Former USS Cole Commander on Benghazi: Obama only cares about power and getting reelected

Lt. General Tom McInerney told Judge Jeanine tonight that the only reason the Obama administration ordered the FBI to investigate the Benghazi attack is to stall it through the election. He says this was an act of war against the United States and if this had been assigned to the military we would have known 2 days later what happened. He adds that we know who they are and where they are and that we should have already attacked those people.

Former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold said that the parallels between this case and the attack on the USS Cole are absolutely striking in that the Cole attack was one month before an election and that Clinton delayed just as the Obama administration is delaying all for political purposes. He further states emphatically:

The Obama administration in this thing, just like the Clinton administration, does not care about what the American people think about this incident. They care about power and getting reelected.


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182 thoughts on “Former USS Cole Commander on Benghazi: Obama only cares about power and getting reelected

  1. Excellent and completely true! The bag men and bag women who profess to be reporters covered for Clinton and Gore in 2000 and are the same malefactors in this sordid affair.

    Those of us with friends and family who actually serve in harms way, rather than suit up like Bo Biden or John Kerry for political resume enhancement, have not forgotten the total lack of response by Clinton and the corrupt manner in which media collaborated with him right up to the attempted theft of the election of George W. Bush.

    It is corrupt media WHOREs that have enabled the fecklessness, mendacity and hubris of Obama and his contemptibly feeble administration and it is not lost on us.

  2. Canada’s involvement in that rescue is something we are very proud of. Historical revisionists disgust me! I will make sure to tell my large family, and as many of my Canadian friends as I can, not to go see it.

  3. I’ve said this before: Obama wanted to be able to say over and over that on his watch “he” got Bin Laden, and then almost single handedly took out the Al Queda network.
    When the attack took place, the video was the best narrative to blame it on so Obama could still claim his foreign policy chops. Thankfully he has been exposed ( to some degree).
    The fact that there was no security at the Embassy is totally unacceptable (especially when there are security details at other Embassy locations with no violence such as Barbados ), and in light of the request for ramped up security.
    The fact that the Administration is stalling the investigation until after the election is not surprising.
    We have to keep this on the front burner. Mitt Romney and the Republicans have to keep this issue alive.

  4. Amen!

    More people in high places need to shoot straight with America. And those who keep covering this up need to be punished.

    1. They don’t go after their own unless they have to. Not even from administration to administration. But, in principle, yes.

  5. obama doesn’t seem overly conerned with those four inconvenient “bumps in the road” that in actuality were four murdered American citizens on embassy grounds, murdered by terrorists. But the obama administration doesn’t like to use words like “terrorist attack,” they would rather use civil unrest caused by an inflammatory video that offended muslims. obama probably still hasn’t acknowledged that terrorist murdered our citizens. His corruptness needs to be voted out of office on November 6th, so we can start to restore the dignity of the presidency and the dignity of the United States of America!!!!

    1. Or in the case of Ft. Hood, workplace disturbance. Maybe he’ll move to that label for Benghazi soon too.

      1. The Ft Hood comment had slipped my mind, but that continues to be totally outrageous and unfathomable to the average person. I guess obama is still trying to win over his muslim friends and……it’s not working!!!!!

  6. Pastor Lindsey Williams recently said that his contacts inside the global oil elites told him that Obama double crossed them on the keystone pipeline, and if they had anything to do with it, he won’t be reelected. These oil elites have a lot to do with how the world is run. He was also saying that 0 was scared because he knows that the establishment is favoring Romney.

    The global elites are on board with US foreign policy, but they don’t tolerate direct disobedience forever. Kennedy found that out, and if 0 goes too far, he might find himself in bigger trouble than losing an election. Though, I agree that 0’s primary concern in life is winning elections.

    1. King Barry’s primary goal in life is to foment discontent among us commoners, and play golf with you & I paying the greens fees. You mustn’t forget; King Barry is the first gay/half-black president.

      Idi Amin must be so proud.

