Glenn Beck to Tea Party: If you support Newt but not Obama, you’re racist

Glenn Beck just jumped the shark with this one. He said this last night on Judge Napolitano’s show:

I issued a challenge to the Tea Party members. The challenge is this: You read [Newt’s] record, you read his words. Not just the happy parts like you read about Theodore Roosevelt. Look into his record. See what he believes. This man is a progressive. He knows he’s a progressive. He doesn’t have a problem with being a progressive.

So if you’ve got a big government progressive [in Newt] or a big government progressive in Obama, one in Newt Gingrich, one in Obama, ask yourself this Tea Party. Is it about Obama’s race, because that’s what it appears to be to me. If you’re against him [Obama] but you’re for this guy [Newt], it must be about race. I mean, what else is it about Judge?

It’s the policies that matter, it’s the policies that matter.

I know Newt has his problems which is why he isn’t my primary candidate. And if you don’t support him in the primaries I totally understand. But to say he’s exactly like Obama, and on top of that, to say that a Tea Party member is racist for supporting Newt over Obama, that is absolutely absurd and in my opinion enough for me to discontinue watching Beck in any format, forever.

Seriously folks, Obama is one of the worst presidents America has ever had. Newt is absolutely not an outsider and he’s done things that make many of us second guess him. But when it mattered, Newt’s Congress actually did some pretty good stuff and, as Rush recently noted, is the last Speaker to have actually cut the budget. And this election demands that we put someone in office that will do the opposite of what Obama has been doing to this country. Newt may not be the best candidate but if he is the nominee, as I’ve said of others, I WILL RUN to the polls to vote for him.

And for the record, I do NOT believe that Newt wants this country to fail as does Obama. I do NOT believe that Newt sees America the same way Obama sees it. And I do NOT believe Newt will continue what Obama has done to this country.

Sorry Glenn, but I’m NOT a racist if I vote for Newt. I want to get Obama out of office as much as the next guy and as The Great One says, I will vote for an orange juice can over Obama. And Newt certainly isn’t an orange juice can.

Here’s the clip so you can see for yourself:


UPDATE: I see a lot of people saying that Beck didn’t literally mean that we are racists and what not. Just for a moment, let’s say he didn’t say that at all. But he is saying that Obama and Newt are the same in that they are progressives, and that is almost as absurd as suggesting it’s about race if we vote for Newt.

But he said what he said. I’ve given you his quote and the video. Sounded pretty clear to me, but as always, you can decide and it looks like many of you have already.

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591 thoughts on “Glenn Beck to Tea Party: If you support Newt but not Obama, you’re racist

  1. Mixing religion and politics always leads to brain damage. And no, I’m not being snarky. It’s true. The best joining of the spiritual and the physical is a human being, and anyone can see how many variations of that are in existence.

    To try to conceive of a Creator that is so much more than the mortals we are is simply, well… insane. The best we can do from our limited flawed perch is to believe. Unfortunately for guys like Beck, beliefs are not currency that can be transferred from one to another. Each person’s belief is unique because it cannot be quantified and can only be qualified indirectly via observation over time.

    Beck needs to to take some quiet time in an igloo.

  2. Glenn really stepped in it this time. But wait! It’s a left wing socialist trick that made him say Tea Party members are Racist if they vote for Newt, Glenn would never say that. It’s some kind of conspiracy.

  3. So now I’m a Racist if I dont vote for Obama? I’m a tea party member and a racist?
    this will be my last look at this web page or GBTV i’ve requested my subscription to be cancelled.

    Obama is no different than Newt? And all along I thought those tears you shed so often was because you love America.

  4. Well, I’m so disappointed in Beck. I have, to this point, been a HUGE fan, but he is doing all the things politically he said he would never do and he is dead wrong. One thing that really bothers me is that he is acting like people can’t change. “just look at his record and what he has said”. What if we looked at Glenn’s past and could not get past that, or forgive him his transgressions, or believe that he is a different person now. Wow! Can he be the only one to overcome his past? I don’t think so, and with all of his sheeple type followers, he may just be handing this election to Obama.

  5. Beck has clearly risen to the level of his incompetence.

    He is just going to go around the table criticizing something about each candidate until he arrives at the conclusion that it has to be Romney as the nominee even though he doesn’t really like him. He will do that because they are both Mormons.

    What I just said is no more absurd or offensive than what Beck just said about the Tea Party. If Beck does not need to be substantive in his “assessments” I don’t either. This combined with the way he weaseled out of criticism for the Sherrod story last summer should have people who are paying attention running for the exits on this guy. He is officially a clown.

  6. I was mad at Beck earlier for his statement and didn’t watch his show live today because I was supporting Newt but then I felt I needed to here him out. I just finished Becks monolog on GBTV this evening to find myself in agreement with him about Newt, I suggest you all do the same!

  7. I’ve been a loyal and happy fan of Glenn’s for YEARS, I even got TWO gbtv subscriptions just to show extra support for his endeavors. I’ve watched this a few times and came to the conclusion that he really did say this in all seriousness, he wasn’t just being ‘sarcastic’ or ‘joking’ and I take offense at his comment. I never disliked Obama because of his skin color. I supported Cain and my fiance’s not white (he’s Eskimo) I dislike Obama cuz he’s a fraud. I’m not saying I’m a Newt supporter either, I haven’t decided. But should I choose to support Newt, that has nothing to do with his or Obama’s skin color. I think Bachmann and Santorum are the last TRUE Conservatives we have running… but hey, I’ll take Newt ANY DAY over Obama!!! If Ron Paul were to win the nomination (snickers) I’d vote for him too, whoever gets the nomination gets my full support, even if I have to strap on a gas mask to vote for them! Back peddle all you want Glenn, you put your own foot securely in your own mouth. Where’s our apology??

  8. When he said, “it must be about race”, either he meant that Newt was racist, or that we are.

    Newt may well have some baggage from the past, but he’s unquestionably the brightest of all the candidates. And I’ll bet he wrote his own books.

  9. Is it about getting rid of Obama? Is it REALLY?
    If it REALLY was, you would go with the one that has a grassroots enthusiasm larger than ANY other candidate in the history of the US! Ron Paul has the youth and the energy behind him to win the general election. No other candidate has anywhere near the passion of the Paul campaign. Let that sink in. Ron Paul gets TWICE the donations from our military than all others COMBINED! Paul polls 10 full points ahead of every other candidate with the independents, the group that determines who wins! Is the Republican party really going to snuff this out? Do they really think Newt Romney will get out the vote of anyone other than the white 60+ year olds? If the Republican party snuffs out the Paul campaign, they WILL LOSE to Obama. They will enter the general with an ethically challenged moderate candidate that has ZERO enthusiasm and skeletons galore, there will be NO spark, and no passion. And it will be the “anti-Pauls” that re-elect Obama. Does Newt Romney have college kids out waving signs for him? They’re DUDS, McCain 2.0! The writing is on the wall and it is crystal clear, nominate Paul and watch the party swell with independents and youth (plus you get REAL cuts, and REAL limited gov.) or live under Obama! Choose NOW!

  10. Newt, family values man:
    – Cheated on Wife 1, divorced, married the younger gal he was cheating with.
    – Cheated on Wife 2, divorced, married the younger gal he was cheating with.
    – Promoted Globull Warming on the couch with Nancy P, probably still believes in Cap-n-tax-esque legislation.
    – Panders to “Latino voters” with talk of Shamnesty-esque legislation.
    – Proclaimed “the Era of Reagan is over,” then writes a book extolling Reagan.
    – Supports ethanol subsidies.

    Bottom line: not trustworthy personally or politically. A liar,con man, and a fool.

  11. The tea baggers and their flunkies the Repugs, had better pull their heads out of their asses and find a viable candidate to challenge the President next year or 2012 will feel like 1865 all over again. A total and complete lost cause.Then what will be the excuse? Go and try to sell this bullshit to those young people in New York plaguing the Kocksuckers at wall street. I can’t wait to smoke this cigar over the smoking, rotting corpse of the GnOP.

      1. You must be the asshole teabaggers think are brilliant. Melbo

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        Ed Herold wrote, in response to melbo58:
        You must be the male version of Monica Lewinsky for the Dems, so you must like your cigars up your kazoo like a humidor before you strike er up…eh? Link to comment

  12. When are you going to learn? He’s fundamentally right. A progressive is a progressive. Now we are only talking degrees… e.g. Buss II and the TSA, Prescription Medicare, Bailouts. A PROGRESSIVE IS A PROGRESSIVE. Pull your heads out and vote for someone with principles. Ron Paul anyone?

  13. fortunately I had the opportunity to catch on to the fact that Mr. Beck, while managing to sound pretty conservative a lot of the time, does pick and choose based on some other criteria.

  14. This is why I have only watched Beck twice. He always was too much of a loose cannon to suit me. I wonder if he even realizes the extent of the damage he may have done with this one stupid, irresponsible, untrue statement.

    “I do NOT believe that Newt wants this country to fail as does Obama. I do NOT believe that Newt sees America the same way Obama sees it. And I do NOT believe Newt will continue what Obama has done to this country.”

    That pretty much says it for me. I don’t like or trust Newt, and I don’t want him to be the nominee, but I don’t believe he hates America, and I don’t vacillate between believing he’s a Muslim or a marxist.

    He’s just a dangerous, “progressive”, power-lusting politician.

    1. I haven’t heard it yet, but it was obvious he was going to have to clarify his statement and ensure us that he wasn’t calling us racist. He has subscriptions to save, after all. But the way he does it will be imperative to his survival as a pursuer of the truth.

      1. I totally agree. I was a heartbeat away from canceling my subscription.

        Some people in the Tea Party support Gingrich because they are ill informed. They swoon over his “Conservo-speak” and never look at his record.

        Beck will do a segment tonight on his TV show digging into Newt’s record and setting the record straight. If you still support Gingrich then your clueless, but NOT racist.

        1. I just heard him on his radio program this morning say ‘To call the Tea Party racist is SUCH an infantile statement’. I agree with him and wonder why he said it, then.

          Ya, Dicenta, I know you’re saying he’s being sarcastic and only you (being a Cornell alumni) would be able to see it. But these things are not said in a political discussion, no matter what the context (Rhetorical, sarcastic, redundent, or facetious).

          I am sad that he did not say he was sorry for the comment. Man up, Beck.

          1. Beck says some stupid things sometimes.

            As for the controversy of the day: No he’s not saying the Tea Party is racist. Michele Bachmann and Allen West just visited his show this morning. Both are Tea Party icons and neither had an issue with Beck.

            I am sad that he did not say he was sorry for the comment. Man up, Beck.

            Ya I wish he would say those words too. Maybe he will tonight.

            1. I agree. I do not believe Beck thinks ANY Tea Party person is racist. That is what makes it even worse that he used it as a tool to make his point. We’ll see tonight.

  15. Glenn Beck has become a joke in my mind. You can see over the past ear or so he has really thinks a lot of himself. Vanity, the Devils favorite sin.

  16. The “medecine man” is at it again. He was banned from my household after his similar attcak on Herman Cain when he turned false accusations of sexual harassment into sexual assault on his radio show. The medecine man said that we should not support Cain and now he is telling us that we are racist if we support Newt. How is what he is doing any different than what the liberal media is doing to our primary election? Obviously themedecine man also would like to tell us who we can and can not vote for. I am done with anything and everything Beck!

  17. If newt or mittens get in the white house they will be as bad as Bush was. They will give us another 4 to 8yrs of more gov spending increases and after they leave we can look forward to someone the that will top the corruption of obama. No there is a better alternative.

    The video below gives Rush Limaugh answer to our problems that I agree with and is within reach.

  18. I don’t like newt, but if he’s the one, I will vote for him. ABO
    We need to get rid of as many dems in both houses as we can.
    We need to get control over the education of our children, get rid of the socialists and marxists and commies in the classroom and the unions that put them there.
    Seems McCarthy was on to something. Especially when you have people like teddy kennedy offering intel to Russia. How many others have gone undetected? And now we have muslims infiltrating every level of government, with the assist of the government. Seems like a lot of traitors need to be tried.

  19. I have a hard time taking Glenn as a historian serious. He was shock-jock and an alcaholic, as he so proudly reminds us in every show. Glenn seems to think too highly of himself, Newt gingrich is an *actual* historian and has been since Glenn was throwing up all over himself.
    The Newt bashing annoys me, from Glenn and from some people in here. Newt was there in Congress, defending Reagan in real-time, rallying conseravtives after Clinton got elected, balancing the budget, cutting welfare, cutting taxes, cutting regulations. I remember the 90’s well, Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich were to the 2 most hated and feared men in America to the ‘mainstream’ media and the left. Newt was writing history books then as well.
    Now comes along Glenn Beck, just a decade ago he was a total foul mouthed, rude alcaholic shock jock, Howard Stern wannabe, loser AND …. Glenn WAS DIVORCED!!!! I wonder if he cheated his first wife? I only mention it because Newt was divorced too, and apparently that disqualifies him to some.
    Much of the economic prosperity of the mid to late 90’s was thanks to the republican congress, which Bill Clinton was wise enough to take credit for. Newt led that. If not for Newt, Bill Clinton would have spent us into oblivion just like obama.
    Others compare Newt to McCain, also nonsense. McCain’s exceptional military service aside, he has never offered any solution or plans for anything memorable, except a blanket amnesty bill. McCain is a go along to get along MODERATE bench warmer. Newt is an idea factory, MOSTLY conservative ideas and solutions. I know he’s flawed and he has strayed a few times. He’s also sounded like he’s really matured in recent years. I will support whoever the nominee is, but I’m starting to pull for Newt. I suggest you compare Newt to John Boehner, tell me you see no differnce? Boehner is like a ground hog, barely pops his head out to be seen. Newt is a warrior.
    Glenn Beck reminds me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, he’s Donald Sutherland at the end , eyes popping out, mouth wide open, finger pointing and instead of the alien screech, he see’s EVERYONE as progressive infidels. A bit paranoid and a bit arrogant.

  20. As a Glenn Beck fan I’d like to ask Glenn if he’d skip the vote or vote third party if Newt’s the GOP nominee. either way, good luck with that Glenn. Despite my misgivings with Newt which I’ve had for a couple decades, I’d be glad to vote for him over Obama.

  21. “If you’re against him [Obama] but you’re for this guy [Newt], it must be about race.”

    More likely, it’s about party, not race. Somehow, a GOP progressive is more acceptable than a Dem progressive. Go figure.

  22. It’s totally beyond me how a Gog fearing man like Beck can make such a fals statement about someone. I agree with Beck a lot, and like him too, but this is way off. Obama expanded Government more than anyone in History, and Newt actually cut it, as Rush said.

