Former Navy SEAL Reacts To Schumer Tea Party Speech; Smackdown Ensues

On Megyn Kelley’s show last night, a portion of Chuck Schumer’s absurd, bombastic, fear-mongering, hateful speech about the Tea Party was played, and then the panelists had an opportunity to react. First up was former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith who set off a whoop ass grenade.

These guys seem to call us what they have been in the past, you got prohibitionist, that was progressive, you know, the government knows better than us and if they take alcohol away, we’ll be better. You got Father Coughlin, who was supporting of fascist ideas, he was the guy who started social justice. you’ve also have Huey Long, which was king fish. who was also, his big thing was wealth redistribution. and those were hate-mongers. and you’ve got the kkk who was Democrats and left-leaning people, Margaret Sanger, you know they start calling us all these atrocious things, but you even see our rallies, no dirt, no profanity, nobody’s drugged, nobody’s committing crimes.

The liberal on the panel begins to chuckle his objection, because in the face of the ugly truth about Democrats, the only thing he can do is try to laugh off history. He also acts wounded that someone would say such things about Democrats. But guess what liberals? You called down the thunder. Well, now you’ve got it.

We’ll have more video from this segment posted later today, including Col. West’s additional kick in the ass to the liberal panelist. Truly, TGIF viewing.

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95 thoughts on “Former Navy SEAL Reacts To Schumer Tea Party Speech; Smackdown Ensues

  1. 2 panelists who are part of what makes this country great, and one panelist who is part of the erosion of the Americans dream and a country where prosperity was (without unlimited govt) typical for the poor and middle class. And they are, correctly, most threatened by the rise in the TP movement, which targets it’s own who are part of the bipartisan political establishment who is diminishing this country every day for partisan advantage, and corrupting that benefits their interest, not the American peoples.

  2. “You called down the thunder.” Love it. I hope there is a storm of the century on democrats / libs / proggs / whatever label they want to hide behind next.

  3. Hahn is another monkey flinging poo. He cannot be rational nor can he hide his contempt. Really he needs his backside kicked.

  4. chis haha is still a Dick Head , and belongs to the party of the Socialist party like his president , and most on the left . In GOD they don’t trust , but obama they do . We need another Joe McCarthy to clean OUR house of Goverment who are Corrupt from the White House down .

    1. The Progressives already ARE the new McCarthy. Try leaning right or saying something they don’t approve of, and try working in Hollywood or on TV.

  5. Once again, This only proves the Obvious. The Establishment Republicans and the now the Democrats are scared to Death of the Tea Party. It is their greatest Fear. They know what happened in the Congressional Elections of 2010 when the Republican Party regained the House and they know it happened because of the Tea Party Movement. Once again their Fear is on the Rise. They, the Dems, are fearful of loosing the Senate this time around and the Establishment Republican Party is afraid of more Tea Party gains. People this is all good….they should be afraid… is going to happen and once again obamacare is helping it happen. The Republican Party had better come to Grips with the idea that the Tea Party is the only thing that will save the Republican Party and for the Dems….well. who cares. Happy Days will soon be here again….

    1. I was with you up until ‘save the republican party.’ Why save something that’s trying to destroy us?

      1. Perhaps you misunderstood…..I have no respect for the Republican Party any longer. And No, I agree, they should not be saved. But the Tea party Candidates have to run as Republicans. I want them to take over the Republican Party and make it into something that is Constitutionally Conservative. This is something the Republican Party needs to be to push back against the Uber-Liberal Progressive Democrat Party. I apologize for not being as clear as I should have been. I was a staunch Republican for over 30 years. Today I am a staunch Tea Party supporter. Thank you for helping me see what I should have written. PT.

  6. Schumer is a true liberal fascist, whom like a good little Nazi, uses / misuses govt power and authority to suppress, oppress, and otherwise presses the jackboot of govt tyranny on the necks of We the People, forcing his fascist anti-American ideological will on all patriotic American citizens, aka Tea Party Reagan Constitutional Conservatives who dare to oppose, are effective in opposing him, Obama, and their leftist statist ideological agenda end goal- ie; our Freedom and Liberty end, who thus are a threat to his and Obama’s radical left statist regime agenda.

    Schumer, Obama, Hillary, etc, are all indoctrinated leftists/ Statists, and because of that indoctrination, the America hating socialist leftist statist thinks, believes, behaves, and acts with a cult like fanatic mentality, whom uses fascist tactics of projectionism- accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of, to Marxist Alinsky tactics of personal denigration, etc, against all who dare speak the truth, fight for that truth, ie; The American cause of Individual Freedom and Liberty, that which they refuse to accept, and are the enemies of.