  7. This is very excellent to have a judge who gets driven crazy when she is lied to. Without honesty in court, it’s a travesty. It would be nice if she was in the Senate’s court sitting in judgement on the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State.

    Fellow Americans- are we going to submit to being repeatedly lied to and jeopardizing we, the citizens with a weakened national defense for numerous more years by this administration?

    More patriot whistle blowers need to step forward and prove they value the truth and protecting our national interests more than they do staying in positions of power.

    And if, sadly, Obama were to be re-elected, we will need to contact those who represent us and demand impeachment proceedings be the first order of business.

  8. I wish when FOX has on such great guests like this commander they would stop with the information in 2 seconds….give these people more time they know about what they speak and this needs to get out to the American people
    4 men were murdered in Libya
    obama and the rest of them have lied
    4 hours this went on in Libya…drones watching, video
    come on….dig in this is so important
    worse than watergate….no one died

  9. And to think this Kenyan born Indonesian citizen is in the White House. They’re letting him do it. They continue the charade because they will have the finger pointed at them. They let mothers lose their sons at the hands of a foreigner. They let children lose their fathers at the hands of a foreigner. They let wives lose their husbands at the hands of a foreigner.

    Right John Boehner? Right John McCain? Right Eric Cantor? Right Scott Brown? TRAITORS!
    History will out you.

    We warned them. We knew bad things would happen, but they could not bring themselves to stand up to numb nuts who call themselves journalists. Stupid people with cameras shoved in their faces, with their heads up Zero’s butt. May the next terror attack land where they sit, in NYC or Washington, D.C. They should be victims of the very thing they created. All for this bastards half black face.

  10. Cover up! This is a travesty that the Hussein Obama Regime is tamping down the truth about Benghazi for one reason…November 6, 2012.

    Thankfully, I believe it is a disaster that can’t be made to disappear for or by them. It’s “Weekend at Bernie’s” as the Obama Regime can’t figure out what to do about it! I have read that Bill Clinton is trying to “protect” Hillary from being thrown under the bus. It is VERY disappointing we have yet to hear anything from CIA Director David Petraeus on this topic.

  11. Yep most incumbent do. Like this is a new thing. Most will also go out and make millions and millions on speaking tours book deal and board memberships. That isnt new either.

    1. This is treason. They aren’t going to go one to make millions. We Americans need to demand they be put on trial and face execution if that’s the punishment. Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and least of all a Kenyan born impostor don’t get to slither away after people were killed. NO MORE!

  12. Where is Samantha Power now ? She should answer a few questions about Libya crises .
    After all, it was her stupid idea to help anti-American insurgents and to send them weapons which probably killed ambassador. Does she still has president’s ear ?

  13. I almost hope Obama is re-elected! America is waking up from 50 years of Saul Alinskey / Marxist hypnotism and brainwashing. People are beginning to realize, after example after example, that Obama is a terrible danger to America, deliberately destroying us from within. If Romney is elected, everyone will fall back asleep. In four years, the deeper brainwashing will be too deep and America will be gone forever, as it almost is now.

    1. Can you believe we have to remove this monster through an election? Where are the people who took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, Foreign and Domestic, or in Zero’s case, both? Where are they?

      A few did stand up. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is one of them. He had courage. The judge that put him in prison is responsible for this. Congress had an obligation to make sure this man was impeached if he committed crimes. WHERE WERE THEY? Not one member of the Supreme Court would do their job. All for a fraud. A bum. A stealth Jihadist. A drug user. Ugh.

      1. When Romney is elected and we have the proper speaker of the house (Trey Gowdy or Allen West) articles of impeachment and criminal charges for all involved should be Task #2 with Task #1 voting on the repeal of ObamaTaxes.

        1. I sure hope that Boehner gets kicked out of office. I just worry about who the establishment will put in next.

    1. …….that’s why communist revolution of 1917 is NOT being taught in USA…..
      Who said: “They have, you don’t, go get it”?
      Lenin and FuBar Ack. The latter is begging everybody for money instead of wedding gifts, birthday gifts, etc……………… Low and shameful.
      God help us.