    The term big Government is a very broad one. According to Ron Paul everyone besides him is also for too big of a government.

    Do you know that a stubbern, in box conservative approach would’ve worked on Capitol Hill to actually accomplish something? When was the last time that happened? Go back and check Ronald Reagan’s statements while in office and you’ll see how meny times he took a practical position over the ideal one, in order to accomplish. Remember, Newt wasn’t a talk artist, he was a Republican speaker of the house…

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  24. All Glenn Beck has done is just give the Libtards ammo against the republicans and tea party for the general election. Run the video again and really listen to him. Also, he says he is one step above Ron Paul with the exception on Israel. Glenn is loosing it!

    Additionally, the sad part is he is calling Rick Santorum a liar.
    Here is Rick Santorum;
    ”Newt Gingrich is the man that taught me to be a Conservative…Newt is the man I admire and made me the Conservative I am today…”

    Lastly, Glenn Becks for his arguement is ”guilty by association” which is nothing but a strawman. It is really exposing the bais that Glenn Beck has and makes him look like a hypocrite since he is the one that exposes ”malace toward no one”. I got news for you Glenn Beck, as a republican that is wrongful intention is one of the foundations of malice so you have just made yourself a HYPOCRITE!

    But lets break down Glenn’s ”guilt by association” arguement and apply it another way. So, simply put because Newt liked early TR as a trust busting, child labor labor law, evironmentalism friendly, FDA, Republican, long before TR made his Progressivism speech and went Bull Moose, by that association; Newt is a Progressive…. ridiculous!

    Why? Because if that were the case then President Reagan could be labeled a progressive as well. Yep! you guessed it….President Ronald Reagan is a progressive under Glenn arguement. Why, because President Reagan based alot of his campaign and Presidential policies had their origins based on FDR.

    President Reagan was fond of quoting FDR and agreed with some of his policies and decisions. Therefore, based on the Glenn Beck model President Reagan was a Progressive…. again, RIDICULOUS. Glenn, your argument is weak and malicious on just like the ”guilt by association” arguement on Reagan!!!!

    Google ”the Roosevelt Myth” by Murray N. Rothbard which is a white paper that goes indept on Reagan and origins. Good read with alot of facts.

  25. Newt may have issues with trustworthiness, but anyone with rudimentary brain could plainly see that compared to Obama he does not hate your country. To even compare them, is just absurd. With regards to Obama, this is a guy who has been handing US in a silver platter to UN, Europe, Global Warming Fraudsters, China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and to the Islamic ideologues – useless and dangerous are just two among many which could best describe this guy and his Presidency. Glen Beck has done a great disservice to the tea party by using a racist tangent in trying to prove a point.

    1. -1 for Breitbart.

      Beck totally should have never hired Betsy Morgan, right? A successful and intelligent news CEO, but no! She just *might* be a registered Democrat. God forbid a Democrat trying to find the TRUTH!.

      Political division will destroy this country. Whether it’s voting for one Progressive and not the other or hiring someone based not on their merits, but on their political affiliation.

  26. You may be right, but when he tries to treat us like sheeple the way the left (and the Cornell phychologist types) do, then he’s going to lose a lot of followers. Whether it’s shock therapy, sarcastic, or rhetorical, if you implore race baiting as your technique, you will lose everytime. There is no left-wing, Pavlov-type training here. One has no right to inject it into the political conversation.

  27. Glenn Beck is putting everything on the line to try to wake people up. None of us are doing as much. Sometimes you have to do something startling to get peoples attention. None of the Republican candidates are perfect. Glenn wants us to realize what these candidates actually stand for. He feels Bachmann and Santorum represent more of a conservative view and would stick to their beliefs, yet no one seems to realize this. Glenn has done everything but fly to the moon to get people to truly evaluate these candidates. Newt and Mitt are both progressives. Yes, they would be better than Obama, but if you slow the car from 80mph to 50mph, you are still going over the cliff. Who will actually stop the car?

  28. STOP GET A GRIP!! i stand with Glenn Beck. Ever since newt took to the top of the polls, I have asked what is going on with conseratives? I know Glenn’s flustration and I think he was reacting to that flustration on the Judges program and asking not saying people are racists but retorically trying to understand what conseratives could be thinking to back Newt. My problem with Newt is not only is he a progressive but to me the fact he is impressed with himself –impressed with is own brain power and if you add power to that mind set you will see just how bad arrogance can be. but far worse –this time it will be on the conserative side and will likely cause the conserative movment to become so disillusioned that we are not likely to recover. Remember conseratives are in the majority. I believe to be President of USA you have to the HUMBLE or at the very least recognize that we all have and old sin nature and know how to get to the throne of Grace to get back in fellowship immediately

    Mitch is too to timid and very afraid of what people think to speak the truth

    Newt is so impressed with his brains and how he thinks that given power of presidency will only make him certain he is the brighest bulb in the world and then y
    ou think we have a narcissict president now–just wait until you see Newt.

    Ron Paul I love Ron Paul but couldn’t vote him as he forgets what the Bible says: Dont touch the Jews and always protect them

    Michelle and Santorium has lived to long in the congres

    That leaves Perry and I hate he has trbl stringing 2 words together but look at Texas and I want texas all over the USA


      1. i m so sorry didn’t know it had posted so many times if I knew how to correct I would have corrected my self so was hoping right scoop would see and fix

        In a message dated 12/11/2011 6:04:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:


        13Krieger wrote, in response to onne:
        Please STOP posting the same thing over and over!

        _Link to comment_ (

  29. I think Beck has let the power he wields with his fans get to his head. He has gone too far here. No doubt about it. Shame on you Glenn.

    1. that is the sad part of power….power corrupts even the purest of hearts so one that is flawed will be corrupted even more. why? can you say vanity??

  30. STOP GET A GRIP!! i stand with Glenn Beck. Ever since newt took to the top of the polls, I have asked what is going on with conseratives? I know Glenn’s flustration and I think he was reacting to that flustration on the Judges program and asking not saying people are racists but retorically trying to understand what conseratives could be thinking to back Newt. My problem with Newt is not only is he a progressive but to me the fact he is impressed with himself –impressed with is own brain power and if you add power to that mind set you will see just how bad arrogance can be. but far worse –this time it will be on the conserative side and will likely cause the conserative movment to become so disillusioned that we are not likely to recover. Remember conseratives are in the majority. I believe to be President of USA you have to the HUMBLE or at the very least recognize that we all have and old sin nature and know how to get to the throne of Grace to get back in fellowship immediately

    Mitch is too to timid and very afraid of what people think to speak the truth

    Newt is so impressed with his brains and how he thinks that given power of presidency will only make him certain he is the brighest bulb in the world and then y
    ou think we have a narcissict president now–just wait

    Ron Paul I love Ron Paul but couldn’t vote him as he forgets what the Bible says: Dont touch the Jews and always protect them

    Michelle and Santorium has lived to long in the congres

    That leaves Perry and I hate he has trbl stringing 2 words together but look at Texas and I want texas all over the USA

  31. This what happens when you let great people down like Herman Cain. Then, you have to choose from the rest of the rest as two sluts have decided for us.

  32. STOP GET A GRIP!! i stand with Glenn Beck. Ever since newt took to the top of the polls, I have asked what is going on with conseratives? I know Glenn’s flustration and I think he was reacting to that flustration on the Judges program and asking not saying people are racists but retorically trying to understand what conseratives could be thinking to back Newt. My problem with Newt is not only is he a progressive but to me the fact he is impressed with himself –impressed with is own brain power and if you add power to that mind set you will see just how bad arrogance can be. but far worse –this time it will be on the conserative side and will likely cause the conserative movment to become so disillusioned that we are not likely to recover. Remember conseratives are in the majority. I believe to be President of USA you have to the HUMBLE or at the very least recognize that we all have and old sin nature and know how to get to the throne of Grace to get back in fellowship immediately

    Mitch is too to timid and very afraid of what people think to speak the truth

    Newt is so impressed with his brains and how he thinks that given power of presidency will only make him certain he is the brighest bulb in the world and then y
    ou think we have a narcissict president now–just wait until you see Newt.

    Ron Paul I love Ron Paul but couldn’t vote him as he forgets what the Bible says: Dont touch the Jews and always protect them

    Michelle and Santorium has lived to long in the congres

    That leaves Perry and I hate he has trbl stringing 2 words together but look at Texas and I want texas all over the USA


  33. STOP GET A GRIP!! i stand with Glenn Beck. Ever since newt took to the top of the polls, I have asked what is going on with conseratives? I know Glenn’s flustration and I think he was reacting to that flustration on the Judges program and asking not saying people are racists but retorically trying to understand what conseratives could be thinking to back Newt. My problem with Newt is not only is he a progressive but to me the fact he is impressed with himself –impressed with is own brain power and if you add power to that mind set you will see just how bad arrogance can be. but far worse –this time it will be on the conserative side and will likely cause the conserative movment to become so disillusioned that we are not likely to recover. Remember conseratives are in the majority. I believe to be President of USA you have to the HUMBLE or at the very least recognize that we all have and old sin nature and know how to get to the throne of Grace to get back in fellowship immediately

    Mitt is too too timid and very afraid of what people think to speak the truth

    Newt is so impressed with his brains and how he thinks that given power of presidency will only make him certain he is the brighest bulb in the world and then y
    ou think we have a narcissistic president now–just wait Im sorry i have not seen anything yet to indicate a different outcome.

    Ron Paul I love Ron Paul but couldn’t vote him as he forgets what the Bible says: Dont touch the Jews and always protect them

    Michelle and Santorium has lived to long in the congres

    That leaves Perry and I hate he has trbl stringing 2 words together but look at Texas and I want texas all over the USA

    Dont forget the Bible says God can take a stump and do better with that then he can with people sometimes. Our country is in such bad shape that only God can save us through a humble people. so we need a humble man or woman as our next president

    1. hi Stevy how you doing…long time no see….i just slapped my self in the face….i agree with you…imagine that….see the world is not flat….lol

  34. Miss flower:

    “Tomorrow’s illiterate will not be the man who can’t read; he will be the man who has not learned how to learn.”

    BTW, your sites are flawed. They have viruses attached to them. I don’t think you should expose Scoop’s audience to that. Flagged for that reason.

  35. Has Glenn endorsed a candidate yet? If not, he has absolutely no place to make such a statement. And since the one I REALLY wanted to run isn’t running (Sarah), I don’t see anyone else able to achieve the same agenda except for Newt.

    1. Glenn Beck says he does not endorse candidates, but about 2 weeks ago, he announced on his radio program he would be voting for Michele Bachmann in the primary – in Beck’s case, that primary for him would be in Texas in March, and Bachmann likely will be out by then.

  36. Wish you were in every paper. I understand Beck. Read Newt, watch Newt, listen to him and after all the great lines we find a professional power seeker with big progressive ideas.

    I, as with you, will vote for a picture of Atlanta’s deceased Willie B before this OTW ( occupy the whitehouse ) clown but with Newt-ered we simply have a thinking John Mc Amnesty. Newt needs to continue to fleece the NPR crowd.

  37. Beck is using one statement Gingrich made about FDR. Beck and Gingrich are historians and they both know the good and the bad about FDR, that said, Beck is projecting all of Roosevelt’s bad onto Gingrich and if the Tea Partiers are knowledgeable about Roosevelt as they are there is no difference between Barry H. and Newt except for skin color.

    Stupid thing to say, there are many differences between them. We know Obama is a one man wrecking crew determined to destroy America and rebuild it into his vision of a social justice type of government (basically, communism as fast as he can get it there).

    If Beck is correct (I don’t know), the difference is that Newts view of progress is to grow the government slowly without the initial destruction, just keep going on the track we have been going and make laws limiting individual freedom slowly. In other words; GOP type of socialism.

    This is the way the parties have gotten us to this place, I think most of us know this. But I think saying race is only difference is bigoted. The difference is, to me, whether we go slow (GOP) or we go fast (Donkey).

    What Beck is saying though, is check out your candidate before throwing your support to him. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If we get fooled again, woe to us.

  38. Glenn Beck is way off base with this one. He couldn’t be any more wrong–he should put allot more thought into his words sometimes.

  39. There are times when Beck does more damage than I’m sure he intends to. This is one of those times. I heard his words. I heard someone tell me that voting for Newt is the same as voting for Obama. There is not a possibility on earth that I could disagree with Beck more on this. In fact, I’m a wee bit ticked off at him on this one.

  40. MLk would be marchin with al and jessie if he were alive today !!!!!!!! Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick of Beck and mlk, He was not all that!!!!!!!!

  41. Beck has gotten to the point he thinks he knows more than anybody and people are gettin alittle sick of him!! I will vote for who i want and right now it is Newt and i dont give a dam what whiny Glen says!!! All he knows to do is cry and preach !!!!!!!!!! Newt is May be not the greatest but he is the best we have and i hope like hell that trump dont come in like an ass and mess up everything!!!!!!!!!!

  42. As someone who used alcohol and hard drugs for 30 years, I think it can affect your brain. Know what I mean?

  43. The only reason I think Glenn say that is that he can stand the fact that Newt is now polling better than his Mormon buddy Mitt. he has to slow him down.

  44. Also Glenn’s fixation on Israel. Well how is his personal religous feelings about a FOREIGN country relavent to our CONSTITUTIONAL government? Don’t worry, I do in fact like and support Isreal. But how many times does Glenn complain Ron Paul is bad because of that? Actually Ron Paul is consistent, no foriegn aid to ANY nation. That goes against Glenn’s religous beliefs, suddenly Mr purist Glenn Beck becomes Mr. PROGRESSIVE, advocating all kinds of tax payer dollars to support Israel, if not direct U.S. military support.
    Glenn’s position on Israel is in fact very PROGRESSIVE ! I disagree with Ron Paul on some things but I admire his consistency, rather than the convenient cherry picking that Glenn does.

    1. True….RP doesn’t say that he would stop SELLING military equipment and technology to Isreal he just says that he would stop giving them free money. Plus he states that we would step out of Isreals way in their ideas of defense. He would let Isreal handle their threats and get out of their way. A question I would like to see RP answer is what would he do if Isreal asked for our help…not free money…but help in a fight or something to that degree. And I’m sure he as POTUS would verbally support Isreal from other nations attacking them. I understand Beck’s religious beliefs are a huge factor but we also have to deal with our own country’s problem with religion before we deal with Isreal in religion. God will strike us down as well if we forget Him. Lets worry about us first and then we’ll deal with Isreal.

  45. Glen Beck originally came off as a man of wisdom and common sense. His statement in this video does not exemplify any of that. Beck has shown himself prone to “wild & crazy”, “off the wall” comments from time to time which is one of the reasons he is no longer on Fox.

