Glenn Beck being falsely accused of mocking president’s daughter – UPDATE: Beck apologizes

At yesterday’s press conference, Obama suggested that even his daughters were worried about the gulf oil spill, noting that Malia knocked on the bathroom door just to ask him if he had ‘plugged the hole yet’. Beck responded by mocking the notion that Obama would use his daughter to score political points. I’ve got the clip below. But TVNewser is reporting that Beck mocked Obama’s daughter, Malia:

Fox News’ Glenn Beck is facing some heavy (and justified) criticism following comments he made about Malia Obama. HuffPost’s Jason Linkins has a thorough rundown of what transpired, but here is the short version:

Just a few days after Beck spoke out against mocking the children of public figures in an interview with Fox News contributor Sarah Palin, he proceeded to mock President Obama’s daughter Malia on his radio show.

Writes Linkins:

So, to revise the central tenets of Beck’s “leave the families alone” credo, people should only criticize the children of public figures of people whom Glenn Beck doesn’t like, including the ones who are stillborn.

First, the idea that Beck is being hypocritical over his “leave the families alone credo” is ridiculous. He isn’t mocking Malia, he’s mocking the president for using his daughter to score political points. In the interview with Sarah Palin, he plainly stated that everyone should leave their families out of the political debate, and other people should respect that. Well, Obama DID inject his daughter into the political debate, so I’m not seeing the hypocrisy here. If he were actually mocking Malia, maybe, but he’s not. He’s mocking Obama.

TVNewser continues:

And Mediaite’s Jon Bershad:

While the rest of the segment mocked Obama (Who certainly deserved it. Using your kids as a political ploy is trashy when Palin uses it and it’s definitely trashy when the president does) with lines like “Daddy, I know you didn’t plug the hole yet but did John Podesta? ‘Cause he’s the guy with the real power, daddy. Mommy told me,” the education line is making fun of the Obama daughters specifically.

The idea that Beck is criticizing Malia’s education is also crap because he didn’t criticize Malia’s education at all. Rather, he mocked the president for making her sound like she was 3 years old with the question he said she supposedly asked. But you can listen and decide for yourself. Below is the clip that is stoking the controversy.

Personally, I thought it was hilarious. (there’s more below)

Also, just so you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it, I’ve clipped Beck’s comments to Sarah from their interview the other day regarding his defense of family (his “leave the families alone” credo):


UPDATE: I’m not sure why, but Beck apologizes anyway (H/T Johnny Dollar):

“May 28, 2010 – 14:25 ET

In discussing how President Obama uses children to shield himself from criticism, I broke my own rule about leaving kids out of political debates. The children of public figures should be left on the sidelines. It was a stupid mistake and I apologize–and as a dad I should have known better.”

This kinda shocks me, but I stand by my analysis. I simply don’t think he did anything hypocritical or wrong. What do you think?

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27 thoughts on “Glenn Beck being falsely accused of mocking president’s daughter – UPDATE: Beck apologizes

  1. The president just included the daughter's story to show that everyone cares about getting the spill taken care of. Do you know the definition of mock? Of course he mocked her. He mocked her in every sense of the word. He's a grown man who imitated her voice. I know the defense is “he was just mocking Obama,” but he literally mocked her voice. Hilarious? You have no idea what comedy is. He was just making inflammatory comments that pander to the diehard conservatives, and you're disgusting for laughing at that.

  2. Larry, Glenn Beck did what the liberals wouldn't think of doing. He admitted he was wrong and apologized. I Have no reason to think you are a bad person for expressing your opinions. Not only that, I have no idea who you are so it's impossible for me to form an opinion of you.

  3. Obama used his kid as a propaganda prop. Obama has no claims and deserves no apology.

    Beck and Gray did mock the daughter(s) with their (Beck and Gray) incessant babytalk, have the kid say stuff that is very probably below her intelligence.

    Yes, Obama aid she said it first.

    I am here to tell you that I am FED UP with contention is OK because sombody did it first.

    Beck needs quickly (in my opinion) to get control of Gray and himself.

    Yes, Beck has lots of listeners and I have few, point taken.

    But if Beck thinks I am going to spend extra money for the right TO LISTEN TO FOUR HOURS of the same nonsense bit, he needs to think about it some more.

    And moral and ethical issues aside, that maneuver and the one earlier in the week about it being OK to quash the Moslems at the WTC, because, you know, they are bad people (they are) that do not have Constitutional rights. (Maybe, but I am often labeled as a bad person, so……..

  4. Why don't you come back when you learn to string a coherent thought into an intelligible sentence. Then we may have something to speak about. One other thought work on your spelling and one more do your parent's know that you're on their computer?

  5. Oh, was waiting for the the right-wing-religious-fenatical-politically-motivated-anti-Obama folks how they were going to defend their tephlon Glenn Beck who obviously is the mouth peice they highly scanction and encourage but yet hid behind……… Seems from the comments received not everyone agrees. when are they going to realize they are bible-banging A…HOLE!!!!!!

  6. That was hilarious…
    I don't think he should've apologized at all….Obama shouldn't put his kids in the lime light like that….but what do you expect from him…

  7. Let me get this strait! Beck is a butthead for making fun of this hilariously stupid statement by Obama, but it's OK for the left to call Shara's daughter a ignorant slut for trying to help young girls. Sounds about right. I'd love to teach these people some manners. I like the way Glen stood up to them. I don't think Beck, Rush or Hanity are to be trusted too far. If there $ were ever at risk theyed fold like a lawn chair! or just leave the country(buy a island).