  14. Thank you General for speaking the truth. Now, what can we do about this? Are we ready for the post election chaos? Romney will win, but Obama and MSM will conspire to challenge the numbers, refuse to concede, and stall by throwing election into liberal, biased courts. Is GOP prepared for this? Will military stand for this coup? Where will the patriots come from to insure the integrity of this election?

    1. I think it’s going to be a landslide. I don’t think they’ll have any grounds, although they’re hoping they will. They won’t. Zero, Ayers, Dohrn, the Muslim Brotherhood who’s in our govt., Jane Fonda, and the rest of their ilk, will be orchestrating riots, while he’s acting innocent.

      To the good Governors, have the National Guard ready, and do us all a favor, kill them if you have to.

      1. Don’t underestimate voter fraud. Even states with voter ID because they’ve been manufacturing them!

  15. In an earlier post, I think it was detectivedick made a comment about CHICKENS.
    A light bulb went off… everyone remembers Jeremiah Wright and his “The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost”

    Well, well, Mr. “Oval Office” how fitting that you heard this hateful man speak all those years and one of his sermons(?) is so very fitting for YOU now.

    Your “chickens have come home to roost” and we the American people will take great delight in seeing your defeat in November! START PACKING !

    1. I will bring the boxes and tape. I will even go so far as to say they can keep all there stuff, just get out ASAP!

        1. Klintonistas ripped “B” from keyboards, so FUBARs will deface the key boards too…
          Of course, damaging OUR – paid by taxpayers’ money – keyboards is OK by leftists….

          but who cares, right, DNC??? Left, DNC???
          You are pathetic, you shameless losers.

  16. I always thought the FBI was a domestic law-inforcement agency. What are they doing in Libya? Isn’t this a CIA job?

    1. I don’t know either but it is time to remind them that “from the shores of Tripoli” will happen again.

    2. Maybe “O” burnt his bridges with the CIA and he can manipulate the FBI? Who knows with these corrupt and lying people anymore?

      1. Doesn’t the FBI report to Holder? Holder has his hands on the evidence so it never surfaces (ie the tape of the murders)

    3. The regime has things with Islam very much in control, according to the regime. This “incident” obviously can’t be an attack on America because our very own Muslim in Chief has a great relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, after all he helped them to power in various countries.

      Chalking this up to “workplace violence” as they did with the Fort Hood killings constitutes a run of the mill crime. No need to get all international about it.

      After all radical Islam is in decline now because of the regimes policies (and a few drones thrown here and there), not that we are at war with radical Islam. They just a poor misunderstood religion of peace that has our best interests at heart. Right?

    4. It’s an act of war and as such is to be under the investigation of the military. Too bad the highest ranking carry O’Bambi’s water instead of uphold the Constitution.

  17. Both gentlemen are right on point. So, what could have been solved by swift action has now become a national scandal due to the selfish, power seeking Obama.

    I hope Jeanine is right and the whistle blowers are now in a “huddle”. We, the people, need the truth to be known and I pray someone will have the courage to come forward with the truth. I do think the intel community cannot be happy and am looking for another October surprise. Could well be more than one before the election.

  18. For some reason I can’t get over the feeling that CIA director David Patraeus is being set up to take the hit on this. The animus between the Obamas and the Clintons may be tangible but the animus towards our CIA going back to the outing of the Gitmo interrogators, the leaks from the NYT, the rendition program, the Blackwater scandal, and the Camp Chapman attack in late 2009 that killed a number of CIA agents lead me to believe the CIA is the favorite target of liberal demagoguery.Having Patraeus as the head of the CIA makes for a perfect scapegoat. Collateral damage be damned.

  19. And that is sad, considering the president and the entire administration’s primary function is the protection of the American people, wherever they may be. I think this whole thing is coming to a head real soon. Somebody is going to be hung out to dry, and I think that “somebody” is going to be Hillary Clinton. Problem is, they are so far down the denial hole right now, any admission they make will be seen as a coverup and almost look criminal. Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” bunch of people.