  46. This is the most insulting and hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen Glenn do. He is arrogant to tell us who to vote for, or who NOT to. He is not the divine arbiter of who is and isn’t a ‘real’ conservative’ or Tea Party supporter. He is as guilty as the leftist main stream media to do that, just one the other end of the spectrum. His ego really got the best of him.
    Newt and Romney are near identical in postions, yet Glenn favors Romney. Must be the Mormon sticking up for the Mormon thing. (if race is fair so is religion no?) To say a conservative is racist to support Newt, implying there is no difference between Newt’s philosophy and obama is absoultely idiotic. You can pretty much smear Ronald Reagan while your at it, he had many “progressive” moments.
    I’m getting really tired of the Conservative Utopia wing. Ann Coulter gets trashed on these boards, Romney haters, Newt haters, on and on. The conservative purists are getting a little scarey. Ann, Newt and Mitt are not the ENEMY. Rush Limbaugh is the adult, Glenn Beck just proved he’s still a boy. BEATING obama IS what matters. SLOWING and STOPPING and REVERSING as much of what obama and pelosi have enacted is the goal. I now can say, Glenn Beck is as much a kookoo as the leftists and their dream of utopia on Earth, neither Big Government nor conserative purists can make utopia on Earth, that’s what Heaven is about. duh.

  47. He’s not calling tea partiers racists he’s making a point about Newt’s record as a progressive. He clearly asked tea partiers to check newts record and point out any other difference. He was clearly speaking on National and more specifically economic policies. Anybody that takes this as calling tea partiers racists is a complete idiot. Newt and Obama are progressing towards different kinds of socialism but they are both progressing towards the same socialist centralized economic power. They differ on a internation scale but are nearly identical on national policies.

    1. That is bullcrap….I watched the video 4 times now and it is the same everytime…Glenn Beck is not joking he is dead serious which I find quite insulting and irresponsible. A vote for Gingrich does not mean you are a racist!!!!!

      All Glenn Beck has done is just give the Libtards ammo for against the tea party. Run the video 2 times again and really listen to him. Also, he says he is one step above Ron Paul with the exception on Israel. Glenn is loosing it!

  48. Wrong again, as usual. The left expects us to react to the race card, but we don’t ’cause it now bothers them. They overplayed it. Glenn, on the other hand, is not the left, and if what you said he meant is true, then he ‘s the south end of a horse. And if it’s not true, then what we all suspected about you was true all along. Either way, you’re sadly lacking.

  49. Even if you agree that Newt has a progressive streak in him, there are different degrees of it. To come to the conclusion that race must be the only factor, then he is saying that the policies of Newt and Obama are exactly the same, which is farthest from the truth. There can be no way that Beck honestly believes that Newt and Obama are the same policy wise…if he does, he loses all credibility….

  50. I’m about as conservative as conservative gets but if Newt gets the Republican nomination I’d rather see Obama win. I’m not kidding about this. I will vote for a third party or a write in. I would rather this country go down the tubes with everybody knowing exactly who is responsible than to see it go down the tubes with everybody still debating who’s fault is was.

  51. Sorry, Glenn, but there IS a difference between a “progressive” who, however misguided, genuinely loves this country and wants the best for it, over and against a communist who virulently hates this country and is doing everything in his considerable power to destroy it.

    There IS a difference between a man who racked up a good pro-life voting record during his long years in the U.S. House, versus a man who, as an Illinois state senator, voted FOUR times to KILL living, breathing, newborn babies who’ve survived late-term abortions and been born alive.

    There IS a difference between a man who is extraordinarily perceptive, knowledgeable, articulate and honest about the threat we face from radical Islam both overseas and within our own country from insidious snakes such as CAIR, as opposed to a man who not only despises Israel (and the Jewish people, I believe) and admires Islam, but has aided and abetted our radical Islamist enemies to a degree approaching outright treason.

    1. I’m listening to this clip, and I know exactly what Beck’s saying. I’m not sure why Beck is being torched about this. Obama is knowingly destroying the country, but a lot has been set in motion already. If someone gets in who doesn’t want to change the status quo, we’re going over the edge into history book oblivion. I agree with you, Newt is just a rino, but we need someone who’s going to turn the ship around. Don’t quit on Beck because of one clip. Besides, if he’s wrong on this point, he’ll admit it and change. That’s one of his premier traits, and why so many like him.

  52. If Newt wins then many will vote 3rd party be it Ron Paul or Trump or even Mickey Mouse which is exactly what Obamas is counting on .

  53. Newt is working for Obama the same way Mc Cain through the election so will Newt . Just because you like what he says doesnt make him good . If that were the case Trump would win . All talk No action BIG GOVERNMENT NEWT

    1. It is not only what he says it is what he promises and what he has delievered on in the past. Contract with America was a success that cannot be debated.

      It was on Gingrich’s watch that America finally had Balanced Budgets and surpluses. It was on a Gingrich watch that unemployment dropped to 4% (that is considered full employment)

      It is results that matter!

      If is walks like a conservative, talks like a conservative, acts like a conservative, and has a record of being a conservative….guess what…Newts a Conservative. Once Iowa is over we will see because right now it is just blowing in the wind polls.

      But let us not forget the real objective….REMOVAL OF OBAMA!

      1. No it is to shrink government and bring back the constitution anything else is just selling out our children and grandchildren . Thanks Allen I do appreciate a good discussion .

        1. less intrusive govenment, pro business legislation, no more activist courts, lower taxes, and restoring constitutional individual rights and freedoms.

          That is what its about.

          May I suggest you read 21st Century Contract with America?? I bet it will open your eyes.

  54. To be clear, I don’t support Newt Gingrich, I support Bachmann and Santorum. I must say however that Glenn of all people should know better than to level such a charge at Newt supporters. Especially since he is someone who almost on a daily basis is being called a racist, a sexist, a bigot, an anti-Semite, anti-Muslim. How does calling into question the character of thousands of conservatives line up with all the things Glenn has been doing over the last two years. He organized Restore Honor in the summer of 2010; he organized Restore Courage in Israel in the summer of 2011 and now he plans on organizing Restore Love in Dallas in the summer of 2012. There is nothing honorable, courageous, or loving about calling or inferring that people who support Newt Gingrich are doing it because they are racist. We get charges of racism from the left all the time we don’t expect to get it from people supposedly on our side. These same people just last year supported the likes of Allen West and Tim Scott not to mention many of those now supporting Newt were most likely supporting Herman Cain before he suspended his campaign. Glenn is always saying that he is seeing things from months ahead of where the rest of us are. Well if that is the case how about a little patience. I know that you’re concerned about the country Glenn, but alienating people who you need to walk alongside you is not going to fix the country. A simple “hey conservatives, please do your homework, look harder at Newt’s positions both now and in the past, compare it to the other republicans running and don’t listen to who establishment republicans say can beat Obama.” Just be patient with us. We don’t all have the time you do to do all this research and burning bridges now is not going to help your Restoring Love rally next summer. Personally I think Newt is likely to implode soon anyways like Rush said on Friday so calm down and be patient with the conservatives in your audience. If you’re right we will all get to where you are eventually anyways and we still have a few weeks. Just calm down Glenn.

  55. Beck talks too much. When you are constantly talking, the odds of you saying something incredibly stupid go way, way up. You know, even if Newt and Obama had the exact same political views (which they absolutely do NOT!), I’d still rather see Newt in the WH. Why? Because a)I think he’d be able to do a much better job working with congress to actually get bills passed, and b) I think he’d be a far better executive/leader (which probably wouldn’t be Newt’s strong point – but would still be much better than Obama, who is a total disaster as a chief executive).

  56. I’m not thrilled that Newt and Mitt are polling way ahead of everyone else, but I will take Newt over Mitt any day of the week. Glenn Beck should be ashamed of himself. He did the same exact thing in 2009 with Katie Couric. If you can’t see the difference between Newt and Obama then you are blind. Not to mention the Judge loves to hang around that 9/11 conspiracy wingnut AJ. Funny Beck would be pandering to him.

  57. Dear Mr. Beck.

    Please explain me this statement from tonights debate:

    ”Newt Gingrich is the man that taught me to be a Conservative…Newt is the man I admire and made me the Conservative I am today…”

    Who said it??? None other than RICK SANTORUM

    Face the Facts; Glenn regardless how much you try to spin it and push Michele Bachman……Newt is a Conservative.

    Remember…..”the truth has no agenda”

          1. Gingrinch: “As major health reform continues to be a priority for all Americans, we must find solutions that improve quality, reduce costs and increase access. GE realizes the importance of bringing together policymakers, industry experts, government leaders and the private sector to collaborate in achieving these goals. It’s an honor to serve on the healthymagination board, and I look forward to the challenging work ahead.”

            Therefore I am assuming that you are against an initiative designed to improve quality, reduce costs and increase access to affordable healthcare???

            As to your charge of being a Progressive…Mr. Santorum just killed that one because Newt is to quote ”man that taught me to be a Conservative”.

            As to the Sharpton charge; Technically yes he did travel with Al Sharpton and Arne Duncan but his role was not to promote Obama educational program. It was a fact finding mission to discover what works and what does not that would be agreeable to both sides of the political spectrum. It is an effort to impove testing scores and improved student learning retention. In effort to make students smarter….. I see nothing wrong with that. P.S. this was not to be a Federal Spending program but one targeting grants to states to improve things at the local level by competition. (i.e. Charter Schools) Sounds like free market solutions to me.

            1. I dont want government controlling heatlhcare . All they do is make it more expensive and enrich themselves . GE is a giant sellout company period , Newt is in love with the mighty dollar more then America .GE realizes the importance of bringing together policymakers, industry experts, government leaders and the private sector to collaborate in achieving these goals. Sure they do . government leaders are all stooges .

              1. I disagree with your opinion because the facts say just the opposite. Please take the blinders off….I mean your Newt is bad blinders and really listen to what he says and has done objectively.

                Does Newt (the candidate) have warts….yes. Has he made bad choices in the past…yes. But his betters greatly outweigh his bads by a wide wide margin.

  58. In this instance Beck, has become exactly what he used to rail about, a part of the Media/Political Machine telling us how we should vote. As for me, I will vote my own mind,not someone else’s.

  59. Try reading why president McKinley was assasinated (he was a tarriff protectionist like Lincoln and had proposed the Pan American Railway) and ask yourself which country benifitted from it- dah. That King Edward XII was a pescy rascal. What diametrically opposed policies were ushered in by Teddy? Goodby Pan American Railway, goodby Monroe doctrine- hello Britian’s East India agreement system. Somebody needs to clue Newt in on Teddy and Eddy.

  60. Beck is over his head a bit! Being right on some issues in the past is no gaurante that future proclamation by porphet Beck will be true or right.

  61. Glen wants a Morman because he is a Morman. This shows that he has very little discernment when it come to God. He needs to repent and ask the true son of God (Jesus) into his heart. Not the cult Jesus who the Mormans claim to follow.

  62. It’s hyperbole. If that offends you, you probably shouldn’t be listening to any of these pundits. His point is that Gingrich is a crappy conservative, which he is. Let’s quit being so touchy, shall we?

    1. ah…so the I am one step above Ron Paul is hyperbole? That sounds like a comparison to me.

      Something is not right….look at Beck…look at his language in body and speech…look at his eyes….

      He looks very tired and something has changed and unfortunately not for the better.

    2. So I can say Gingrich is not a crappy conservative and if you believe he is, then there must be something homosexual about it. Is that hyperbole? Would that be acceptable? (BTW, in my book, it would not be)

  63. It MAYBE true….BUT…..There are NO Conservatives that CAN BEAT The Pharoah because as Rush L. stated recently, Conservatives HAVE BEEN afraid of the Independent voters!

  64. Listen to yourselves! One moment you misunderstand a single comment Glenn says and in the next moment you completely divorce yourselves from him! Look at Glenn’s record and tell me that he doesn’t know a thing or two about progressives! He practically spent half a year digging through history and defining in detail what progressivism is and that it spans across party lines. If you put this comment in context with what he’s been saying recently about the next election, you’d understand that ANY progressive, left or right, would lead to the downfall of this country. The left progressives would simply seel the deal and plunge us further and further into socialism, and the right progressives would lull the people back into sleepy complacency as they slowly kept expanding govt (medicare d, patriot act, etc). Feel free to disagree with Glenn, after all, he said so himself that he’s bound to make someone in his audience angry at one point or another. You don’t need to get offended, just let it roll off your back.

    1. Wow. Two mistakes in the same, first sentence. Nice. First, we didn’t misunderstand him and second, we didn’t completely divorce ourselves from him.

      We know exactly what he said and we hold him accountable, just like anybody else.

      Yes, he knows a lot about progressives, but I believe he let his hatred for Newt to get the best of him, even though some have tried to cover for him by saying everybody is wrong about what he “meant’ to do.

      I guess we all come to our own conclusions. It’s a wonderful country we live in.

      1. Oh yes you did misunderstand him. You think he’s not going to clarify his remarks on Monday? You think he’s not going to say flat out that he doesn’t believe Newt supporters are racist?

        And when he does that, will you owe him an apology, even just in a comment section?

        1. Oh, ya. I think he will do both of those things. What he won’t do is say he was being ‘sarcastic’. He’ll leave that to the Cornell types.

      2. First of all, his question is completely fair: If Obama is progressive-heavy and Gingrich progressive-light, the only real difference between them is race and the speed at which government grows. In the end we get the same result: a bloated and insolvent government, and a debt enslaved and government addicted citizenry!

        Secondly, are you’re seriously trying to convince me that people aren’t overreacting and taking Glenn off of their radio dial? Lets take a closer look:

        “he loses all credibility”
        “I use to like Beck, but this is just pathetic.”
        “Bye Glenn, it’s been real.”
        “He has a lost a listener with this remark.”
        “Cancel your membership to GBTV and boycott his next book.”
        “Beck has lost his mind.”
        “I just canceled My subscription to GBTV in protest!”
        “I guess I won’t buy any of his books now”
        “I am soooooo finished with Beck.”
        “Beck has officially lost his damn mind!”
        “Glad to hear you’re not going to give Beck any more play on this site.”

        I rest my case!

  65. Wow, now that’s jumping to conclusions and making leftist type accusations. I DO have concerns about Newt being big government, how he falls on some of the issues, and being an insider who will probably bring nothing to the table as far as ethics and reform. But he is no Obama. Nice job, Beck. You completely missed the boat.

  66. Jumped ON the shark, did a little tap dance, then hopped to the other ramp.

    Beck is telling us to look closer at Gingrich but how about doing the same yourself, Glenn?

