Geraldo to Bill O’Reilly: ‘You stripped Obama of his “majesty” by calling him a community organizer’

During Bill O’Reilly’s Super Bowl interview with Obama, he suggested that Obama understands the problem of the disintegration of the black family, in part because he is a community organizer from Chicago. It didn’t offend Obama and it’s TRUE!

But this so bothered Geraldo that he accused BillO of ‘stripping’ Obama of his “majesty” by calling him a community organizer. When BillO responded ‘I don’t think he has any majesty’, Geraldo disagreed saying he does have “majesty.” Ugh. Move over Chris Matthews…

You know, if it bothers Geraldo so much that Obama was a community organizer, then whey did he vote for the man? Yeah, you know he did.

As much as I hate to do it, I must side with BillO on this one:

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102 thoughts on “Geraldo to Bill O’Reilly: ‘You stripped Obama of his “majesty” by calling him a community organizer’

  1. Watching these two is like watching a stooge fest. One is just a different degree of Obama ass kiss tan the other.

  2. Whenever Illegals or Obama is brought into a discussion, Geraldo changes i from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. He gets angry and foams at the mouth. He and O’ Reilly look like two pit bulls going at each other.

  3. I saw this earlier on Fox and thought I would blow a gasket. If anyone wants to know why Obama has decided to go ahead without Congress’ approval on anything…this is the reason why. Dems for some reason have raised Obama into an imperial Presidency and it is going to bite them on the butt in the end. Obamacare and his unconstitutional changes is for one. The last President the American people tried to make King (217 years ago)…. turned it down, thank goodness. Who in their right mind thinks that Obama would?

  4. When Geraldo opened Al Capone’s vault on TV and discovered it empty, he decided to leave his brain in there. Not so surprisingly, it’s still empty.

  5. Good grief! Bill O’Reilly just needs to stop!

    His interview with Obama was a week ago, and he has spent a good part of every show since then practically begging all his guests to tell him what a marvelous job he did.

    We get it now, Bill. The Obama interview was really all about you. You can give it a rest now.

    1. Bingo! …That’s why Rush’s pet nickname for him is Ted Baxter …For you kids, Ted was the network anchor on the 70’s Mary Tyler Moore TV show. Only difference is Bill ‘O is 10X’s more of a a cold blooded, self important lowlife then Mary’s Ted!

  6. Does anybody remember a president with a lack of GRAVITAS?
    Well OBAMA is JUST THAT!!!!!! He is a FAKE,PHONY FRAUD and does not deserve respect no matter what position he holds

  7. obama needs to be disrespected just look at what he has done to our country , and he is a street organizer not a world leader or any kind of a leader PERIOD

  8. Gurrr aldo who? Actually both he and Bill are irrelevant. They are legends in their own mind and I just smile when they are together. We have bigger fish to fry than quibbling amongst the media elite! But Gurr aldo did let it slip that his majesty was not given his due…and what exactly is he due?

    1. He’s just the typical Obagger (D)rone..He needs to wipe his (D)isgusting chin once in a while…Gullible, (D) best.

  9. “It is very important to silence the man who first cries out, ‘the king is naked,’ before others pick up the cry.”

    — Valentin Moroz, Soviet Dissident

  10. Not caring much for Geraldo OR “Oh Really”, this doesn’t amount to much in my book either way. But as to who diminished the “majesty” of the presidency, I’d say Obama did a pretty good job of that LONG before the Oh Really interview. Appearing on late night talk shows, going on “The (Leftist) View”, his incessant non-stop golf game (no going on hole # 23,000 or so), and his general jackassery every time he speaks, President Moonbat dispelled any “majesty” the office had way back in 2009.

  11. Not only is Geraldo irrelevant now, he’s always been irrelevant. He’s a legend strictly in his own mind.

  12. My remote control broke, one day when I was ill home from school, several years ago and I was too lazy to get up and switch stations. After a game show, Geraldo’s talk show began. He had on a father and daughter who had married each other. His question to the man was: do you call her daughter or wife?

    For me that question will always epitomize Geraldo. No matter how he’s attempted to refurbish his image, his mind and heart have always stayed where they belong–in the gutter.

    Needless to say, I did not watch this clip. The title said it all.

  13. Wow.

    Well, Geraldo, why don’t you and his MADjesty find an island somewhere and start your own cult. We’re not interested anymore.

