Fox News Poll: Who do most members of the media want to win the election?

Fox News held a scientific poll recently to ascertain who registered voters believe the media wants to win the election. Here are the results:

Need I say more?

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54 thoughts on “Fox News Poll: Who do most members of the media want to win the election?

  1. Anyone notice how down hill Fox News has gotten? Not nearly the same channel it once was….or perhaps the shine has worn off since I am learning more? Fox Business is better, Cavuto, Stossel and Dobbs, among others seem to be more Right orientated than Fox news, I also watch CNBC just for Santelli, I keep it muted until he comes on than switch it back!

  2. If the members of the media want obama to win then let the members of the media endure 4 more years of constant attacks on their freedom and leave the rest of us out of the loop.

    Vote Freedom!

  3. Whoa… didn’t see that coming.

    The media has become ineffective, unreliable, and a mouthpiece for politicians.

    I’d love – seriously love – to see ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and the others go backrupt due to lack of viewer interest – or better yet, criminal negligence. We can dream, eh?

  4. You inbred slack jawed yokels have the #1 NEWS MEDIA IN THE COUNTRY. Yet you cry about the media as if you aren’t the biggest part of it LOL

    1. The “LOL” above translates to, “I can’t support my argument with any statistics whatsoever.”

      1. Is fauxnews the largest, most successful news media in the country or not? YOU inbred yokels ARE the media.

        1. No, not by a longshot. Largest? Hardly. Most successful? Probably, but still dwarfed by the massive amounts of leftist media organizations.

          Fox News is, along with the WSJ and few others, increasing their audience/circulation, while most of the leftist media are falling rapidly, and many are circling the drain of bankruptcy. But the leftist media still dominate every aspect of the media landscape. (Which encompasses periodicals, news organizations, and entertainment, whether on cable, broadcast, or print.)

          By the way, please read andcomply with the Comment Policy if you want to retain your commenting privileges.

  5. America will continue to lose if Obama wins 4 more years, with Romney America would have a chance to turn things around. Obama and his crowd have proven that they have no answers-Romney provides the fork in the road and maybe go back to tried and true policies.

  6. Hmmm. The economy is like a building on fire. One candidate wants to try to smother the flames with gasoline. The other is content to throw a couple of dixie cups of water at it. What a choice.

  7. Again: I am no WILLARD booster. I find him every bit as despicable as Obama, based on his own record. He’s a lying, liberal, baby killing pagan, just like Obama, and I can, in no good conscience, have any truck with him, and its probably going to be the final nail in the coffin that drives me out of the GOP.

    That said, if he is able to win, if he does defeat Obama, then Conservative talking heads and talk radio personalities need to really play up the angle that this is not only a defeat and repudiation of Obama and his regime cronies, but a defeat and repudiation of the media that supported him, to the point of being a soft money contributor to the DNC, and his re-election campaign, themselves. No opportunity to rub their collective face in this, no chance to name names, can be ignored or neglected. The media have declared war on America, through their abrogation of neutrality, fairness, balance and honesty, and they need to be called out on the carpet for it, publicly. Liberals have very little understanding of the concept of shame, themselves. Its high time they learn.

  8. Thank goodness for the Internet! We can look up our OWN sources! Read or watch multiple sources of news and not get hoodwinked by the MSM liberal mantra… Like a good neighbor… TheRightScoop is there! 🙂 This is my favorite conservative website by a country mile!

  9. Media lying to pollsters, what a shock!!! I am amazed that Willard would pull 21%, I think this is a skewed attempt to show fair and balanced.

    I refuse to accept there are 13% unsure, maybe 3% but not 13%.

    If this poll was accurate, it would put unbiased reporting at or around the 34% mark and I just can’t buy the scenario that 1/3 of the media are centrist or conservative.

    1. Obamney gets 21% because he’s a liberal. If he were a Conservative, he’d get closer to 1%.

  10. I overheard someone in a restaurant yesterday utter “That Romney is a right wing fascist” and I didn’t answer… I just said quietly to myself: “Oh, if only… If only!” 🙂

    1. If WILLARD was a right wing nut like me, I’d be kicking down doors, here in Plymouth, and convincing the population that he was the way to go. However, that is not the case…

  11. What this poll is showing, people, is that 42% of registered voters do not think that the media is for Obama. That’s a staggering number when you look at the obvious fact that 90% of that same media is carrying Obama’s water each and every day and is so very much in the tank for him.

    We have a lot of work to do.

    1. You may be right Nukeman60, but if you look at the Nielsen Ratings for news, FOX has the lion’s share of viewers. Maybe that’s why the numbers look as they do. The numbers for MSNBC and their Obama marching band along with CNN are steadily losing viewership daily. P. T. Barnum had it right when he said, “You can fool some of the people all the time….” Although we have a lot of “dim bulbs” in our country, my personal experience indicates that they are starting to catch on. The recent Wisconsin recall election is evidence of this and gives me hope for the change we need.

