George Will: “There’s Nothing Better for Conservatism Than Periodic Examples of Untrammeled Liberalism”

George Will, speaking on Fox News Sunday, suggests to host Chris Wallace that that resurgence of liberal ideas will ultimately benefit conservative ideals.

(Via Newsbusters)

Oh, there’s nothing better for American conservatism than periodic examples of untrammeled liberalism. Lyndon Johnson after 1964 had huge majorities in Congress, had his way. Republicans won five of the next six and seven of the next nine presidential elections. Let him have his way in New York City, and let people see what happens. There are more than 130 contracts with public employees’ unions that’ve been held in abeyance until Mayor Bloomberg got out of there, because they assumed that de Blasio and his compliant, not to say supine city council, will go along with anything they ask for. I give him three years and people will be begging for a return to something else.

You can read the full segment transcript at Newsbusters.

As Noel Sheppard points out, the flip side is that the media will do everything in its power to validate de Blasio and blame any failings on his predecessor, who is admittedly no prize either.

One can only hope that Will is right about the lessons the city and perhaps the nation will learn here. Judging by the despicable spectacle of de Blasio’s swearing-in ceremony, the age of liberalism resurgent in New York City promises to be a daily retch-inducing laundry list of horrors. So an eventual silver lining would be welcome indeed.

Cross your fingers, America.

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