Florida insurance CEO won’t criticize Obamacare, plays down number of people who will pay more…

I was astonished when I saw this interview. I thought the CEO of Florida Blue would come on Meet The Press and explain why they were being forced to cut 300k people from their current plans and put them in plans with potentially higher premiums, and then explain why they are being forced to charge more for individual plans. But that’s now what happened at all. This CEO played down the fact that people will pay more and on top of that refused to criticize the rollout or even suggest that he warned that it could be a tough rollout. He said they were ‘transitioning’ people, not cutting people and talked like most would pay less because of the subsidy they would be getting. When asked about those who would pay more, he played it off like it wasn’t that many and it wasn’t that big of a deal.

If this is the best we’re going to get from private sector insurance companies, we’re screwed. Clearly this guy is in bed with the Obama administration and he wants to be there. Very disappointing to say the least:

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43 thoughts on “Florida insurance CEO won’t criticize Obamacare, plays down number of people who will pay more…

  1. Remember this face and name FL Patriots

    and when America is set free from her Pharoah, and true Healthcare Reform is instituted by Conservatives in control of Capitol Hill AND the WH … that’s patient-centered, market-based reform … where citizens can buy insurance ACROSS State Lines, and after medical Mal-Practice reform has been passed …

    then … the people of FL will be able to CHOOSE to avoid this CEO (and his insurance company) who is still trying to prop up the evil Spitehouse Phoney ….

    …. if they so desire

  2. This is very serious. Obie’s plan is to screw the private healthcare insurance companies deep into the ground, and make medicaid or something tailored as a single payer. I might be able to believe that he has suckered in lots of fat cats who think (wrongly) that he’ll make them even fatter, but what percentage of doctors and other health care professionals will settle their necks under his blades?

  3. Scoop, I’m not sure I understand the interconnections here, but I think this has something to do with Gerrity’s response:

    The link above is the news release of an org whose goal is auto-enrolling (i.e. you WILL be enrolled) tens of millions of Americans in obamacare.
    “For Immediate Release Wednesday, September 14, 2011
    Washington, D.C. – A new, nonprofit organization, “Enroll America,” was launched today by an unprecedented collaboration of key, diverse national groups representing >virtually all stakeholders in America’s health care system.< The organization will be dedicated to securing health coverage enrollment for tens of millions of uninsured people."

    LOOK at their advisory council
    (from http://netrightdaily.com/2013/10/get-ready-obamacare-auto-enroll/) :
    "Enroll America is a coalition including in its board of directors the American Hospital Association, Blue Shield of California, Catholic Health Association of the United States, Families USA, Kaiser Permanente, Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative, National Association of Community Health Centers, and Teva Pharmaceuticals USA … Its advisory council includes AARP, Aetna, Inc., American Academy of Pediatrics, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, American Nurses Association, Ascension Health, Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum, Association for Community Affiliated Plans, CareSource. Catholic Charities USA, Center for Public Policy Priorities, Doctors for America, Easter Seals, Express Scripts, Healthcare Leadership Council, HMS, Maximus, Medicaid Health Plans of America, MomsRising, National Association of Free Clinics, National Association of Health Underwriters, National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, National Council of La Raza, National Council for Community, Behavioral Healthcare, National Hispanic Medical Association, National Indian Health Board, National Medical Association, Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), Pennsylvania Health Law Project, United Way Worldwide, Voices for America’s Children, and Young Invincibles."

  4. Of they’re in bed together. After all, it was THEM that wrote the bill in secret to give them a blank check…

  5. More crony capitalism, like GM and GE. We no longer have free markets, except with small businesses, but Obama wants them bankrupt. These insurance companies will be sending dollars to the demonrat campaign coffers. The socialist will take over congress in 2014. The Constitutional Republic is dead, replaced by a banana republic. But hey, we will still have football! A nation of fools.

  6. BC/BS is a provider of federal and state employee health insurance. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

  7. They all have Oasses boot to the throat! His goal is to bankrupt them so we get wonderful single payer health care! Which by the way every country that has it is trying to get rid of it. If you don’t go along with these thugs, they will break you. On the other hand, if they all stood together and told the truth, Oass would lose!!

  8. It’s commonly thought that democrats are against big businesses and I’m sure many were waiting for them to stick it to big insurance. It turns out they were in bed with them. Even in a single payer system (such as in Canada), one the leftists/Marxists can’t wait to emulate, is run through insurance plans, although it is paid for through the government directly. The reason he’s for this isn’t hard: BCBS benefits BIG TIME by lowering competition–it some places they’re the only game in town. And forcing EVERYONE to buy insurance–which means premiums of healthy, young people offsetting middle-aged and others who aren’t so healthy. The LAST thing these companies would want is some competitive system across state lines like the Republicans have proposed.

  9. I understand why CEOs don’t want to speak out against Obamacare because we know what Obama does to his enemies, but just keep your mouth shut and don’t talk to the press. They will ask a question that will make Obama look good because they know the CEO can’t answer honestly for fear of his business getting hurt by Obama’s thug tactics.
    It kind of reminds me when Admiral McRaven was asked by a reporter if Obama was a good CiC. C’mon. The reporter knows the Admiral has to speak glowingly of the CiC because that is his boss.

    1. Exactly. Remember Gibson guitars? Republican CEO, company gets raided by the Federal government claiming it violated the law with its imports of certain woods. Takes several years before the Feds finally drop it. Damage done, message sent.

  10. A party hack that repeats the party line and openly lies!

    “Transitioning people” is leftist speak for canceling peoples policies. They have all of the person information with which to offer them “compliant health coverage” in the same letter that terminated a persons existing health coverage, but did they? NO!

