GLAAD Responds To Phil Robertson’s Return To A&E’s Duck Dynasty

As reported here yesterday, Phil Robertson will continue to be a part of Duck Dynasty on A&E.

Text of GLAAD’s response: “Phil Robertson should look African American and gay people in the eyes and hear about the hurtful impact of praising Jim Crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists. If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers.”

So GLAAD is still trying dictate how A&E handles their show. They’ve already had their say on what Robertson said. Now they want A&E to try to change what Robertson thinks by sending him to sensitivity re-education camp. As RedState’s Erick Erickson puts it, it’s an example of “you will be made to care.”

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99 thoughts on “GLAAD Responds To Phil Robertson’s Return To A&E’s Duck Dynasty

  1. Again, these scumbags invent a narrative where one never existed in the first place in hopes their disgusting lies will be taken in by the uninformed morons of this country…which it probably will…as evidenced below.

  2. Duckhunters – 1 D!ckhunters – 0 hahahaha


    7 by Court Decision
    California* (June 28, 2013), Connecticut (Nov. 12, 2008), Iowa (Apr. 24, 2009), Massachusetts (May 17, 2004), New Jersey (Oct. 21, 2013), New Mexico (Dec. 19, 2013), Utah (Dec. 20, 2013)

    8 by State Legislature
    Delaware (July 1, 2013), Hawaii (Dec. 2, 2013), Illinois (law will take effect June 1, 2014), Minnesota (Aug. 1, 2013), New Hampshire (Jan. 1, 2010), New York (July 24, 2011), Rhode Island (Aug. 1, 2013), Vermont (Sep. 1, 2009)

    3 by Popular Vote
    Maine (Dec. 29, 2012), Maryland (Jan. 1, 2013), Washington (Dec. 9, 2012)

    Washington, DC legalized same-sex marriage on Mar. 3, 2010.

  3. So GLAAD’s all butthurt about it. Call the whahmbulance, their snivel rights have been violated. When it comes down to a small percentage of squeaky wheels and the duck that laid the golden egg, you know where A&E worships- before the altar of the almighty dollar.

  4. why does anybody care what is done in someone’s bedroom? i don’t give a rats ass what anybody does in their bedroom I dont care to let anyone know what i do in my bedroom or with whom….this whole thing is a bunch of crap….if you are talking about homosexuals,heterosexuals or whatever you want to call yourself, you are talking about your sex life or someone else’s… GOSSIP and BULLSHIT….there are people who are going to agree and people are going to disagree with whatever kind of sex you are practicing……gladd…go in your bedroom do whatever you want….have fun….AND SHUT UP! NOBODY WILL BOTHER YOU IF YOU JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF LEAVE ME ALONE TOO!

  5. I think the only proper Christian response to GLAAD is to raise our voices in praise to God Almighty above and what better way to do that than The Big Sing from across the pond this year –

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  6. Aww, are all you Angry ‘Beavers’ in GLAAD upset? Well, tough sh*t. The court of public opinion has rendered a verdict and you lost. 😉

  7. GLAAD is too stupid to realize they are contributing to a vigorous religious comeback in America. They would be better served to just shut up. GLAAD lost on this one. Phil and we won.

  8. hilariously desperate statement and appropriately without any impact – still trying to figure out how the Bible is anti-gay, hurtful or just plain inconvenient for not endorsing and sanctioning homosexual acts (not gay people). Phil’s understanding of the Bible is more credible and accurate than the “Reverend” Jackson also.

  9. GLAAD are in a fight, they know it. The current furious push back that they are receiving is not coming as a surprise to them, they expected it. They are trying to change America’s most basic and fundamental moral and ethical standards. Sadly to a very large degree they are succeeding, a little bit at a time is their strategy. This current push back will die down, and they will creep forward another inch.

    The success of Obamacare: Liberal cognitive dissonances turned up to 11…

  10. So they’re all “Gay”? Then why don’t they just drop the whole “GayLesbian/Bisexual/Transvestite/Organgrinder” thing? It’s very annoying.

  11. The first response is usually the correct one. People who agree w Robertson’s remarks didn’t think it was Ok to take him off the air but do not want to afford GLAAD the same right to speak their peace. No one should have to be forced to care.

    1. So, Mr. Robertson should be censured and GLADD have their way.
      I get it.
      The view of GLADD and those who support that view can’t see they are advocating punishment for free speech.
      That’s a dangerous ground to walk on. Don’t worry the sodomites will get their way one day and free speech will be no more. Remember that, wodiej.