  20. To paraphrase the USS Cole Commander: The comparison between the attack on the USS Cole and the terrorist attack in Benghazi are striking! Both occurred within 30-45 days of the election. The USS Cole under Clinton and Benghazi under Obama.

    I will take it one step further. Clinton is O’Bambi’s closest unappointed adviser! We know Clinton to be a liar. But he is telling O’Bambi how to stall and cover-up because it succeeded with the USS Cole.

      1. And she is too now. She, with O’Bambi, spent our tax money buying ads in Pakistan apologizing for the video. Shame on all of them.
        If she wanted any chance to run for higher office, she should have resigned when she was told she had to lie about the video.  But she didn’t.

    1. What good would a subpoena do? The Clinton’s lie for a living. Bill was convicted of lying, lost his law license, was impeached and still marches on as if he were a pillar of the United States.
      I hope they both have to go before congress and take an oath and it spells the end of their political lives. I can hope anyway.

  21. There is no doubt in my mind: the obama administration is corrupt and is only interested in remaining if office/power!!!!! No one in the corrupt administration is concerned about the four Americans that were murdered in the attack on the American embassy in Libya!!!!

    1. Well said, Army Pilot. The interview with Mrs. Smith shows how condescending this administration is. They cannot even pretend with any sincerity that they care about anything but the election! Every action and comment is calculated to get votes, but facts keep getting in their way.

          1. When facts turn into realities for people, that is when it is over. When the dependent class cannot buy enough food with their government checks, that will do it for sure.

    2. What better way to change the world than to have the US’s tax base to fund your whims?

      Better yet, have the tax base and a Federal Reserve Board appointed by the President and willing to print money to buy Treasuries?

      God please help us.

      1. How about having a private bank (the Fed) automatically infusing $40B per month into the financial institutions so that they can prop up their mortgage backed securities (derivatives) and put the American people on the hook for it, and also using that money to buy treasury bills? (QE3)

        The president actually works for them, and so does congress. In the end, they have our gold, and own our mortgage notes, and it will all fall like a house of cards. Now, that’s what I call being sold out.

        Don’t forget what the Grace Commission concluded under Reagan. “Not one US tax dollar goes to US infrastructure”. The IRS is the collection agency for the Fed, and all those Obama Care penalties are going to go straight to them.

  22. Let’s boot this Occupy pResident Squatter out of the People’s House and put an actual American President in there again! Nov 6th we get our say. Make it count! 🙂 Make Nov7th a happy hopeful day! And every day after that!

    1. I have a pit in my stomach just thinking about Nov. 6 and 7! I wish I drank….not really, but I wish I did something! I have a feeling I’ll be watching with my hands over my face peeking out between the fingers like I watched horror movies as a kid.
      I don’t put anything past these leftists monsters. They will cheat and steal their way to victory and not blink an eye.
      Lord help us, because I truly believe He is the only one that can defeat the evil that lies within the hearts of the men and women of this administration.

        1. Act like it is Y2K,
          Stock pile some food, fuel, fire prevention products and cash, you will use them eventually anyway. I am not a total prepper, however I see the election being another repeat of 2000, not knowing the results for days or months due to voter fraud.

          1. I agree with Wolfie on that one! Some common sense supplies on hand can make an emergency a mere inconvenience.

            1. Remember that O’Bambi has EO’s that allow him to take control over water, communications, transportation, energy, etc. if HE deems in the national interest. And I fully expect him to do it.

              1. I don’t know that he will do it, but I do fully expect a major financial meltdown in the next six months to a year. Either way, I don’t have to go to the grocery store for more than a year if I don’t want to. I decided to make it a lifestyle of self sufficiency, rather than a temporary hold out.

                I could write a book with thirty chapters on separate issues that would necessitate the need to prepare.

