Fox News anchor loses doctor because of Obamacare…

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer announced today that he lost his doctor because of Obamacare:

(h/t: NRO)

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42 thoughts on “Fox News anchor loses doctor because of Obamacare…

  1. People better wake up to the reality of what this is: it’s not simply “bureaucracy” – it’s tyranny! It’s unAmerican. It’s treason. This is the reality of the democrat party.

  2. Not really funny ha-ha, is it, Mr Hemmer!

    Seems like only a few read the thing after it had been passed, never mind having read it before.
    Those who did and warned were not being noticed, or were being vilified, like Sarah Palin.

    When the germans said after WWI they didn’t know about the Holocaust, we said they could have known and should have made it their business to know.
    The same with the O’care law: certainly some journalists – those not quite in the camp of the O’bootlickers – should have made it their business to find out and reported well before now.
    They didn’t, Mr Hemmer didn’t, so I hope he’ll realise p.d.q. that this is no joking matter.

  3. It’s sad when this becomes so common, that it’s hardly news anymore. If any of us loses our plan or doctor over this abominable and lawless law, it’s too many. And this crap will touch every single on of us, one way or another. No one is immune… well, except the elites. Ready for the rebellion.

  4. When Clinton was in office I had the worst health care of my life. It was costly and covered nothing but it became the norm. the entire time Hitlery was screaming that it needed to be repaired and she had the answers. When Bush got in office my health care was 5 x better and more affordable and nearly over night. Now when Obama got in office the first thing he did was make cuts in Medicaid and medicare and he started messing with our insurance companies right off the bat..Now he has his own Hitlery style healthcare plan and he force fed this healthcare illegally but we are supposed to surrender to the idea it’s over it’s the law and we are SOL…It’s clear the Evil left is wanting immigration and healthcare to push their agenda. and that needs to be stopped.

  5. I’m betting by the First of the year everyone will know at least ONE person that has been harmed by Obama “Un American Care act” …

    1. This is what the 51percenters voted for , they thought it would bring down the cost . Know look where we all are with his lying and deceit . Know death panels.

  6. It’s going to become more and more obvious that Obama and the Democrats lied through their teeth to pass this bill with the Democrat voters’ approval. There are going to be even a lot of pi**ed off Democrats.

  7. I guess Obama and Nancy don’t care about destroying the Dem party. Only thing Oscumbag has done correctly, to bad it came at an enormous cost: life.

    1. Are they really destroying it, or strengthening it by force? When this bill destroys our system we will be forced into a single payer system and doctors will be fewer with much less pay. Care will be substandard, but it will be all we have. Every election Democrats will scare the public that the evil Republicans want to take away their healthcare, just like they do with welfare, SSI, and Medicare. People are going to vote “not to lose” things (ignorantly). They will vote Democrat.

      1. Care is going to be substandard before you get to single payer. Obamacare is the same thing as Medicaid patients get. People will soon figure that out.

  8. I’m keeping my doctor. It’s a matter too important to allow either insurance companies or politicians to decide for me.

      1. My doctor quit his private practice and moved to a hospital further away. He couldn’t afford to keep his practice open any more and opted to go work for salary. That way he doesn’t care if he has to take on mostly government paid patients because he gets paid no matter what….at least until the hospital goes under. Imagine the bills for people not on the government dime. If people think it is expensive now….

      2. True; however, some doctors may decide to keep practicing, but only for direct payment, which will be OK with me.

  9. I had to get a blood draw for my annual physical this morning, and, while I was there, I heard a few stories from other folks who lost their doctors, too. Sad reality we’re living in, folks.

  10. If you Lost your DOCTOR or you Lost your PLAN,

    Loose your Senator and your Representative that DROPPED you and VOTED for it.

  11. Just chatted with my cousin in LA (Louisiana). Yep, her family lost their doctors too. Seriously, this thing needs to get REPEALED.

    1. Doctors are losing their patients as well. I saw a doctor say that she is losing 20% of her patients because the bill forces them to stop seeing her.

  12. As a disabled veteran retired after 28 years of service, I’m just waiting for them to start messing with my Tricare insurance, my VA medical or my Medicare. I know that it is only a matter of time. My wife is a cancer survivor and is facing additional surgery next week.

    1. I’m a Vet USAF (Viet Nam). My Mrs. is a Vet (Woman’s Army Corps. Viet Nam era). The VA keeps saying there will be no change to our benefits because of Obamacare. That’s pure krap, VA healthcare IS ‘government healthcare’. Obama can fold the VA healthcare system into Obamacare (for the extra hospitals, doctors, and staff), with the stroke of a pen and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop him.
      I’d be willing to bet that somewhere in the thousands of pages ‘we had to pass to see what was in it’, the provision to do this, already exists. 🙁

  13. Nobody’s exempt from this madness, other than the fools that crafted that awful law!!!! Must be nice to be able to put the screws to millions of innocent citizens, but to exempt oneself and the other club members (Congress).

  14. Join the club. I lost mine too about 6 weeks ago and now I need him back. This vet has gotten where he can not stand the government he once served with honor. I don’t want a hand out either. I recently went blind in one eye, but retain about 65%
    in the other, so all is not lost. But I can see the burden I place on my wife of 32 years.

    1. You are a blessing, not a burden. Thank you for the service you gave us. I hope you can somehow get back to that doctor you lost.

    2. If she’s been with you these 32 years, you are certainly NO BURDEN young man….God Bless both of you.

  15. Doesn’t “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it” pretty much clear the way for the “ignorance is an excuse ” defense?

      1. Then again, the left would make a monumental case of Mr. Hemmer complaining. To them, if anyone at Fox suffers, it’s a good thing.

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