First Putin, now Al Qaeda is taunting the Obama administration…

Al Qaeda held a big terrorist meeting in Yemen out in the open and then released the videotape as if to taunt the Obama administration:

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47 thoughts on “First Putin, now Al Qaeda is taunting the Obama administration…

  1. Our emotions are exploited relentlessly by those who oppose liberty and understand the manipulative power of the mass-TV-media.

  2. Some of the faces in the video were blurred, but, according to the report, these people were lighter in skin color —— my first thought was it must have been hussein. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  3. I thought obama implied while he was campaigning that if elected he would make the rest of the world love and respect the United States! All that he’s accomplished in 5+ years is to make America a laughing stock of the world and a paper tiger that inspires no respect from any nation on earth. Way to go, Bozo.

  4. Pray for the safety of America and her citizens daily until we can get this WH Occupant REMOVED by The Constitution

  5. Obozo and his Keystone Kops missed the opportunity to drop a few cruise missiles on these guys because he was focused on his real enemies: Tea Party and Conservative Groups. What a joke our gangsta gubbment has become…

  6. If I was Michael Vick, I’d taunt and tease a tied-up, toothless, and drugged up dog too. Obama is impotent and he’s a Muslim sympathizer. So why not?

    1. Doing some research for my Navy Video tinlizzie, I came on the story (which I’d never heard about) of the disaster on the USS Forrestal (sp?) and how that was the worst disaster in US Navy History after to Pearl Harbor.
      I don’t know if it’s truth, but seems that John McCain and another pilot were on deck ready to go, and the one pilot thought McCain ‘wet-started’ his jet causing the other pilot to let loose with a rocket which caused the deaths of 134 sailors.

      Whether or not it’s true, that’s the kind of ‘joke’ obama is- a deadly one.

          1. A comedy of errors. Just like the kinds of things I’d expect out of this (know it all) President. :-{
            Worst Naval Disaster? Cruiser Indianapolis. :-{

  7. This is of no surprise to me. I am only surprised that it hss not happen earlier.
    With the way that this nobama is running the country into the toilet it’s sad to say it’s only a matter of time before something drastic happens to any of us.

  8. Most Americans remember how open al-Qaeda was before 2001. For us this is very unsettling. How did we get back to this point so quickly? I think we know.

  9. Should we really be surprised. Whenever we have weakness in the White House, our enemies seem to be able to smell it a mile away

  10. We must eliminate the Cross- good luck with that. You can eliminate the symbol, but you’ll never eliminate the Christ.

    Obama’s Al Qaida on the run- all over the freaking middle east.
    I hold him, his administration and all of our government accountable for acts of treason- arming these ba$tards and allowing them to grow and regroup. Anything that they attempt or do, whether killing more of our troops, or coming over here and committing terrorist attacks- the blood of those continue to be on our treasonous “COC” and everyone else who has supported obama or allowed him to keep doing what he’s been doing in taking America down.

    When the he!! is someone going to have enough freaking love for something more than their own self interests and bring treason charges against him? What more is it going to take? I have so much contempt for our spineless houses of Congress because they’ve allowed this to go on for 5 years already.

    1. Maybe, just maybe IF the Repubicans were to get control of the House and Senate they’d have a chance to impeach. Their is also talk that because he is the first “African American” president (personally I consider him to be an Arab Muslim) mainstream Repubicans don’t want to move to impeach because they’re afraid they would lose the black vote. Just sayin….

          1. They voted 97% Democrat (Obama) the first time and 93% Democrat (Obama) the second time. Any Republican (especially a ‘White’ one), who thinks he’s going to pick up the Black vote, needs to get out of politics. 😉

              1. As long as the ‘gravy’ is flowing from the train, the way things are, is the way they will remain. :-{

      1. While I get what you’re saying, I don’t give a crap about excuses from them. They’re SUPPOSED to be Leaders. Lead or get out. I do hope things change in November, working my butt off to try and help that happen.
        But I am sick and damned tired of watching this country in more danger and falling because of obama and our government caring more about their own pitiful power than this country as a whole.
        Votes wont count when we have another attack. Votes mean nothing when considering how many of our troops are dying under this pos, who goes around congress to the UN for most of the places he’s put our troops in. And congress/senate sit back and worry about being called names? Damit they need to grow up. The rest of us are called racist, wackobird, terrorists, sob’s, and every other name imaginable and are still here.

        Nope- I don’t care about excuses. They’re all complicit to this administration’s treasonous acts, and any more blood shed is on them too.

        1. Votes wont count when we have another attack.

          Straight up and point well made. People need to have this drilled through their thick, hand-out-for-the-freebie, skulls.

          1. I wish. But I fear it will take some kind of attack to wake them up. But even then, didn’t take long for the masses to fall back asleep after 9/11. 🙁

      2. Uh….the majority of black folks have voted for Dimocrats since the beginning of time so the Republicans won’t lose that many votes if they impeach King obama.

      3. They won’t impeach because Obamao more than likely has already threatened to start a race war in event of such a move.

  11. 0bama doesn’t care. He’s a pacifist. He’s the only exceptional being in the world. And no one will stop him, no one. He has what he believes is everything…his utopia his utopia village, his utopia state of mind and he is untouchable, invincible…He will satiate only his collective with empty rhetoric, regardless of the loss of life or the maiming of a people. And anyone else in the world who does not agree are pathetic garbage if they don’t agree; and that we/you some how deserved the torment, treachery that might or does occur on you or your friends or family members, or the loss of life, or the maiming of a people. He shows us all it is not his responsibility in his delusional self and his life it is someone else, some other entity’s responsibility. As to not know that he is unable to recognize his own demise; that his own ability to not recognize his weaknesses embolden the other evils here on our soil and in the world.

    The utter chaos is not going to end any time soon, neighbors. Hold tight.

    We will not allow a white flag planted on her soil…
    OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness
    (Mr. and Mrs.)

      1. He’s a social fascist like Adolf. And like Hitler, he has made deals with his Muslim brothers. The difference between the two, Hitler used Muslims for his own needs. Obama is affording every opportunity for the creation of a new Islamic Caliphate.

      2. Okay we need to be spanked!!!!! We are verrrrrry BAD…So…Would you PLZ, PLZ forgive us???…It’s just one of MANY MANY MANY descripts…yes, we forgot to include the Marxist.Communist.Fascist. sicko!

        We will not allow a white flag planted on her soil…
        OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness
        (Mr. and Mrs.)

    1. Did you mean utopia or Ethiopia? He’s trying to turn us into an third world Ethiopian country….

  12. Make no mistake…the government knew exactly when and where this was
    taking place. But you know Barry…he only wants to drone people who
    own cattle ranches in Nevada.

    Bush would have turned that meeting into dust!! God bless W! We miss you!!

    1. We The People will never accept any outcome for obama other than him going to prison. There will be no pardons or retirement, the turd goes to jail and his assets need to be seized.

  13. Remember when you were a kid there was always someone who was mocked, taunted and bullied just because others could get away with it? That’s Barack Obama.

  14. Would that be the Al Quaeda that is on the run?
    Are you sure this is a taunt and not encouragement?
    All is going according to plan.

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