Franklin Graham: You can absolutely be gay and go to Heaven….if you repent

Franklin Graham was part of an evangelical panel yesterday on ABC’s This Week and talked about his support for Putin protecting the children in Russia from Homosexuality and also pointed out just before the segment was over that gays could indeed go to Heaven if they, like the rest of us, repented of their sin.

Watch (h/t: CNS News):

Graham is right on the money there.

I’ve always distinguished between those who are gay who realize it’s a sin to live a gay lifestyle and still struggle with it as opposed to those who believe that it is just fine with God and that he ordains the gay lifestyle.

I think Heaven awaits the former because they seek to please God even if they still struggle with it, just like all of us still struggle with our sins which are many. But it’s the latter that I believe Graham is speaking to, telling them that they must first recognize homosexuality is a sin and then repent of it before they can be saved.

Yes, I know that isn’t popular and that some will deem it controversial. But the Bible is clear on the issue of homosexuality.

I encourage you to watch the entire segment below as they discuss the ‘decline’ of Christianity in America as well as homosexuality and more:

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