    How do you think the Clinton administrations would have worked out if Gingrich hadn’t been a major leader for the opposition. Remember HillaryCare? Remember the dozen other power grabs the Clintons wanted for the federal government before the healthcare defeat stopped them in their tracks?

    I disagree with Gingrich on a number of things but I agree with him on vastly more than I do with Obama. Plus, Gingrich is one of only two people running who can properly articulate the reason for believing any of the things he does. The other is utterly insane on too many critical areas.

  67. Newt Gingrich will make Barry Goldwater’s 1964 loss look like a party.

    Gingrich is POISON to the GOP. He is so unpopular amongst independents…if he gets the party nod, we might as well get ready for four more years of President Marxist Cancer.

  68. Um, Newt is horrible, he’s a terrible politician and not a very good person. When he got into the leadership role of congress in the house his own party members kicked him out because he was such a terrible leader and tried to implement big government solutions to problems.

    I wouldn’t necessarily call Gingrich a “progressive” but he has been for an individual mandate for healthcare for the last 15 years, he’s not a small government conservative. He also made 1.6 million dollars from Fannie and Freddie because of his insider connections in politics.

    Newt is not a conservative, he’s a big government political insider.

    1. Relax, SE Cupp, I mean Kimberly, did you know individual mandate was the idea of conservative republicans? It was a bad idea and republicans don’t support it anymore and neither does Newt.

      1. Absolutely right. It was considered a conservative idea. Forcing individual responsibility, which is sort of an oxymoron.

  69. Glenn Beck has now started a national discussion about Newt being a Progressive and for doing that all conservatives owe him a HUGE debt of gratitude

    1. Maybe, but Beck didn’t stop there. He went on to say that we are racist if we support Newt. I’m totally disgusted and I like Beck, but that was way over the line.

      1. The point is no tea partier can support a progressive without compramising everything they are supposed to believe in, and if you support a white progressive and condem a black one you open up yourself to being called a racist . very easy logical conclusion, do you not think agree?

        1. No.

          Because I hate 16 cylinder cars for being too fast and accept 4 cylinder ones, doesn’t mean I hate cars. It’s not the car I hate, it’s the speed. Obama is borderline Marxist. Newt is borderline liberal. May not like either one, but they are not the same (not twin sons of different mothers).

          1. Exactly. If Beck can’t see any differences between Newt and Obama other than color, I’d suggest that he’s the racist. When was the last time Newt tried to destroy capitalism? Yeah, yeah, libs will tell us that Obama is saving it. Whatever. He’s either too stupid to see it’s not working so he wants to triple down or he’s doing it intentionally. The guy is very intelligent, so I think the only logical choice is that it’s intentional. I do not see Newt doing this…period.

        2. No. First off, the reason I’m not supporting Newt is because of his big government solutions, some of his positions, and because I think he’s establishment and won’t offer anything in the area of reform or ethics. Yes, I am Tea Party. So I am not defending my love for the man.

          But I am very offended by the assumption that Beck (and maybe you) can’t see any differences between Obama and Newt aside from color. Newt may be a player, but he has not tried to destroy capitalism like the jackass in the Oval Office now. He has not declared war on the rich. He has not tried to separate us along racial lines. He has not praised the ignorance on OWS. He strongly believes in capitalism and the separation of business and state (unlike Obama who tries to control them). He does not believe in deciding at what point CEO’s make too much money. I have problems with Newt, but being UN-AMERICAN is not one of them !! If Beck doesn’t like it because we don’t choose the candidate of his liking, he can kiss my ass because he just lost me as an occasional listener. Goodbye, racist Beck. Just like the left. Use race to attack those who disagree with him.

        1. I’m sorry, but I didn’t see any sarcasm. He asked us to look at Newt’s record, and if we still support Newt then it must be because he’s white and Obama’s black. I know Newt’s record which is why I’m backing someone else. But this type of attack is what the left uses, and I don’t like it when ANYONE uses it for leverage. Since he can’t see any other reason, then it must be race. If that’s not what he meant, he sure as hell did a terrible job at expressing it.

  70. He has a lost a listener with this remark. I can tolerate disagreement but I will not tolerate being accused of being a racist by a fellow “Conservative”. As far as I’m concerned Beck is no different than Ron Paul at this point.

      1. Exactly, but with Ron Paul you never hear anything he truly doesn’t believe. I sincerely wish he wasn’t so severe on foreign policy, because his character can be matched by very few.

      1. Ok, I listened to it again. I still heard him say that if you’re Tea Party and you’re for Newt and not for Obama then it must be because of race. Listen, I’m against Newt because of a lot of what Beck said, but there are so many differences between Newt and Obama that I’m not going to fault anyone for backing Newt and not Obama. They aren’t even close in ideology. To go so far as to suggest that Newt supporters that don’t like Obama are racists is a line he never should have crossed.

    1. I’m with you. I hate race baiters with a passion. I almost subscribed to his site for the vids, but thankfully I hadn’t done it yet.

  71. The only way to punish folks like Beck, who makes a killing off of the Tea Party and Conservatives, is to hit him in the wallet.

    Cancel your membership to GBTV and boycott his next book.

    If you already own a Beck book, mail it back to his office with no letter or anything. Just mail it back. He will get the message. He is no better than the left here, to just make a blanket statement that we are all racists.


  72. Newt is kinda “progressive”. I get that. But to claim he’s the same as Obama is just as stupid as claiming people would vote for Newt because he’s white.

    For all of Newt’s progressive tendencies, he’s still for smaller government than Romney is.

  73. problem with folks like beck is that they don’t know how many of them there are…elections are a numbers game….if conservatism is the answer to our problems then we have to make that case…the annoying moderates need to realize that self reliance is the answer and until then conservatives have to find a way to win elections…which means that we have to be patient… we need to stop the damage the ego is doing…wisdom and patience are lacking in the conservative movement…our time will come.

  74. So the argument against Beck’s comments is that Newt and Obama are different types of progressives and one type of progressive is better than another. That’s a weak argument. Beck is taking it to the extreme but he makes a valid point: If the Tea Party was against big government progressives and the status quo why are they lining up behind the status quo big government progressive Newt Gingrich? In Beck’s mind a progressive is a progressive is a progressive. All that leaves is skin color. It sounds silly but by being so extreme he illuminates the real problem in your stance/argument: Why is it better to have a progressive who will destroy the country based on good intentions rather than having a progressive who destroys the country based on bad intentions. By making such an extreme claim Beck forces you to answer what the true difference between Newt and Obama is/are. If all you have good intentions it forces you to re-examine your primary choice. Which is Glenn Beck’s agenda.

    1. first of all newt is not a progressive…he has a 90% conservative voting record for crying out loud…he uses the mechanism of govt to empower people and progressives use it to enslave…beck makes the mistake in thinking that because he uses govt he is a progressive…what he does not realize is that newt is being wise…and is seeing the larger picture… use govt to empower people…they will automatically become conservative and elect a small govt.

      1. “he uses the mechanism of govt to empower people” -> is that what conservatism is all about?

        Newt believes he is smart enough to make big government work. You clearly agree. That’s a progressive mindset. What happened to limited government?

        Newt supports everything Obama supports. Name one policy Newt would do more than put his own spin on? He supports individual mandates. He’s spent the last decade or so sitting on couches with Nancy Pelosi to spread lies about man made global warming, lobbying for Freddie Mac, lobbying for Medicare Part D, lobbying for individual mandates, and so much more. You say some organization Newt probably worked for gave him a 90% rating. I say, based on his decades spent pushing progressive ideas, everything Newt has said in the primaries is a lie to appeal to the conservative base and Newt will betray you the minute he gets elected. One of us is the fool.

        1. conservatism is in fact about empowerment…a limited govt. is a symptom of empowerment….u need to read brother…and need more experience living life

          1. i agree great point odin147. limited government, lower taxes, less marketplace regulation, and most importantly constitutionaly guaranteed rights and freedoms. No more actitist judges, no more anti business regulation.

            1. “limited government, lower taxes, less marketplace regulation, and most importantly constitutionaly guaranteed rights and freedoms. No more actitist judges, no more anti business regulation.”

              Newt has argued against, and even taken millions lobbying against, those very things. So you are putting more stock in his words during a few debates over the past decade or two fighting for bigger government? Remember when we laughed at Democrats for voting a guy in based on his smooth talk not his record.

              1. How? He wants to do away with the 9th Circuit Court one of the most activist courts in the USA. He wants to eliminate the EPA, fire all the Unconstitutional Czars and limit government returning more programs to the States. How is that not shrinking the size of government and removing regulatory strangles on business in the marketplace? Not to mention that Newt did those exact similiar things in the 1990s.

                1. He SAYS he does. But he backed hardcore leftist Dede Scozzafava over the conservative candidate in 2010. Imagine that type of judge on the bench. Actions speak louder than words. And Newt’s actions are hard left big government progressivism.

                2. Actions speak louder than words…so fullfilling on your campaign promises should speak loudest……..

                  ….like making good on the Contract with America, forcing Clinton into budgets that produced surplusses to pay down on debt, reducing the regulations on businesses per Contract with America.

                  Also, I agree Dede Scozzafava was bad politics and I believe Newt even said so.

                3. Newt was largely a failure as Speaker. The majority of the Contract with America went unfulfilled. Regulations went up not down during Newt’s reign. The debt was never really balanced. There was no real surplus. Btu Newt and Clinton liked the pat on the back and each party wanted credit. He was hated by his won party more than by the Dems. Clinton was allowed to get away with perjury, in part, because Newt was cheating on his wife. He was hated by his own party and stepped down in disgrace. He talked a good conservatism game but time and again he always failed to deliver. When he failed he was notorious for criticizing and blaming his conservative members.

                  And this dismisses the larger point. You look to the eighties for signs of conservatism. I only have to look to the recent past when Newt attacked Paul Ryan’s plan as right wing social engineering. He spent the last decade or two pushing leftist policies. Maybe he had a change of heart after being Speaker. Maybe he just opposed Clinton and looked conservative by juxtaposition. But those decades of progressive policy pushing haven’t disappeared. To beleive he’s had another change of heart is much harder to buy than that he simply is lying to win the nomination.

                4. So, what about 4% unemployment during his tenior as Speaker and 2 trillion ,over 4 years, in budget surplus is bad??

                  In 1995, Gingrich’s first year as speaker, federal expenditures were 22% of GDP.In 1998, they were 20% of GDP and less regulation pushed the GDP much higher via pro business legislation enacted by Congress under then SPeaker Gingrich.

                  As to Paul Ryan, this was a misunderstanding and Paul Ryan even said so in a radio interview with Mark Levin. So, this is a red herring because it was much to do about nothing.

                  Here is the proof.

                  Look, if you don’t like Newt Gingrich and prefer another Conservative Candidate that is great! All I am saying is that to call Newt something he is not is not right. Newt has a lifetime Conservative rating of 95% and a 90% Conservative voting record. Don’t believe me…look it up with any of the Conservative ratings organizations.

                  It is important to defeat and remove Obama and all Glenn Beck has done is hurt the Conservative message because now the libtards will use this against us as Proof. Glenn Beck made a major screw up by his words and actions that will long damage Conservatives ability to push our message.

                5. Unemployment was 5% for a time under Nancy Pelosi. Is she conservative too? Oh, that’s right the Speaker of the House isn’t the sole entity of govt and a lot of factors effect that (fudged) number. And again there was no surplus. If you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

                  And while Paul Ryan is a polite man too smart to step on GOP toes, there was no misunderstanding. Newt attacked Paul Ryan’s plan as radical social engineering at the exact moment the GOP was trying to build public support for the plan. Newt betrayed conservatism and aided Obama.

                  And touting ratings from one of the billion Washington insider Organizations Newt has probably worked for means nothing. I’m not sure how a rating from some organization cancels out his direct action in opposing conservatism the past two decades. Just like I’m not sure how a few good debates cancels out his progressive agenda.

                  Glenn hits it home with the exact point I’ve made previously. Is it enough to vote in another progressive simply because he’s not Obama? To vote in a progressive simply because he’s Republican? To vote in a progressive simply because some believe we can’t cut the size of govt and should just find a benign tyrant? If the Tea Party was being truthful about supporting limited govt than they would oppose any progressive, Newt included. Since they support Newt in large numbers they must have another reason. Either they were lying about opposing progressives or they are racists. Which is it?

                6. Your point makes no sense….Under Pelosi she takes office and unemployment skyrockets! under Gingrich he takes office and unemployment plumets….No Comparison…..

                  As to your arguement about Paul Ryan you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Listen to the interview again…you will see Gingrich is trying to answer the questions and the interviewer keep throwing things in the middle of his answer. So, easy to take things out of context which is exactly what happened.

          2. You can’t use big government to make limited government. Government never limits itself. People never become more free by empowering the government. And by believing so you illuminate the insanity of nominating Newt Gingrich.

            1. i think ur missing the point…we are talking about empowering people using the govt…govt. does not become big just because you use it

              1. And you cannot use the government to empower people! What about that doesn’t sink in? People empower themselves. Not the government. Name one thing the government can do, short of becoming smaller, to empower people? What policy or tax money spent will make you more free? None, nothing, nada. Newt believes, as you do, that the government can fix America’s ills if it just does it different this time. That’s the exact opposite of conservatism. The exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers’ believed. The government is a beast best left restrained. Not something to socially engineer a perfect utopia. You don;t make people stronger through government. You can’t empower people using the government. The only thing the government can do is take your power. Something you seem way too comfortable doing. How do you gain liberty by giving it? How do you become empowered by giving your power to Newt and his perfect plan of big government? It’s lunacy. And tyranny.

                1. “people empower themselves”…if this were true we would not be in the mess we are in…conservatism was long destroyed by the progressives…we are just on our way back…there are many people reliant on govt. for their livelihood from food stamps to unemployment benefits to retirement to health…u must be living in philosophical dream world if you think people are capable of empowerment on their own…like i said ur a kid… first get some wisdom experiencing difficulty in life before talking about notions of limited govt.

                2. So according to you people are incapable of being free. Just mindless children that must be controlled by the government. I’m not sure how your view that big government is necessary due to the weakness of mankind really aligns with conservatism. “Oh well, some people rely on government so we should just give up and make sure the big government we have is as functional as possible. And Newt is the best bureaucrat for the job!” That seems to be what you’re saying here.

                  America is dying. We don’t need a different version of Obama. That was Beck’s true point. We need someone who reduce government. And as long as we’re making wild assumptions about each other’s lives… You sound like a dyed-in-the-wool progressive.