  14. I didn’t think it was possible, but Geraldo introduced a new intensity to my “gag reflex” when I heard him.

    I’ve heard him say he is a republican. Really? He’s a racist liberal who never fails to deal in race baiting, and promoting the party line of the Marxist democrats.

    Totalitarians don’t possess any “majesty.” The subversive in the oval office, along with his socialist party, have disgraced America.

    1. Just a bunch of “Control FREAKS ON ROIDS”…at best..66′-68′ Army Infantry. Paid me $71.00 a mo to wack the (D)ung-Holes ..not do lunch with the THUGS….7.62 NATO justice.

        1. Salute and take care my friend..remember the “forever young”…From a fello Vet-Terrorist…LOL…We finally got our promotion..We were just “Baby-Killing Nazis” (D)amn, life is good.

  15. Heraldo’s berating of O’Reilly over his perceived lack of respect he displayed toward Obama was a textbook case of a displaced, unrealistic, delusional, messianic complex. When he accused O’Reilly of stripping Obama of his majesty he lost what little credibility he had left. Heraldo, once again, positioned himself as an intellectually dishonest, sycophantic and myopic fool. No reasonably intelligent and informed person can accept his distorted and warped sense of reality as it relates to the fraud, Obama.

  16. Apart from ‘Stossel,’ why does anyone watch Fox anymore? The lineup are either establishment shills like O’Reilly or leftists like Geraldo. Only Stossel seems to have a sense of constitutional government and individual freedom.

    1. I dunno, Bret Baer, Neil Cavuto, Eric Bolling, Greta Van Sustern, & Megyn Kelly just seem to come to mind off hand!

      1. I was diappointed in Greta back around the 2011 debt ceiling increase when she picked up the liberal mantra that ‘the nation would default’ if the ceiling were not raised. Neil Cavuto is faily level-headed. Those Fox Business guys generally have a better grasp of reality.

        1. FYI- Greta is a registered Democrat. I’m surprised she is as fair as she is! I doubt you’ll agree with her 100%.

  17. Liberals Twist and Turn things and it is actually hard to keep context while having a conversation with these idiots. Can you imagine Geraldo at FOX all these years……? To hell with him……

  18. Geraldo can bow and kiss the monster’s ring all he wants… he can be blinded by his glory and soothed by the dulcet tones of his harmonious voice. He can continue to be a fool if he wants to. However… satan was apparently lovely too until the mask came off. WE KNOW who and what Obama is and we resist the lies and the façade. WE are not fooled. And we will undo all that his ‘majesty’ has done once we exercise him from the WH.

  19. “His majesty?” Obama has majesty? Nobody in the United States has amnesty and dignity is something that someone can lose but it cannot be taken.

  20. Community organizer is the new PC term for outside agitator. I wonder how bent out of shape Jerry Rivers would have gotten if O’Rating had the guts to say it.

  21. Gosh you people need to get over your distaste for Bill…he is the only traditionalist fair minded high profiled person who gets to go toe to toe with the big idiots like the Clintons and Obama and Stewart (and Joy Behar haha).

    No matter how much you wish, Hannity and Levin will NEVER get those interviews so they will never be able to pin them down with the hard questions. Look, I wish they would get those interviews too but it just ain’t going to happen. Bill deserves respect for that…and for looking out for the kids. Even though he does get it wrong from time to time.

    1. Right. Because BOR’s ticklefest “interview” did so much benefit to this nation. LOL! The people who still support the prezzy would continue to do so to their graves. I am supposed to respect him because he is able to hangout with those who look down their noses at me? The same ones who pass laws affecting me but exempting them? Kiss my two cheeks buddy, time for you to wake up.

    2. It’s still a free country. Nobody tells me who to have or have not distaste for, thank you very much. O’Ratings is a blowhard that thrives on outrage, and if he can’t find any, he’ll make it up.

    3. On the contrary. You need to step back and see O’Reilly for what he is. O’Reilly is first and foremost an uber arrogant, narcissistic, self aggrandizing, rude, uncouth blowhard. He is also right on many subjects, but when he’s wrong, he’s dead wrong. One glaring example of him being dead wrong is his opinion on raising the minimum wage. As for his Obama interview, I give him his props for doing a good job under difficult circumstances.

    4. For five years O’Reilly has basically humored Obama, as he laid waste to the entire country, last week he did a little more, but there was no follow up,

  22. When dousche stache got bent out of shape with the FOX morning guys about benghazi…. i was done with him! This is just further evidence he’s just a hack as well!!!!!

