Former Navy SEAL Reacts To Schumer Tea Party Speech; Smackdown Ensues

On Megyn Kelley’s show last night, a portion of Chuck Schumer’s absurd, bombastic, fear-mongering, hateful speech about the Tea Party was played, and then the panelists had an opportunity to react. First up was former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith who set off a whoop ass grenade.

These guys seem to call us what they have been in the past, you got prohibitionist, that was progressive, you know, the government knows better than us and if they take alcohol away, we’ll be better. You got Father Coughlin, who was supporting of fascist ideas, he was the guy who started social justice. you’ve also have Huey Long, which was king fish. who was also, his big thing was wealth redistribution. and those were hate-mongers. and you’ve got the kkk who was Democrats and left-leaning people, Margaret Sanger, you know they start calling us all these atrocious things, but you even see our rallies, no dirt, no profanity, nobody’s drugged, nobody’s committing crimes.

The liberal on the panel begins to chuckle his objection, because in the face of the ugly truth about Democrats, the only thing he can do is try to laugh off history. He also acts wounded that someone would say such things about Democrats. But guess what liberals? You called down the thunder. Well, now you’ve got it.

We’ll have more video from this segment posted later today, including Col. West’s additional kick in the ass to the liberal panelist. Truly, TGIF viewing.

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