    Schumer, Obama, Hillary, etc, are exactly who, what, and why the Founding Fathers created the US Constitution to prevent. They are truly the enemy from within. Thus ours is not to reason with and appease them, but only to defeat them.

    “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Orator – 106-43 B.C.

  7. laughing at a Navy Seal who is telling the truth is a good way to get your bald head shoved up your own are (no such thing as former seal, just a Seal on inactive duty)…. and I would love to see that.

  8. Laughing at or at what people say is the liberals way of minimizing the message being presented..and the liberals are scared to death of the tea party so they must attack, minimize and degrade the tea party any way they can.

    1. thanks for the link. When you watch the whole segment you see that the lib was not laughing at the others but he was laughing at the point on his own head… that is what he said, isn’t it? OOPS! my bad…

      1. Yeah… that’s what I kinda heard as well. He certainly does have a point there, so I’ll give him that much at least. : )

  9. now that I think of it, about that snickering, it seems to be a tactic by libprogs since Romeo Bitin made an ass out of himself durin the vp debate. Its a tactic well described by a coupla of posters already but I didn’t see if anyone has mentioned what seems to be a fad .

      1. I’d like to see a pic with Schumer and Reid and Pelosi and company munged into pin shape. Then a big, black bowling ball with “AR” printed on it.

        Oh, I meant to think that, and not type it out. Dang.

    1. Say Duckie, I remember a song about soldiers ‘from the sky’.
      Isn’t that really fierce looking warrior Mean Green?

  10. The complacent shit eating grin on this skrunts face makes me want to double tap his ass….with my fist of course.

  11. Rush Limbaugh makes the point that the left always attacks what they fear. They fear Fox, they fear Rush and, most of all, they fear the Tea Party. All things that Schumer attacked in his communistic diatribe.

    The laughing and snickering might actually be a sign of nervous fear and instinctive deflection when faced with truths about themselves that show their absurdity and indefensible positions.

    1. Rush loves when progressive mules like Chuck Schumer make such a public a foolhardy rebuke of him. Chris Hahn is not worth his time. He has 20 million listeners and a mic which he uses 15 hours per week.

      How much media coverage does Schumer have per week? Next week, Rush will crush him. Chucky is just lucky he lives in the ‘United Counties of NYS’ where low information voters who base their choice at the ballot box on the freebies the socialists and commies will hand out.

      Living on the dole is our new state motto as you know.

  12. The liberal asshat on the left has been a grinning jackwagon every time he’s on FNC. He’s delusional and I believe he helped make the koolaid. He’s a fool and once again, it sickens me that FNC pays these braindead fools to appear on their network. Total waste of money.
    Fundamentally, the Tea Party wants freedom (especially from oppression), people to act within the bounds of the law, and common sense. What’s so evil about that? These corrupt, whiney liberals are defensive and especially ugly right now because the truth is getting out and it will expose them for who they are and hopefully stir more people to fight against their tyranny. Turn the lights up and no one in their right mind would follow these jackals anywhere. And the Tea Party has their finger in the switch.

    1. opening rant was too funny the rest was well said too. This is what fair and balanced gets ya. I hope the conservative shills at mslsd politico cnn etc. hold themselves up better than the imbeciles representing the left on fox.

      I’m still laughin e

  13. I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind could be a liberal…..I really don’t. I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.

    1. Pilot, it takes the ‘liberal kind’ to turn it upside down. That’s their filthy and loathsome job. You are right of course, anyone in their right mind would NOT be a stinkin’ lib!

    2. They are really representative’s of another silent problem (big and growing) we face…..mental impairment…is that pc? I’m not sure. Well anyway, I’m dead serious

    1. This putrid progressive, Chris Hahn, is a Fox News contributor who makes regular appearances on the Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, and national radio programs – Wikipedia.

      1. Fox News knows that they have no competition so they hire these people because they do not care how they have dissed and continue to disrespect the Tea Party movement and Governor Palin

        1. Certainly, but Hahn is one of the most smug loathsome leftist on Fox. This guy probably hates his mother. I can take Juan Williams, but not this schmuck.

            1. Who said I wanted Williams? I just used one of many lefties at Fox. Shepard Smith and Howie Kurtz are far left loons, but does that stop you from watching? BTW, I can name a long list of liberals who worked at Fox News.