  23. The very idea of the American Revolution was that the common man had as much sovereignty as a king. To see Obama as “His Majesty” instead of a community organizer who became President shows just how far the lefties are in the extreme. Their ideology is un-American.

    1. It was that crowd reaction that scared the living sh:t out to the GOP. The began to kneecap her the next morning.

    2. Sarah Palin’s only mistake – associating herself with John McCain, the spoiled son of an Admiral, the sleazy womanizer, enabler of the left’s agenda from the beginning, including Obama’s radical agenda.

  24. Geraldo always has to play up race.
    He is upset that Bill called the community organizer a community organizer.
    He is not a bit worried about the lies and evasions.
    Pretty shallow, Bill wasted a lot of airtime on Geraldo.

    1. What is it with old liberals who think we actually want to see their selfies? or anything else for that matter.

  25. Jackass.. ! Plain and simple minded jackass.. Obama Majesty ! no-way.. he is a liar, a fraud, and a thief.. Majesty !! what a fool.

  26. What’s wrong with you Geraldo?? Obama is the president not a king, he serves us we don’t serve him. He’s a public servant! By the way respect is earned not given.

  27. When I was in the Air Force during boot camp we were taught many things. One very important one; when we saluted someone like the President, Secretary of State, etc, etc, we do so to show respect for the POSITION not the person. There is a wealth of wisdom in that teaching and I’ll leave the rest to others for rumination.

  28. Respect the office? Tell me Mr. Rivera,, what kind of respect did George W get? And as for President Clinton, I guess getting head under the resolute desk in the Oval Office warranted the greatest respect. In fact it was Bill who took the office of the President of the United States to the lowest level in history, from which it has never recovered. Now we have the first black President, who instead of building a new bridge between races, has in fact built a wall. Mr. Rivera, you were a fine journalist once, but those days are long gone.

    1. Clinton`s conduct was a recruiting tool for the terrorists. And when he was not held accountable, it only enhanced their efforts. I felt it then, I feel it now.

  29. Jerry Rivers is still irrelevant in my life. Anyone that believes obama has any majesty is a nutcase or a liberal…but I repeat myself.

    1. These are the nutcases and blowhards that need to be educated as to the founding of this country. I believe Geraldo is just a huge opportunist, abd his big mouth has carried him through life by outshouting the people that don’t agree with him. Liberalism is a mental decease, and I have no use for him.period.

  30. Obama has absolutely no “majesty”. As a matter of fact Obama gives community organizers, who rank several steps below used car salesmen, a bad name!

  31. I could only stand watchin` till the 1:31 mark before stoppin` the player…Too much pressurized drama, too quick. Hope I didn`t miss anything important….

  32. I turned this off when it aired at 8pm. The only reason I tuned into The Factor tonight was to see Ted Nugent. Now that was a great interview. Long Live Uncle Ted!

  33. Next we’ll see Mr. Rivera kneeling and kissing Mr. Obama’s ring.

    It is clear to me that Mr. Rivera does not understand that the President of the United States reports to, and is accountable to, the citizens of the United States. Period.

    If anyone has been stripped of his/her majesty, it is each and every American.

  34. The president is a public servant. If he sees his job in that vein, he is respected by the people. Period.

    Geraldo is an Obama-groupie…Period.

  35. Geraldo would gladly get down on his knees for His Majesty Obama, just as soon as he pushed Reggie out of the way.

  36. Someone needs to explain to Geraldo that we have Presidents in this country, not “Your Majesties.” Geraldo is an old pervert and needs to just go away…aren’t his fifteen minutes over yet??

  37. Majesty? Majesty??

    What is Mr. Rivera talking about?

    Emperor Obama is walking down the street naked and Mr. Rivera says that Mr. O’Reilly stripped Mr. Obama of his “majesty”?

    Mr. Obama has done it to himself!

  38. So closet Obama worshipper Ted Baxter “interviews” his idol Barry Hussein …a buck and 5 years too late; but at this point as the “Butcher of Benghazi” infamously shirked …”What does it matter!”!

  39. In the process of attacking O’Reilly, Geraldo accidentally made our point! Obama acts more like a King than he does a President bound by rule of law.

  40. His ” Majesty”? – as in His Majesty the King?
    I don’t think so Geraldo.
    The POTUS is not a majestic being.

  41. So, now according to liberal Geraldo we are not allowed to call a “community organizer” — a “community organizer.” What happened to calling a “spade” — a “spade?”

      1. I don’t think A. meant anything bad here. If I understand correctly, A is just saying we should tell the truth.

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