Glenn Beck foolishly calls Geert Wilders a fascist – UPDATE: Is this a pattern at FNC?

Glenn Beck irritated me BIG TIME today because of what he said on his TV show.

Beck discussed the incoming economic collapse of Europe that will trickle down around the world and US.

However, he went to say, that when there is economic unrest, there will be the rise of the extreme left (communists) and extreme right (fascists). And who did he idiotically point to as a fascist? Geert Wilders.

“Fox News LLC has required me to take down the video of Glenn Beck calling Geert Wilders a fascist.”

A hero, a man who is risking life and limb to rescue the Netherlands and Europe from radical Islamization and communism taking grip of his country and continent. Everyday he has to wear a safety vest and hide his family and give them 24-hour security because he is willing to say the unpopular thing to protect and defend his nation.

Glenn Beck had Geert Wilders on his show twice. Once on Headline News:

And on Fox News:

He even called the man “brave”, “a hero.”

Think before you speak Glenn Beck. This was a blatant tag of “fascist” on Geert Wilders and it was foolish of Beck to do so. Shame on you Glenn. I hope you rescind your comment on Wilders and publicly apologize to him.

UPDATE: Looks like there is a pattern formulating in Fox News with smearing Geert Wilders. Thanks to fellow poster ANTHONY for pointing this out to me on Twitter and to David Swindle of NewsRealBlog.

It looks like Fox News is having a vicious pattern against Geert Wilders. Today on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier, they smeared Wilders. They reported him as:

“A man who inspires fierce emotions.”

“Anger on the streets of London. The object of the demonstration was a recent visit by Far-Right Dutch politician Geert Wilders.”

“His Anti-Muslim rhetoric makes him a target of critics.”

“Wilders says Muslim head scarves should be banned, he’s branded the Muslim prophet Muhammed a pedophile and likened the Muslim Koran to Mein Kampf.”

All of these are lies as NewsRealBlog pointed it out. I recommend you read it.

Here is what Krauthammer, AB Stoddard, and Bill Kristol labeled Wilders:

Krauthammer said that Wilders was wrong about Islam — that the Dutch politician did not see a difference between Islam and Islamism. *Rolls eyes.* So those who follow “Islam” ignore passages of the Koran and those who follow “Islamism” actually do what the book tells them to do? Is that right, Charles? Just want to make sure I’m up to speed on the preferred Orwellianisms on the Politically Correct Right.

Stoddard’s comments — she said that Wilders saw no difference between terrorist Muslims and non-violent Muslims — indicate that it’s likely that her first exposure to Wilders was the segment. And Kristol? He dismissed Wilders as a “demagogue.”

Something weird and very wrong is happening to Fox News.

UPDATE II: Here are some people you should check out on their opinions of Beck and Fox News v. Geert Wilders:
Atlas Shrugs, The Other McCain, and Riehl World View

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