Former President Bush wants his son Jeb to run for president…

Neil Bush says despite the fact that his mother thinks there have been enough Bushes in the White House, that his dad, former president George H. W. Bush, thinks Jeb should run for president:

POLITICO – Barbara Bush may believe her son Jeb should pass on a 2016 bid because there have been enough Bushes in the White House already. But her husband, former President George H.W. Bush, disagrees and thinks Jeb should go for it.

So revealed Jeb’s younger brother, Neil Bush, in an interview with CNN Thursday that shed additional light on the conflicting sentiments within the former first clan about another potential Bush presidential run. Neil Bush spoke candidly about his father’s desire to see another son seek the White House, and said Barbara Bush’s cautionary words won’t affect Jeb Bush’s decision.

The comments from Neil Bush came amid feverish speculation about what the former Florida governor will do, and were among the most candid, on-the-record assessments from someone inside the close-knit family.

Neil Bush described the reaction from his family when his mom said ahead of an event at the George W. Bush presidential library in Texas that there had been “enough Bushes” in the White House.

“We’re sitting in the waiting room of the hotel waiting to go to the Bush library event, and mom said that, we were all watching Jeb standing over in the corner nervously, just, like, what’s your response to that?” Neil Bush, an investor, said. “But it’s not going to affect Jeb’s decision. If you ask dad, if you ask dad the same question, should Jeb run? He’d say yes.”


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70 thoughts on “Former President Bush wants his son Jeb to run for president…

  1. Oh yah….we DON’T!!!!!!!!!! America’s new slogan….Run-Jeb-Run As Far Away As You Can!!!!!

  2. Are the Republicans messed up? They want “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Let’s start by shipping these 3 off today.

  3. Feverish speculation? By whom? It is clear they have been wanting to run Jeb since George left office; I will not be voting for another Bush and neither will many other people…he will lose and so will the GOP.

  4. I’d like my son to run for president too- doesn’t mean he’s capable, or the best choice…

    see ya Jeb.

  5. Just be glad that Neil Bush hasn’t decided to run for POTUS. He’s the worst one of the bunch.

  6. My fellow Texans (and everyone else). We need to make sure Texas and other southern states get a say in the primary or we’ll be sunk again.

    Last election, we were suppose to vote in the March 6 primary on Super Tuesday. But because there was a lawsuit over redistricting of three–THREE precincts from 2010 census caused the Texas primary to be moved to May 29th! Anyone can see that was the plan to keep Texas from voting for a more conservative candidate and giving them momentum over Romney early on. Texas has 155 delegates. By the time we got to vote it was all but over, most the other candidates had dropped out and/or had no chance of catching Romney. This CANNOT happen again!

    1. Love your avatar.
      Listening to the Chairman of the Board always puts me in a good mood. My favorite is Witchcraft.

      1. Thank you, but it was ryanomaniac who suggested I change my avatar from Elvis (my wife’s favorite) to Sinatra, who I loved. And I too loved Witchcraft; in fact, I can’t think of a song I didn’t like except some of the songs he sang in movies.

        But my all time favorite will always be MY Way.

      2. I’ve got alot of favorites, but I think I’d put ‘From This Moment On’ at the top of the list. His voice and phrasing were flawless on that, and you can’t beat Nelson Riddle’s arrangement.

  7. Go ahead, Jeb, run and destroy the lousy Republican Party once & for all.
    Pretty sad when the loathsome “mother” Bush is the voice of reason in that family.

    1. I never believed her for a minute. That was total BS and staged for the peasants to be led to believe that the family actually considered the matter of how we would feel. As a matter of fact I considered that moment the opening salvo of Bush 2016.

      I know in my heart that Jeb 2016 was always the agenda. Romney was just their patsy. He was the only one who could NOT beat Obama because he took Obamacare off the table.

      This family’s community dis-service is so ruthless. They did not care that we would be subjected to 8 years of Obama. It was the way for America to be ready for another Bush and well worth it as far as they were concerned.