              1. Actually….yes it has stopped me from watching. I’d rather hang out here more. Kelly, Hasselbeck, all of the Five except Gutfeld and Tantaros, Theres five hours right there that aren’t a draw to me. Never mind Shep Smith………… woooo

                1. Forgive short reply; I’m using a small pad & typing is hard. See my reply above to Doc. I don’t watch much of Fox these days -too many Libs – and the time I also spend on sites like the Scoop is a testament to that.

              2. I was referring to me not you, really – I just can’t stand Williams nor Kurtz, Sally K, Smith, Dobbs and Beckel – this is strictly my take

                I apologize for any offense

                1. No offense taken and looking back, I could have written my reply without leaving such an impression.

                  I don’t watch Fox as often as I use to. My comment was to be critical of Fox News while admitting with MSNBC and CNN, there’s no competition. SoFox can put as many lefties they want to without fear.

                  Sorry about any confusion.

  14. People are really fed up with the smug condescension and it’s not only on the right.
    As Ret. Lt. Col. Allen West would say, “Bring It.”

  15. Something that really stands out to me as I watched the entire interview was the firm and resolute countenance of both the Seal and the Colonel. Hahn had his cheezy leering smile that quickly faded to fear and worry when the Seal went after his throat! Word wise, of course!
    Ya just gotta know that Hahn was soiling himself at the very thought of being alone in a room with either of those Warriors!

    1. Good afternoon, vg. Good observations.
      I can’t wait to see the rest of the video but Ben Smith sure laid it on him. Hahn doesn’t have a snowball’s chance between Smith and West. Perhaps that was Megyn’s genius in scheduling her guests 🙂

      1. Good Afternoon Patriot!
        The expression on Hahn’s face was PRICELESS when he was called out, and then ridiculed by Ben! The video is worth watching many more times just to see the fright come into Hahns face! GOOD stuff!

  16. The difference, ummmmm wait a minute, A difference between a lib nieghbor and a conservative neighbor. Ask them both about an event that has not been parsed in the press, The conservative knows his answer, the lib will wait to be told what he thinks

  17. NAILED IT!

    As elections roll closer we will see the left roll out their old stand by’s and bring up social issues, yet again, it is the only thing the got. Every election cycle they bring it up. We need candidates that will not take the bait of “social issues, abortion, gay marriage, etc”! It is always the left that tries to control behavior, and they do this to such effect they get elected by manipulating the voters…

  18. Awesome! As for the jerk on the left who mocked and laughed and lied his way through the interview, he represented his side exactly how they are. He is not fit to lick Col West’s nor Navy Seal Ben Smith’s boots!

    1. I hope RS can get the rest of this segment, the lefty and many of them are resorting to snickering as an actual party plank because their cause and commitments are so blatantly anti individual. Imagine that punk, smug creep snickering at ANYBODY.

      1. I’d like to see him snicker at the Navy Seal in a dark alley…..that piss ant wouldn’t snicker at a small cat in a dark alley. They’re cowards, every one of them.

        1. They act that way because they now they’ve been caught, it is a defense mechanism, just like a child. When it is openly presented to them even they have to laugh at what their intent and history is and the fact they get away with it!

        2. Again, why did Kelly feel that she had to come to the smirking dem’s defense- who was so disrespectful – he does this a lot – disappointed in Kelly

  19. If a liberal paints someone else as…..fill in the blank with a negative….you can be sure they are describing themselves. They try to get out in front and deflect and project the hatred that passes for the blood flowing thru their veins.

    1. Yep! I love that he did that though, we need the scum to be brought out into the light so we can see it for what it is. He was being interviewed next to two great men that he will never ever be like, and his insecurity and pettiness showed. The false democratic walls of lies he built around him shattered!

      1. I hope they stay shattered. What wretched people these leftists have become, just irritatingly awful sub humans. I have no respect for any liberal anymore, not a one. I see this nation going to the scum like schumer and men like Col. West being defeated in elections and it makes me sick.

        1. pretty much, until they remind us that their dictionary has different meanings for words like, transparent, period (when emphasizing)and other moronic syllables they utter. I hear google is gonna have an app that is actually a book that gives new definitions of words. its gonna be called Progressive meanings. Carney is gonna write the foreward.

          edit: and they reserve the right to change those meanings at any time

          1. Puleasse tell me you’re “lying” about the google app dictionary thingy! 😉
            Nothing surprises me about those folks!

    2. Absolutely correct. They want to make as though so what everyone’s like this….so what. Our party is …..

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