bit unhinged…

    1. The majority of Americans? Prove it.

      As for her communication style, you liberal hypocrite, I give you Hillary, ” What difference at this time does it make”, Clinton.

        1. “a majority of Americans view the Tea Party as a bit unhinged…”
          You actually think that your links prove that? Maybe you should look up “favorability” and “unhinged”, and try to figure out the difference between the two.
          “Unhinged” would mean people who still believe that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Actually, it means people that believed it in the first place.

          1. You can keep your doctor. It is the doctor’s choice whether to accept the ACA rates (Which are on average higher than medicare rates). Why not get upset with the doctors who are deciding not to accept them?

            1. You really don’t have the slightest idea how markets work, do you? Let me explain.

              If someone offers you much less than what your cost is for your goods or services, and you are stupid enough to take it, you go out of business. Got it? ACA rates are substandard for everyone except oil change specialists moonlighting as proctologists. Doctors leave the field, and pretty soon ol’ Daniel is begging someone – anyone – to please take a look at that nasty spot on his lung.

              I would rather get mad at the idiots who blew up the system and the drones that support them. Familiar?

              BTW, figured out the difference between “unhinged” and “unfavorable”? Or do you need a minute?

              1. How do you know if the ACA rates are substandard. I work for the largest Dialysis provider in the US and specifically in Contract Management. I just completed a contract analysis for a Connecticut exchange insurance provider, HealthyCT (feel free to look them up) and the rates for our services are higher than many other private PPO contracts. Like I said. On average the exchange rates are HIGHER than most government rates and competitive with private insurance rates.

                Do you have any documentation on why you believe the ACA rates are low enough to put providers out of business?
                You don’t because you are full of shit..

                And the difference between unhinged and unfavorable is that being unhinged could be a sub-class or reason why the teaparty is predominately viewed unfavorably in the country now.

                1. “..many other..”
                  “,,,on average….”

                  Your resume’ and facts would be really swell if all we were talking about were the teeny, tiny little subset of care you were knowledgeable about, but it is far more than that.

                  And your comment reveals completely the major problem with the law and leftists in general – you are not the expert. You are not the provider. You are not in the dialysis business and you have absolutely no idea what their costs are. None.

                  Prattle on, pal.

                2. Uhhhhh.. Yeah I do.. I have full access to complete costs of business.. From singular service up to insurance, legal, licensure and certifications, etc.

                  What is your healthcare background “Jack” How are you so versed in the subject? Cause you enjoy when Dr. Larry asks you to turn your head and cough each month?

                3. Then you will have a front row seat as they go out of business, or cut services and stafff to comply with this law.

                  Actually, with your head so far up Obama’s ass you should at least show him the courtesy of checking for polyps.

                  And “dialysis” does not equal “healthcare”. Sorry champ.

                4. Dialysis isn’t under the purview of healthcare? Dialysis patients are 85% covered by government backed insurance because of the debilitating nature of the disease.. You again show how little you really know about the subject.. Over and over and over..

    2. Daniel, I appreciate the fact that we get a few Liberal commentators who join us on occasion. I enjoy conversation with them, so long as they don’t make incendiary comments designed to provoke. When that happens, I see no point in talking with them.

      Conserv_58 is right, too, when he objects to your blanket statement that a majority of Americans view the Tea Party as a bit unhinged. When you make a statement like that, you’re actually talking about me and others here on this site. I resent that.

      1. I respect that Gene. Unhinged was not the correct term. How about unfavorably. Do you have some insight as to why 70% of polled Americans view the Tea Party as unfavorable now?
        I have a feeling it somewhat has to do with the penchant for increased volume in divisive conversations by many of the spokespersons.

        Thank you.

        1. here’s your insight: the progressive method of telling a lie often enough that most people accept it as truth is working very well.

        2. Daniel, I copied an excerpt from one of the sites you listed below. Here it is:

          “Democrats and independents have long held a negative view of the movement. Only 10 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of independents hold a favorable view.
          Fifty-eight percent of Republicans view the Tea Party favorably; 48 percent of conservatives, usually identified with the Tea Party, have a favorable view of it. Thirty-four percent have an unfavorable view, while 18 percent have no opinion.”

          Since I don’t believe in the vision of this country’s future that Democrats hold, those numbers which I just copied above, look pretty good to me. More than fifty per cent of the people whose political opinions mean something to me, are favorable toward the Tea Party.

          I don’t think support for the principles the Tea Party stands for are dwindling all that much. As Conser_58 pointed out in an earlier comment, wait until Obamacare turns out to be the financial and social disaster we all think it will be. Do a poll on the Tea Party then.

      2. Also do you consider the title of this article to be incendiary?

        “Tears MSNBC Snot Chris Hayes A New Snot Hole”

        If so then it is safe to say that you object to the author’s intent to provoke? Did you let the author know about this?

        1. I don’t run this site, Daniel. I don’t know what it takes to get ratings and advertising and all the other myriad of things it takes to make The Right Scoop the best site out there. But after all of that is done, and it works, I do have the privilege of commenting here.

          Let me put it to you another way. If The Right Scoop had been put in charge of Obamacare from the very beginning, it would either work by now, or he would have killed it.

          1. LOL.. Door’s over there? Is that how you prefer to handle conversing with those who have an alternate point of view than yours? How fascist of you… Makes sense

            1. You are a guest, but I am pretty sure you have spent your life barging in where you really aren’t wanted.

              Obamadisaster deniers really don’t have an alternate point of view, just a desire to protect the cult. Pretty tough to converse with the modern day version of Hare Krishnas.

              1. A guest? Do you pay to view the articles on this site? LOL.. You’re an idiot Jack. And your comments prove it.

    When Obamao care was passed the democrats insisted they inflict the monstrosity on the American People.
    Even the insanely Liberal progressive State of Massachusetts put a Republican in TEDDY KENNEDY’S seat because he promised he’d vote against it. Scott browns vote would have killed this Weapon of Mass Destruction that they inflicted on us.
    Harry Reid denied Scott Brown AND THE STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS A VOTE before he was seated in order to RAM THIS COMMUNIST BILL DOWN OUR THROATS! Never mind all the other dirty underhanded tricks they pulled when writing it and passing it.
    The ONLY reason the Democrats are talking about Fixing a law that CAN’T BE IXED but only nixed is because they want to hold onto to their seats! BULL!! They can NEVER BE TRUSTED TO PRESERVE OUR LIBERTIES AFTER THIS ONE!! NEVER!!!!
    Let’s take a look back as one of your FELLOW AMERICAN SAW IT!!
    When Obamao was elected the Democrats thought they finally realized their progressive dream. Obamao was THE ONE!
    The one to usher in their RULE OVER US!!! The Progressive dream for the last 100yrs.
    Do not forget how they were so willing to SHOVE COMMUNISM DOWN OUR THROATS!! Because as the Domestic enemy in the White House stated so arrogantly, “WE WON”!! Through all the time in between they refused to change their mind about RULING OVER us no matter how much we aired our grievances. The ONLY REASON they are changing their minds now is because of the midterms. They want to keep their seats and POWER OVER US!! DON’T BE STUPID!! They will go right back to RULING us as soon as they win. Lying is actually now part of their platform. Can we REALLY trust them again EVER?!! They have shown their true colors!!
    If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor……Period. Really Liar?
    If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance….Period. Really Liar?
    We have to pass the Bill in order to find out what’s in it? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! We are now finding out what’s in it and it’s an ATROCITY! Or to be linguistically deceptive in the world of Political Correctness. A MAN MADE DISASTER!! or “An over seas contingency operation.” Or “Work Place Violence”as opposed to an ACT OF TERRORISM!! This Law is A Weapon of Mass Destruction launched on We The People to DESTROY THE MIDDLE CLASS once and for all. Harry Reid called all those that are already suffering under this ATROCITY LIARS!! REALLY HARRY YOU TYRANT!!
    Let’s analyze why the law wasn’t to be enacted until further down the road.
    My analysis should convince you even more why the Democrats MUST go the way of the Whigs and Bull Moose in Nov. Why they MUST be Exterminated as a PARTY for GOOD!
    Our Federal Government has become so accustomed to shredding our constitution that they figured we would complain and be angry about it for a while.
    That by the time the law went into effect we would just settle down and accept their progressive tyranny.
    Normally they would be right. This law just pushed the envelope.
    SURPRISE DESPOTS!!We didn’t and Won’t accept it as”THE LAW OF THE LAND” as they so aptly put it. The LAW OF THE LAND which our Domestic enemy in the White House keeps changing Unconstitutionally through executive order rather than through the legislature as the constitution DEMANDS!! Changing it solely for political reasons to help his fellow TYRANTS retain their seats.
    If you haven’t noticed this administration is a also a threat to our NATIONAL SECURITY!! To our very survival and freedom!
    COMMON CORE in our schools is really the GOVERNMENT STEALING OUR CHILDREN!!
    Don’t get me wrong. The establishment Republicans have to go too. We can cleanse the Republican party of bad blood but the Democrats CAN’T be fixed so they MUST GO!!
    I have Contempt for Republicans but I have an Utter seething visceral hatred for the Democrats. The Party that wants to RULE OVER EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE!!
    Now for the Evil Tea Party. The Tea Party is a Movement. Ask yourself. Why would BOTH PARTIES want to silence us?
    Because we are a threat to their Kleptocracy that’s why!!
    The Tea Party is WE THE PEOPLE against KING GEORGE! The sooner you realize this the better. Even the STATE RUN MEDIA that abdicate the responsibility of honest journalism and instead are a propaganda arm for the Democrats hate us.
    WE ARE TRUTH TO POWER that’s why.
    We have never in our life had the opportunity to restore our Republic. Just as stated in the BILL OF RIGHTS.
    We are Angry enough. Lets do it. I won’t say “MOTHER MAY I” any longer to my rulers before I wish to use my GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!!

    Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security

    It is time to enact this Preamble or submit to an Illegal Unconstitutional overbearing Tyrannical Centralized Federal Government.

    Obamao will try to put of the effects of this law until the Midterms are over. Don’t let the MASTER OF DECEPTION fool you again!! As a FELLOW AMERICAN. THIS WILL BE THE DEATH NAIL TO OUR REPUBLIC!!
    Don’t even watch the campaigns as they are only an attempt to propagate their lies. Don’t let the media and money sway you or buy your vote. ALL DEMS. MUST GO!! Vote Tea party if you have the option. If you don’t vote Republican. We’ll lean on them too. WE MUST DISMANTLE OUR PARISITIC FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. IF NOT IT WILL SURELY SUCK THE LAST BIT OF FREEDOM OUT OF US. DON’T BE STUPID!!
    STAY FREE VOTE TEA!!! The fate of our lives and country DEMAND IT!!
    Your fellow American.

    1. I hope you have health insurance. You are heading for a stroke with all of that hatred boiling over. If you don’t have health insurance, there is still time to go on an exchange and get it.

      1. Maybe he actually has a job that provides insurance. I know, that is a foreign thought to you, but some of us still work to pay for you guys.
        Maybe a thank-you would be appropriate, huh?

        1. Do you really really believe that those who disagree with you on this issue are all unemployed and on government assistance?

          1. No. Just most of them. The rest are employed by non-profits and academia with little or no idea what actually happens in the real world. How about you? I am really interested to see what you make up for that one…

            1. I work in Healthcare for the 2nd largest provider in the United States. I work exclusively in Contract Management where we analyze rate proposals from over 350 private insurance companies in the United States. Also work with Medicaid contracts.

              I know much much much much much more about Healthcare Revenue Operations and reimbursement methodology than you ever will.

              With your fake name. Do you like to hide and pretend to be someone else all the time? Or are just so ashamed of your shitty beliefs that you can’t stand by them with your real identity?

              1. So, Danny, you should know that doctors are dropping from Medicaid like flies, and that Obamacare will cause the exact same market reaction.

                I really don’t give a rat’s ass what you think you know, and little bureaucrat cubicle punks like yourself think you are SOOO damn good at figuring out what everyone should do outside the shitty little concrete box you spend your lives in.

                I am sure you are thriving in this nightmare, but real people aren’t, pal. And as far as my real identity goes, internet hardasses like you really don’t need to know because you would likely show up at my kids’ school to harass them instead of being a man and facing me.

                Bring it, asshole.

                1. Real people? Like you.. Yeah.. “Jack” you are so unique and special and hold this country together with all the demagoguing and demoralizing of fellow citizens you do… Enjoy your bitterness.. I feel sorry for those family members who are forced to put up with your shit in silence…

                  Why don’t you grow a pair and put your real, provable identity out here..? You are a blustering coward… Plain and simple.

                2. Again, my children are more important to me that some guy staring at the walls of his cubicle every day wondering why he isn’t more important than he is.

                3. You’re a coward “Jack” who is too afraid to stand by his statements with his true identity. FACT

                4. If I have assurances that you won’t molest my children, I will be happy to sit down and chat with you. Just not in your basement, and not in one of your flannel onesies.

                5. LOL… Not bad… I wouldn’t mind a good public debate either.. no children involved.. I have to get back to it.. Lunch is over.. Have a good weekend Jack.

                6. And I’m curious how you are able to comment on this site hundreds of times in what seems like every few minutes if you are so busy being the one of the only true Americans working so hard to keep this country a float. Your rhetoric and the reality of your actions don’t mesh up.. You keep proving that your are full of shit “Jack”

                7. Work’s over for the day, son. You should know that. The weekend is here.

                  Enjoy your work release, tough guy.

                8. Same to you.
                  Hey – seriously, it’s poker night tonight and I do really need to go. It was fun, and have a good weekend.

      2. That was stupidly funny. So is that an admittance you really cant rebuke anything I said?

  26. Well, Scoop, you couldn’t have picked a more hot-button topic to drive up the post count. Over four hundred posts in just a few short hours. That’s twice as much as the next largest amount according to the threads on the front page. Nice.

    1. Topics like this always bring all the cockroaches out from under the fridge. Conservative women (and minorities), scare the krap out of them. You notice how quickly the names like ‘Palin’ and ‘Coulter’ get dragged out even though they have no bearing on the context of the topic?
      You also notice that most of these characters are ‘one post wonders’, who never even heard of this site until they were ‘linked’ to it from, someplace else? This is standard operating procedure, for the left. Conservatives are ‘banned’ from ‘leftie’ sites for this kind of stuff.
      😉 😉

  27. She sounded like a lunatic who didn’t have any clue what she was talking about. When she claims that 133% of the poverty level in Pennsylvania is $94,000, she loses are credibility. She doesn’t know the facts, she just wanted to get indignant about having her talking points questioned.

      1. That link talks about the subsidy. She said that a person making 94770 would qualify for the medicaid expansion. That was not true. Clearly, she did just what you did and confused the two.

      2. Feel free to explain how 135% of the poverty level in Pennsylvania equals $94K. Talk to me about eating crow when you can make sense of that lie.

        1. Feel free to explain how I can keep my doctor if I like my doctor. Enjoy the crow. Ketchup makes it taste better, I hear.

          1. What is preventing you from keeping your doctor? I’ve kept my doctor, why are you incapable of keeping yours? How does this even relate to the post you are responding to, which talks about a very specific lie told by this tea party lunatic?

            1. Have you been under a rock? Are you actually saying that under Obamacare, everyone who wants to keep their plan can keep their plan, and everyone who wants to keep their doctor can keep their doctor? Do you have any idea what you are talking about?

              And after clinging to that utterly and thoroughly debunked, flat out lie, you then you actually want to criticize someone about some obscure trivia related to Medicaid expansion?

              I love the smell of desperation in the morning. It smells like…an unwashed, pot-smoking leftist.

              1. You need a course in reading comprehension. You stated: “explain how I can keep my doctor if I like my doctor”. I asked why you are prevented from keeping your doctor. Instead of answering that question, you descend into this rant. Are you afraid of answering that question? Again, this has nothing to do with the post you were responding to.

                1. Nice diversion. I am going to type really slowly, so keep up.

                  Here’s the question – are you actually saying that under Obamacare, everyone who wants to keep
                  their plan can keep their plan, and everyone who wants to keep their doctor can keep their doctor? Not whether YOU can or I can, but everyone? As was promised ad infinitum by Obama and his cultists?

                  Let’s establish a baseline of mental awareness about the matter at hand before we continue, shall we? If we are going to “make sense of that lie”, let’s start at the beginning.

                2. Diversion? You’re responding to a post that clearly mentioned 133% of the poverty level in Penn is not $94K, yet you mention nothing about that. So, who here is diverting the topic?

                3. Answer the question. That will get us started. Actually, I know you won’t because that would take a shift in the cultist mentality that you could not bear.

                  The entire point is that you guys are in a lather about the poverty line in Pennsylvania while ignoring the biggest, baldest lie ever told by a President. It was a lie when he told it, it is a lie now, and you cannot even bring yourself to admit what everyone knows to be the truth.

                  Obamacare is destroying the greatest health care delivery system in the history of the planet, and you are worried about trivia relating to yet another miserable failure of a government program.

                4. Poor kid, you actually think you can tell other people what to do. Get over it, little one. This story and my comment was not about the President. Worst lie ever told? Go drink some more koolaid.

                5. Sorry. The kool aid is at my doctor’s, and I am not allowed to keep him or my plan. Thanks to your messiah, of course.

                  You just can’t face the truth, can you? And if leftists don’t exist to tell other people what to do, I am not sure why they are on the planet. Your comment was pretty funny, although I am sure you don’t get it.

