Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino implores the Benghazi survivors to come forward

The much respected Dan Bongino made a plea last night for the Benghazi survivors to come forward and tell the truth about what happened:

From a Former Secret Service Agent to the Benghazi Survivors,

I understand that the pressure being brought to bear on you to ensure your silence is unthinkable but your country desperately needs you right now. I can only hope & pray that you see this.

I know what it is like to walk away from it all. It is the hardest decision you are ever going to make. The financial cost to me & my family has been substantial and the intangible, yet very real, loss of a sense of what tomorrow is going to bring will always haunt you. But, we are in perilous times & an inbox of good intentions is no longer good enough. We need your voice.

We can lose the seemingly daily fights over policy but we cannot lose this fight. The fabric of our country is being shredded because the sacred promise, ensuring that those who walk into the heart of danger wrapped in our flag will be rescued by the very same brave men who pledge allegiance to what that flag represents, has been shamefully broken. This is not a partisan fight as political affiliation means nothing with an administration which silences the truth. The truth has no agenda.

When I proudly swore to put my life in danger to ensure the President’s life never was, I did it with complete disregard for his politics. But, I did not do it for this. This is a national disgrace and I am not at all concerned with the politics of it. Those men were left to die and we dishonor their memories every day where we fail to give their children an answer as to why their fathers will never cheer at their soccer games, clean the jelly of their chins or kiss their mothers again.

Please come forward. There are good people left who can help you. Resist. Fight back. Be part of a better tomorrow. We need you.

Bongino puts what happened in Benghazi in the proper context and I hope that there are even a few that will heed his plea and take what is sure to be a substantial risk and come forward. The country needs heroes more now that ever.

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