  8. Whether you thought Beck was right or wrong, at least he has the honor to step and apologize. I think this something certain posters and attack poodles on the left side of things can take away as a lesson. I'm sure the Palin's are due a truckload of apologies for the attacks on their children,I won't hold my breath because Libs have no honor when it comes to such things. The true hypocrites are in plain view. As for apologies? I say Barry owes the country a big one,but again I'm not holding my breath.

  9. I heard the skit this morning and thought it was hilarious. I agree that Glenn's target was Obama and not his daughter. But I also understand why he apologized. He felt he broke a personal rule and had to address it. If some conservatives want to call him a wuss for apologizing, so be it. I'm guessing they don't have children themselves. The left is never going to give Glenn a break and I don't expect them to do it this time, even with the apology. That's the way of the current world. I respect Glenn for admitting to what he felt was a mistake, something that people like Keith Olbermann would never do.

  10. Thanks RC for ALL you do on getting word out….as for this clip, it is interesting that the media thought it was “cute” that the POTUS told a story of his daughter asking him while in the bathroom if the “hold was plugged yet”…
    FIRST off – it was crass of the prez to tell a double meaning interruptation like that, SECOND – he brought up the daughter at the SAME time telling everyone “hands off my daughters”…then why bring them up??
    And THIRD….does it want us to call him “daddy” so we know that it is HE is taking care of us and the country???
    Good thing we have objectivity in the media.
    The BEST thing for our country to do is get republicans in all levels of office…not because they don't have the potential for curruption BUT because the MEDIA will do their job on searching out truth, something the cannot and will not do with this 'messiah of theirs'….he ain't mine cuz MINE ALREADY came once and will come ONE MORE time before it all ends, and will come on a cloud as HE left this earth.

  11. Personally…

    I personally think Glenn Beck is a thought leader… and some people have a hard time following.

    Consider the Crime Inc. and Shore Bank “cast of characters” that Beck is exposing… doing the Obama lap-dog media's job, and doing it coherently.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  12. He wasn't mocking her education he was mocking Obama's use of his daughter and not believing that anyone of her age would actually said that.

    It's the same as when they did the bit where they where doing the letters that Dems were saying kids wrote to them.

    – The Cat

    P.S. At least he didn't talk about her getting bad grades like Barak did or getting fat like Michelle did.

  13. Glenn could have mocked Obama w/o mentioning his daughter. And the comment about her education was clearly an attack on her.

    I personally think Glenn Beck is an idiot. An example of the fringe right, not the real right. Unfortunately for folks like Bush, Buckley, Dole, etc… the real right is being pushed out by the Becks and Palins.

  14. “should practice what he preaches”…

    …I absolutely agree.

    …as should the president of the United States, every senator, congressman, city council member, preacher, father… and MAN.

    …but since we are 'fallible' beings, the man that apologizes (without rancor or malice) stands AT LEAST head and shoulders above his fellows ~ who never even disdain to consider their multitudinous need to do the same.


  15. Honestly, when you say you think families should be off limits, you should mean it. And not be a hypocrite about it. Glenn Beck should not even mention President Obama's children, they are not a political target, they are a cheap shot. If Mr. Beck wants people to leave his family out of it, he should leave other people's families out of it.

    President Obama mentioned a conversation with his daughter as part of a press conference, that doesn't mean he “brought his daughter into it” anymore than Glenn Beck did by being out in public with his family. To defend his actions here is stupid. Whether or not you like Glenn Beck is immaterial, he really should practice what he preaches or all he will do is gather more people who are against him.

  16. “… Personally, I thought it was hilarious”…

    Dittos to that!!!

    Also, Beck did nothing for which he needed to apologize… the Prez brought his own child into the political conversation, so commenting on Obama's inclusion of his daughter in his own self-defense is appropriate… even in the voice of a 3 year old, which was hilarious.

    It reminds me of the Glenn and Pat sperm and egg dialogue in children's voices about all the health care letters Obama reads each day.

    The YouTube link you had previously posted is not active, but I copied some of the hilarious dialogue below.

    Can you possibly post another YouTube video of that “classic” skit?

    – Still A Sperm Cell –
    (EVERY night, President Barack Obama reads 10 letters from citizens about health care)

    Mr. President,
    I am still a sperm cell swimming around in my daddy, and
    I am writing you right now…

    You said… sperm…
    What are you, immature, or what…
    I'm only an egg…

    We should get together…
    We can make people…
    We can rule people…

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  17. If you can't practice what you preach you deserve being called hypocritical. This comes right on the heels of the Palin interview where you asked the media to leave the famlies out of it.

    I'm glad Beck apologized, what he did was a disgrace. He should apologize to President Obama and especially his daughter if he wants any redemtion.

  18. I don't know why he apologized because he wasn't mocking Malia but her father's use, and yes his making her sound less intelligent than she is, of her.

  19. I don't get the apology either. I didn't think he brought Malia into it but, rather, he was mocking Obama for bringing Malia into it. The segment was brilliant. If the President wants his kids left out of it then he shouldn't constantly be bringing them into it.

  20. Ironic how shortly after Obama stating that we should read huffpo that his kept lapdogs attack Beck. It only gives more “ammunition” to Glenn in support of the fact that the Whitehouse is carrying out a smear campaign to silence him. I wonder how long it will be before they go after Rush for his gollum-like impression of Obama's daughter asking “The One” if he had plugged the hole yet? This really shows the caliber of the kept media “journalists” of the left.

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