      1. The polls and viewer ratings are on Cable News networks, not ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, so yes they are dominate on Cable news but I would be interested to see what the numbers are in compared to the networks..I would think that the networks still have an edge, just out of habit.

  12. Well duh….And the MSM AND FOX are probably wondering why I cancelled my cable subscription. Well there it is…

  13. DUH ! Is anybody out there surprised? It has been this way since the the 1960’s. However it is as bad now as it has ever been. Report the news ! Don’t let it be BIASED into oblivion .

  14. What a waste of money this poll. As if we needed a POLL to find this out. Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t know this?

    The sad part of this is that even when people actually know that the media is rotting for Obama and will do everything to help get elected, the same people will still buy and believe what the media tell them. It’s pathetic

  15. In other words, 79% support a big-government statist, 13% are side-stepping the issue, and 8% are deemed invisible.

  16. The national media isn’t just biased they are the biggest partner in Obama’s Socialist agenda. They (Obama & Media) want Socialism and the end of freedom and liberty. Do they understand what that will really result in? That’s up for debate. The Government and the National Media will never have my trust again; I will forever be skeptical, as I should have been all along. Everything on TV is liberal garbage too. I was watching LA Law with my wife and they mentioned Pat Buchanan in a derogatory way. I was like… did you hear that? My wife didn’t even notice it but you know subliminally it sinks in over repeated duration and time. The producers and directors intentionally insert anti-conservative messages and jabs on all the TV shows. In short everything on TV is liberal garbage juice or also known as the liberal cool-aid for the useful idiots.

  17. Actually, the 13% are the ones who probably most reflect where the average American is.

    Neither of these guys is good for our country.

  18. So much for an “unbiased” mainstream media. Well, it just means that we have to work harder to get Romney elected in November. And Americans will, because they know that the alternative is just too horrible to contemplate.

  19. The poll was of REGISTERED VOTERS ABOUT the media. It is what registered voters believe, not what members of the media believe. They believe they are far more balanced than that.


  20. I am absolutely at a loss for words. Who in there right mind would ever believe in this crap? Are these media members promised 73 virgins or something?

  21. The numbers don’t surprise me. Why else would so many new media sites be doing so well? People are tired of getting b.s. so they go to the new media to get their 411.

  22. It’s kinda nice to know that the vast majority of the public isn’t buying the crap the media is selling.

  23. I’m amazed that Romney’s number is even as high as it is.

    If you read the question correctly, Obama should be 100% because at least 80-90% of the people in the media support him. Do 21% of the people really think that more than 50% of the media supports Romney? Really?

    I seem to remember a study a few years ago that found that something like 17 out of 18 journalists were liberal.

    IMHO, if one of the three major networks left NYC, moved to a red state and leaned to the right, their ratings would skyrocket.

      1. Speaking of which, Democrats wanted government to bail them out. How much chance would there be of government bailing out a conservative media outlet? Zero, nil, nada, goose-eggs, zilch, zip and love.

    1. I think there are some in the media disenchanted with how hard to the left Obama is and how is policies are bankrupting the country. So, a ‘moderate’ like Romney who really doesn’t have a solid conservative record by any stretch of the imagination while he governed in MA would be more acceptable I think to some of them.

  24. I would like to see the schools that awarded journalism degrees to these dolts published. They deserve a lot of criticism for brainwashing these useful idiots.

    1. Journalism Degree: What you get when you’ve paid for five years of College, and still can’t do anything requiring the ability to think for yourself.

  25. 13% of the media is unsure? What “media” do these 13 represent? Silly Putty? Or the Hand Stamp News?

    Also, FOX has only accounted for 92% of those polled. Where’ the other 8%? And how many of the 92% are illegal, dead, felons or mentally incompetent?

    There are some real math problems at the FAUX FOX FUR channel.

    1. 13% just hated to admit that they were supporting a likely loser and a socialist. I would have thought the ‘unsure’ would have been 3X or 4X higher…

      I bet the other 8% were equally divided between Putin, Castro, Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Ahmadinejad, and Bashar al-Assad.

    2. They didn’t poll the actual media personnel. The poll was of non-media related Americans and what their opinion was of who the major news outlets wanted to win. The people polled were so ignorant that they had no idea who the MSM is pushing for our next POTUS.

  26. … and that’s why the old media is gasping it’s last breath.

    I cancelled my dish after the wilful negligence of abc, nbc & cnn in creating their own version of the Zimmerman/Martin case. That was the.last.straw.

    I’ve known for years that it was biased coverage, and later came to realize the bias had advanced to corrupt. But to actually create new facts for a desired outcome is unbelievable to me especially when it compromises someone’s life. I don’t want one red cent from my pocket to go into their profits.

  27. …REALLY , you could have fooled me ,it’s no wonder why I cancelled all my Cable News Networks !”

  28. After nearly four miserable years – its no surprise that the media is so biased.

    I’d love the actual media members to be polled.

    1. For the media honesty became the first casualty when they became partisans for a Socialist America

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