Glenn Beck: Firing Juan Williams is message to Fox News

Glenn Beck connects the dots between George Soros’ direct attack against Fox News and the firing of Juan Williams at NPR:

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6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Firing Juan Williams is message to Fox News

  1. troubling all the pol correctness. soros has sent his message, and i am so tired of the political correctness. the double dealing on the left has gone long enough. it is extremely disgusting . one question is the son like the father (soros)? i pray that this becomes unacceptable soon.

  2. Go after the publicly funded bastards! I hope Soros watches his back. The man has alot of enemies. I will pray for him!

  3. Sorry, but that’s nothing more than a universal “DUH!” moment, Glenn. The Soros Machine (and his WH lapdogs) are not just after YOU… they are after the dismantling, destruction and total conquest of our entire Republic (as it was founded).

    What happened to Juan (and I agree with him very little) was WRONG (from a business sense, as well as any other cogent consideration) ~ but NO SURPRISE.CM Sackett

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