Former RNC Chairman: Republican Party doesn’t want black people to vote for them

In an expected Walker/Jindal/Giuliani bashfest over at MSNBC today, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele joined in the race-based antics, condemning their recent comments and suggesting that the Republican Party needs a come to Jesus moment on being a viable alternative for black people. Steele even suggested that the GOP doesn’t really want black people to vote for them:


What the party has to do is have it’s own, sort of internal come to Jesus [moment] — Do we really want black folks to vote for us? Do we really see them as a viable constituency as they once were within our party?

And unless a leader in the party is prepared to stand up and answer that affirmatively and tell the rest of the part to get in line and follow the course of America, the natural course — not only of the country but more importantly of our party, that this is intrinsic to us.

It’s just I don’t see the viability. It’s hard to go to a black audience and say legitimately we want you when everything we do says we don’t.

There was nothing even remotely race-based about any of the comments by Walker, Giuliani, or Jindal. And for this schmuck to suggest otherwise just shows why he has a job over at MSNBC.

He’s every bit as bad as his Democrat colleagues, if not worse. They deserve each other.

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