Former NYPD officer to SUE after being fired today in Eric Garner Case

The NYPD officer who was publicly fired today for his involvement in the Eric Garner case will now sue to get his job back:

DAILY CALLER – Former NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo is suing Commissioner James O’Neill in an effort to get his job back after being fired Monday following the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner, his lawyer said.

Pantaleo’s firing was announced Monday in a press conference by O’Neill. The 34-year-old had been on desk duty after being accused of using an illegal chokehold while arresting Garner, a 43-year-old black man, which resulted in his death in 2014. Garner’s death was ruled a homicide.

“Obviously he is disappointed, upset,” Stuart London, Pantaleo’s lawyer, said about Pantaleo’s reaction to the firing, CNN reported. “But he has a lot of strength.”

Pantaleo will be filing an Article 78 in court to appeal the termination. The former NYPD officer found out about 13 minutes before the press conference that he was fired, London said.

Article 78 allows for people to appeal government officials’ decisions for being “arbitrary and capricious,” the New York Post reported. Pantaleo could get his job back and be awarded damages for lost wages if he wins in court.

The grand jury wouldn’t charge Pantaleo and the DOJ wouldn’t prosecute him, so I think he probably has a good case. Not to mention the public pressure no doubt put on the NYPD by Bill de Blasio, who essentially promised ‘justice’ at one of the 2020 debates.

I was wondering today if Pantaleo was happy that all this was over or upset about his job loss. Now we know. And I hope he wins.

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30 thoughts on “Former NYPD officer to SUE after being fired today in Eric Garner Case

    1. So killing somebody with a choke hold that is against policy is not a fireable offense?

      I get the not guilty however most businesses will fire you over backtalk let alone killing somebody for selling a single cigarette.

      It is one one thing to support cops it is another to support the death penalty for selling cigs or even back talk.

  1. If the left has it’s way we’ll have all beta-male or female officers who don’t carry guns. Even if I wanted to be a police officer, I wouldn’t, because I wouldn’t want to deal the the pc insanity and politics. Absent a guilty verdict, they are only decreasing our safety to politicizing everything.

    1. Exactly. Los Angeles decided not to build a new jail after pressure from the radical left and blm. Instead they want a mental health country club for criminals. And Bernie promises to release half of all convicts from jail. These people want anarchy.

  2. I hope he wins. Riot prevention is not a reason to fire him and that’s exactly what this political sham was.

    1. yep the old “No Justice, No Peace” translation “We’ll burn down the town and loot everything.”

  3. O’Neill is just going to see how more than a “few” police officers are not happy with his decision. These acts of capitulating to the mob will do nothing but inflame the division between the men and women in blue and these political appointees like O’Neill.

    I’m sure that Lynch has Panteleo’s back with this lawsuit. Godspeed to him and his family – they deserved better and I too, think he has a strong case. This proves again that there is a whole lot of injustice going on when this police officer was not charged with a crime and yet, the powers that be knelt down to the racial grievance industry – obviously alive and strong in DeBlasio’s banana republic which once was NYC.

  4. Excellent article, excellent question-

    “The question then becomes, should the cataclysm come upon us and Trump

    not win re-election, how, in a Democratic administration of a President

    Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, or Cory Booker et. al., do millions of

    American patriots not become the new kulaks of Stalin’s USSR, the new

    Jews of Hitler’s Germany?”

    Firing Pantelo is a part of that sick azzed plan.

  5. Hope he prevails. Win the case, collect the back pay, get your job back and 5 minutes later tell De Blasio to shove it. Go work in another city. The Feds already ruled there was no crime. That should have been the end of it.

    1. It was an end to the criminal aspect of it. Whether or not this guy should still have a badge is up to the force, not the courts. The lack of criminal proceedings does not tell us whether or not his conduct was proper.

      Which it wasn’t.

    2. You don’t have to commit a crime to get fired.

      Killing somebody over selling a single cigarette is not the country or the police I want to support. There were enough cops around he wasn’t going to get away.

  6. Hope he wins. Who are the people who make the decision? Are they other officers or does he have to go before civilians or a judge? That could make a difference.

    1. From what I’ve heard it was the Commissioner himself that made the decision. He said he watched the videos of the incident and decided to fire Pantelo based on that. He was hand picked by Commie DeBlasio.

  7. This “officer” makes me sick to my stomach. I am a retired LEO and extremely conservative. I believe it is the
    responsibility of we conservatives to call a spade a spade. We are not
    liberals, who constantly seek to create their own reality. That officer
    heard that man repeatedly say that he could not breathe and continued
    using an illegal and completely unnecessary hold. He directly caused the
    death of that man by inducing a heart attack. If not for the fact that
    it is impossible to prove that he intended to kill him, he should be up
    on murder charges. That doesn’t mean that he couldn’t successfully be
    tried for manslaughter-1. He doesn’t know how lucky he is to only be
    fired. When officers act in this fashion, they put every other officer,
    nationwide, in danger and they put the public in danger. His actions
    were inexcusable. His job is to protect and serve the public. That man
    was not a threat to anyone, particularly after he was on the ground.

    1. I call BS Stolen valor. Bovine fecal matter. You cannot possibly be extremely conservative and spout all of that Pablum puke out. A resisting criminal cannot be a threat while on the ground? HAHAHAHAHA

    2. It is officers like you that have made the police force in this country much much less safe. Thankfully you are retired.

  8. No need to wonder why about 8 NYPD officers have committed suicide. They know Commie DeBlasio doesn’t have their back, and never will.

    1. “You mean I can’t kill with impunity when I’m wearing my badge? That’s not a world I want to live in!”

      Give me a break.

    2. I think I understand Dr. Strangelove’s need for the “this user is blocked” sign..gonna try it myself! When enough is enough….

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