Glenn Beck debunks Think Progress racist smear video of Tea Party

This is a great segment where Beck shows how Think Progress doctored video to make it look like the Tea Party accepts Nazi racists in their ranks, to basically ‘prove’ that the NAACP resolution against the Tea Party was valid:

UPDATE: The hacks at Think Progress is busted again for more lies.

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9 thoughts on “Glenn Beck debunks Think Progress racist smear video of Tea Party

  1. Why is Fox News giving oboma a pass on his ties to the Russian and Iranian spies lately that contributed to his campaign?

    Why is Fox News giving him a pass on the 23 + million dollars he gave to Kenya in support of abortion, gay marraige, and the Kenya Youth Islamic Organization?

    Why is Fox News giving him a pass on Arizona by contributing to the liberal medias take on it being against moms and pops picking fruit here when it's all about fighting criminal activity?

    Why is Fox News giving Biden a pass for his recent campaign fund fines against him?

    Why isn't Fox News demanding for Impeachment Proceedings to begin for all of the above Lies to America, violations to the Constitution and threats to our national security?

    All Bill Clinton did was lie about a little under the table blow, well, you know, and he got Impeached, what am I missing here?

  2. sue…..SUE THE PANTS OFF THESE PROPAGANDISTS for subliminal SLANDER!! (sorry for yelling :)) but seriously, it would serve two purposes, first, the obvious, money talks; same way the KKK was declawed SUE THEM TO DEATH, second, the truth may actually get some “scandelous publicity”…..unfortunately, between the housewifes and the E hollywood minute, it maybe the only way people actually hear what is really going on….

  3. The evidence is clear, but when one's ears are not prepard to hear, they won't.
    “It's easy to find the truth –even through the lies, but only when one is prepared to hear it.”

  4. This is the complete clip from Beck show. i posted it last night on another thread.

    Proof the tea patyy isn't eacist

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