                  Prattle on about poverty levels and subsidies, and good luck finding a decent doctor under the substandard Medicaid coverage you are trying to stick the poor with.

                6. The truth is I posted about the lies spewed by the tea party lunatic (the topic of this story) and you want to make it about Obama who wasn’t part of the story or the comment I made. That is the truth, the one you aren’t coping with. If you want to actually respond to the post I made, go ahead, otherwise you’re just wasting my time, little one.

    1. Can you breath with your head up there. SHUT UP! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!!
      MSNBC has credibility? REALLY? Is that you Obamao?

                1. Actually, I’m not, but your silly assumption just demonstrates more of your ignorance.

                2. My assumption?You’re solipsistic. How could you possibly know that you aren’t? It’s blatantly obvious to someone who isn’t though. This is the point where the conversation get’s circular with you Libidiots. It turns into elementary school playground conversation from here. I don’t have time for this nonsense. I’m done.

                3. Yes, your assumption, because I never stated anything to support your claim. You’re the kid spouting nonsense, so you are obviously tired of yourself. Thanks for trying.

                4. Look at your last post to me idiot. That’s when you started the circular conversation. You supported my claim O.K. Douche. It’s scary that we have that many stupid people in this country. It really is.
                  What are you people going to do once all the adults die?

                5. I supported the fact that you’re an uneducated moron that can’t be taught anything…nothing circular about that. Probably just the result of your limited mental capacity. I don’t need to know about your feminine hygiene can keep that to yourself. Again, thanks for trying.

    2. I don’t believe she sounded like a lunatic, Bryant. It was a heated argument, and she kept being interrupted by the host. I have been in arguments like that, and it is hard to keep your focus when you are being constantly interrupted and shouted down.

      1. Regarding her comment on 133% of the poverty level in Pennsylvania being $94,000, I was confused by that too. If you look at the chart, $94,200 is 400% of the federal poverty level. At that income level, you would not qualify for Medicaid, but you would still be eligible for premium subsidies from the government to help you purchase a health plan through your state exchange. If someone understands that differently, please join the conversation.

      2. How but through interruption to you talk to someone yelling incessantly? If the sound was turned off on that and you just watched them interact without knowing which one you agreed with, you would think she was obnoxious.

      3. You have the right to believe whatever you want. I think she sounded like a lunatic. She wasn’t being interrupted by the host, she was being asked questions, which she was too ignorant to answer. So, instead of admitting her ignorance she resorted to that babbling rant.

        1. Of course I do, Bryant, and you have the same right. For the record, when the host first introduced her, he did it in a snide way. I believe that set the tone, for the interview. He had a predisposed opinion of her position, and everything he said, clearly indicated that.

          I hate to repeat myself, but Jennifer Stefano was invited to this man’s program. Upon accepting his invitation to appear on his program, he begins by introducing her, as “someone who wakes up each day, thinking of how to destroy Obamacare.”

          This may come as a revelation to you, Bryant, but I also wake up each day, with the same thought. Most of the people you are trying to interact with here on this site, wake up with the same intention.

          Obama, the man himself, is an absolute disaster, to this nation’s future. His signature legislation, Obamacare, is simply an extension of that. Hear me on this.

          For the moment, I will play the role of Obama.

          “This nation needs universal healthcare. I promise I will make healthcare available to everyone.” We only found out later, how he would do it.

          Pretty words. When he first started selling this crap program, most Americans thought, great!

          That was right up until they found out that it was a mandated Federal Program, enforced by none other than the IRS, and if you didn’t sign up and participate, you would face penalties.

          What a great way to provide Universal Healthcare for everyone. We have this crap program, and if you don’t sign up for it, we will penalize you, and enforce that penalty by using the Internal Revenue Service, an organization you are already afraid of, to begin with. Pure brilliance!

          Bryant, do you really want to waste more time talking about the intelligence of either party in this ridiculous, failed interview, or would you like instead, to talk about the subject of the interview,
          which is this massive government program that has no precedence in the History of this great nation, and doesn’t work, and penalizes people for just being alive?

          What is it, exactly, that you feel worth arguing about, at this point? This thread has been running now several days. It has exceeded the number of comments thought possible. And still, you miss the whole point.

          The point is, The Affordable Care Act, is not Affordable, for most Americans. It was never designed to be, in the first place.

          It was designed as a way of making those Americans who are healthy, and live a life and a regimen, designed to keep them healthy, pay for those among us who do not. To put it simply, it is the purest form of Communism I can think of.

          If it had been presented in the first place, as a Communist approach to Universal Healthcare, which is what it is, it would never have got out of committee.

          1. You obviously haven’t a clue what communism is, but feel free to throw those labels around…it’s a great way to demonstrate your ignorance. The ACA is an program that mandates insurance…there is nothing communistic about insurance. It is a way to mitigate costs that most people can’t afford to pay, by contributing to a pool that pays out if you are unfortunate enough to need it. Unless you’re making millions, you can’t afford your own healthcare…you can’t afford to pay for your own doctor (24/7), your own hospital, your own MRI machine, etc. We live in a community, where we pool resources. It’s called civilization, not communism. Learn the difference.

            1. Sorry to have to leave you Bryant, but my family and I are going out to dinner. Something successful people often do. Because we can afford it. This is not a dismissal of your most recent comment. It’s just that I don’t have time right now to respond to it. But I will get back to you, on your most recent attempt to force the way you live, on the way I live.

              America will survive Liberals. It will just take time.

                1. I should cancel my dinner engagement, because you have more things to say? Sven, as much as I like you, you’re still a Liberal. That means you are not a priority, in my life.

                  I’ll get back to you, when I have the time.

                2. You apparently already did cancel it, since you’had to leave’ 20 minutes ago, and yet here you are.

                3. Or I should at least try saying I did in a blog comment, right?

                  Incidentally, by your previously stated logic, since you have been repeatedly ‘combative,’ I should simply refuse to discuss anything with you now. aka the Eric Cartman “screw you guys I’m going home” approach.

                4. Suit yourself, Sven. I just got back from a lovely evening and a great dinner, while you have been here all that time stewing in your anger.

                  I’ll tell you what I told your compatriot, Bryant. If you don’t enjoy these nightly excursions to a Conservative site like The Right Scoop, then why do it? You know full well, what you are going to encounter.

                  Personally, I always try to make our Liberal guests feel at home here. I never call them names, I never snipe at them, or throw derogatory terms at them. I simply treat them as guests. Perhaps guests I don’t necessarily agree with, but guests, just the same.

              1. Wow, you really are pathetic. You say you don’t have time to respond, but you respond with an ignorant statement about going out to dinner. Somehow you’re under the delusion that only conservative zealots are able to afford going out to dinner. It’s a hilariously ignorant notion, thanks for further demonstrating how little you know. By the way, America was founded by liberals, but I’m sure you aren’t able to comprehend that fact. Thanks for the laughs, little one.

                1. Well Bryant, I
                  just got back from a lovely evening, only to find you still here, angry as ever. Are Liberals always that way? I had a great dinner, by the way.

                  Tell me Bryant, have I ever called you names, or made derogatory statements in your direction? I don’t believe so. Why then, do you feel it is okay to make those statements toward me? Especially since I am one of the few people on this site that will even talk to you.

                  I can see by your dialogue, that you have trouble expressing your feelings about Conservatives. If that is indeed the case, then why do you torture yourself by coming on The Right Scoop, which you knew beforehand, was a Conservative site?

                  I guess I’ll never understand Liberals.

                2. Considering how little you understand, I’m shocked. Keep the laughs coming, your ignorant comments are comedy gold.

                3. I myself, am shocked with how little I know, compared to Liberals. But then, I received my education before the Communists turned American Schools into the Indoctrination system that now exists. You probably had the pleasure of being part of that. I envy you greatly.

                4. You received an education? That is shocking. You don’t even understand what communism is..too funny.

                5. Bryant, you disappoint me. Here I have taken on a project like you, to prove to the world I could actually take a full blown Liberal, and change him into a normal human being, and then you respond in this manner.

                  No worries. Science may not always give you the answer you were seeking, but it always gives you an answer.

                  In this particular case, it tells me that the disease of Liberalism, will follow a person to his death, because there appears to be no cure for the sickness.

                6. So, you either don’t have a clue what liberalism is or you don’t know what a disease is. Again, you continue to demonstrate your ignorance. Science always gives me the answers I am seeking…the truth. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out you don’t actually know what science is. Thanks for the laughs, kid.

                7. Hy Bryant,

                  Didn’t mean to be rude. I had a full schedule today. Left early and just got back. So, how are things with you?

                  Looks like this thread is getting a little long in the tooth. We may have to move to a newer thread.

                  Anyway, hope you’re doing okay. Let me know.