                3. man can be free but before being free he needs a job…we as conservatives have to deal with the world as it is…which means many people depend on the govt…so what you do .instead of eliminating govt. programs is take an existing govt. program and put incentives for work within those programs.. make govt. benefits conditional so people just don’t rely on them and get lazy…first of all we don’t have votes for eliminating these if use these programs to empower people then limited govt. is automatically created.

                4. The government cannot create jobs. It’s also not the government’s role to create jobs. Or to offer incentives for anything. All these things are big government progressive beliefs in government. They are also unconstitutional. And to argue that because we can’t completely shrink government in one term that we should not bother to elect someone who will move us in that direction is silly. “Oh we can’t radically limit government in 8 years so let’s elect someone who will grow government instead!” There is no government program that will create limited government or conservatives. The people became dependent on government and the government became huge precisely because they believed there was some magical government process that could empower people. That is false. And to elect someone based on such beliefs pushes us further towards tyranny.

                5. again u missed the point…we are not talking about creation of jobs are talking about putting incentives in existing govt. programs so those who depend on them can go find a job in the private sector instead of relying on the govt..newt is the only one who actually cut govt….newt is not growing govt. rather restructuring existing programs…man ur dense

                6. How do you restructure a big govt program to be less big govt? It’s just another big govt program. Without shrinking or eliminating you do nothing. And in the absence of reduction the government will always grow. Newt didn’t cut govt. Govt grew under his watch. Maybe in your utopian fantasy land there’s some way to take money from job-producing businesses, give it to unemployed people, and somehow that encourages them to work. But in the real word people who get money for not working continue to not work. And business that have all their profits taxed away can’t create new jobs. There’s no way to hurt business and promote it at the same time. There’s no way to subsidize umemployment and eliminate it at the same time. Thinking you can is straight from the progressive playbook.

                  America is dying. Tinkering around the edges won’t work. And having Newt expand the government because this time he’s the guy who can actually make top-down centralized big government socialism actually work is really, really not going to make America get better. Final nail, meet coffin. Newt believes he’s smart enough to make big government work. You believe Newt. Neither of you are correct.

    2. Observing your back and forth with other commenters, it makes me wonder if you recognize that roughly half of the country is hooked on big government? With the baby boomers retiring in increasing numbers over the next several years, this problem will only continue to increase. Given this situation, do you think it’s realistic to think our fellow government handout addicted countrymen will support a government that cuts them off cold turkey? I would love to see a government that spends 10% or less of GDP and plays almost no role in our daily lives. I just recognize that I live in a country with millions of people who will not willingly accept that reality. We got in this situation incrementally over the last century. I think it’s reasonable to believe that we will have to get out this situation the same way. Incrementally reducing government and replacing centrally directed government programs with free market oriented versions which provide roughly the same service. Someone like Ron Paul will probably never be elected President precisely for this reason (beside his wacky notions on foreign policy, his blame America first attitude and his borderline 9-11 trutherism)

      1. So we shouldn’t try to cut the size of government. It difficult so just give up? Don’t elect a candidate who might cut the size of government. Just another progressive button-pusher who believes he can regulate our problems away. Seems like quitting to me. I haven’t given up on my country yet. Sorry.

  75. Beck obviously meant to shake people up with that statement, but he’s only half right. What he’s saying is that if tea party people choose to close their eyes to Newt’s progressive record, while blasting Obama for his, there must be another factor involved. He says it’s race, but it’s not race, it’s party. Newt has an R after his name. And he know how to say the right things, even when he has done the wrong things. The tea party’s fatal weakness is that they vote for people who talk a good game.

  76. This was the death blow to the Gingrich campaign . Most tea partiers agree with Beck. The mainstream media can only agree with with him so they will be silent . The Gingrich campaign would love to respond but that would lead to a war of words with the word Progressive being repeated too many times . The right wing establishment media will attack Beck and only increase scrutiny of gingrich being a Progressive. Beck is not running fo office , also the rift between the tea party and the establishment right will widen and that will leave tea party support for gingrich at zero. This was not a Gaffe by Glenn Beck it was GENIUS

  77. I am not that enamored of Newt or any of these candidates really… but to suggest that there is no difference between a second term of Obama and a first term of a Gingrich Presidency is a pretty crazy thing to suggest.

    1) Does anyone think Newt would side against Israel the way our current President has done?
    2) Our relationship with Great Britain has deteriorated markedly under this current President. Does anyone believe that would continue to happen?
    3) This President has run 1+ trillion dollar deficits every year and would continue to do so if re-elected. Does anyone believe Newt would not take serious efforts to trim them?
    4) This President has been hostile to effective energy production. Would nuclear, coal and oil production be encouraged more under this President or under a Newt Presidency?
    5) The number of people receiving government assistance including food stamps has skyrocketed under this President. Newt routinely refers to Obama as the “food stamp president”. Does anyone think the policies that support such high food stamp usage would continue under Newt?

    Scoop is right, this was a jump the shark moment for Glenn. Having said that, I am still a fan of Glenn… just wish he hadn’t said this.

  78. Beck has always had this weird problem of seeing massive racism “hidden” everywhere. It has always reminded me of Charles Johnson just before he lost his mind completely. Listen to Beck’s take on the Civil War sometime; according to him it was ONLY about evil Southerners wanting slaves–no States Rights, no Federal imbalance, no Northern Financial interests versus Southern Agrarians etc. just evil crackers wanting slaves forever.

  79. Spot on analysis, Scoop!

    Beck is a great example of a guy who cares so much, that he’s gotten too close to the problem, and comes away thinking minor aspects are of major importance. It happens in a lot of fields of work. Like guys in a product design meeting arguing over how important it is to put a three-foot electrical cord on an appliance versus a four-foot cord. Suddenly the cost of that extra foot becomes life-or-death to them.

    When you come away with an extremely “overthought” analysis like that, you need to step back and realign yourself to the actual things that matter.

    Scoop is right. I don’t care how you spin it, analyze it, overanalyize it, or simply demagogue it, it’s beyond stupid to conclude race is remotely a consideration in choosing Newt over Obama. In fact, David Brooks is far more in touch with reality when he admires Obama’s trouser crease. That’s not a complement.

  80. This make me furious! Glenn Beck has no right telling us the Tea Party who to vote
    for, who to like or dislike, and then to give the LSM fodder by calling us racists “afterall” because we might vote for Newt over Obummer!!!! Unbelievable!!! I have never heard him say a negative comment about Romney!! Now there is a Progressive for you!! But I will still CRAWL OVER BROKEN GLASS to vote for Romney – even though I don’t like him – in order to get that communist out of our White House!! How dare Beck imply that voting for Newt is the same as voting for the single worst President of our history bar none!! I guess I won’t buy any of his books now, along with Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham. Why can’t they just be like Ronald Reagan and not devour our own!!!

  81. Any1 who listens to Glenn knows he uses sarcasm, hyperbole, mocking to get across his point, he obviously doesn’t think the Tea Party is racist… however if the candidate chosen by the Repubs is the one with the least light between him & the President , it does make the Left’s absurd argument that it is about the colour of some1’s skin rather than principles quite a bit easier… which was I believe what he was trying to say , however awkwardly. ( run-on sentences are fun)

  82. Glenn is over the top on this one. Newt made Clinton sign Welfare Reform, balance the US budget, and brought us the Contract with America. I respect Glenn but the fact that I will not vote for Obama over Newt’s problems doesn’t make me a racist.
    Conservatives tend to be selfdestructive in their quest for perfection. There will be no perfect Republican candidate but he/she will be infinitely better than Obama because Obama is out to destroy the US.

    1. Amen about the quest for perfection. We are going to end up with Obama for another four years and all the supreme court appointments that come with that because some people need to be purists.

    2. That was a tactical move by Newt and Clinton and we fell for it. It took the the same progressive Republicans under Bush less than 8 years to replace the Welfare “reform” with and the largest deepest entitlement system and government dependence in our history, trillions in debt, historic increases in debt ceiling, massive regulations and government growth.

  83. i frankly am tired of the opinions, debates and talk….can’t wait to vote and get this thing over with

    1. It is very tiresome and so little truth comes out.

      The political class and state media has already decided for us it will be Gingrich or Romney against Hussein.

      Talk and debate is our only hope.

  84. I understand what you’re saying but just because we finally realize after all these years how we’ve let government take over our lives and are finally willing to do something about it doesn’t mean government can’t do anything. What’s missing is the checks and balances we’ve neglected, to keep government in line. Now we want to be purist and insist government do nothing because we want to go back to our lazy ways of not paying attention. Those days are gone if we want to keep our Republic. Newt is only being honest by saying there are some things the government can do.
    We don’t want to hear it because of what I stated above. We also want a president who can solve all our problems so we can again go to sleep and not worry about it. In one of his speeches where Newt was talking about turning responsibility of many programs like education back to the states he also stated we will have to grow an involved citizenry. This is where educating our children honestly about their responsibility as citizens and the constitution comes in. We should not have citizens that don’t even know the name of their Congressman or Senator and still vote. Politics cannot be relegated to the back burner anymore or anything we gain in the coming election will be as easily undone as it was in the past. If your only interested in sound bites from the Main Stream Media and get you political information from comedy shows you shouldn’t vote. But this is where we were until Obama. This is why after several of his speeches Newt said, ” I don’t want you to be for me I want you to be with me”. Reagan said (I’m paraphrasing) freedom is only one generation away being lost if we don’t educate our children of it’s importance. We’re seeing the truth of that now.

  85. Beck is for Romney.

    Him saying he’s for other candidates (Bachmann or Santorum) is just a ruse. He knows they cant win, they cant threaten Romney. But Gingrich can.

    Gingrich is more conservative than Romney. So why would Beck be ok with Romney? It must be about…. religion. Beck is a Mormon and wants a Mormon president.

    1. I don’t think so. He would be more likely to be for Huntsman, because I think he knows Huntsman’s father.

      I just think Beck is so paranoid that there is no candidate that he will ever be happy with.

      Even if Santorum became president, Beck would soon become paranoid about him.

      Sorry if this offends anyone; I just had to quit Beck a long time ago.

  86. I have read all comments and think many end up splitting hairs over Beck. He is really incidental to the entire process. It is clear to me that the main goal has to be to eject Obama and his cabal of criminals. The main question is, therefore, how will the Independents vote if given a choice of Gingrich or Romney vs. Obama. I suspect that this group, the Independents, are fluid right now and will gradually gel over the course of the campaign.

    So, who has the better chance of getting them to gel favorably? Gingrich or Romney? It is apparent that Santorum, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Paul have no chance and I certainly hope Paul does not decide to go third party.

    Gingrich is correct; Romney is a Manager. Gingrich is more a visionary and academic, but still has knowledge of how Washington works. It comes down to what the Independents will want as the Republican nomination process continues and that is going to depend on changing variables which are yet mainly imponderables.

    I believe in sin and redemption and on that account, as well as his intellectual capacity (which I believe leads him to make statements which are not always understood by some listeners who want to condense everything to sound bites which produce brief headlines) and am inclined towards Gingrich.

    At this point in our history we need someone able to get to the “meta” level and that is Newt, I believe. Bachmann and Santorum are good people and may deserve better than they have gotten, but at this point are hopeless laggards.

    We simply cannot afford a purity contest when the fate of the nation hangs in the balanced.

    1. You are right. Beck is incidental to the process. But as to the reason for this entire thread, I think we can see that Beck REALLY doesn’t like Newt. Some on this site would say he was just kidding, but the rest of us try to keep an open mind about what people say.

    2. I’m sick of people invoking “purity” in this debate. It’s a useless concept.

      This election isn’t about just getting a guy in the White House who claims he’s on our side. It’s far too important to pretend we’re in 1976 and a win for the team is all we need.

      If a guy isn’t the right guy, it has nothing to do with “purity.”

      1. On the contrary, “purity” is not a useless concept, since it is a shibboleth of many who seem to want to prevail in the next election, even at the cost of losing. Obama has got to go!

  87. This is ridiculous. Gingrich answered all Beck’s questions on his show the other day and there is absolutely nothing in that interview or anywhere else I’ve read or watched that excuses this kind of attack. You don’t get a 90% conservative approval rating being a progressive. I don’t know why Beck lost it on this one but there’s no excuse for blatant lying just because you don’t like a candidate. It’s conservatives that are putting Newt’s poll numbers up because they looked, listened and read and they’ve seen he’s a concerned citizen like they are and has the guts, knowledge and hopefully the stamina to represent us against the tyranny that our government has become. So who the He!! does Beck want?

  88. With all the backstabbing from Newt and THIS has you all pissed . Priorities wrong . the real point is do not elect a PROGRESSIVE .
    Obama = Progressive
    Newt = Progressive
    Obama = Unacceptable
    Newt = Acceptable
    what is the difference?

      1. I respectfully submit I have no clue what you said. I am an internet jargon noob so please forgive my ignorance

  89. The Democrats will not win the 2012 election but the GOP can certainly lose it when you have comments like Becks doing the rounds. I cannot believe that out of all people, Beck has to aid the liberals in taking down Newt this way.

    Shame on him!

  90. Beck is just on a different planet with this issue. I just don’t see where he’s coming from. Newt is not a progressive.

  91. So why exactly is one Progressive more acceptable than the other? one black one white. Beck is right. In the End they are both PROGRESSIVES They are both for big government both fo cap and trade both for socialized medicine Why IS Newt more acceptable than Obama . Not one good answer yet

      1. As long as PROGRESSIVES like you and Newt are around I will SPEAK WITH BOLDNESS and FEARLESSNESS For and care not what little Progressives like you think

          1. I really scare the dickens out of you don’t I ? If i did not why do you keep cutting and pasting that same stupid remark. Oh the irony

            1. no, not scared one bit. it just makes you sound like an idiot. Now answer the question that you to refuse to answer. What are your positions, who do you stand for and why? No name calling no labels just the truth. Your avoidance is becoming quite obvious.

              1. ANYBODY BUT GINGRICH . Clear enough for you PROGRESSIVE. now you can go back to your your Newt cheering . Does Newt give you tingles up your leg like Obama does Chris Matthews

                1. deo heerai… are proving my point. you refuse to tell us what you stand for and who you support.

                  I have laid all my positions and what I believe out which are definietely conservative….but you still just stay in the dark of shadow and smoke.

                  That just proves my point….my guess is your a Paulbot or worse…a democRATic hack job.

                2. So, what about the 21st Century Contract with America is bad for America what plan do you support and why? I refuse to name call and I am willing to debate on the battlefield of ideas….are you?

