Gary Johnson FLIPS OUT when the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is used [VIDEO]

During an interview with Guy Benson, Libertarian candidate freaked out and got pretty indignant because the phrase, “illegal immigrant” was used in his presence, which he says is a slur.

Watch at about the 4:20 minute, ironically:

Jake Tapper has made the point that if you’re including children who were brought here illegally, the term “undocumented immigrant” is more accurate, since they didn’t choose to break the laws, their parents made that choice. I actually think that makes sense, but it’s also an attempt to justify illegal immigration rhetorically, which is why we prefer the term, “illegal alien.”

He also makes a pretty decent point about the laws being much more lax about immigration in years past, especially when compared to that of immigration 100 years ago. That doesn’t excuse the fact that it is a crime to be present in the United States without permission to be here.

Clearly Johnson is attempting to outreach to people who get morally indignant at the use of such a term, no matter how accurate it is.

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