                8. Bryant, we are both Americans. I think we both believe in Freedom. Sure, there are some differences in our beliefs in how to go about it, but we still both share that basic belief. Neither of us really need a mental health professional. We just need to keep talking about it. What do you say?

                9. I don’t have beliefs, so the whole premise of your comments are wrong. You might want to go back and read the statements you made previously, before singing Kumbaya. It just rings hollow.

      4. It was not a ‘heated argument.’ You might want to watch the piece again and look for where the host was ‘heated’ vs. points where the guest started yelling and screaming in response to nothing.

        1. Sven, there was never what either you or I would call a conversation. He introduced her, his guest, as an idiot to begin with. Had it been me, I would have simply got up, placed the microphone on the table, and said, “good luck with your demented vision of our future.”

          1. I’m sure you will provide a quote documenting your claim that he introduced his guest as an idiot.

            1. Sven, please don’t demean my intelligence. I wouldn’t do that to you.

              “Hayes begins the segment already combative, introducing Stefano as
              someone who wakes up every day thinking about how to destroy Obamacare.”

              1. Apparently, in the reality you live in, asking someone to provide actual evidence of their claims is ‘demeaning.’ Imagine my surprise.

                “Hayes begins the segment already combative, introducing Stefano as
                someone who wakes up every day thinking about how to destroy Obamacare.”

                In your own rambling earlier response to another poster, you directly stated that this was an accurate characterization of not only the guest, but also yourself and many others here.

                If that statement was calling his guest an idiot, then you are directly saying that both the guest and yourself are idiots.

  28. He then throws up a ridiculous straw man argument, asking how the deadline extension takes away Stefano’s choices as a mother. Of course, that’s not what Stefano said….

    Actually, that’s exactly what she said.

    Chris: Why should anyone care about this extension of the deadline? Who cares? So people are going to have a few more weeks to sign up.

    Jennifer: I think people should care about the deadline for the same reason that I wake up, and millions of women, actually 85 million … women across the country wake up and think about their children as well, that’s how many mothers we have, because we really are having our choices removed from us as mothers, and the health care that we can provide our children.

    1. 5 hours later and neither the author nor any other commenter here has anything to rebut this.

  29. I watched the interview and she in no way made any sense. First she had no real facts, her numbers,the few she had to use, were wrong. The poverty level is not 94,000 dollars. She never answered Chris’s questions, her only response to him was to speak louder and take his comment about her and all those opposed to the ACA, and make it a personal affront to her. Chris Hayes was right when he asked her, before the ACA was passed where was she and all those who now say this law is hurting the poor, they had no plan to do anything and still have none. Their only response has always been the same as her’s, yell louder and demand the law be repealed. But none have tried to come up with a plan to replace it or to improve the law already in place. Don’t say the law hurts the poor and middle class, that you had no care for before the law, and that you know what is best when you have no answers to give.

      1. This is from your cite:

        • If you make less than four times (400% of the FPL) you may qualify for reduced premiums through the marketplace due to advanced premium tax credits.

        • If your income is below two and a half times (250%) the FPL you qualify for a policy with reduced deductibles, copayments and lower maximum out of pocket costs.

        • If you live in a State that has agreed to expand Medicaid, and your household income is up to 138% of the relevant FPL you probably qualify for Medicaid. In State’s that don’t expand Medicaid the threshold is between 100%-133% although many more restrictions apply to eligibility aside from income.

        So, both you and her are wrong. You cannot obtain medicaid with an income of 94770. That is the cutoff for the subsidy.

        See how one can politely point out another’s errors? You should try it.

  30. One of the things that I detest about these Liberal media programs, is that they invite a conservative guest to come on the show to discuss a controversial subject, and then do everything in their power, to keep that guest from making a single point. This was one of the best examples I have ever seen of that.

    Chris Hayes set out from the very beginning to interrupt, talk over, and talk down to Jennifer Stefano, to keep her from scoring any credibility points on the issue. I don’t think she ever finished a sentence, without him interrupting her and shouting her down. This is the way you treat a guest, who you invited to come on your program? Really?

    The argument became so heated, that the importance of the topic was lost entirely. The real issue here is the failure of Obamacare to sign up enough uninsured Americans to make it work. Make no mistake. It is a total failure. Thats why the 2 week extension. If that doesn’t work, which I think will be the outcome, they will find an excuse to extend it again.

    The President and those in Congress who signed onto this monstrosity, are absolutely desperate at this point, to make it work. They are desperate, because so much is riding on it, not the least of which, are a few political careers.

    They are running a race to get this thing to perform the way they promised, before the growing sentiment in this country to repeal the law, gathers enough momentum to destroy all hope of Obamacare ever succeeding. Every day that goes by, brings that moment closer to reality.

  31. I’m admittedly a little slow. Without attacking my ignorance, stupidity or ADD would someone please explain how/where the poverty level line is now $94,000? I’ve watched the video three times to figure out where that figure comes from but I honestly can’t make the math work. I’m not here to argue, I’m genuinely trying to understand where she derived that number.

    1. Try this site, Scott. Its a pretty straightforward explanation, including a simple chart. After reading the text, look at the chart for a family of four. 400% of the federal poverty level is $94,200.

      “As a rule of thumb if your family income is less than four times the
      published Federal Poverty Guideline (400% of FPL) for your household
      size, and you are not eligible for employer or other public assisted
      healthcare (such as Medicaid or Medicare), you will be able to receive premium subsidies to help you purchase affordable insurance through your State’s Health Insurance Marketplace.”

      Hope that helps.

        1. is not an official source of information. It’s a website owned by someone named Walt Whitney of “dog media solutions.” Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

          1. Thank you willc. Would you kindly offer me an alternative direction, perhaps another website?
            Much thanks in advance.

          2. I didn’t present it as an official source of information. I simply presented it as a site that offers a clear and concise explanation of how Obamacare is supposed to work.

            Dog Media Solutions is a marketing solutions company. Walt Whitney is Vice President of the company. Not sure of his ownership status.

            Here is their mission statement:

            ObamaCare Facts presents the Facts on ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) and keeps you update with the latest information on ObamaCare related programs and Benefits rolling out until 2022.

            ObamaCare Facts is a group of private citizens with no political ties to any organizations. We are 4 regular people (2 progressives and 2 Independent Conservatives,) who own a Small Business (un-related to politics).

            We started studying the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) back in 2010 due to members of our family who deal with health issues and our interest on how it would impact us as a small business.

            We decided to create ObamaCare facts to based on the amount of disinformation spread through the media, coupled with the fact that every article we read only dealt with a small aspect of the ACA, instead of a comprehensive look at the law as a whole.

            We receive thousands of emails a week through the site, if someone contests a fact we go back to the bill itself to fact check our information.

            Contributors and fact checkers are welcome, we have had over one million readers. Help us spread the truth on Healthcare reform. Thanks for coming.

            We provide our fans with daily ObamaCare Facts from We explain President Obama’s Health Care Reform under the Affordable Care Act. We help people to understand ObamaCare and keep folks updated on important ObamaCare news.

            The ObamaCare bill, also known as the ‘Affordable Care Act’ was signed into law March 23rd, 2010 and upheld June 28, 2012 by a supreme court ruling.

            ObamaCare Facts is the official page for ObamaCare Facts dispels the myths on ObamaCare and presents the facts to help you better understand ObamaCare.

            1. Understood, and thanks for clarifying. Someone else referred to that website you posted as being straight from the horse’s mouth. I was just trying to point out that it is not an official source for ACA information.

              1. I understand also. It does appear to be a pretty accurate site though, regarding Obamacare, and if you find an error or misstatement of fact, they invite you to contact them.

                I agree you shouldn’t believe everything you find on the internet, but at the same time, that does not necessarily mean that all sites are trying to mislead. You have to use your own intelligence to determine the difference.

      1. Gene: She was not talking about the eligibility for subsidy, which can kick in at 400% of the poverty line. She said that people in Pa who earn 135% of the poverty guideline, which she said was $94770, are eligible for the medicaid expansion. They are not. 135 % of the poverty guideline, for a family of 6, is 42k. Given how hysterical she was, she clearly confused the two. You have an opportunity now to reflect so stop telling us something that is not true. Here are the poverty guidelines for Pa.

        1. Noble, you need to catch up with some of my more recent comments above. I think she got confused with the numbers too, but as I stated in one of my more recent comments, I believe being in a shouting match with an adversary who was trying his level best to demean her, might have had something to do with it.

          Regarding the chart for the Pennsylvania poverty guidelines, I have had that open on my computer, for some time now.

          1. Then perhaps she should not have started shouting at him and refusing to allow him to respond to her falsehoods.

        1. Gladly. Look at Gene White’s above post for your answer. It’s right from the Obamacare site.

          1. Actually, is not an official source. It’s a website owned by someone named Walt Whitney of “dog media solutions.” Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

        1. That confused me as well and I don’t think she explained it well. If you look at the guidelines to qualify a family of 4 to receive a subsidy or tax credit under the ACA you have to make less than 400% of poverty level which is $94,200. So a family of 4 that has an income of $94,000 would qualify them for a subsidy in the form of a tax credit . I don’t know why she said 133% of poverty level is $94,000 it didn’t make sense.