      1. I don’t think I’m alone here, but I have never once called the current occupier of our White House “President”.

        1. You are right, I don’t even capitalize body odor (b.o.) so as not to confuse him with poor Bo (the Alpha in that relationship).

  23. The aftermath of Benghazi is reminiscent of the aftermath of OBL. No plan, no one in charge of information or coordination. A new story everyday, finger-pointing, one group grabbing credit, and another group shifting blame. Embroidering, embellishing, denial, lying, obfusacation, procrastination, and various delaying techniques. This level of disorganization passes as governance and leadership? This is a disgrace and an embarrassment. I’ve participated in trade shows that are run better than the 0bama administration.

    1. Just in case we all mat miss this one:
      Stevens said neither of the two presidential campaigns reached out to him, and that he is grateful for that. He said Obama telephoned him after his son’s death to express his regrets and talk about identifying the perpetrators who should be brought to justice, and that the conversation was in the context of his presidential duties and not political.

  24. To put the lies in perspective lets use an example we have all experienced during our childhood.
    Its like when you got in trouble for something you knew you shouldnt do. Your first instinct is to cover your rear. Your first instsict is to blame someone else. “Mom it wasnt me. My friend billy did it. He said it was OK, I didnt do it.
    This is what we have here only we are dealing with life and death and NATIONAL SECURITY! For those that have already died. For those who will die in the future.
    This invloves every aspect of our national defenses.
    Their irresponsibilty cost the life of an Ambassador.
    Their lies caused further uproar thruout the middle east.
    Just yesterday AlQadia leader has called for Jihad because of the so called video.
    A video that would not exist if NOT for the lies.
    Check youtube. There are hundreds of videos that make fun of the prophet, from Family Guy to south Park to hundreds more made by who knows who.
    To imagine that our security is in the hands of those willing to fabricate a lie.
    Any lie, stick to it and push it causing further havoc.

    This Genie cannot be put back in the bottle. More people WILL DIE because of this lie. That is a fact.

    Now lets think of a motive for the lie.
    It just so happens the Un General Assembly was meeting later in the month of September shortly after the Youtube video rollout.
    It just so happens, on teh Agenda was Anti Blasphemy laws being pushed by the OIC.
    What better way to win support for this Agenda than to have a perfect example, An unseen unknown blasphemous film made by Americans just happens to show up on youtube and just happens to get propped up by this administration.

    They had this in the que no doubt ready. It was not our intellegence that blamed the video.
    It was the Chicago thugs, The Hillary Uma cabal. It was george Soros.
    It was all part of the plan.
    Remember how a burnt Koran caused an uproar in aphganastan, easlily could have gone un noticed and un reported.
    But instead we got countless apologies by Obama and hillary and even our generals.
    Why? What were the results? I do know that since then there have been 50+ green on blue deaths.
    They are killing our boys!
    For what What is their Agenda?
    Maybe this article will help shed some light on motivation.
    Read it and then think fo the Anti Mohamaned filmaker getting perp walked.

    1. Outstanding anology starting with childhood and moving forward. I bet you are a dad. As the father of four, we had a kid I never saw but he lived with us. His name was “not me.” That’s these people to a Tee.

  25. The democrat party is the party of abortion, and their leader a proponent of infanticide, surely you can’t think human life, even that of an Ambassador, means anything at all to them?

    1. Probably the last time b.o. said the word terrorist it was to say that we (America) “could absorb an terrorist attack”. My imagination says the Turkish official was a “Judas kissing Christ” to signal Obama sacrificial agenda of the Ambassador for his role in Libya. Poor “Chris” had to know in the end that his “friends” set him up.

  26. Clear and strong words from the military!

    I wonder why Obama, who is so fond of drone strikes, didn’t go after the terrorists as there was a predator drone there. Wouldn’t that have made him look like a hero? Wouldn’t that have given his election chances a huge boost?

    So why didn’t he do it?
    It’s too late now – the terrorists are gone, and the American people would see this as a cheap attempt at gaining more votes.
    Obama can’t possibly think that sending another drone after those terrorists would give him an ‘October surprise’, can he?

