Former Fox News reporter wants Biden to start putting people in jail for ‘misinformation’

A face you’re surely to recognize, former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron, was on MSNBC bashing Fox News and Republicans as purveyors of misinformation today in the aftermath of the massacre in Buffalo.

Not only did Cameron accuse Republicans of being the purveyors of misinformation, essentially blaming them and Fox News for the shooting, but he suggested that it’s time for Biden to start putting them in jail for it. Seriously.


Cameron left Fox News in August of 2017, about 7 months after Trump became president.

I’m honestly a little shocked to hear Cameron espouse such radical views, but it’s only because I haven’t been keeping up with him since he left. It’s absolutely ridiculous to say what he just said with a straight face and not a single person on MSNBC dared challenge him or disagree with him.

The left can only win by delegitimizing or silencing their opponents. That’s what all authoritarians do when they get elected and it looks as if Cameron has bought into all of it. What a shame.

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