Former Congressman calls for an ARMED INSURRECTION if Trump LOSES!

Former Congress-dude Joe Walsh is constantly tweeting and saying things he later regrets, and it looks like we have another winner today!!

Behold – a call to armed insurrection if the orange-faced goon doesn’t win:


This is the same guy that appeared to threaten Obama on Twitter. So, not the sharpest musket in the gun safe.

C’mon dude, this is absolutely absurd. If there was actual evidence of mass voter fraud and the majority of the people were actually being oppressed by an totalitarian government, you go grabbing for a musket. Unfortunately, the American people are rejecting the authoritarian liberal Republican and choosing the authoritarian liberal Democrat. It’s sad that people have been indoctrinated and radicalized on the right into believing absurd conspiracy theories just because they don’t get what they want.

The time is not for armed insurrection. It’s time to sit in the corner quietly and ponder the stupid things you did to get us here.

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