Glenn Beck interviews father of girl who had to recite Mexican National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance

Apparently part of learning Spanish these days means learning the Mexican National Anthem and the Mexican Pledge of Allegiance and then having to recite it in class – well at least in one Texas high school. Here’s the video one girl took of the class having to stand to recite the pledge and sing the national anthem of Mexico:

Here’s the interview with this little girl’s father this morning on Beck’s radio show:

Fore more on this, check out The Blaze.

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49 thoughts on “Glenn Beck interviews father of girl who had to recite Mexican National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance

  1. My kids told me 2 weeks ago that their Spanish teacher is having them recite and write the AMERICAN National Anthem in Spanish. These are proud American ENGLISH speaking children. My son said “mommy, it just didn’t feel right, and I didn’t want to do it, so I mouthed the words so I wouldn’t get in trouble.” He’s 9 and knew it made no sense! Then I find out she has them say and write, “I am NOT an American, I am an American, I’m not a Mexican, I am a Mexican!” WHAT IS THAT?? I am beyond furious. One of the board members was supposed to address it with the principal and the rest of the board, but didn’t have time? My worry is that if I come forward and make a big deal with no one behind me, as other parents don’t like it but don’t want to come forward, then my kids are targeted. My thought is I’ll remove them from the Spanish class if it continues. It’s optional anyway.

  2. So what , didn’t this happen in Kosovo 10 years ago, and now they have independent state. If Albanians in Kosovo have right to sing Albanian anthem , why not Mexicans in USA. After all, they live in Texas much longer then Albanians in Kosovo.

  3. My Spanish isn’t good, so I’ll have to take your word for it that’s what was being said. But … what’s that thing with the right arm? Siegheil?

    In Texas, huh? Say, Gov Perry, are these some of the illegals’ children you’d give tuition to? Say, Gov Perry, can YOU recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance? I’ll bet you can.

  4. Um, the Spanish language is from the country of Spain. Furthermore, Mexico is hardly the only country in this world to speak Spanish. I can understand including some Mexican history to give the language some context, but the history of other Spanish-speaking nations, INCLUDING the country the language is derived from (Spain, for the slow liberals out there) should also be included. There is no indication that any other Spanish-speaking nations are even mentioned in this class.

    If they’re going to teach any pledge of allegiance or any national anthem of any Spanish-speaking country, they ought to include ALL of them, INCLUDING the national anthem of Spain.

    This here is just another attempt on the part of the La Raza people to erase our culture and replace it with their own. That’s why nobody’s singing the national anthem of Argentina, or talking about Cuba, or even swearing allegiance to His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

  5. But if Mexicans learn the US pledge of allegiance its smiled upon. Really people?? What the he!! is the big deal here??

    1. Now you’re saying that Mexicans learn the US pledge of allegiance? Are you pulling this stuff out of your ass?

      If they’re attending US schools – paid by the US taxpayers, then YES, they ought to be learning our pledge of allegiance, which is something ALL US schoolchildren do.

      If they’re attending Mexican schools where they belong, there is absolutely NO reason for them to learn the US pledge of allegiance. Nice of you to assume that all conservatives would think that everyone on earth has to learn the US pledge of allegiance, regardless of where they live and where they go to school. I am happy to inform you that your ridiculous and baseless assumption is dead wrong.

      1. You sure love to put words in other’s mouths, dont you?

        In Mexico and in countries from all over the world, they have classes called “English Class”, where like in our “Spanish Class” they learn another country’s language, and they recite the US national anthem. Its not like they are worshiping us by singing the US national anthem, its simply an easy way for foreign language teacher’s to help their students learn how to speak another language while having fun. Yes, it is fun for kids to sing, and in a different language keeps their attention, which if you know anything about kids is key to having them learn.