          1. And it’s just wrong. But that’s how these extremists work… they take a grain of truth and then explode it into a gigantic lie.

            1. Yeah. Dems are good at that aren’t they.
              They’ve had 100yrs. to perfect lying. it’s an art form.
              If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor……Period. Didn’t that win him lie of the year award? Yup. I think it did.

              1. OMG. Yes, yes it did. And for 85% of the population of this country it is absolute truth. My doctors haven’t changed, neither has my insurance.

                And I’m guessing that those who lost their insurance, found better coverage thru the marketplace.

                1. My son and daughter in law lost their insurance when both their employers stopped offering group plans because of the ACA. This happened while she was pregnant. She made a deal with her doctor to pay a flat fee out of pocket for medical care during her pregnancy. Soon after she had a miscarriage and had to have surgery. Now they have huge medical bills they are struggling to pay. This happened a year ago and they still have not found coverage they can afford. But I guess they are just liars.

                2. They could not have lost their group insurance “due to the ACA” last year. If they lost it, it was because of their employer. And if they did not have it, it was because they were not responsible enough to secure other coverage; coverage that would have been required to cover her pre-existing pregnancy thanks to the ACA. Should have raised a more responsible son; one who takes his responisiblity to his family a little more serious.

                3. No, they are not liars, but from what I read here, it seems the fault lies with the insurance company who cancelled their insurance a year before they had to. Why didn’t they keep their employees covered until the new ACA kicked in?

                1. No. They DID DIE from his rules of engagement though.
                  Besides. How does your statement defend the fact that he is euthanizing people with his Faux ACA?

                2. No. They just died from the rules of engagement Obamao inflicted on them.
                  Don’t forget how YOUR side constantly sabotaged the war effort the whole time too.
                  Once Obamao got elected…..Crickets. I hear crickets. Know what else I noticed? All you left wing ASTROTURF anti war protesters disappeared. Even that nut case Cindy Sheehan.
                  WMD….Lie? Wrong again. While the progressives tried to stall it leaving our ships of shore waiting for HOW LONG> They moved them to Syria. Funny how the Democrats said they were there too.
                  Oh yeah. That’s right. progressives always rewrite history the way they wanted it to be as opposed to what really happened.
                  Here’s some truth if you can handle it.
                  P.S. They aren’t lies either because I WATCHED IT!!…..Did you? I bet not.


            2. Yes, I hear liberals do that all the time. Although her math was off I agree with her point that someone making $94,000 a year should not qualify for subsidies.

              1. I doubt it’s a very big subsidy, and I have no idea what health insurance costs for a family of four.

                1. “I doubt it’s a very big subsidy”.
                  “Subsidy” = My wallet, your pocket. Any questions?
                  “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.
                  Karl Marx

                2. Well, you know what? If we can send $18B to the Ukraine, we can help our own citizens. Call it what you will, but I don’t begrudge one penny of my tax dollars to help those in need.

                3. You mean like our Vets and active soldiers who are looking at deductions in their (earned) benefits and who are living on ‘food stamps’, while we promote ‘income equality’ for those who have never done squat, for instance? 😉

                4. Oh how quickly we forget. Obama created ‘the sequester’. Reid (D) refused to bring any modifications to the sequester from the House, up for a vote in the Senate. Obama said he ‘would veto them’ anyway. Shall I continue? 😉

                5. LBJ took peoples money to wipe out poverty and gov’t takes more every year. Have you a clue why we still have poverty and allegedly hungry people????

                6. There are a million reasons, including the fact that there are way more people, way less jobs, way too much disparity in earnings, way too much disparity in education….. there are a whole lot of reasons we still have poverty.

                  But not being willing to try to abolish poverty is not a good reason.

              2. But that wasn’t her point. She said that at that income level, a person would qualify for medical assistance.

  32. To all of our liberal/progressive friends: I wonder how many of you kool aid drinking sycophants are going to feel when the deferred employer mandate ends and you incur the same devastating affects that a reported eighty million people are going to incur when the chit hits the fan, and it will. You see, what you lemmings fail to realize is that the citizens of this country have yet to see the true negative cause and affect that your beloved ACA is going to have on all of us, including you. Even Obama and his ilk know this will happen, hence the reason why he pushed it back from 2015 to 2016, after he’s out of office.

    1. I realize your question is hyperbolic, and that you framed it with insults to garner the admiration from like-minded individuals that frequent this website (which in and of itself is sycophantic), but have you ever stopped to think about the fact that you negate any validity to your point when you present it this way?

      1. I read his comment. I failed to see the hyperbole you mention, but then, I am one of those like-minded individuals who frequent this website, and like any good sycophant out there, I always agree with Conserv_58.

  33. There has got to be a box on the MSNBC job application that says, “Snarky, Little Pajama Boy” (Yes or No).

  34. Yeah, she tore him a new snot hole just like Sarah Palin “terrifies” liberal men. Such garbage, but typical for the pathetic GOP.

    1. LOL! It looks like we have the paid members of George Soros funded, Media Matters trolling in here.

      Thank you for your stereotypical liberal response. You just confirmed what we’ve been saying about liberals. You base your arguments on emotion because you can’t support them with facts.

    2. News Flash:
      Conservative women DO ‘terrify’ liberal men. Let one comment anywhere, and you ‘Pajama Boys’ come running out from under the cabinets.
      Your ‘Electile Dysfunction’ isn’t our problem. 😉 😉

      1. You conservative women are being represented by the likes of Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachman, a middle school student could out debate them, as long as you use facts and not twisted truths and misconceptions. You need better spokeswomen then those.

        1. “a middle school student could out debate them, ..”
          I suggest you tell MSNBC to hire some ‘middle school students’, then. You’re insecurity is showing.
          😉 😉

    3. “…pathetic GOP?”
      The GOP isn’t part of the discussion here.
      You must have used the wrong talking point. (Doh!)

      1. They were both ‘White’, so he couldn’t call her a ‘racist’.
        She was the woman, so he couldn’t call her a ‘sexist’.
        “Bush” is getting to be so ‘yesterday’ even for liberal; ‘trolls’.
        What’s left? Oh, I know, the GOP. ‘Koch Bros.’ coming up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ………… 😉 😉

    4. Keep your head down (D)rone..”Swallow the Choomer”..”Praise be to the “ONE” you Gullible, guzzling “cult member”… Typical (D)isgusting (D)em-wit…

  35. Watching that exchange, you just feel like reaching through the screen, grabbing this punk by the throat, and slapping him until he stops talking.

      1. You’re welcome.

        I watched the hearing and the more she kept deflecting blame for not having the actual data, in hand, on how many people actually signed up the more enraged I became because I found her answer to be so insulting to mine and Congress’ intelligence. As I’ve said already, the success or failure of the ACA is predicated on knowing how many citizens have actually paid for their premiums. In addition, the last time she was before Congress she was asked, point blank, if her dept. was planning to move the deadline. due to the ongoing issues with the web site. She said, “No”. We see now that was a lie.

        1. I just hope I live long enough to see these rulers by edict pay for their crimes of covering up the facts to keep Obama’s Edsel running while destroying America.

          That’s Hussein’s legacy and he deserves to serve time for his High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  36. Since Hayes is just another low-life at MSNBC, did anyone read the Politico article on the trouble the network is in thanks to likes of Matthews, Hayes, Maddow, etc.? It’s not a pretty picture for the hardcore lefty news outlet:

    MSNBC is in serious trouble

    “….MSNBC suffered harder loses in 2013 — in terms of both viewership and revenue — than either of its competitors at Fox News and CNN, according to Nielsen data featured in a new Pew Research report. Prime-time viewership declined by a staggering 24 percent (nearly twice the loss sustained by CNN and four-times that sustained by Fox News). Daytime viewership fell by 15 percent, even as it rose at both of the other networks.

    On the revenue side, MSNBC was projected to decline by 2 percent, while both CNN and Fox News were projected to experience growth of 2 percent and 5 percent, respectively. MSNBC was expected to bring in $475 million in revenue: less than half what CNN will make and roughly one-quarter of what Fox News will make…”

    1. I am not arguing with this.

      But I worry about trusting the “old ways” of measuring the metrics. Nielsen ratings are are super out of date way of measuring these things. And I tend to think that a lot of liberal programming knows that. I (and I imagine a lot of others here) watch most things online (which probably means I should consider not paying for premium cable anymore :P) Furthermore, I don’t really feel any of those programs are a good source of the news.