    2. GLADD’s right to speech wasn’t the problem. It was the fact that their lies caused weak-minded executives to make rookie mistakes. A&E and GLAAD earned their black eyes fair and square.

      If the GLAAD folks had confined themselves to the truth, and not tried to have Robertson’s remarks classified as “hate speech” then they might have come out of this in a better light.

      On the other hand, the constant haranguing by people about how evil homosexuals are gets pretty old. Especially when we have real evil in the form of totalitarianism trying its best to destroy all notions of human rights.

      This is why the ex-GLAAD guy is right. Instead of joining the left, smart homosexuals are supporting liberty. It’s a rough go for them either way (on the left or on the right), but on the right they are far safer.

      Despite the fairly nasty rhetoric of some, most on the right truly do believe in loving the sinner, not the sin. The debate over “sin” of course will never go away.

    3. Actually, the phrase is “speak their piece”, not “speak their peace”.

      There is no peace at all in the words that GLAAD uses and that’s why even many gays (and/or lesbians) are trending away from GLAAD and their own form of ‘hate speech’.

    4. It isn’t even just the right for everyone to speak their piece but for all of us to retain our rights of conscience that we can live and work as we see fit without the force of government or protected classes forcing us to act in a manner we disagree with.
      The increasing militant activism in the homosexual community is deeply antagonistic to business owners who are not The Only provider of said services.
      This is force, wodiej, and it isn’t right nor fair. It isn’t tolerant or acceptable. No, there are those in the community that want more than the right to speak. They want to silence and destroy anyone who disagrees with their position. I don’t care who you are or what group you belong to, that is unacceptable in a free and civil society.

  12. When the GLAAD fools can get Imams to sit with them and rewrite the Koran, Phil would still tell them to take a leap in the hell-fire pit they come from! Enough with the bullying, racist crap from the left…we will not be rewriting the Bible to suit you, so just keep up the name calling! Cowardly, bullying is all the leftists are capable of!

  13. I love reading the confrontations between Jesus and the religious leaders. He knew how to stop them in their tricks and games by turning it on them. Stand firm Phil and family. They cannot accuse you.

  14. For years, small but highly vocal ‘special interest groups’ have used the courts and legislation to browbeat the American citizen into accepting their warped views, going as far as to get that dreaded ” Under Penalty of Law” tag affixed to their causes.
    We have a federal government that sanctions perversion and makes a tiny group of people into super-citizens, above all others?

    Thankfully, Americans are fighting back. Phil Robertson is a case in point. For expressing his personal views, his Right to Free Speech came under attack. He has been vilified, threatened, ridiculed and scorned by those who would silence him. A&E suspended him. Cracker Barrel removed products bearing his likeness.

    Americans went ballistic and swarmed to his aid. After all, if just a small handful of people could successfully silence Robertson, then the same thing could happen to ANY of US.
    For far too long, a tiny group of radicals in their zealousness to advance their views, trampled on the rights of others who were perceived as standing in their way. They sought rights not given them in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And if someone who did not share their view of their own importance got in the way, or spoke against them, they tried to destroy that person!
    Now, perhaps the tide has turned. Americans in the millions made phone calls, wrote letters, blogged on sites like this one, expressing their support for Robertson.
    The results? A&E CAVED! Cracker Barrel CAVED!
    And Glaad? They want Robertson re-educated. Glaad has learned NOTHING from this fiasco. They still SUCK!

    1. You do have a way with words, vg1. 🙂
      I agree 100%. I want Glaad to be re-educated not Phil and other truth tellers. I want every one of us to get on our hind legs and support every business that is being harrassed by the gaystapo. What do we have if we can’t live and work in accordance with our consciences?

      1. A Happy Sunday Morning to you!

        Like you, I am sick and tired of fringe groups holding sway over our lives! The final insult was when the law gave those groups a means of punishing the majority of us, if we did not fully accept their views. The law made them super-citizens OVER the rest of us, with rights implied that WE do not have!!

        1. Good morning, VG, and a fine day it is.
          You are so right. And it all started with leveling the playing field by bringing us afirmative action. Now kids from low income tax paying families can’t get admitted for all the illegals and minority quotas taking the seats in the colleges their parents have been paying to provide. Makes me want to pull my hair out.

