Georgia teacher LOSES JOB over saying Obama is a ‘baby-killer’ to a student

The pro-baby-murder lobby claimed another job when a Georgia teacher was made to resign after telling a student that Obama was a “baby-killer.”

From Life News:

In Georgia, veteran middle school teacher Nancy Perry has been forced to resign after telling her students that President Barack Obama is a baby killer. The schools superintendent, Chuck Ledbetter, said Perry will retire at the end of the school year.

He said, “On behalf of the School District, we want to apologize to the student and to his parents. It is not the place of teachers to attempt to persuade students about religious or political beliefs.’

According to the Daily Mail, a 12-year-old boy brought the complaint against the teacher to his father, Jimmie Scott. Then Scott met with Perry at a parent-teacher conference. He said she showed him some “internet propaganda” and commented, “See, Obama is a baby killer. He aborts babies at nine months old as they’re coming through the birth canal.”‘

Although it could be argued that Perry’s statement was inappropriate considering the setting, her comments about Obama weren’t completely unfounded. From taxpayer funding of abortions in America and around the world, to the stacking of the Supreme Court and federal courts with hardcore abortion advocates, Obama has been a relentless support of abortion-on-demand.

Now her statement is pretty accurate, he is, but if you look closer, it seems like she also called him a Muslim and forced “propaganda” on the kid. I’m not sure that’s appropriate at a parent-teacher conference, no matter how accurate it is. She also seems to have said that anyone who votes for Obama is not a Christian. Again… probably true, but not really worth screaming at someone about, especially if it’s gonna cost you your job.

At least she wasn’t screwing her students the way so many teachers are doing these days.

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