      1. Interesting; as a older guy who worked in the media and purchased Nielsen marketing data, why do you question the reliability of the data today? I’m not going to debate your reasoning or conclusion. I’m just interested as someone who relied on Nielsen and other divisions of the company.

        Online, this is the only data available free on viewership. And what’s available to the public is very limited. And if you are correct about Nielsen, then whatever flaw that exists would have applied to all cable news networks. Therefore, it remains a viable way to compare them.

        1. Well maybe you can help me. It’s my understanding that their data still comes from one of their units. In the days of DVRs and TIvos along with the Cable boxes out there, and the internet as a whole new monster, doesn’t it seem like like should be able to track though that all of these resources. Where technology is now, I imagine it would be an extreme amount easier to sort and read all a significantly greater amount of data. But a side note, Netflix, is having huge success banking on the idea that Live TV is a dying Metric.

          So since you worked in the industry, wouldn’t it make more sense to measure the information beyond the nielson box? Especially since the nielson box is distributed in such a limited capacity. I can speak from personal experience, My dad Never watches anything but football. He reads the paper for news. My mom watches the morning news and her soaps. My husband, My brother, my son, and I almost completely watch programs through the internet. Or the DVR. We occasionally watch sports Live. Most of my girlfriends are the same way.

          1. Thank you for your response. I hate to admit it, but when I was working with Nielsen, none of the media existed except for cable. Thus, so much for my industry knowledge.

            Yet, I’m aware of the problem that you speak of which began during my time with the advent of alternative media. I believe in an ideal world, the answers to the questions you posed would be absolutely.

            But until a competitor begins to offer such data based on new technology while competiting with them in all markets, I doubt you will see it. That was the case in my time and would make an educated guess it’s the same today. Thanks again…

          2. Again, this is after my time in the media. However I believe the following is still true regarding cable boxes and thus, the other media you mentioned – it’s illegal to tap into cable boxes. There are FCC regulations prohibiting gathering such data and there are constitutional concerns as well – 1st and 4th Amendments.

  37. Liberalism: Ideas so good they have to silence or destroy opposing voices, and force people to participate in their programs.

  38. Kudos to Jennifer but I would have concentrated on how this extension is another LIE by a bunch of people already proven to be liars. That’s what difference it makes Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, I would’ve gone after him for getting personal with a woman and calling it a “war on women”. I’ll stop ranting now because she did a great job.

    1. She really did. I like how she turned the “war on Women” thing right back at him and he had no clue how to respond. What a snarky, pompous a$$ he is.

  39. Wow… Hayes is a real pansy boy, ain’t he. Suppose his mom lays out his clothes for him in the morning?

    1. Hayes is a living example of the decades long attempt by the liberals and progressives to institutionalize the psychological emasculation and neutering our male children. It starts at the elementary level and is carried throughout their academic lives.

        1. Hey badbad, TRS must be hitting lefty nerves. We were inundated with ignorant libs yesterday ( now there’s a redundancy ), either that or we are the subject of some kind of Marxist seminar.

          1. I hope we’ve hit some lefty nerves…heaven knows they’ve got on our last one!
            I’m wondering if it’s because the deadline for obamakills has come and gone…again and now the criminal has extended it again. They know they’re on thin ice and have sent out their vile little soros minions.
            In any case, it’s American Duckie to the rescue!

            1. The rate of liberal trolling, and the vemon/ volume within it, is directly proportional to their desperation.

        1. Hi West Coast!! Cleaning out the trash? You have your work cut out for you today. Yes, definitely a “brain share” thing!

            1. You should have seen the fireworks yesterday on the ” Another day, another Obamacare delay” item.

              1. I’ve been so busy everywhere lately, seems like I’m missing all the fun. oh well, you guys are the best troll fighters. I just come late and clean up all the mess.

        2. It’s a shame people respond to these feckless trolls like Patrick James Bayham and Chuck Jarvi and their petulant rants. All they want is attention and will post anything they believe will garner it.

          Just say NO when dealing with leftists trolls.

          1. It’s so much fun to feed them though.

            The rate of their intellectual vacancy being exposed is directly proportional to the quantity of their posts.

            1. I know and I often take them on, but not here. These folks were spouting some awful things that I expect at the Daily Caller. TRS has great moderators and keep this cite a pleasure to visit and comment on events of the day.

              I just wanted to name them for Duckie when I read her first comment.

                1. You’re the best; from moderating, to vetting candidates, studying terrorism and of course, a gifted writer/author.

      1. Examples: Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Sheila Jackson Lee and this list goes on and on and…

  40. Well I thought this interview was a catastrophe for Jennifer Stefano. Nothing she said had any substance, she didn’t answer any of the questions meaningfully and she totally overplayed the gender card. All Chris Hayes could do in the end was laugh in horror! Kudos to her for talking so loudly though.

    1. she couldn’t get one sentence into an answer without the twerp interrupting her. but still, smart take

    2. Ah, but if that were a GOP host vs. a liberal feminazi, the spin would be war on women and how he attacked her.

      See how that works ?

    3. Obviously you and the rest of the people that are bashing Ms. Stefano have selective hearing. If you actually paid attention to what she said you would not be basing your rant on misinformed assumptions.

  41. Bless these TROLLS today, they sure know how to motivate. Our answers are also an educational exchange for one another, except for trolls:)

    1. Reading troll bilge is like watching Springer.

      You realize your life could be much worse, and that debating them is probably the least intellectual effort you will need to expend all day. They do all the work for you.

  42. I remember when she was with the Tea Party.

    Chris Hayes is an idiot to even ask that question. A better question is “Why does the president make new laws out of whole cloth when we have a Constitution?”

  43. Who the hell is Chris Hayes? Is he another illegitimate son of Frank Sinatra who somehow got a job with MSNBC?

      1. He’s a he ? I sometimes confuse him with the other one that wears glasses to appear smart. What’s its name ? Maddow or something ?

        Libs are libs. They all look alike to me.

        1. he claims to be a he, very little evidence of it though. if those two in the video started exchanging fisticuffs, my money’s on Stefano

  44. Waking up to the likes of a lying liar and screaming meamy like that dufus hayes is either really good for the BP or really bad. I’ll let you all know later….

  45. Way to slug it out, Ms. Stefano! It’s an Alice-in-Wonderland world at MSLSD.
    This guy needs to rename his show “All In for the Marxist Left with Chris Drone.” Notice the LEAN FORWARD mantra shown with their logo? That tells you all you need to know about this pathetic excuse for a news network.

  46. Chris Hayes like Chris Matthews has an argument with himself and wins all the time. Maybe if he allowed guests on his show with opposing opinions and listened to them, he could learn something. But that’ll never happen.

    1. Guests on Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap are for two things. Punching Bag or Sycophant.

      No independent thought is allowed.

  47. Stefano is setting us back! There are plenty of problems with the liberal agenda and it’s funny to see Hayes bumble about when he can’t get a word in, but she wasn’t answering anything!

    There are REAL problems with extending this sign up period! Just saying the same thing over and over again and not talking about those problems isn’t doing anything but making us sound like idiots! “I’m a mother and the president lied!” Boo hoo. everyone lies! AFP should fire Stefano, because she looks as stupid as he does. And then she starts playing the victim, claiming she can’t be silenced and is not being treated fairly! She dominated the interview by talking over the interviewer and still said NOTHING!

    We’re going to finally get rid of this law at the beginning 2015. But it’s going to be far more difficult when we have people like Stefano as one of our voices. Give us someone who isn’t a rambling idiot.

    1. What are you talking about?! Hayes’ relentless interrupting and over talking never allowed her to get more than a couple of seconds to speak. How could she begin to present her position under those conditions?

      The real problem you fail to realize is not the length of the extension, but the fact that the extension itself IS ILLEGAL! This unilateral decision, by Obama, makes it the thirty-first time he has done so and the thirty-first time he has broken the law.

      1. I disagree, but I’m willing to hear you out. Why is it illegal? I think one of the problems is that it IS legal, and shouldn’t be.

        I have the same feeling about the laws original passage. The bill had NO support by anyone on our side and was passed legally. That should have been illegal, but it wasn’t and now we are stuck with this crappy new law. At least until the next election.

        And I don’t like Hayes. But they were interrupting each other. The problem with her is that when she interupted back, instead of defending her point she was whining about how she is getting personally attacked. As a woman! I understood Hayes’ point, even though he’s wrong. The only thing I understood from Stefano is that she is a mother and a woman who is upset because he isn’t letting her talk.

        1. Are you saying that you disagree about Obama’s making unilateral changes to the law as being illegal? FYI, it is a verifiable and indisputable fact that Obama has no legal right to make changes to his health law. In order for him to do so he is required by law to go through Congress. Of course we all know that he circumvents Congress at will via executive fiat.