      Jeb was supposed to be POTUS not W. His brother beat him to it.
      W is on record saying that his father didn’t even care that he won the governorship of Texas. They thought he would lose. All they were concerned about was how terrible it was that Jeb lost in Florida.

    1. I also have to agree with momma Bush on this one.
      and furthermore
      -good grief

  8. His daddy thinks he should run and I will do for Jeb what I did in the re-election bid for his father. Not vote for him. Let them keep running these RNC flags up the flagpole to see who will salute it and I will be one of the first to help tear it down. My days are limited and my vote has become of such a value that I will not waste it anymore on those the establishment thinks I should vote for. The following possibilities for 2016 will not be receiving a vote from me on the Republican side; Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich, John Kasich, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, John McCain. My list is short for who I would vote for, no matter the argument if they are qualified for the position or not. My response to it is always; and the person in the office now is? If the qualification for the position is stupid, then a lot more are qualified than the one currently in the position.

  9. That’s a guarantee that we’ll have another democrat in the WH in 2016. No way in hell would I vote for him, and I know I’m not alone.

  10. The rubber will never hit the road for this dude.

    PS: Who gives a rat’s ass what his family thinks…

    1. Money will drive the campaign and the GOP will OUTRIGHT IGNORE the people’s Conservative nominee and push their own guy. Power over the people.

      If you want to change the country, you need to focus on STOPPING the GOP machine, not trying to plug in a new president.

  11. Dad encouraging Jeb (what a ridiculous name) to run for President is like a lumberjack who lost his arm in a wood chipper, his leg to a falling tree, and his eyesight from a stray wood chip, encouraging his son to go into logging. Clearly the Bush family has no talent for that job. The Bush legacy is big government and ruin (and sadly, I voted for both of them). Mom is right… there HAVE been too many Bush’s in the Whitehouse – two too many. Haven’t they already done enough to destroy their name, the GOP, and America? And because Jeb (Ugh!) is a flaming RINO, the GOPe will be all over him and will desperately try to push him on us in 2016. This would be another screwed up political dynasty like the Kennedy’s. Yes Jeb, run! Run far away!!!

    1. I’m with you as one who has woken up to the Bush agenda. Here is my assessment after 10+ years working with the local party groups.

      The “new blood” – the fired up base that could grow the Republican party lies with those of us who have educated ourselves on the intent of the Constitution including Tea Party, Reagan conservatives and Libertarian minded. The GOP establishment takes our time and our money then rejects our candidates and platform changes.

      The “old blood” that reliably votes for the (R) ticket are dying off or becoming increasingly desensitized to simply voting “against the democrats”

      Time is running out for the GOP and we are not going away. We know that we are fighting both parties for our liberty – we will never ever give up.

      1. Amen and well said. I’m stunned by how inept and bitter the GOPe has become. They deserve to fade away… Why wouldn’t they embrace a vibrant, energetic and growing group of Americans? They saw what happened in 2012. We’re like regenerated nerves growing in an aging body – a proverbial fountain of youth! But they reject us and our core (previously main stream) conservative values… and choose cronyism and to whither away instead. Bitterness. America can no longer afford lampreys like the old GOPe – villains who suck power and wealth from this nation for their own selfish purposes – not caring what happens to their hosts. We outnumber them and the victims are coming out of our comas. You’re right! We will never give up… and our numbers are growing. Let the GOPe perish.

  12. Arms yourselves patriots and prepare for the worst. There is no end to the GOP’s destruction of the Constitution and the republic.

  13. The correct answer is “our family has done enough damage to America”.

    The GOP and RNC establishment has proven beyond doubt that they would rather see America slide further into a neo-socialist global governance than to relinquish even its minority power in the oligarchy.

    Each election they permanently alienate more and more of the our core conservative base. – they will not change guards until they suffer irrecoverable defeats.

  14. If conservatives allow a repeat of 2008 and 2012, where the crony harlot GOPe rig it so another moderate centrist statist RINO squish like Jeb is the nominee, then America deserves her fate.