                3. deo heerai,

                  from tonights debate

                  ”Newt Gingrich is the man that taught me to be a Conservative…Newt is the man I admire and made me the Conservative I am today…”

                  Who said it??? None other than RICK SANTORUM

                  Face the Facts….Newt is a Conservative. Who says so….why none other than Consevative Rick Santorum.

                  Your arguement just died!

  92. It’s not race. But it’s not principle either. It’s the mindset that an (R) automatically means good. There have been plenty of (R)s that are just as progressive as the (D)s.

  93. This is exactly what I have been saying all along BECK IS CORRECT One Progressive is no better than another what Beck did not say is that Obama would be an IMPOTENT PROGRESSIVE (no senate or house) but Newt would be an EMPOWERED PROGRESSIVE which makes Gingrich The Most Dangerous Progressive in the country and only us TRUE conservatives can stop him

  94. Has anyone ever challenged Beck on all of the history resources that he espouses? I watched one of his TV shows where he was playing history professor, and he was talking about something that had to do with secret histories of our ancestors or something. It sounded whacko to me.

    Maybe his sources are not accurate, and he knows less about American history than he thinks.

    1. Progressives like O’Donnell can smell a big government progressive like Newt coming a mile away. Conservatives are fooled by the camouflage every time.

      The Statists know their Marxist is on the ropes. They prefer Romney. They will accept Gingrich. So they will whine and whine …. “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch”.

            1. Sir. you are a Newt supporter and Newt is a Progressive. I think progressives border on Evil .
              I respect your view and am willing to die for your right to have it …but …I strongly disagree with Newt’s progressiveism

              1. obviously not because all you have done is name call and you have not told us anything about your positions or who you support. I have been open with my positions which are very much conservative. Care to share?

                So you don’t like Newt….fine. Offer a better plan. If it is grounded in facts and not just smear maybe I change my position and support yours.

                Again, I am willing to debate on the battlefield of ideas….are you?

  95. I am soooooo finished with Beck. And, I am not the only TEA partier who is. I am not supporting Newt, but this kind of statement by Beck sounds like something one would expect from Sharpton or Jackson.

      1. That may very well be true, but I don’t know any Tea Partiers that throw around the race card, loosely or otherwise. They show respect and hence receive it in return.

      1. I am sure all your tea partiers friends would not agree that race has anything to do with Newt’s support.

        1. No just that newt is a Progressive and so is Obama hence no tea partier can ever support Newt . We are talking about Newt and his Progressiveism finally so Beck was sucessful .

          1. Not entirely successful. I think much less of Glenn Beck, and he didn’t influence me at all regarding Newt.

            For me, the issue became Beck.

            1. Agreed ..But … look at the posts here and elsewhere the words Newt and progressive are rampantly together and they were not before . to many Beck is a hero for finally starting that discussion

  96. Please. Pull your dresses back down off your heads and learn to interpret.

    Beck is saying that because Newt and Obama are both progressives, then why not just vote for Obama? The bit about “it must be a racist thing” is purely rhetorical. He’s echoing the nonsense from the Left about why conservatives oppose Obama, but he doesn’t literally think that people who want Newt but not Obama are racist.

    Cripes, people. Beck doesn’t actually think you’re racist if you like Newt but not Obama. He’s trying to make the point that Newt is a horribly bad choice because he’s cool with using government to fix society, which is a progressive thing.

    1. The whole point of this entire thread is that his premise was VERY wrong, therefore any lessons attempted to be taught using the premise falls flat. And any attempt to defend the premise, argument and conclusion just looks stupid. Sorry. It’s all about the English language, isn’t it. 🙂

      1. No, that’s not the point of this entire thread. There are two issues being addressed: (1) Whether Newt’s progressivism is as bad as Obama’s (2) Whether Glenn really called Newt’s supporters racist. The two are unrelated and can be argued separately.

        his premise was VERY wrong, therefore any lessons attempted to be taught using the premise falls flat.

        Non sequitur. He believes his premise about Newt to be correct, ergo the rhetorical device he used is adequate to the task.

        1. Yes, HE believes the premise to be true, but that doesn’t then make his remaining comments any more appropriate. Bad for him, I suspect, as there is going to be a firestorm unless he can stomp it out.

  97. Beck has officially lost his damn mind! He has just played into this “anyone against Obama is a Racist” msm/democrat card. I plan on blasting this on our show Monday. Thanks for this Scoop! We all (Tea party) are trying to get the best person to defeat this Obama mess! Repeal these Czars and choking regulations as well as OBAMACARE. This destruction of America! No,BECK, That isn’t a Racist thing, this is all about a save our country thing! BTW ,in the end..Voting the O.J. Can is racist?? Stuff like this will be our undoing and yes, another 4 years of Obamamania..only if we allow ourselves to be swayed by this kind of nonsense! There’s been too much of it already FROM OUR OWN SIDE,Glenn!

    1. Looking at your website I’d think you’ve the insight to know exactly the real point Beck was making and that it is a crucial one. Progressives like Gingrich and Romney are committed to Central Government growth and control. Newt has proven it with a track record over decades.

      The Republican Party has contributed just as much to the oppressive central government and the Progressive disaster that we call Barack Hussein Obama, as the Democrat Party has.

      Your Beacon is a false one like the pirates who set up signal fires to lure merchant ships onto the rocks and then loot their goods from the wreckage.

      1. You clearly missed the point….. The point he’s making was he believes Gingrich is the worst of the worst of Progressives..A terminology that has been misused. So I suppose Gingrich is McCain? Not quite, Romney ..very much so. Bachmann and Santorum.. Very much Conservative. Ron Paul…Laughable and sickening. The POINT: We agree with Mark Levin: We will support the nominee cause Obama being ousted in 2012 should be our ultimate goal and desire along with an undivided Congress. As for Glenn’s comments, It’s exactly what Mark Levin was referring to in that article/clip. We will call out ANYONE that continues to distract from what should be the main goal: Obama out of the White House in 2012 and remarks from Glenn on national TV and making such comments as he did ,regardless on “what he mean to to say was”, he does NOT speak for the majority of Tea Party activist or it’s many supporters! BTW: Yes, We heard his “Clarification” from his radio show. Your right, BOTH SIDES have contributed to the problems, not just in progressive ideals but Socialistic & the huge expansion of the Govt. to the point of destruction of America and these last 3 years have proved just how fast this purposely generated infection has grown. That’s alright, I know what I’ll be voting in the General Election..It will say (R) in the party column and I won’t be at fault when Obama gets 4 more years because others are too busy complaining and questioning someone’s conservatism v/s progressivism levels and terminology issues or better yet,be so narrow-minded that they would consider the alternative to Obama so evil that they would label them WORSE than this guy (Obama). I got a friendly bet that we will get 4 more years of Obama because of all of this in the end (I hope i lose that bet). I am not a Romney supporter (not in the realm of possibilities in the primaries) but i’ll vote for him or “The O.J. Can” in the general election anytime (v/s Obama) if it comes to that. We could survive that for 4 years and then, if needed, change it. The question is: are you willing to bet on having 4 more years of Obama? I won’t! Also, Check your ship for leaks..sinking ships can’t carry any goods to any just clutters up the ocean floor.

  98. RS…I agree with you on every point on this one. I will vote for Michele Bachmann in the primary out of conscience, but if Gingrich wins the nomination, I’ll vote Gingrich.

    1. Your coment is a glaring show of what is going on in the GOP primaries.
      There are 2 camps
      1. Those who want to vote their conscience in the primaries and then vote ABO in the general election
      2. Those who want to start now to vote ABO
      They both have their pros and cons
      One will eviscerate the conservatives in the primaries,even though I think they all except Santoum have had their times.
      The other will bring the Conservatievs much attention and hopefully they will stand the test of time, only to maybe fall to Obama. Somehow, GOPers fear that the remaining Conservatives will crumble to O.

  99. I am in shock by the comments of Glenn Beck. His comments really make me concerned about him. Is something wrong? Look at him in the interview. Is he off the wagon? To call of all people tea party republicans people who back Newt racist…??!?!?

    Is he sick? As I sad before, Glenn Beck has changed ever since he left Fow News and seems like a kite with no tail. He keeps to this bashing of bias and ”truth has no agenda” but then becomes hypocritical to which he aspouces.

    Ronald Reagan said he liked FDR on certain policies….does that mean that Reagan was a progressive too?? NO. Just because you like certain positions of some people and believe that SOME of the ideas of a person does not make you that person. Yes Newt likes some of TRs early positions on trust busting, child labor prevention laws, workplace saftey, and environmentalism in effort to protect American heritage. What is wrong with that?? Are you for child labor? Are you for unsafe workplace?? If not for TR’s policies then these would not be in place today.

    I ask you to read this article on ”The Roosevelt Myth” which is a great article about Reagan and where some of his ideas we praise him for got there origins. I think you will be suprised.

    There are core principles that conservatives look for that Ronald Reagan spoke about over and over…those are; lower taxes, less intrusive govenment, pro business policies that promote capitalism and free trade, and individual liberty and freedoms as the rights of every American.

    These are the foundational stones by which this nation was constructed. Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happeness.

    The last week I have really seen a change in Glenn Beck from the objective Conservative to Glenn Beck the attack dog. Glenn Beck says, himself in this interview, that he is just above Ron Paulin thought word and deed. To that I say ”oh crap” because Ron Paul’s ideas are those of one that does is not playing with a full deck. Do we really want as conservatives want to travel down the road to anarchy??

    I say NO!

    1. You have been spewing your RAH RAH Newt garbage all along and I have called you out all along. You are not a conservative you are a PROGRESSIVE just like Newt .So don’t blame Beck the messenger Beck is Right

          1. how about telling us what you are for and stop the smear attack. ok? lets fight on the battelfield of ideas not one of smear….that sounds fair doesn’t it?

            (i.e. the conservative republican thing to do?)

            1. I am for a true conservative not PROGRESSIVES. I honestly believe Progressives are as close to evil as one can get.

    2. This is why I could never be a Libertarian. They seem to get all kooky just when you think they’re on conservatives side. I looked at it thoughtfully and along with Independents and Moderates decided they just ain’t my cup of tea. We have an organization and party it’s called Republicans and the Republicans running the show now are on their way out and there will be as much dirt and fight from them as there is from the Democrats. The Tea Party and it’s conservative candidates are going to take back the party and it started in 2010.

  100. You took the words right out of my mouth. As I read the headline, the phrase “jumped the shark” immediately came to mind.
    I love Beck for exposing corruption and anti-Americanism in government, and I’m not likely to vote for Newt, but Beck made an ass of himself accusing Newt supporters of racism. It has no basis in rational thought.

    1. Newt is not as bad as Obama by any standard but since you had GBTV you must realize that Newt is a Progressive.

      I assume you’re voting for Bachmann or Santorum?

      1. I will vote for Newt!
        Hw is the only one who gave us a balance budget in our life time and cut taxes at the same time!

        1. Do you like mandates and cap and tax?

          Have you paid attention anything he’s done in the last 10 years???

      1. Dear GBTV Subscriber:

        Your GBTV subscription has been canceled. We’re sorry to see you go but if you ever change your mind, we’d love to welcome you back.

        If you are canceling during your free trial period, your GBTV account has been canceled and you will not be billed.

        If you are canceling within five (5) days of your billing or renewal date, your GBTV account has been canceled and your refund for the current billing period is being processed. A credit for the invoiced subscription price will appear on the statement of the credit card or PayPal account to which your subscription was billed.

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        If you have any questions regarding the status of your cancellation, please feel free to contact GBTV Customer Support at:

        Sincerely, Customer Service

        1. You should remove the links from your post. Sometimes, it’s possible for someone to access your account before it’s closed and get your personal information. Just looking out for you!

          And P.S.: Good call on cancelling. This really steamed up my tail (what Beck said).

    2. My biggest problem was that when I went to cancel GBTV and it asked me my reason for doing so “I’m a racist tea party member” wasn’t an option from the drop down menu.

  101. Glad to hear you’re not going to give Beck any more play on this site. He’s been “out there” for a good while. Thanks for ditching him.

  102. Rockets hit Israel after fighting flares in Gaza

    The Palestinians are now blaming Gingrich for the violence after he simply declared the historical truth that the Palestinians are an invented people.

    Right, and Beck who claims that he is a supporter of Israel, has the unmitigated gall to say that if Tea Partiers vote for Gingrich instead of Obama they are racist.

    No, I am not a supporter of Gingrich, but this kind of trash talk by Beck is simply not acceptable.

          1. You seem to be the only one ‘controlled’ by your teachers (being Cornell, I’m sure there were just a few lefties). The rest of us use our brains and listen to the language that is spoken. Now, turn the page and let’s move on to the next lesson.

  103. I’ve heard before that Glen Beck’s a sunshine tea partier and a secret progressive. This kinda says; maybe.

    I’m with you; I’m not giving his opinions much credence anymore.

  104. Glenn is my guy, I think he is streaching waaay to far with this one though, he is afraid of Ron Paul or even Trump running as a third party if Newt gets the nod than there is a good chance on Paul jumping in as third party…guess who wins in this situation. not any of “us” who have commented on here. I hope he retracts this statement, I don’t think he really beleives it. Newt needs to be vetted by the Conservative media, on his Progressive ways. Rush is calling everyone out who dare speak an unkind word against Newt, but where is the Conservative vetting? Shouldn’t we do that?

  105. If this was 2004 or 2008, I would have abolished Beck forever in my life. But, this is 2012 and I understand what Beck is saying.

    Oh, it’s ok! Just a little bit Progressive-y. Don’t worry about it.

    No! No more.

    1. It is an ugly reality. Red pill or blue pill? Glenn Beck or Good Morning America?

      No one wants to believe that the federal government is subversive, corrupt and actively organized to steal the fruits of our labor and use them to destroy the Constitution, our Liberty, and our Nation. Even when the truth is irrefutable.

      Everyone wants to believe it is the other person’s candidate who does it but not theirs.

      Beck brings us the truth. The truth hurts.

  106. Don’t support Gingrich, but he would be infinitely better than Obama. Beck jumped the shark with his comments. Way, way off base.

  107. For all those here bashing Glenn (Scoop included), I think you all need to step back and take a breath. Glenn is not calling those Tea Partiers who support Newt racist. He doesn’t understand the absurdity of those who want less government voting for another Republican progressive like McCain. Glenn said in 2008 that the only reason he voted for McCain was his choice of Palin as his running mate. If Newt winds up the nominee and picks the right candidate for VP, he may change his mind. While I think he could’ve chosen better wording, I believe his goal was to shock people into thinking about sticking to your core beliefs.

      1. Can’t a man engage in hyperbole and rhetorical excess that includes a reference to race without everyone clutching their pearls and getting all insulted where no insult was intended?