          1. It’s my understanding that it is legal. and that’s the problem. I’m not a law student, but I have looked up some stuff on the law, because I was sure that all of this was illegal, but I wasn’t able to find where it was illegal. Can you cite the law? That would definitely help in changing my opinion on whether it’s legal or not.

            1. Allison: (I’m not a lawyer either, so bear with me…)
              After a bill is signed into law by the President, it cannot be amended, altered, or ignored by the President (eg., the Executive Branch). The only power authorized to the President is to “faithfully execute” the laws of the land, and to do so Constitutionally. Every time this pResident alters implementation dates, changes provisions of the law, authorizes exemptions, etc., he is doing so ILLEGALLY under the Constitution. This is the problem that I and millions of Americans have with this disastrous law known as ObamaCare.

              1. A great explanation but I think Allison has issues with
                comprehension. She throws out logic and reason for “feelings”

              2. The way I understand EO’s, and I may be wrong, is they are used to direct the executive branch and federal agencies in the enforcement of laws passed by congress in the way the president interprets them. For instance if the law says the deadline is March 31st the Pres can issue an EO to support that but cannot issue an EO to change the deadline to April 15th. If the Pres says he interprets March 31st to be April 15th then we have a bigger problem. All presidents have abused this power which is why we need an amendment to limit this authority.

                1. Presidents issue EO’s to activate the army reserve when they need them. Ronald Regan Issued an EO to stop fed funds for abortions. He didn’t change the abortion laws. President Clinton reversed this with an EO without changing the law. Go to the National Archives and type in Executive Orders and you can find every EO back to Lincoln:

              1. I don’t like Obama, but I don’t think he has abused executive power. He has issued far less executive orders than his last 3 predecessors. As I side note, I think that has to do with how much opposition a lot of us have put forward. I think he is trying to be careful not to screw his party in the upcoming elections, which is a win/win for us.

                1. Does critical thinking escape you per chance?

                  It isn’t the number of orders he has issued but the content of the orders he has issued.

                  However, I am willing to bet as his presidency continues to melt down the sheer number and content will increase and intensify especially since Boehner and McConnell are spineless. Look to see amnesty via executive order for starters.

                2. I like to think that asking questions, reasonably, and trying to understand where all sides are coming from while researching to find out what facts apply to the conversation and developing my opinion on the matter as critically thinking. Trying to insult me, though… not so much.

                  What executive orders do you take issue with, then. Which executive orders count as 2 or 5 or 10 executive orders of his predecessors?

                  I agree with the last thing you said.

                3. Dear I am not insulting you. I am stating that you are not critically thinking and you need to start. You can gather all of the facts that you like but if you cannot critically assess the facts then all of the gathering in the world is pointless.

                  I am not going to get into what executive orders I do like or don’t because it is beside the point nor is it the topic of this thread. However you need to learn what is ‘meat’ and what is ‘potato’ and which is more filling. If I were president and only issued one executive order and it consisted of giving the order to exterminate all conservatives as opposed to simply extending an order to increase the office budget, then I would have to say that is a seriously big piece of meat as opposed to a very small potato.

                4. Look, I am a reasonable person. I realize I’m commenting on a website and there are a lot of trolls and commentators that only want to insult and shock.

                  You (and a few others) implied that I don’t know how to critically think, because I responded to some comments with questions or stated my opinion and it’s reasoning. I find that insulting. Then you went on to flat out say that I’m NOT critically thinking. I have absolutely no problem assessing the facts. Obviously an executive order that says the president can eliminate any member of congress any time he wants is far more dangerous than an EO that says we can only eat chicken on Sundays.

                  I would like to point out that this thread is exactly about the abuse of executive orders. The president used another executive order to extend the deadline for enrollment of obamacare. So when you make the claim the president is abusing his executive powers and I disagree, stating which ones you are talking about and find abusive are completely relevant.

                  To sum up. I am not insulting you. You trying to tell me how I should think, trying to get me to just drink the Koolaid, is insulting and is a lot of what I’m against. I think for myself. And I encourage other people to do the same.

                5. Furthermore, as stated before, I am against Obama extending the deadline. I think it is a cheap ploy to stack up more user and approval numbers on a broken piece of legislation. I think it is ultimately misleading and should be called out as what it is. I don’t think that is illegal. But I think it should be.

                  I seem to be more confident that conservatives will correct this than most people here. Maybe I’m being to optimistic. But I think we are in a very good position right now and that we will only be in a stronger one after the election.

                  [Also I’m sorry if I’m not realizing that you are trolling me. I seem to be very bad at telling when that’s happening.]

                6. No I’m not trying to tell you how to think…I’m telling you are not thinking at all. Glad to see you finally grasped there is difference in substance, and that substance does indeed matter.

                  As to what this thread is about I can tell you it isn’t about the numerous executive orders that I agree or disagree with. And it isn’t about Obama’s use of executive orders per se but it is about Chris Hayes abuse of Stefano when discussing that topic and her blasting him for it.

                  “So when you make the claim the president is abusing his executive powers
                  and I disagree, stating which ones you are talking about and find
                  abusive are completely relevant.”

                  Not it’s not, and not all of his EO’s pertain to Obamacare either. You can claim relevancy all you like but that won’t make it so. Now if you would like to talk about EO’s in particular reference to Obamacare itself and/or the particular one in the video they began or attempted to discuss then that is relevant.

                7. Just because you say, doesn’t make it so. You said you aren’t insulting me. Even if you mean you aren’t TRYING to insult me, your words contradict that. Words have meanings. It is insulting for you to say “I’m telling you are not thinking at all” or “Glad to see you finally grasped there is difference in substance,” because I never claimed it didn’t.

                  Though now I am realizing you are trolling me and I am biting. You claimed something untrue about me, so I jump to defend myself instead of getting further in our discussion.

                  We need more people seeking and seeing the truth and your methods are setting us back just as Stefano’s are. And the things you say which are true like “his presidency continues to melt down the sheer number and content will
                  increase and intensify especially since Boehner and McConnell are
                  spineless. Look to see amnesty via executive order for starters” are cheapened as good observations or arguments, because your methods are dirty. Right Idea, wrong execution.

                8. WOW!

                  You really are out of your depth and league. If you cannot stick to the topic or even delineate the topic correctly then that is your problem dear…not mine. Seeking the truth? What kind of pablum is that and what in the hell does it have to do with the topic? It just a nonsense emotional response that is without substance. I claimed nothing untrue about you since I can only go off of the complete and utter nonsense you post.

                  And since you have now done a complete circle jerk it is you that is doing the trolling. Please quit wasting my time unless you have something of value to say, add, or even ask. Trying to give a critique of methods from someone who cannot critically think is humorous at best but in reality is nothing more than a distraction from the fact that you have been thoroughly spanked.

                  If making a factual observation is insulting to you then so be it. However that’s on you since one has to choose to be insulted.

                  Have a nice day dear. I sincerely mean it when I say I cannot dumb down enough for you. And if you don’t like Stefano, and honestly I am not her biggest fan either, then go and get her job and do it better. Saying she sets us back because you have personal issues with her is a self fulfilling prophecy.

                9. Well this is a clear case of the Dunning–Kruger effect. The valuable questions I was asking were how it’s currently illegal, because it seems to be legal (granted it shouldn’t be) and what are his abuses of power, legitimately.
                  Knowledge is power. If you aren’t willing discuss your reasoning you shouldn’t say anything at all.

                10. Now you doing that circle jerk thing again and adding a change up.

                  The reasoning has been posted repeatedly for you and I iterated it. The reasoning is the Constitution. The POTUS does not have the constitutional powers to rewrite or change laws as they were written personally. Don’t get me started on the ethics of rewriting a law to personally politically benefit oneself and cronies or the selective enforcement of laws.

                  You have one foot nailed to the floor and are running in circles.

        2. Why is it illegal?.

          Article 2 section 3 of the constitution states ” he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed “.
          He has violated that over 30 times. Any changes to the law must be done by congress.

          1. Ah okay. I have read this before, and didn’t interpret article that way, nor did I think that’s historically how that has been interpreted. Can you give an example of this interpretation as a president?

        3. I like how you disagree. People on “your” side aren’t always saints, and people on “the other” side may not always be shredding the Constitution just because you don’t agree with them. Stefano just seemed to want to shout as many things as possible, usually regardless of what was actually asked.

          What I got from her is that people actually think the poverty level is somewhere around $70,000 a year. (94K is 130% of poverty level?).

            1. The left MUST keep moving the bars and changing anything that resembles a fact. It has to be clear as mud in hopes it will fool the average joe…sadly, it works too often.

            2. Stefano said in the interview, loudly and several times that 94k was 130% of poverty. That’s why I said it the way I said it. I couldn’t fathom people thinking that poverty was actually pretty well-to-do.

                1. Not mixed up. She said that. It was nonsense. Poverty level is pretty low, not well-to-do as she claims. The link you posted in your first response to me confirms it, though I really didn’t need to verify that a person at poverty level made less than 70k.