    I believe he didn’t grasp this chance because he was either playing golf, or asleep, and because he was totally not interested because, as has been talked about at, he was angling for a kidnap situation where he could become the big hero by finding and freeing Ambassador Stevens and the others, which he could of course do thanks to the information gathered by that drone. Since they died – why should Obama care what happens next.

  27. I watched this tonight. Alone in my LR I shouted out loud! Someone with the guts to tell the truth! He was spot on and anyone who thinks otherwise is brain dead.

  28. Former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold said that the parallels between this case and the attack on the USS Cole are absolutely striking in that the Cole attack was one month before an election and that Clinton delayed just as the Obama administration is delaying all for political purposes.

    and thanks to clinton we ended up with 9/11
    where is boehner? he needs to be fired, sorry excuse for a speaker. tired of these congress people both sides that have allowed this admin to do what ever they please.

  29. Lt. General Tom McInerney understands what obama is all about….obama will do anything to get re-elected.

  30. Stalling an act of war until after the election. Spot on. Was this entire ‘crisis’ planned by the White House?

      1. And why security in Barbados, and for V. Jarrett in Martha’s Vineyard; and Ryan said also the Paris embassy.

        Yeah, those places are pretty dangerous.

  31. I can’t wait until more non-active duty folks pounce on this (military, CIA, civilian parents, etc.) to show what a pile of crap this has been and prove them to be absolute liars. This next week should prove to be very interesting as many more whistle blowers come forward. It’s already started…… get out the popcorn and your favorite adult bev and watch as O’s campaign collapses.

    I’m not a reality TV fan since I don’t watch MSM, but let’s guess on “who” is going to throw “who” under the bus? Let’s see we have Team O gang vs. Clinton gang vs. CIA. I say the CIA (not the political hacks at the top) WINS for “WE the People”. Just saying…. don’t mess with our military or the CIA.

    1. I say you are wrong, next week will be all about how Obama great performance over Romney…ie diversion.

      1. You’re probably right if a person only watches the MSM. They are the same folks that don’t have a clue about Benghazi or anything about O’s background or his intentions. Not sure if we can convince them, so we have to out number them at the polls.

        I can’t wait to watch the next R vs. O on Tues.

        1. It is very hard to convince the Obamavillagers.
          I just take the real headlines from our alt media sources into these uninformed villages, (along with some food to put into their community’s pot of soup). The first thing I do is start asking them questions about what they don’t know and let them talk. This gives me a base point to start from. My first objective is to convince them that they aren’t getting anything from the MSM. This part is easy, because they really do want to hear the details Libyan attack and coverup. All these juicy morsels of intell that the MSM has left out are just what they want and need to get them to think about how they are being disrespected and used as uninformed voters. Convincing them that the MSM is their enemy is easier when I take my iphone in with videos, like this one.
          Once they truly understand that their uninformed situation has been created by Obama to help get him reelected, they get angry.

          In my area, when the Libs come in to bus these people to the voting booths, it will be a little different outcome this time around.

      2. I predict the whistleblowers will either release info Mon or Tuesday morning so Romney has it fresh to go after O’Bambi at the debae. They will be at the same table. I can tell you if it was me, I would be in O’Bambi’s face demanding answers for the families of Brian Terry, Jamie Zapata, the Navy Seals, the soldiers killed by “friendly Afghans”, and the 4 killed in Benghazi.

    2. @ MaxineCA: Not just this issue alone, It is all being pounced on,,,
      Montana State Senator and Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX Announces Organization and Partnerships to Take Back America in 2012.
      “””Senator Ryan Zinke said: “The President has failed and he is jeopardizing the safety of our
      troops, their families and our National security for political gain.”””
      Special Operations for America

      Special Operations for America on facebook;

      United States Patriot’s Union

      Stand UP America
      By Major General Paul E Vallely, U.S. Army (Retired): The HOPE of a FREE AMERICA!