  15. Hey GLAAD! ~> you LIE!

    America 1, GLAAD Stalinists 0

    Be vigilant America because these bullies will use their intimidation tactics again – they must be pushed back IMMEDITELY and VIGOROUSLY when they try to muzzle the free speech of others who have EVERY RIGHT to VOICE THEIR PERSONAL OPINION of homosexual sex, without having their thoughts approved by the GLAAD Stalinists first.

  16. Look at the subtle shift in GLAAD’s wording: “African American and gay people.” Before this it was just “gay people” with references to African Americans as almost an afterthought.

    Do they realize that the majority of those African Americans do not agree/approve of them?

    1. Of course they realize that blacks ain’t down with homo sexuality. They are simply running scared at this point. Hoping Jackson or Sharpton come to their defense. And judging from everything going on Jackson nor Sharpton can help GLAAD out or their foul-up…hell they can’t help anyone… Grasping at straws is all this is.

      1. Yep trying to increase troop strength! Seems loosing the first skirmish wasn’t enough they want to go full battle mode.

        glaad is an activist group that is not making any friends with their attacks on those with opinions that differs. The intolerance from glaad is on display for Our Nation to see. One would think they’d be smart enough to shut up, but NO they have an agenda… Which is getting set back through their actions!

        1. You know what they say about stirring crap…the more ya stir it the more it stinks. Ah well, GLAAD=CRAP.

    2. And both of Glaad’s accusations are lies. Phil Robertson did NOT compare homosexual sin to bestiality nor did he approve of Jim Crow laws.
      I wish Fox had read his exact language directly from GQ.

      1. The three talking heads on Fox were too busy sitting in their make-up chairs to actually read anything (save perhaps their dumbphone). Fox is just lucky they suck less than their competition.

        1. Seems like we don’t know enough to toss the ball back into the other’s court. I would expect Fox to know better. Maybe it was the producers and not the people on the couch but man, it was like they didn’t want to touch that one at all. AAArrrrrgh!

  17. It’s not Robertson that the sodomites and lesbians have a problem with, it’s the Word of God. The Bible is offensive because when the Cross is properly preached, it puts the sinner (everyone) face to face with their sin and leaves them with a decision to make: Repent and turn to Jesus Christ or reject Jesus Christ and continue on in their sin or another way to put it: Accept salvation and Heaven or spend eternity in Hell. John 14:6.

  18. So the homophobic attack from GLAAD didn’t work. What is plan B? Wait for it …. Phil is racist! Big surprise there. Trying to bring in the racist card clearly shows that GLAAD is irrelevant.

  19. Scoop please do not censor me for saying this, me as a male heterosexual concur with Phil Robertson that I prefer a woman’s vagina then man’s anus any day of the week. The only reason that Glaad is offended by those comments is that the truth hurts. I have a message for all you homosexuals out there, homosexuality is unnatural, disgusting, inmoral.

    1. I am sure it is puzzling to many, we just don’t voice it. I am a hetero female and I have at times wondered what could be the attraction between two females. Like Phil said, it just isn’t logical. I don’t know what is in their heads and hearts and, like Phil, I won’t judge anyone, but I simply inately can’t understand. I’ve known homosexuals of both sexes and enjoyed working with them I just don’t get the lifestyle.

      1. Its absolutely baffling that comments like the one Phil made are somehow Insensitive, when all it is a natural and totally true. They want us to accept their inmoral life and accept it and shut up about it.

  20. A triumph for sanity and the bottom line. GLAAD was pushing A&E to commit financial suicide, and it backfired.

    1. But did it really? I’m holding off on an opinion until I start hearing those public service announcements Erickson was talking about.

  21. The idea that someone who enjoys beastiality would not be ok with homosexuality is laughable. The same can be said with pedophilia. It is all linked with perversity, and perverts do enjoy the company of perverts.

  22. GLAAD clearly chose negativity, hate, islamophobia and racism over the bible. But, I guess that’s just standard fare for that type of organization.

  23. They have been handed a serious slap across their petulant and sniveling mouths and now they want to resume their standing! Well I for one am GLAAD how things turned out and hope to see more of it in the future!

  24. GLAAD can’t seem to accept the fact they lost big-time on this one. They need to go eat some Crow of their own (and whatever else they eat) They’ll rue the day they pulled the pin on this misplaced grenade.

            1. Boy! does that bring back memories. Saturday mornings…we were supposed to be doing the breakfast dishes.

              1. The irony of Saturday morning cartoons. That’s when Dad was home, so naturally we had to do chores. By the time chores were done, it was well past noon, and the cartoons were done.

