Glenn Beck: JD Hayworth’s campaign is over!

Glenn Beck goes after JD Hayworth over a 2007 infomercial that some have said will end his campaign. Apparently Beck agrees with this message and would rather have Big Government McCain in his place:

UPDATE: I was rushing out the door when I posted this, so I wanted to come back and share a few thoughts on this. First, as much as I love Beck, I was fairly disappointed in the approach he took with this segment. Sure, I think JD Hayworth is slimy. He comes across to me as a used car salesman and sounds way to politician for my blood. That said, he’s clearly the better choice over McCain. Just read the link above to see McCain’s record. It’s terrible, and to think he’s had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment on immigration is like drinking oil and saying it tastes like koolaid.

Hayworth clearly has some ghosts in his closet, and he has never struck me as a Jim Demint or Mike Pence. But let’s keep things in perspective. This was one infomercial against a plethora of big government policies that McCain has implemented. So, while I want the most conservative person I can get, just remember what we are up against with the Democrats in Congress. We have to defeat them, and Hayworth is the man in Arizona to do it.

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