      Veterans Defenders

      Major General Paul E. Vallely Facebook

    3. Read an article yesterday (can’t remember where) that this has now caused a “rift” between Hillary and Barack and apparently Bill has already hired attorneys to protect his wife if necessary and has even advised her to resign if it gets too hot in the kitchen. Evil destroys itself and so you are right one will destroy another as they try to save themselves.

      I think it was on Fri I saw on Fox News two former intel bigwigs Hayden and somebody else have put out a statement. This is going to get dirty so after you have your popcorn and bev you may want to take a shower to rinse off the filth you have heard.

    4. Biggest question is “Who has the tape of the murders?” There is one and the FBI says they gave it to another gov’t entity. Is it Holder?

  32. It is time to drag Hillary Clinton in front of Congress, swear her in and make her answer some damn questions.

    This isn’t a BJ. This isn’t rape. This isn’t lying under oath. This isn’t Whitewater. This isn’t a bunch of FBI files. This isn’t cattle futures. This isn’t your personal lawyer showing up dead in Fort Marcy Park…….

    This is a failed foreign policy, she helped create, that is being hidden from the American people. And Congress as well as Hillary work for us.

    If John Bohener does not get this, he just like Obama need to be kicked to the curb….

  33. Judge Jeanine… “the whistle blowers are in a huddle” Judge you are right and they are going to spell the beans. Hell is coming and Obama opened them himself by the lying and cover-up. Question Barry “How’s this working out for you?”

    1. The men and women in this Administration are chickens waiting for a pension. Case in point look at Hillary, she is to take the fall while her impeached husband is out selling Obama dog food. They are all in the same bed waiting to run the 24 day clock out.

      1. Speaking of CHICKENS, remember his pastor?

        “The chicken’s have come home to roost!”

        Damn, now Obama has a whole gaggle coming HIS way!

        1. Why did the Chicken cross the road?
          To vote for Romney.

          Hmmm… I guess that’s one of them jokes that sounds better in my head before I typed it out! 🙂

    2. Landscaper..I truly HOPE they are in a huddle…this needs to come out in FULL in the next two weeks!

    3. Just waiting for Issa to schedule another hearing! Gowdy asked for subpoenas to be issued to Rice and others and their @sses hauled before Congress before the election. Me smells something….

  34. First they care only about their own commie agendas, yet we know niether clinton nor dear leader care about the military, but then they use tragedies to hold on to their power and lie through their stinking teeth to hold on. Vile, disgusting, wicked, evil little people.

    1. Obama don’t want to offend the “Muslum World”. The LIARS approach is like a multi headed snake…..State Capitalizm, Progressive/Commie/Marxism, Green frauds, FaxOcare and future financial collaspe. Next week I am sure cut throat Cutter will be on TV stating that the Mayan calendar is correct and we need Obama save the world.

  35. He is spot on and knows where the failures within the LIARS Progressive Appeasement Administration lie. We all must remember that these attacks are well planned and timed, the danger level for more attacks increases everyday. Chicken Chief and Joe the wack job along with the Presstitutes are shameless.

  36. Thank you Lord! People need to keep coming out of the wordwork and expose both the
    Obama and Clinton regime for what they are.

    O/T – I saw the movie Argo tonight. Don’t waste your time. Only John Goodman and
    Alan Arkin are worth seeing. At the end of the movie, after listening to Jimmy Carter
    try to take credit for the 6 hostages helped by the Canadian Embassy, it was stated that
    the remaining hostages were released after over 400 days in captivity. No mention of
    Reagan….none. This movie was produced by Ben Afflect and overseas Obama fundraiser,
    George Clooney.

    Don’t give them any more money by seeing the movie. I was shocked; the movie was
    full. BTW, in the beginning of the movie, there was 5-10 minutes of American bashing.
    I left the movie livid.

      1. That sick film will not go over well i the Great White North Folks….We were/are bloody PROUD to have helped and at least get some of your Guys out to safety….

        Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for is hiding and saving and smuggling out American Citizens.