                1. And so it should be!! We happened to be left alone Sat mornings so we watched cartoons and did our tasks during the commercials. Good upbringing all in all, though; I guess it was college that corrupted my siblings (I only had 2 years’ JC then to work).

  25. GLAAD should look to everyday Joe for support on their Ballot initiatives instead of the pathetic reliance upon corrupt Judges who are patrons of the Corporations GLAAD extorts with their heinous dysfunction

    if the truth hurts — then so be it

  26. GLAAD loses,and America wins! Yay!! A&E only relented because they were being hammered by their viewers.

    1. But they still allowed glaad to dictate sensitivity training. I ain’t too pleased with that. I doubt Phil will have much say with whatever messages are contained in the PSA’s they produce. Though I suppose if they are bad enough we can protest again.

  27. GLAAD is facing the reality that they are small players in America.

    Thus, they have to NOW speak about African Americans and Jim Crow because their attempt of bring down a top rated show with strong Christian beliefs among the stars, the Robertson family, was a total failure.

    Their statement is worthless like their organization.

  28. Sin is sin GLAAD… and every single homosexual that I know is NOT GLAAD they are homosexual – they are miserable and some are suicidal. We all sin… but Christians try to obey God’s Word and refrain from it – and we are often blessed with peace and joy as a result.

  29. It seems to me that the more GLAAD speaks out, the more they sound like the (not so) Rev Jesse Jackson. Their collective voice seems to be getting weaker and weaker every time they twist someone else’s words or actions into what they want someone to say.

    Can you actually quote Robertson the next time you wish to twist his words? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?……

  30. interesting how gays have grabbed onto blacks as cohorts in victim status when they really have nothing in common (one worries about sex as the other frets over skin color) other than the target: assets of white males. same with women, minorities and women are joined at the hip because they have the same target: assets of white males, even though their complaints have nothing to do with each other (again it’s gender and skin color, two unrelated aspects of life). white males have a way of bringing people together it seems….embrace the suck.

  31. For sure.. This is slander and it’s full purpose is to publically trash and demonize a private citizen with lies.. I’m sure there is a case here…

  32. I’m all for freedom in this nation… it’s part of what makes us great. But organizations like GLAAD do nothing – and I mean NOTHING – with their freedom to make this a better country. Organizations that are militant like they are, are detrimental and non-productive. GLAAD’s efforts and commentary in all of this do more to dim my view of homosexuals than to endear me to their cause. I hate their sin… but I hope and pray for these sinners.

  33. The pain that homosexuals men feel were not from phil robinsons words about homosexuality being a sin against god and the bible .. it it a proven fact that the pain and discomfort that they feel comes from their same gender partner forcing his sex organ into the other partners anal cavity.

  34. The Homos so much want to compare the opposition to their lifestyle to the oppression that blacks went through.

    There is nothing the homosexuals, the government, or other institutions can do or say that will convenience me to accept their lifestyle as normal or equal to heterosexual lifestyle.

    Just because they choose to call themselves gay doesn’t make it so.

    1. yup– they are the ones telling the Blacks they got it so bad today when nobody can find jobs because of their Marxist attacks on everyone–and blacks go to the well with Christmas being an all year thing for them on our dime

  35. It’s sounds to me like this GLAAD group is inaccurately attacking the man’s character. I hope he sues them.

  36. I don’t recall Phil praising Jim Crow laws and comparing homosexuals to terrorists. I do however remember him being asked his thoughts, and therefore giving his opinion, which the last time I checked, was still allowed in this Country.
    GLAAD and others love to put words where words never were to push a narrative and extend their bully pulpit. Get over yourselves.

    1. If GLADD had their way, giving an opinion contrary to them, would not be allowed. This is the road to it being the “last time”.
      I just read on another site a person stating Phil Robertson said blacks were happy under segregation laws.
      I asked the person to give an exact quote, word for word what he actually said, and then give an opinion.
      All I hear is “crickets”.
      People like that are who the left targets every day, the people that have already been brain washed and or the too lazy to research the facts.
      That’s why we must continue to speak up.

      1. They could not do that. What he said was everyone was equally poor black and white. They all worked together and were happy.

        You see the problem. No indication or racism or unequal treatment. Thus they must lie to build that case. They can not accept that in large areas the poor were black and white and they equally suffered under the rich men who owned the plantations.

  37. Let the greatness of the American people overwhelm the clamor of the small minds who beat their little tin pots.

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