Gay landscaping SERIAL KILLER hid remains of his victims in plant pots…

In a real weird story from Canada, otherwise known as “America’s hat,” a landscaper killed at least 6 men and hid their remains in plant pots at his client’s homes!!!!

Watch below:

That is insane.

Here’s more from CNN:

Toronto police have recovered the remains of at least six people on a property linked to accused serial killer Bruce McArthur, Detective Sgt. Hank Idsinga said Thursday.

At least some of the remains have been identified as belonging to Andrew Kinsman, who was last seen in June 2017 and who is one of five missing men McArthur is charged with killing, Idsinga said.

Authorities have not identified the five other sets of remains, which were found in planters.

Idsinga said McArthur, 66, stored landscaping equipment at the property.

CNN called McArthur’s attorney for comment Thursday but didn’t get an immediate response.

Police have identified more than 30 properties where McArthur worked. They urged his past clients to come forward.

Here’s another report from the Guardian:

Toronto is reeling from allegations that Bruce McArthur systematically targeted men in the city’s gay community. For years, members of the community urged police to look more closely at a string of disappearances – fearing there was a connection between the missing men.


McArthur, 66, is thought to have met his victims on gay dating apps or by cruising the city in his work van.

He also travelled for work and investigators are also in contact with other police forces in Canada and overseas.

Police hope to begin searching a second location in the coming days.

They’re gonna blame the police and call them homophobes while ignoring that the perpetrator himself was gay, aren’t they? Tell me that’s what they’re gonna do!

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