        Iranian students invaded the United States embassy on November 4, 1979 (Iran hostage crisis). During the riot six Americans managed to escape. They hid for four days before reaching the Canadian embassy where they met Taylor who devised the plan to get them out of Iran safely. The other 52 hostages were released on the last day of U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s term in office, in January 1981.

        After returning from Iran, Taylor was appointed Canadian Consul-General to New York City. In 1980, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada, and was also awarded the United States Congressional Gold Medal that same year.[3]

        Taylor would play a crucial role in providing intelligence on the hostage crisis to Canadian and American intelligence agencies.[4][5] Reportedly, he helped scout out landing sites for the abortive Delta Force rescue attempt, Operation Eagle Claw.[6] Taylor did not confirm [7] that the C.I.A. organized the rescue of the diplomats who were hiding in the Canadian embassy, a statement which echoes what former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said about the operation in 1986.[8]

      1. well they did the same before…small attacks here and there and then BOOM
        and if obama creates one it will be 3 weeks

    1. I’d already made up my mind that I wasn’t going to see Argo, simply because of Ben Afleck and his well known sycophant love for all things Obumbler.

      I did see Atlas Shrugged II and it was excellent and gives a possible look into the future of the U.S., should there be a 2nd Obumbler term.

      1. Carter held the title for worst president we have ever known…the new title holder…and the envelope please…BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!!!!

        1. I think that Obozo will be ruler of the worst list for, oh at least 10,000 years or more. Probably more. WE NEED TO ARREST AND PROSECUTE THIS A-WHOLE AND EVERYONE INVOLVED. NOV. 6TH IS VERY CLOSE, LETS MAKE SURE WE LET THEM ALL KNOW HOW “WE THE PEOPLE” FEEL!!!

      2. KONG,
        I have always held to the premise that the Ayhatollah and his minions knew that Ronaldus Maximus would not tolerate their behavior and to avoid becoming a smoking heap of rubble decided to release the hostages before Reagan could get to the phone to call out the troops.

          1. I understand it that after the election the great president Ronald Reagan sent a message to Iran….that could be interpreted to say there’s a NEW SHERIFF in town…so look out boys…I’m coming for YOU! 🙂

        1. Yes, which is my view as well. But it sounds like this movie gives credit to Carter by insinuation. For them to omit Reagan is a very disrespecful thing to do and it ignores the facts.

    2. You have anger issues… I really liked the movie…heck I knew they were going to escape but was still nervous for them….I thought it was very good acting and the fact that it is a true story makes it all the better….Super movie

      1. On another note, the Marines should have been given permission to fire on the first people over the fence, that would have stopped the rest of the cowards. If it didn’t they should be equipped with the arms to kill 100s or more if necessary to protect our sovereign embassy there and around the world.

    3. Thx for the intell. I wasn’t going to watch that lib piece of crap anyway because of my own boycott in not giving them any financial aid in their war against us.

      Will be taking my dad to see the Atlas Shrugged II movie today.
      A movie that I can financially support without feeling like I got emotionally mugged and intellectually raped after watching it.

      In this war to save our country, Conservatives hold most of the buying power because most Conservatives are more financially solvent compared to libs on govt welfare.

    4. Just like so many films about Viet Nam portraying our soldiers and marines as evil, I will not see the movie you reference either. I despise liberal film makers.

    5. I wouldn’t go see this movie as everyone who is involved is an American Hating Democommie!!!!!!!

    6. I just ordered the CD of 2016, which exposes the Obama regime much more than we know….I can’t wait until I see it. Obama is a notorious liar and a fake.

    7. I saw the movie — Alan Arkin was hilarious! — and my first thought was of the parallels to Benghazi. I suspect, with the facts coming out now about the real story and cover-up — read the State Department transcripts of the report from the guys on the ground — other movie goers may well draw the same conclusions about the ineptness of Carter then and Obama now. I may be wrong, but I think the more people see this movie the more people will see how weak and ineffective The Great One is.

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