    Follow the money and see what this guy is getting out of it!

  11. There’s a groupthink among american leadership generally these days that people are too stupid to handle the truth. CEOs and even military commanders are often no better than politicians. They are all so in bed with each other it’s incredible.

    Too many make the assumption that CEOs must be for free enterprise and that big business must support conservatives. That’s not the case when you look at which party receives the most financial support from big corporations. The huge companies are preferred by democrats because there’s fewer of them to control so they increase regulations thus putting smaller companies out of business and make the big corporations into nothing more than another AGENCY of the federal government they can directly control. This CEO knows who his real bosses are. It’s a sad state of affairs.

    This is all part of the plan for socialism by indirect means. What does it matter if the government “owns the means of production” or not when they effectively CONTROL the means of production? The ends are the same, but in this way they can obscure the direct socialist nature of the arrangement. Too many “professionals” just go along to get along just as politicians do.

    1. Well-said–you are exactly correct, sir. I would add one caveat that military commanders are subject to POTUS unless they want to resign their commission.

      With a few exceptions, most large businesses donate to both parties. You are right they they couldn’t give a rat’s @ss about free enterprise. After all they’ve got theirs and they want to keep it. They don’t want some nimble entrepreneur eating into their share of the pie.

  12. The CEO is a Progressive Marxist to be speaking the way he is. Just a Transition my ____. A good HealthCare Company would NOT be colluding and transitioning with the Federal Government. This is WRONG. This many is working for the Federal Government. Personally i was very offended when i saw back in 2010 a huge BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD customer center being built in a NEW POPULAR TOWN CENTER. Now i know WHY.

  13. What was left out of the interview are the people who will lose their healthcare plans they liked MUST enroll in new ObamaCare plan by the 2nd week of December to ensure they have health coverage on January 1, 2014. That will prove to be extremely difficult because the WH has promised their exchange will be fixed by Thanksgiving.

    That only gives Americans about 2 weeks to signup for an unaffordable healthcare policy on the exchange or they WILL NOT have any health insurance on the first of January.

    1. Yes, it is leftist double speak, it actually cost more but a persons neighbor, friends, siblings, are paying part of their bill! So be kind and buy them groceries, the groceries they were unable to buy because they had to buy someone else health insurance that person may not need or want!

  14. IF you go back to 2008 even further, and look at Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, all the damned Progressives who pushed ACA aka 0bamaCare, and really look at their PACS and see who contributed the most, you will find HealthCare Insurance, Hospitals at the top of the contributors. Personally i found it all to be very disturbing back in 2009 when they were trying to ram this bill thru Congress. i was even angrier because BCBS was my Health Care Insurer.

    1. There are also many situations where the political contribution is just blackmail. The politician threatens the business that the govt will go after them if they don’t contribute at least a certain specified amount to the right people. Some is allowed to be in the form of a check and some is required to be distributed in white unmarked envelopes.

      So, back in 2008, the insurance co’s understood that something like obamacare was coming down if the obamessiah wins the election. Not really much choice there. Frequently, they have to give (blackmail) to both parties as an insurance policy of sorts.

      1. Did you even listen to the above video? That does not validate you whole statement. Go look at the facts. Personally i was shocked at the huge amounts of contributions by these groups, and they are COMPLICIT with the Progressives & MainStreamMedia/Press in this push towards Marxism.
        They are all throwing their hats in with the ruling Political Class who are ALL above the law.

  15. Obama bought off the insurance companies, the AARP and the AMA by promising them more customers paying more for comprehensive plans they don’t need. Little do these fools realize that he plans to destroy the private insurance industry in America. This is why I’m proud to be a conservative. I would never sell out the Constitution or the Bill of Rights because I have principals.

  16. If he wasn’t in bed with him, he wouldn’t have been on Meet the Depressed.

    The Administration WANTS them dumping people, to force them on to Obamacare. That’s the only way they can meet the quota.

  17. Wow. Just wow. This guy is a complete turd.

    Tell me again why we free market libertarians and conservatives are aligned with the business community/chamber of commerce types?

    Cause, this guy is the enemy. Perhaps it’s time for a divorce, free market vs. COC.

  18. Unfortunately it’s typical attitude of the Crony Corporatism that has become prevalent in the country! Leftism is a cancer that spreads throughout every institution in what is becoming more and more the what BO transformation! Very depressing!

  19. He’s like the proverbial dog standing on a little bridge with a bone in his mouth looking down at his own reflection in the water. Of course, the dog doesn’t realize it a mere reflection. Doesn’t know what a reflection is.

    The bone in the reflection looks larger than the one he has, so he drops his own bone and jumps in for the larger one.

    “Oooh, what happened then Rs!?”

    “He drowned in his own reflection.”

    Moral of the story? He’s a fool. Should have engaged some mental reflection instead, and been satisfied with what he already had.

  20. OF COURSE He want’s to be in bed with him..Why not? They are getting more money than they were previously,Hence the subsides that we the taxpayer are paying for! They also know as this thing gets WORSE due to medicare/medicaid expansion currently going on,It will make this thing not only unsustainable but down right disastrous. GUESS WHAT COMES NEXT..bailout time for insurance companies!

        1. Bailout actually translated under this regime to mean “owned by government”, in other words “hostile take over”. It is how this regime works, they think no-one sees it but it is plain as day…

          1. Agreed! It’s fun to be forced to pay for things we have no control over, Regardless. We are paying for this “ACT” in one way or another,Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and Mary and her kids are getting pissed!

  21. Clearly he needs to be fired because he is selling out his company and I am sure he is making a pile of money off of his support for Obamacare

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