  15. Anyone w integrity and a true desire to put this country on the right track would not run for office when their Dad and brother were already president. This shows haughtiness, arrogance and a lack of humility. We need someone fresh, energizing, and who truly speaks to the heart of Americans. The Clinton and Bush era is over and they need to let it go and find other worthwhile ways to spend their time and money. I can think of a few people right off the top of my head who I would like to see run-Palin first.

  16. Don’t know about you but I have had enough with the Bushes and the Clintons. These two families have been in power since the 80’s. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! America is not a Monarch.

    1. Not a monarchy but the US Federal government is now running as an oligarchy under executive order of the president, the routine rubberstamp of Congress and collusion by the judicial.

      Each year more state and local governments fall deeper into the same model – yes even Republican ones.

      Only those candidates and politicians who are wholly committed to a return to the intent of the Constitution, can be entrusted with freedom.

  17. Who started the ‘Just Say No’ campaign? A Facebook acquaintance put it best – ‘F___ O__”.

  18. Jeb Bush is a guarantee that the GOP would lose, over 50% of the American people dislike him.

  19. Neil, listen to your Mom. Nobody wants another Bush in the WH. She knows that too, she just said it nicely. There have been enough Bushes in the WH. We are not voting for another. Not your brother or your nephew.
    GHWB lost our trust a long time ago so his encouragement is meaningless.

  20. its clear its all a fix. chris christie is a moron, same as jeb. somehow some way the worst possible choice will mysteriously be put forth for Americans to run against the dems in 2016, that most wont even vote….the democrats have the CIA, the Saudis, the IMF, soros, hollywood fruits and the useful idiot obamazombies on their side.

      1. …i forgot about that treasonous traitor….the repubs have got to get someone legit on the ballot or were screwed.

  21. When this country gained freedom from the British, and George Washington was the de factor leader, there was a large discussion as to what designation to give Washington. Some even suggested “Emperor.”

    If the Bushes want to establish some sort of monarchy, move to Europe.


    1. I wouldn’t wish Jeb or Dubya on the Europeans. They’ve done nothing to deserve those two clowns.

  22. “Neil Bush spoke candidly about his father’s desire to see another son
    seek the White House, and said Barbara Bush’s cautionary words won’t
    affect Jeb Bush’s decision.”
    Hopefully GHW’s words won’t either.
    Stay home, Jeb.

  23. if he runs, he loses, maybe this is a way to finally get the Bushies out of the republican party….we go rid of Romney and McCain, so it’s time to retire all the Bushies……….but we’ll end up with another Clinton………….another loser……………….

    1. A dangerous proposition, but it’s beginning to look like a better choice than more Progressive GOP.

        1. Cankles… that so cracks me up!!! I think B-Funk’s point (based on another post) is that most of us WILL NOT vote for a moderate dung heap like Jeb, Christie, etc. So that opens the door wide open for a Demoncrap witch like Shrillary to walk right in and set up shop. NONE of us wants that… but when the GOP alienates most of their base again, it’s almost guaranteed.

          1. I totally agree. I feel like we’re caught in the middle of this D.C. powerplay, and there’s nowhere actual Americans can turn for political leadership. I still believe we’ll come out good in the end, but right now we’re treading water with sharks.

            1. I agree. If the GOP doesn’t clean it up over the next 2 years… I’ll be working hard for a new political party.

    2. I really did believe that Americans would wake up after Romney’s pathetic progressive-lite campaign. And …that Republican voters would finally see our one-party system after another 4 years of watching Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, McCain and Cantor all in bed with the Progressive agenda.

      Maybe it will take another 8 years and deeper destruction of our wealth and liberty.

      1. What has to happen is for someone to talk Mittenz into running again. That way he and Jibberish can split the squish vote in the primaries allowing a conservative to win. That’s how Reagan won in 1980. The moderates were divided among GHW Bush, Howard Baker, and Bob Dole.

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