FULL SPEECH: E.W. Jackson at Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 2013 Road to Majority Conference

E.W. Jackson spoke today at the Faith and Freedom Coalition and gave a fiery speech on freedom. It was awesome.


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35 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: E.W. Jackson at Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 2013 Road to Majority Conference

  1. I wish him all the luck in the world. 
    He doesn’t fit in the ‘mold’ of the famous ‘Jackson’s ‘I usually think of? You know Jessie Jackson Sr. Jessie Jackson Jr. and Michael Jackson. Wait, I don’t think I can use Michael Jackson? He started out as a ‘poor Black child’ and died a poor ‘White’ child and he made all his money the old fashioned way. He worked for it.
    Guess I’ll just stick with ‘parasites’ like Jackson Sr. and Jr. 😉 😉

  2. More and more black conservative voices are speaking out, but the more they are embraced and lauded by the Right, the more they are marginalized and eschewed by the left and especially people of their own ethnicity. May God bless them for their courage to be those few and far between voices crying in the wilderness…even if it’s too late…

    1. doofuschmartz This evening at church, it dawned on me that the headlines which recently proclaimed how “whites” would be in the minority in a couple of decades was meaningless, when really what matters is the number of us left who are people of faith…that is what will make or break this country.

  3. This man inspires me, inspires pride and hope  but I will never go back to sleep. “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace²but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have?”
    Liberty or Death, not mine but rather for the enemies of liberty.

  4. AMEN!!!  WOW oh WOW!!!  That was like listening to MLK!!!  Woah!!!!!  <3

    No wonder the Dems are trying to destroy him……..he ROCKS!!!!!  And he stand on The Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ.
    So excited as a Virginian that he will be our next lt. governor, Lord willing!!!!

  5. He is right, our Founders did not mean the “freedom to do whatever you want”.. …what LIBERALtarians always argue.
    True liberty requires SELF-RESTRAINT and thinking of others.

  6. I am in virginia and voted for him 4 times to be the lt. gov. nominee for the republican party.  he’s so genuine and real.  even had my picture taken with him but alas his picture was great mine not so.  I will be campaigning for him too.  already have my signs ready to put up after september.

    1. Right on, Carolyn. I was there, too. This man is totally, wonderfully awesome. This was worth the almost 24 hours it too for the process. What an awesome team we elected.

      1. @CarolynDixon @BetseyRoss  I  just posted this at Unified Patriots, with a little commentary. Perhaps you all can spread his message:

  7. “There’s no freedom without faith”. Which explains why we are losing our freedoms on a daily basis. We shooed God out and satan…in the form the democrat party moved in…..

    1. badbadlibs Those words stood out to me too. Yesterday, the Democrat running for my local state delegate seat, Bill Dale, a former priest, came round the neighborhood. Along with his worrying about some precinct standing in line for 6hrs to vote last November, and his denial of potential voter fraud issues, he said he was personally “against” abortion, but that abortion was the “law of the land, up to 26 wks.” When confronted about not taking his personal principles with him when going to the State House, he stuck to the law of the land argument and also went on the welfare tact – that pregnant single women couldn’t get help without the government. When I brought up the much earlier viability of infants he again went back to the current law, and said that #Gosnell was an exception. You know, when you engage these liberals you find them unable to make any coherent, cohesive, fact supported argument about the issues. They have talking points, lies, and really poor understanding of the facts. 
      It was only a little while latter that I wished I had thought to tell him that I didn’t think much of a man who put man’s laws (whims) above God’s laws.

      1. Lady_Penquin  In regards to your last sentence, you might think about mentioning God doesn’t think much of a man who puts mans law above His either, should you get a chance to speak to satan’s rep…er, the candidate.

  8. Great speech by another conservative who will help with the cleansing and restoration.

  9. This was outstanding!  He *gets* it.  What some of the lefty’s say about this man are despicable.  But I have to remind myself that it is the party that voted God out of their platform, and shuns any black person that leaves the Democratic plantation.

    1. Lady_Penquin Do you vote for your Gov and Lt Gov separately or as a team? He is AMAZING!  Where has he been???????

      1. Orangeone Lady_Penquin Separately. I first heard him speak a couple of years ago, and I’ve met him. Outstanding conservative. What I like is that he doesn’t apologize for his conservatism.   A principled man, he puts God’s law over man’s law (whims). 🙂

        1. Lady_Penquin Orangeone Your are SOOOOOO Lucky!  This man and the others will win. This country is screaming for solid conservatives, not the GOP nonsense.  I hope he goes far (hint to Ted Cruz)

        2. Orangeone Lady_Penquin The problem with the GOP, is that they’re not willing to take a stand, I mean really stand up for their convictions. So, they’re either wishy washy and afraid they’ll take heat for their beliefs, or they aren’t genuine in their so-called support of the GOP party’s tenets. 
          I believe it’s the person who speaks truthfully and with conviction about conservative principles who can bring folks to our side. Too many are afraid to try.

        3. Orangeone I think he is a newby with some of the techi stuff, but I’ve spoken to his office and their good people. Just sent a donation too.

        4. Lady_Penquin Orangeone I would love to get his message out on Twitter!  I’ve got an idea from our friend BetseyRoss ‘s post below 🙂

        5. OrangeoneI’ve posted his speech (with commentary) at Unified Patriots. 🙂

      2. We do vote for them separately and that is how we got Tim Kaine as gov. a few years back. Two Republicans won the AG spot and Lt. Gov. However they will probably campaign as a team in September. What we elected at the convention is essentially a Tea Party ticket. I already have my buperstickers on and running around the state with them on.
        One interesting note about who was at the Republican Convention. None of our elected Republicans from our county were there except one and she was being challenged by a conservative Republican who was there. Most of us were tea party in our delegation. After the first vote many of our delegation left the convention. We had to have three more votes to finally select our Lt. Gov. candidate. We didn’t get home until 2AM. It was worth the time and effort. It’s a great ticket. But that was not the only hopeful sign. Our challenger won his primary beating out the Republican who voted to raise our taxes…..again. Even better was that the chairman of the transportation committee was handily beaten by his tea party challenger for raising taxes and pushing that budget busting transportation bill. People are PO’d and this will cause some folks to wake up in Richmond.

        1. BetseyRossI’d like to help!  Couple questions.  Do you have a blog on this that you could post the link to here and maybe DM me on Twitter too so I can tweet it for you?  And if you have a blog, might you be willing to permit RedNationRising.us  to post it on our blog site, with all of your credits for sure, so we can tweet that around to our followers and get you more support (ABiC and Wolfie on CFP4US maybe too)?  We’ll drop links in for donations to all 3 if they are fundraising too.  We don’t endorse candidates but want to communicate the great ones!

        2. I do not have a blog so go ahead and publisH away. We need to get out the word. I want these RINOs to be scared silly.They are way too arrogant! More later.

  10. FORTUNATELY E.W. Jackson is no Jesse Jackson…or Al Sharpton!!!!!!  I hope he becomes Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

    1. Army_Pilot1967 And I hope Ted Cruz is watching!  This man would be fantastic in his cabinet.

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