        “If you want a progressive, why not vote for Obama instead of Newt? Oh what, it’s his race?” HE SAID SARCASTICALLY.

        Please learn to interpret correctly. Anyone who’s listened to Glenn for any length should know better than to think he’s gratuitously tossing around the race card.

        1. With all due respect, he did not ‘gratuitously’ toss it around. He hates Newt so much that he most likely felt that phrase would make Tea Partiers run from Newt. I’m pretty sure it was intentional, but the consequences were not. He’ll have to deal with that as it pours in.

    1. RS wasn’t bashing Beck in pointing out the fact that for someone that talks, professionally, his choice of words was completely asinine. If he was trying to “shock” people, that just makes him look even more stupid. If I wanted a shock jock, I’d listen to Howard Stern.

        1. That shows your inability to read and comprehend the English language. I said I didn’t like his attempts to whitewash mormonism by portraying it as something it isn’t, and I don’t like the fact that he is a libertarian. I have a right to not agree with his religion and his politics. Don’t like it? Tough sh*t.

          1. Don’t you just love people who comment to tell you they have nothing to say to you?

            Yeah, not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

            1. I guess its part of the “I get the last word” mentality. Coupled with the “I can’t intelligently defend my position in open debate” mentality, I also suspect.

      1. There was nothing wrong with his choice of words. His intended meaning was clear enough.

        There is something wrong with US if we can’t handle sarcastic references to the race card.

        This is like people thinking that “niggardly” refers to race when it totally doesn’t, but because we’re all poorly educated, speakers can’t even use plain English or normal rhetorical devices.

        Shame on us.

        1. i knew what he was saying it was sarcasm .He just pointing out the fact that really they are the same Newt and Obama. Bush and Clinton and the elder Bush were also big NWO progressives .

        2. i knew what he was saying it was sarcasm .He just pointing out the fact that really they are the same Newt and Obama. Bush and Clinton and the elder Bush were also big NWO progressives .

    2. Heres whats wrong with your point. Imagine it was David Brooks, A ‘right leaning’ journalist that said that, what would you think. If Anne Coulter had said that what would you think…. Better still, if that was Ed Shultz or K.Olbermann, how would you take it?

      1. Listen to the clip that Joe Brooks posted above. Like I said, he could’ve said it better. Can’t anyone disagree with a talk show host about one opinion without hating him forever?

      2. If Brooks had said it I’d figure he was serious. If Coulter had said it I’d know she wasn’t. Why? Because I know that Coulter is frequently sarcastic (as Glenn is) and Brooks isn’t.

        Shultz and Olbermann? That’s hardly hypothetical. They’ve called the Tea Party racists already, many times over. But they only meant it in the sense that all leftists mean things: They say what they believe to be useful to “the cause,” not what they believe to be true.

    3. You’re full of crap Cheryl. Beck has said repeatedly that McCain would have been worse than Obama. That’s part of the whole “both sides are just as bad” crap he needs to foment to keep is mindless fans in line behind….him.

      1. I think the only time Beck said McCain would have been worse than Obama was the interview with Katie Couric. He explained it by saying McCain would have taken the same course at a slower pace than Obama. He also said there wouldn’t be no Tea Party if McCain was elected. P.S. Saying I’m “full of crap” and “mindless” doesn’t help your cause any.

    4. You are simply wrong. How else can the words, “it must be about race” be interpreted as other than an accusation of racism? How much plainer could it be stated?

      To claim that there is no qualitative difference between Gingrich and Obama requires complete amnesia of the entirety of the 1990s. Barry Goldwater isn’t running, and neither is Reagan. They both have the severe handicap of being dead and the latter is termed out on top of that. If the choice is a guy that is utterly indistinguishable from Obama other than wearing the GOP label, what is the point of voting at all? A GOP President that equals Obama for catastrophic bad policies (or got there first with RomneyCare) is just giving the left a club to beat us with in 2016. I’d rather lose the election and have Obama burn it all down while planning for how build anew than fall for that sucker bet.

      1. “How else can the words, “it must be about race” be interpreted as other than an accusation of racism?”

        No concept of sarcasm, then? No concept of exaggeration? Doesn’t Beck engage in both sarcasm and exaggeration on a regular basis?

        You can fairly debate whether Newt is as bad as Obama when it comes to their big-gubmnit proclivities, but to figure that Glenn’s race card was anything but sarcastic is absurd.

      2. “How else can the words, “it must be about race” be interpreted as other than an accusation of racism?”

        No concept of sarcasm, then? No concept of exaggeration? Doesn’t Beck engage in both sarcasm and exaggeration on a regular basis?

        You can fairly debate whether Newt is as bad as Obama when it comes to their big-gubmnit proclivities, but to figure that Glenn’s race card was anything but sarcastic is absurd.

  108. If Beck’s right, then a lot of Democrats will also like Gingrich and vote for him so, ironically, Gingrich is looking highly electable.

    Conservatives want a great debater and Democrats want a progressive. Welcome to the White House President Gingrich…

  109. I fell out of love with this guy, a long time back, due to theological differences that he masks under the name Christianity, and the fact that he’s part of a political party that I oppose, just as much as the DNC: libertarians. I really think he wasn’t speaking or thinking clearly when he made this statement, but I do understand what he was trying to say, and what he THOUGHT he said. He was trying to say that if you support Big Government, then you should oppose both Obama AND Gingrich, because they have far too many beliefs and political philosophies in common. His remark about racism was absolutely asinine, and, as I’ve said, the product of a lack of completely coherent thought. However, in this political environment, he hasn’t done the Tea Party any favors, and this remark will only serve to reinforce the stupidity of people like the idiotic Morgan Freeman and strung-out crackhead Samuel L. Jackson, both of whom insist on the Tea Parties being nothing more than racial supremacist organizations. No apology will suffice, really, as all the liberals will say is that ‘the truth came out, and now he’s trying to backtrack from it’. Like I said: I don’t listen to Glen Beck, anymore, and this isn’t going to change my mind about that.

  110. Newt isn’t really the candidate I want to win the primary, but I won’t continue to subscribe to someone who is now taking lines from the liberal playbook. I just switched my GBTV subscription and now I’m going with Rush and Hannity to try them out. Thanks for posting this.

    1. You’ll love Rush. I love Hannity on Fox he did a great job exposing Obama but his radio show irks me to much to listen long. His comments and views are great but he loves having liberals on the phone to argue with. If I want to listen to liberal trash talk I’ll just turn on the main stream media news. I always have to turn him off when he starts arguing with some lib. As far as I can tell he hasn’t changed any of their minds about anything.

    2. I won’t continue to subscribe to someone who is now taking lines from the liberal playbook

      Ironically, you’re the one who has succumbed to the assumptions of the Left. It should be obvious to someone who knows Beck that he was being sarcastic, but the Left has trained us to react emotionally to racial references rather than waiting for a clarification (if needed) or trying to suss out what Beck intended by his racial reference.

      No doubt Rush understood what Beck was saying, too.

  111. I think Beck is right about the propaganda about a vote for Newt or anyone else is going be called ”racist”.

  112. Beck is right. Gingrich is a big government Progressive. Most of the Elephants in DC are. He just like the slow boil approach. Hussein wants to get it over with quickly.

    Beck was simply using the race comment to point out the absurdity of anyone with the tea party movement voting for Gingrich. It is absurd.

    1. Beck is 100% right when it comes to the slow boil approach but puling the race card when it doesn’t exist does not help our cause.

      Most Tea Party people are not aware of Newt’s dismal progressive record which is pretty sad.

      1. It was a poor play on words – but I did not hear it as the race card. To me he was using it to point out the absurdity of trying to rationalize Gingrich as a conservative.

        1. The premise he used was wrong. Newt and Obama are nowhere near alike. He wants us to think that they are twin sons of different mothers, but one is right of center with tendencies to cross the line, while the other has no line to cross as he stands so far left he’s around the corner of his own shoulder.

          That being said, he can’t use the ‘race thing’ to describe the twins when it doesn’t exist. Entire point missed and thousands ticked off.

    2. Come to think of it… let me make a stupid arguement
      Which one will the frog survive
      Slow boil or fast boil?

      1. The fast boil because, as we saw when Hussein Obama turned up the heat, the smart frogs jumped out – I met a lot of them at tea party rallies.

        Sadly, no – depressingly, it looks like too too many are buying the narrative for the Republican warm bathes, all over again.

    3. Yes, Newt is a progressive and yes it does not make sense for any tea partier to vote for him as a 1st choice but he has done well in debates and has plans that in black and white people can support and make sense. Beck could just have said that Newt is just another George Bush, they are not Marxist. Beck has spoken against the race crap, it just contradicts himself by bringing it up this way. Its just like the heartless line from Perry.

    4. Your interpretation of Beck’s words is correct.

      He didn’t play the real race card; he played a sarcastic one, but the Left has trained us to react emotionally when race is mentioned, and they’ve told us (in school, no less), that your reaction to someone’s statement is what it means, rather than what the speaker intended.

      I recommend these two essays for more information on the Left’s linguistic assumptions and how they harm us:

      Bill Bennett accused of racism when he clearly isn’t.

      Rush Limbaugh being misinterpreted when there was no reason to do so.

      Don’t read them, nukeman; they’re way over your head. And yes, I mean that seriously.

  113. I’ve been a conservative waaay longer than Beck’s been sober. Now, he really blew it with reasonable people everywhere. Bye Bye, Beck.

    1. Thanks for the link. It really says it all. Newt is a student of history so he must know what Teddy really is.

      To say you model yourself after him proves you are a Progressive.

    2. Good link. Beck’s intention and message here are being misconstrued IMHO.

      This is a deadly serious crossroad for the Nation. I think we need an even stronger dose of reality like Beck is giving us, from all fronts.

      I have always said this election is not about defeating Obama. It is about defeating the cabal that put the turtle up on the post. Gingrich is an entrenched member of the cabal.

      Will we go down as the generation that lost America?

  114. I like Beck, but I am not buying that one. “He’s a Progressive!” ok, proof buddy, show us the proof. I agree with johnos2112, Beck wants a utopia. Sorry Glenn, there is no George Washington on the horizon. However, there IS a Karl Marx and he’s President of the United States. Just because Newt is not ideal, that does not mean he would not do a whopping better job than Romney or, heaven help us, Obama in a second term.

    1. Look at Newt’s policies and past positons of supporting big gov’t:

      1. Individual mandate as late as May 2011

      2. Global warming (new book coming out 2013)

      3. Supporting ethanol subsidies

      4. Endorsing Scozafavva

      5. Calling Paul Ryan’s plan right wing social engineering

      6. Touring with Rev Al and Arne DUncan for Obama’s education agenda

      7 voting for Dept of Education’

      8. Voting for the Fairness Doctrine

  115. I think the world of Beck.

    He could have said “I recommend you don’t vote for Gingrich” – – – it would have been better received.

  116. OMG Beck has VOTED for Lieberman how many times? Even though he is Jewish his liberlism voted for ANTI-Israeli policy every chance he got..Beck is about attention-he employ’s athiest S.E. Cupp & mysogist PIG- Kevin producer for his staff being a “Christian”- ha his show me your friends” thing only applies to others..Beck was DETERMINED to out Palin but call her at 3am when HE was worried..he can get buy buy buy–that is what he is about..

    1. Not to mention Lieberman is simply a ninny in the same class as Slow Joe Biden. I remember a speech he gave while campaigning with Al Gore. At one point he declared that the NASDAQ was at its lowest since the Depression.

      During the entirety of the Depression the NASDAQ was at ZERO. Technically, that is, since the NASDAQ didn’t exist until decades later and began trading in 1971.

  117. We need to replace the Senate with TParty. If these are our choices for pres, we need to hold whoever accountable. Also we need to take care of voting fraud by the unions, get in there and work the precincts.

  118. maybe beck has so tarnished the word PROGRESSIVE we need to ask our self’s what if beck is trying to keep us from getting back to the Constitution by so demonizing a word to the point if its used then the person using it is evil regardless of how the person meant it to be used…think about it…

    pro•gres•sive [prə gréssiv]

    1. Favoring reform: advocating social, economic, or political reform
    2. Progressing gradually: developing gradually over a period of time
    a progressive decline in popularity

    to beck any mention of the word (progressive) is now paramount to treason and the word police will come and take you away…we need to progress away from Communism and progress back to the Constitution….now that i used the word am i now evil…well according to beck i would be…hummmmm makes you wonder who beck is really for….i’m just saying…beck is a good manipulator…

    1. 1. Individual mandate as late as May 2011

      2. Global warming (new book coming out 2013)

      3. Supporting ethanol subsidies

      4. Endorsing Scozafavva

      5. Calling Paul Ryan’s plan right wing social engineering

      6. Touring with Rev Al and Arne DUncan for Obama’s education agenda

      7 voting for Dept of Education’

      8. voting for the Fairness Doctrine.

      All show that Newt is a Progressive

      1. NHConservative. I see you get your same attack points from the same website.

        This is part of a 15 point Attack Plan on Newt Gingrich. I went back and researched each of your attack points. Here are the facts to all 15 not just the 8 you have listed that proves your assertions are a distortion of the truth.