        1. That is ridiculous! My kids can’t even say “My name is ____” in Spanish yet, and the teacher has them learning the national anthem, which is full of difficult words? When on earth will they need to know this? It’s irrelevant at best. There are MANY fun songs to sing to make learning fun. Using that as an excuse is ridiculous! Our Allegiance is to OUR AMERICAN FLAG! What is the point of n Allegiance if you willy nilly repeat any allegiance someone tells you to! There is TRUE meaning to our Allegiance to our flag, and when you go reciting it in other languages or reciting other allegiances, it disrespects the people whose blood is on that flag, who fought for our freedoms. They did not die so that our kids could pledge allegiance to another flag or to the flag they died protecting in another language! That is completely UNPATRIOTIC!

          1. You are taking this way too far. By reciting the Mexican National Anthem, they are not worshiping Mexico, they are practicing their Spanish. In many foreign language classes, you learn how to speak, write, and read a foreign language. Thats what this is about, no one is being unpatriotic in any fashion.

  6. You do realize that without this media, we probably would have never found out about this crap from the Lap Dog Media.

  7. If it were me or my child, I would have learned the American pledge of allegiance in Spanish and recited THAT in front of the class. Then you could see what kind of response that would provoke and it would tell a ton about what their motives were.

    1. This is what happens when you become so open-minded that your brains fall out. I will NEVER, EVER pledge my allegiance to any foreign flag or crown. Not now, not ever.

    2. What do you think of children from other countries who learn the US national anthem? Do you think thats wrong? The double standard here is too much to bare. Just because they learned a little bit of another culture does not make this some anti-american deal, there are so much more important things going on in the world this is hardly news worthy.

      1. I think that’s ridiculous – I have no idea as to why children in other countries learn the US national anthem unless they’re in a class learning about various national anthems from around the world.

        This is newsworthy because Mexican illegal immigrants are invading this country and are attempting a slow, soft takeover. This whole business of learning the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem of Mexico is just part of that. That’s why it’s newsworthy, unless you think that illegal immigration is not a problem.

        1. Cultures naturally, over-time, spread from land to land. We are a nation of immigrants, in fact our culture comes from a mixture of cultures from all over the world, most originating from Europe. These are kids… when i was a kid, i remember learning spanish songs in my spanish class. In fact, i remember reciting the Mexican National Anthem in my spanish class, and at that age all it did was help with speaking a different language, and understanding other countries cultures. You people are making it sound like Mexicans are taking over our youth, all you do is make moderates who look at conservative sites think were crazy.

        2. BTW, illegal immigration and learning the Mexican National Anthem in a Spanish Class, in which you learn how to speak, write, and talk Spanish have nothing in common.

      2. If people want to sing the US national anthem in other countries, then that’s their own business.

        What’s of concern here is how the liberals teach self-hatred of the US, and more broadly the West as a whole, and how this is just one peek into that, as well as the sense of guilt that they try to instil in us for the crime of being born in the US, and more broadly the West as a whole. Obama has bought into this attitude too; you can see it in the praise he heaps on despots and tyrants, whilst decrying the American people and spitting upon European allies, such as Britain.

        1. I do agree that there are professors that teach hatred for the US, but that is not until college. Like Beck, you are looking and thinking to deeply into this subject.

          1. It’s not just in college, because it’s also taught in the culture: Movies, television shows, tv news, newspapers, radio and Internet. You’re brought up from childhood to adulthood, watching, reading and listening to it.

            Even without going to college, people can be raised to feel self-hatred for the “guilt” of being born an American, or more broadly from being born in the West.

            Privatising the entire school system would be a big step in the right direction, because the liberals would no longer have anywhere near the same “captive audience” as they do under a public school system.

      3. If they aren’t American’s YES it is! They should pledge their allegiance to their own flag and country…not ours! I don’t see the point…

  8. I liked Glenn’s message taken from this family’s fortitude– “Stand up for what you believe. You may be lonely at first but then you look around and you’ll see other people standing up.” Thank you Texas-Americans. Thank you Glenn Beck.