      2. Bulls Eye!

        I do not think Stefano is a genius by any means however up against Chris she sounds like Einstein.

  48. I hope MSNBC isn’t available in Russia because if it is they will think most American males are like Hayes and therefore a bunch of girly men. That will only encourage them to keep expanding their empire.

    1. Russia doesn’t need Hayes to get them to think American men are girly. Obama and ketchup boy are doing well in that department.

  49. Stefano beat Hayes at his own game of over speaking. Her facts were correct and she whipped the lefty “snide, sniveling, toadying, water-carrying hack who is only involved in politics to attack conservatives.”

    BTW, I see all of the Chris Hayes fan club have showed up to defend him (all 2 or 3 of them) and they’re just as whining little twits as Hayes himself. Common dudes, grow a pair like Maddow before trying to battle conservatives here.

  50. This is not an interview. It actually reminds me of an O’Reilly piece where he interrupts and yells over the person he supposedly interviewing. This is why MSNBC is going down the hole of never having been. They can’t sink fast enough.

  51. Not news = propaganda = msnbc = Elitist play ground, liken to Sheiks war games .. Bad News ….. Not American .. 2014 Righting Ship continues ..

  52. My wife would (and could) beat his scrawny ass if he talked to her that way. Condescending, smug little prick.

  53. 133% of the federal poverty line isn’t anywhere NEAR $94,000, where did she pull that number from? For one person 133% is $15,521, and for a family of 8 it is $53,320

  54. Heh heh heh… the way he ends this is grating on my nerves… He’s a CLASSIC crap weasel. He’s been beaten up too much or had his lunch money taken too often… smarmy little jackamunch. Liberals whither under truth and facts and resort to dismissing or name-calling to try and win their argument. And as they lose their argument – which they always do, they talk faster, get louder, and become even more crap weasel-like. I don’t understand how they can live with themselves. They are repulsive, repugnant and their tiny little minds are filled with intellectual grandiose visions of their faux superiority. They are untreated cancer.

  55. Clearly she was invited on because they knew she had nothing substantive to say and would look like an idiot. Claiming a deadline extension reduces choice? Tell me that was the best opposition voice they could find.

      1. The trolls with no lives are thick this morning. Odumbo and his minions are spending soros money today.

      2. Come on, can you really claim that woman with her inability to speak to the issues does credit to anyone? There are plenty of conservative pundits who could (and have) answered Hayes effectively. Notice that they did not call any of those in…

        1. I thought she did a brilliant job at the last claiming victim hood. Threw it right back in his face. And all the fake feminists were offended that she used it. Which goes to show how they are using it against conservatives hypocritically for if a woman is strong, like feminists claim they are, they would never use it to get ahead. But left women do that all the time.

          1. I do not understand what you are saying but her claiming that being a mother was a low point. It was where it became evident that she did not really have any point to make and could not back up her claim that a deadline extension somehow reduced choice.

            But she was clearly chosen because she was so inarticulate on the important points. They wanted someone from the right who could be easily defeated….and that is what they got.

    1. I take it you support the smarmy little tool who is too secure in the lies he’s been handed by his network?

  56. Once again another prime example of the liberals war on women. Im just curious why he has anyone on his show if he doesnt want to hear what they have to say. He spent more time talking over her than anything.

  57. Wow. I never, and I do mean “never”, watch anything on that network. I just suffered through watching and listening to this Hayes hack because I respect Caleb’s dedication of time to things – this must be important or entertaining.

    Afterwards – right now – I feel like a horrible human being because all I could think of while watching this POS, paste-eating liberal punk, and complete waste of God’s resources (sorry Father, I am only human) was the wood chipper scene from the movie Fargo.

  58. LOL! We see you are quite antagonistic today John. Please say hello to everyone at the organizing for Amerikka headquarters. Now put your head back down and get back to work on the new Amerikkan manifesto.

  59. I love how they always ask people to answer the question and then immediately cut them off and start talking over them and changing the question. It’s such BS. We will never get a reasonable dialog going on anything when as long as the talking heads keep doing that.

    1. All lying libs do the same, which they learn at their aspen institute…you can see it every time you watch one, before you grab the remote!

  60. That’s already happened. In the last five or six years. When Obama was elected. Reich wingers? Hitler was a leftist- Marxist. Learn history. I find it so disturbing that people like you don’t realize you are being used. You say you hate “The Man” but then turn around and get used by him. My children and grandchildren will hopefully grow up ina country that is like what it used to be. A free country. You liberals are a walking contradiction.

  61. John, your mom’s basement is supposed to be your living quarters temporarily. Does she know how naughty you are on her computer?

  62. The poor don’t deserve anything else. This country’s poor make almost 40 grand annually in benefits and perks.

    1. The only thing the government is doing for the poor is Suppressing them from helping themselves , and taking away they pried in most cases . The left is always saying , if you vote for me I’ll give you this or that , but never deliver 99% of time .

  63. Our poor, little progressive has his thong in a wad…poor little FELLA! It’s okay, really it is…I’m sure mommy will get your bag of Cheetos today and that 12-pack of jolt cola you need to sustain your midnight basement trolling rendezvous.

  64. You Go Jennifer, don’t let this leftist Obama talking point parrot idiot from the Obama Pravda Propaganda network-MSNBC, talk over you, intimidate you, and denigrate you, thus all Patriotic Americans when speaking the facts of truth.

    To the Left, the Truth is their mortal enemy, as the truth indicts them, which is why they must use personal denigration, intimidation, mockery, propaganda, and projectionim to deflect from them and their lies, because that’s all they have.

  65. What’s wrong with waking up every day thinking about how to destroy Obamacare? The more people that do it, the better.

    Really weren’t a lot of facts or information covered. It was more of a spat without saying much on either side. She was right, of course.

  66. When you talk over people like Hayes did, it has a ringtone that
    says; “I can’t hear you, nor do I care what you have to say!”
    There’s no arguing. There’s no answering questions.
    Conversation over!

  67. …and generally pretend to be big and tough and important and not a dime store Maddow.

    I don’t know about you Caleb, but if my remote malfunctions and I inadvertently find myself on MSNBC, once I stop shrieking, putting my fingers in my ears, and gauging at my eyes, I find it difficult, without a graphic, differentiating between Hayes and Maddow. I have to remind myself that Maddow is the one with the deeper voice and the five o’clock shadow.

    I am reminded of this exchange from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

    Gimli: It’s true you don’t see many dwarf women. And in fact, they are so alike in voice and appearance, that they are often mistaken for dwarf men.

    Aragorn: [whispering] It’s the beards.

    Gimli: And this in turn has given rise to the belief that there are no dwarf women, and that dwarves just spring out of holes in the ground!

    [Eowyn laughs]

    Gimli: Which is, of course, ridiculous.

  68. “Well I would like to extend a similar invitation to Chris Hayes. Please, come to my blog and admit that you’re a snide, sniveling, toadying, water-carrying hack who is only involved in politics to attack conservatives, apparently especially women conservatives, and generally pretend to be big and tough and important and not a dime store Maddow.

    Any time you want to confess buddy. I’m right here for you.”

    YAY!!!! I’ll bring the popcorn. 😀

  69. Go Caleb…er I think he will not be taking you up on your invite any time soon! Kudos to Miss/Mrs Stefano for her take down of the snot nosed lib!

  70. This little girlie man, Hayes, does what liberals do when they can’t argue a cogent point. He talks over, interrupts, personally attacks, and lies like hell, once again proving you can’t have a real debate with a liar who talks over, personally attacks and interrupts.

    Jennifer ate his lunch, breakfast, and dinner…Hayes then does what he can do since he is THE host…he ends the debate. Once again, liberals prove they are intellectual midgets, living the lives of those who think way more of themselves than they are, and die with nothing but their arrogance while fighting to destroy the lives of people who simply want to be left the hell alone.

    After being exposed for the complete and utter fool that he is, Hayes immediately went to a dark room full of liberal sewage and is now in a fetal position, sucking his thumb as he sheds his skin.

    In the eloquent words of Sarah Palin, “And we won’t take it…nope, nope, nope.” LOL!!!

  71. If this useless excuse for a journalist were to speak to my wife that way, he’d be spitting teeth. And kidneys. Hayes, you’re a coward, a sniveling coward who can only speak to women that way. Have me on. We’ll have a honest debate of facts. You try that, “Tell me why you hate the poor” crap on me, and you’ll suffer a spinal separation. Then I’ll mop the floor with you in the commercial break, assuming I make it that far.

  72. When leftists declare support for Obamacare, a law that nationalized 1/6 of the economy, by saying that more people can now sign up for medicaid, which is a welfare program, demonstrates we are winning the argument.

    Hayes is the gift that keeps on giving. Having leftists continue to defend the law is the best outcome at this point in the game.

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