    1. This is so true. I started standing up in school, and now I’ve actually found some conservatives in my classes! What happened that made Conservatives feel like we had to cower in the corner? Either way, I make it a point to show fellow “closeted” conservatives that they are not alone, and then they tend to become more vocal as well! If no one takes the first step, none of our voices will ever be heard. We must ALL take the first step together…

  9. Lots of kids are peerpressured or otherwise coerced on a daily basis into reciting the American pledge of allegiance. If having to recite the Spanish pledge is an infringement upon her rights, as one migtht rightly argue, why does the other get a free pass?

    1. I can barely even respond to this nonsensical question.

      1) We live here, not Mexico
      2) Allegiance to the USA goes beyond politics and is at the heart of being a citizen
      3) More and more, kids are not required to recited the pledge
      4) One should never have to be coerced into honoring the nation they love
      5) They are being schooled at no direct cost in an American school
      6) If it weren’t for America, you wouldn’t have the freedom to make such posts

      That’s plenty.

    2. If they don’t want to say the pledge of allegiance perhaps they should move to Mexico or another third world country so they would appreciate and respect what we have in America.

      Free pass? What? Absurd. Since when does being a good AMERICAN citizen infringe on the rights of our students? This is leftists nonsense.

      1. If they don’t want to say the pledge of allegiance perhaps they should move to Mexico or another third world country so they would appreciate and respect what we have in America.

        Ah the “love it or leave it” mentality returns… Here’s an idea, how about learning the true meaning of freedom of speech. It means that not only do I have the right to speak my mind, it also means I have the right to hold my tongue and not speak or recite anything I do not wish say.

        I will never again recite the pledge of allegiance because I’ve placed my allegiance with the Constitution. So should I leave the country as well, since, as you say, if I “don’t want to say the pledge of allegiance perhaps [I] should move to Mexico or another third world country”?

        1. Why does the Pledge of Allegiance make you so angry? You admit you have have no problem with pledges, so why do you have so much hate for the flag that represents the country?

          1. I think you’re confused on something. My dislike of the pledge doesn’t mean I hate the flag. To be clear, I do not hate the flag. It’s a beautiful design that represents this country: 13 stripes for the original colonies, 50 stars (currently) representing each recognized State, all in red, white and blue to symbolize the colors of the flag representing the kingdom from which the United States was derived and declared independence. For those who understand the history of the United States it’s a beautiful tapestry representing that history.

            But that flag predates the pledge of allegiance by more than a century. Further, compare the pledge of allegiance with the Oath of Citizenship and see what is different with regard to what the person reciting each is declaring their allegiance.

            1. I’d really like to know why you “dislike” the Pledge of Allegiance. What exactly is it that you “dislike”?

              I’m guessing here, but I’ll put money on “One Nation Under God”.

              1. And how sure are you of that bet? And how much money are we talking about? If you lose, are you willing to donate said amount of money to a charity of my choice?

        2. “It means that not only do I have the right to speak my mind, it also means I have the right to hold my tongue and not speak or recite anything I do not wish say.” You do have the right to hold your tongue. Your silence speaks volumes.

          The Constitution defines the Republic “for which it stands”. So, if you do not pledge the flag, you do not pledge the Republic it stands for, nor the founding document that created it.

          1. Wrong, sir.

            The Constitution defines the government that represents the republic, not the republic itself. What defines the Republic are the individual States that make up the Republic for without those States the Republic would not exist.

            The Constitution is what gives the Federal government the authority to define what the flag shall be. So by pledging allegiance to the flag, you are pledging allegiance to a product, a design of the Federal government. You might as well be pledging your allegiance to the government.

            1. I pledge my allegiance through this flag to these states united as America and for the republics for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

              Freedom of speech stops at these crappy overpaid government employees’ subsudized occupations. This is an employment issue. We pay their checks. We’ll decide the curriculum.

              1. 1. You completely botched the pledge of allegiance.

                2. The freedom of speech to which I was referring was that of the students in the classroom, not of the teachers — i.e. the right of the students to not recite the pledge and the freedom from being compelled to do so.

                3. Your taxes go to pay the salaries of teachers in public schools, but that no more gives you the privilege to directly design the curriculum than does the fact your taxes pay the salaries of your state legislators and governor give you the privilege to directly enact legislation.

        3. The Pledge of Allegiance is symbol of love and respect for the blessings G-d has given to America.

          Just because YOU can doesn’t mean you should….

          Yes, the ole double standard, as a liberal YOU have complete freedom of speech no matter the cost to everyone else in society. You don’t realize what an honor it is to live in America….

          Wake up! Have you ever lived in a Communist country, bub? Let me tell you, if you and the other morons that don’t have respect for the pledge of allegiance to our flag and our country ever lived in a repressive gov’t and had the opportunity and privilege to live in America (as I have) you would be the loudest person pledging to the glorious flag of the world’s last hope-precious America!

          Don’t behave like a spoiled brat child, go and see the world, go to Mexico or another oppressive regime. Live there and see if you return to America with new eyes…

          1. Just a bucket of assumptions, aren’t you? Let’s count the assumptions before tearing them apart.

            Since I don’t like the pledge, I

            1. don’t appreciate the freedom that exists in the United States, and as such,
            2. should move to a country with an oppressive regime, as living there would cause me to
            3. suddenly appreciate what we have and gladly recite the pledge as a result.


            Let me fill you in on something: I am the son of a Navy veteran, grandson of a Korea War veteran, grand-nephew of a Marine killed in the South Pacific, and great-grandson of a World War I veteran. I fully appreciate the freedoms we enjoy as protected by the Constitution.

            I know full well how good we have it, so don’t you dare try to tell me otherwise simply because I don’t agree with you with regard to a statement drafted by a Christian socialist 103 years after the Constitution was ratified, 116 years after the Declaration of Independence. Don’t you dare imply that I’m less of an American simply because I won’t recite the pledge of allegiance.

            My allegiance is with the document that protects the rights you and I exercise every day. My allegiance is with the document that transcends the government that is every day slowly chipping away at that freedom. My allegiance is NOT with something that is a product of the government or with the state.

            My allegiance is with the Constitution of the United States.

            Where is yours?

    3. Oh the joy of ignorance. What is a pledge of allegiance?
      A pledge is a promise, a solemn vow that one takes publicly to fulfill as best one can. People may DIE because of a pledge they have made. This is not a joke. It is not an exercise.
      Allegiance is the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or her sovereign. ( This is where a person’s heart lies.

      As an American citizen, this boils my blood to no end. It is downright treasonous. If my child were in that classroom, I would see to it that the teacher would never teach again.
      If you do not understand this:
      It is time you woke up.
      You have no honor and no sense of worth.
      You should be ashamed to call yourself an American.

      For you with no sense of intellect: The teacher is forcing the kids in that classroom to align themselves with Mexico and renounce the United States. They may not understand it, but that is what they are doing. If you don’t like this country, GET OUT!

      1. Compare these phrases and tell me which one you feel is more appropriate:

        “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true Faith and Allegiance to the same…”


        “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands….”

        The people who’ve fought and died for this country said the former.

        1. One is great for a soldier and one is great for a civilian. I swear my loyalty to the United States, but I do not go out on a day-to-day basis and operate on the principles of the Constitution. It does not tell me how to do my job. It DOES provide a framework for the military. That is the difference.

          1. I do not go out on a day-to-day basis and operate on the principles of the Constitution.

            If you on a day-to-day basis exercise the rights protected by the Constitution, you do go out on a day-to-day basis operating on the principles of the Constitution.

          1. That’s debatable and may not be true for a good proportion of those who’ve served and died, especially of the youngest soldiers and Marines being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan during our current conflicts over there.

  10. Why don’t they put the British flag up in english class? To be correct the teacher should have put up the spanish flag not the mexican flag. Mexicans are half indian and half spanish.

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