        Lets look at each one of your points.
        1) He cheated on two wives – two examples of extreme dishonesty
        1. Answer: Were you there and know all the conditions of the accounts? Do you have the divorce documents and can produce the grounds for divorce. Newt was wrong in his personal life but since he was forgiven by his ex-wife and children plus they currently have a good relationship plus he is currently happily married and has a stable personal life; that should say something about the man also. You must take the good and the bad on this topic. After all if Newt and his Ex-Wife can come to terms and make restitution with each other why can’t you acknowledge that. why do you want to invade his personal life?
        2) In 2006, he supported liberal Congressman Joe Schwarz (R-MI) who was challenged by conservative Tim Walberg.
        2. Answer:Joe Schwarz was the already established congressman, a Republican, that had been an ardant supporter of all of Newt’s positions in the congress. So, why would you not support someone who was supporting you since they were both Republicans.
        3) In 2008, Gingrich aggressively supported and campaigned for liberal Congressman Wayne Gilchrist (R-MD) who was challenged by conservative Andy Harris.
        3. Answer: Wayne Gilchrist (R-MD)….same as number 2. Already established and another ardant supporter of Newt’s positions as Speaker.
        4) In 2009, he supported radical liberal, pro-abortion, pro-union establishment Dede Scozzafava in the NY-23 race while the tea party supported conservative Doug Hoffman
        4. Answer: Dede Scozzafava….YEP that one was a major boo boo. Newt should have backed the more conservative one in that race. From what I read it there was a major push from the RNC for her as well.
        5) In 2010, Gingrich campaigned for RINO U.S. Senator Robert Bennett in Utah, calling him “a true-blue conservative.”
        5. Answer: What’s your point on this one?? Sen. Bob Bennett is a conservative….you are only bringing that one up because the Club for Growth said Sen. Bennett was is not conservative enough….That’s nuts in my opinion and a non starter because Sen. Bennett was and is indeed a Conservative.
        6) Gingrich has supported for many years the federal government giving financial support to “renewable energy” projects and the development of clean energy technologies. Federal ethanol subsidies is one of the things he supports.
        6. Answer: Yep…Newt is for giving financial support to “renewable energy” projects and the development of clean energy technologies…but finish the sentense. It is part of his American Energy Independence plan to free up American Natural resources to make the USA energy free. As long as it is an indstry wide initiative that does not pick and choose winners and loosers….it is a good plan. That is how America built the Trans-Contential Railroad and many other sectors that created American Industry.
        7) He supported the “Fairness Doctrine” in 1987, which forced broadcasters to air all sides of a controversial issue. It was, of course, government infringing the First Amendment rights of free speech and press.
        7. Answer: states: “Newt does not support the Fairness Doctrine, and he has been vocally critical of the left’s efforts to reinstate the doctrine over the past decade, including supporting Mike Pence’s bill that prohibited government censorship in radio in 2007.”
        8) In 1994, he voted for GATT, the General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade, that subjected Americans to the international authority of the World Trade Organization. When Gingrich testified to the House Ways and Means Committee, he said: “We need to be honest about the fact that we are transferring from the United States at a practical level significant authority to a new organization. . . . This is not just another trade agreement. This is doing something twice, once in the 1940’s and once in the 1950’s the U.S. Congress rejected . . . It is a very big transfer of power.”
        8. Answer: Vote for GATT…Yes he did but so did 121 other Republican Conservatives like McDermott, Santorum, Armey, and many others.
        9) In 2003, Gingrich urged “every conservative member of Congress” to support the Medicare drug benefit bill. He called it the “most important reorganization of our nation’s healthcare system since the original Medicare Bill of 1965.” He declared: “Every conservative member of Congress should vote for this Medicare bill. It is the most important reorganization of our nation”s healthcare system since the original Medicare Bill of 1965 and the largest and most positive change in direction for the health system in 60 years for people over 65.”
        9. Answer: Why support it? Because at the time it was the best way to begin the process of revamping the entire healthcare system.
        10) In 2008, Gingrich backed the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. He opposed it before he “reluctantly” endorsed it.
        10. Answer: In a conversation Gingrich says he thinks the bailout plan is “just wrong,” and that “it’s likely to fail, and it’s likely to make the situation worse over time.” A transcript of their conversation follows. This $700 billion bailout plan, this potential 20-year mess that you’re talking about, comes from a Republican administration, comes from your own party. So why agree with it? A couple of things — first of all, they’re probably genuinely panicked. And I think that’s real. I think they’re tired. If you do not do something at this point you are looking at a complete and utter collapse of the credit system and money supply of the United States.
        So, he backs it only because it is the better of two evils.
        11) He advocated an individual mandate for health insurance, similar to the mandate in ObamaCare, in his 2008 book, Real Change. “[I]ndividuals are expected to help pay for their care. Everyone should be required to have coverage. Those with very low incomes should receive vouchers or tax credits to help them buy insurance. Those who oppose the concept of insurance should be required to post a bond to cover costs.”
        11.Answer: Newt says; I think that there are ways to do it that make most libertarians relatively happy. I’ve said consistently we ought to have some requirement to either have health insurance or you post a bond or in some way you indicate you are going to be held accountable. So, basically I understand that as you need to beable to pay your own way. Newt is not saying you must or have a legal obligation (i.e. against the law like Obama care) but that it is your obligation to be able to pay your own way for healthcare and it is not the governments job to pay for that. (sounds pretty conservative to me)
        12) In 2008, Gingrich starred with Nancy Pelosi in an infamous TV ad supporting the human-caused global warming hoax
        12. Answer: Gingrich-Pelosi TV Ad: Newt Gingrich says “Well, I’ve said it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve done in recent years — it was an effort on my part to say that conservatives are concerned about the environment — we have better solutions,” Gingrich said of the television ad. “I actively opposed cap and trade — I testified against it the same day Al Gore testified for it — but the commercial is just a mistake.
        13) In 2009-2010, he traveled around our country with liberals Al Sharpton and Arne Duncan, promoting Obama’s new educational policies.
        13. Answer: Technically yes he did travel with Al Sharpton and Arne Duncan but his role was not to promote Obama educational program. It was a fact finding mission to discover what works and what does not that would be agreeable to both sides of the political spectrum. It is an effort to impove testing scores and improved student learning retention. In effort to make students smarter….. I see nothing wrong with that. P.S. this was not to be a Federal Spending program but one targeting grants to states to improve things at the local level by competition. (i.e. Charter Schools) Sounds like free market solutions to me.

        14) Earlier this year, Gingrich attacked Paul Ryan’s budget and Medicare reform plan, causing Ryan to respond, “With allies like that, who needs the left.”
        14. Answer: The Gingrich attacked Paul Ryan is not true. When Newt was taking about social engineering he was saying that it is not the Federal Governments role “It’s very straightforward. It’s when the government comes in and tells you how to live your life and what you’re gonna do — whether the values that lead it to do that are left-wing values, or the values that lead it to do that are right-wing values,” said Gingrich. “I believe in personal freedom. I believe in your right to lead your life. I believe that we are endowed by the Declaration of Independence, by our Creator, with the right to pursue happiness. And I want a government that is much more humble about its ability to tell you what to do, whether it’s people on either side of the ideological spectrum.”
        So, his statements were being taken way out of context of what his meaning were. Newt even went to far as to apologize to Paul Ryan and even Paul Ryan says it was just a misinterpretation of words…. In other words….something was being made out of nothing.
        If you listen closely to the original clip he never attacked Paul Ryan. He was trying to complete an answer to the question and the interviewer keep throwing stuff at him before his entire though was complete. However, did Newt make a gaffe….ABSOLUTELY. Did he apologize for it….yes. Did Paul Ryan accept it say it was a misunderstanding and move on….Yep!
        Original Offense:

        Here is Clarification:

        Here is apology:

        Paul Ryans reply saying this is misunderstanding and move on.

        So if Paul Ryan says this is much to do about nothing then guess what….
        15) Gingrich’s close association with Alvin Toffler and his strong support of Toffler ‘s radical “The Third Way” should alone be sufficient to end his presidential campaign. It is a part of Gingrich’s record that waves a huge red flag. Toffler believes mankind is entering a new system. In his book, “The Third Way,” he wrote to the Founding Fathers: “For the system of government you fashioned [U.S. Constitution] including the very principles on which you based it, is increasingly obsolete, and hence increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented, a democracy for the 21st century.
        15. Answer: Gingrich’s close association with Alvin Toffler…I looked it up and Toffler believes….”Society needs people who take care of the elderly and who know how to be compassionate and honest. Society needs people who work in hospitals. Society needs all kinds of skills that are not just cognitive; they’re emotional, they’re affectional. You can’t run the society on data and computers alone.” Toffler is also frequently cited as stating: “Tomorrow’s illiterate will not be the man who can’t read; he will be the man who has not learned how to learn.”
        Hmmmm…..that sounds pretty intelligent, responsible and right for society to me…. What is so controversial about that???
        Also, Toffler and his firm Accenture, the management consultancy firm, has dubbed him the third most influential voice among business leaders, after Bill Gates and Peter Drucker. He has also been described in the Financial Times as the “world’s most famous futurologist.”
        As to Sen. Tom Coburn, I saw the interview and Sen. Coburn even called Newt brilliant and intelligent. He also refused to give specifics on his criticizm of Newt. It made him sound like he just had a case of sour grapes on Newt Gingrich.

        Whew…..there….I think that covers all your points.

        On whole I think you will find there is much to do about nothing and the facts bore out that Newt Gingrich is actually on the right side of your critical points. Did he make mistakes….Yep. Are you 100% perfect?? I only know of one man 100% perfect and I am awaiting his return from over 2000 years ago.

        So, please get your facts straight before launching into attacks that really do not amount to much.

        1. All I get from that is that Newt is exceptionally good at rationalizing big government Progressivism as Conservatism. It is dishonest intellectualism.

          Newt says his ideas for Central Government are better that the last 90+ years of Central Government.

          We do not need more or better ideas for Central Government. We need to dismantle Central Government.

          1. Please explain to me about what is progressive about a position of less govenment, balanced budget, more individual liberty, and more capitalism?? These are all positions on Newts 21st Century Contract with America.

            1. PROGRESSIVEISM 101 say what ever you have to ,get elected implement your progressive agenda it’s all Alinsky

              1. I think you will find that someone that made and more importantly KEPT the 1990s Contract with America’s promises will be the same one that will keep the 21st Century Contract with America.

                P.S. Have you even read it? Do you know what is says and promises??

        2. Wow you’re really good at making excuses.

          It is about picking winners and losers– that’s what subsides are, saying the gov’t knows what’s going to work.

          Nice argument on GATT, it’s bad but many other in GOP voted for it too….. just as pathetic as you’re excuse for Medicare Part D.

          I don’t want more of the same garbage as usual, we need a conservative to give us limited gov’t NOT a Gov’t knows best answer to everything.

          As for the mandate? Which Newt are we talking about? The one that now says gov’t has no business requiring us to buy anything or the one in May 2011 that said gov’t could require citizens to buy insurance??

          Gov’t has NO business period telling us what to buy. It’s about free market solutions and tort reform.

          Also which Newt are we talking about for global warming? The one that said he’d vote for cap and tax in 2007 or the one that know says he won’t? The one that says he’s unsure about the science or the one that’s releasing a new global warming book right after the election?

          Newt is a Progressive no matter how many times you try to make pathetic excuses for his gov’t knows best attitude. As Beck says, with you’re attitude, you should just vote for Maobama!

          You don’t care about big gov’t taking away our liberties as long as they have a “R” next to their name!

          1. NHCOnservative….you are wrong because the FACTS do not support your arguements.

            Go to the links on my post and look at the facts for yourself dude.

            1. Congratulations Allen, you are a Progressive!

              Again you support big gov’t program as long as the elephants are the ones in charge.

              1. So someone for less intrusive government, lower taxes, less business regulation, consitutionalist court system, and more liberty is progressive? How is that progressive? I would love to hear your explaination on that because those are my positions and values.

                Last time I checked those are down the line CONSERVATIVE positions.

  119. Paulbots? That’s not nice.

    Anyway, I like and admire Glenn Beck. I also like Ron Paul’s constitutional non-interventionism.

    I was sickened to see the Israeli government force Jews from Gaza, and I wonder how much of that was from American intervention.

    Ironically voting for a person who supports Israel is like voting for someone who supports the poor – both do more harm than good to the ones they claim to support.

    So, does intervention (support) help or harm Israel?

    1. I did see it and I commented here that Beck went too easy on Newt in that interview.

      I still think Beck is Lonesome Rhodes. Just because Keith Olberman also pointed it out doesn’t make it wrong.

        1. You really ARE a sad, sad little person. You need some friends. Would you like a friend. I have a Bengal tiger.

  120. Glenn Beck has never been part of the Tea Party but has been in competition with it. Never forget that. Beck has made his fame and fortune the last couple of years by riding the Tea Party’s wave and capitalizing on the whole “both sides are just as bad” narrative, but he’s been tireless in forming his own movement.

    You know, there are some meme’s or narratives that really are true. Beck epitomizes one that many conservative pundits get accused of when they go against a candidate, but in his case I think it’s true. Beck thrives on conflict. His radio show and his empire depend on it. Van Jones has earned Glenn Beck more money that he could have ever hoped to influence for any cause he cares about.

    Beck needs Obama to be re-elected. He’s no dummy. He knows his schtick won’t work as well when there’s a Republican in the White House. No matter how Progressive they are, his audience needs a Boogie Man. Was that racist? Yeah, it was.

    hey Newt, pls go pay Glen a visit. Give him some good ratings and then tell him to his face like always says. With Malice towards none….
    And by the way, Glenn you just gave the left foder for all of this election cycle. they are going to quote you untill they die. Especially if Newt is nominated.
    I thought you were smarter than that

      1. You’re right. Glenn doesn’t understand why SOME Tea Partiers support Newt but not Santorum or Bachmann, whose beliefs are more in line with the Tea Party. Glenn is just frustrated that we might get McCain 2.0.

          1. Newt is a slightly better version of compassionate consevative “I sold out my free market principles to save the free market” George W Bush

              1. Settle down. If you have read any of my posts,it should be obvious that I can’t stand Newt.

                As for those allegations, how credible were they? THis was before my time.

        1. thats not true
          Where was Newt when there was a Cain Train?
          So the race thing is way out of line
          Where was Newt when there was a Bachman phenomenon?
          So the ideological slice is myopic
          If Glenn beleieves that the people always get it right, he did not show that.
          Where was Newt when Perrymania was in town?
          Make the point BEck, dont insult our judgement
          MAke the point until we get it.
          Maybe NEwt will end up being the flava of the month,
          but like Dick Morris says, he is lucky to be peaking at the right time
          So if we switch to Mitt, would the race thing still apply.
          I would want to see a Mitt rise and see what you got to say about that
          Whatever we do then would be judged in the light of…
          Mormon or Marxist?
          You just played it wrong with the race thing Glenn

      1. Not the point. The point is, you’re a racist if you prefer Newt over Obama. Newt, no matter what he is, is to the right of Obama. The alternative would be to vote for someone, anyone, to the left of Obama. Does that creature even exist.

        Beck once called Obama a racist and the LSM wanted him fired over it. It really wasn’t right when he did that and it isn’t right now. However, the LSM won’t ask for his head.

  122. This was a stupid thing for Beck to say but let’s not go overboard here Scoop. I have learned more from Beck about history than from any other commentator or radio host. I didn’t know how bad FDR or Wilson were or how the Progressive have infiltrated the GOP. Beck is right in that Bush, McCain, and Newt are Progressives.

    Beck is one of the few if not the only host calling out and exposing Newt. Levin has lightly questioned Newt, but the essence of what Beck is saying is correct:

    We’re screwed either way if it’s Newt vs. Obama. With Newt it’ll be a slow painful death, with Obama it’ll be a quick death for America.

    We need a real consevative in MB or Santorum.

    I’d still vote for Newt over Obama because we’ll still have a chance. Newt would repeal Obamacare and be tough on terror, but he’d do many big gov’t solutions too. It’d be very similar to what George W. Bush did and there’d be a good chance a Dem won in 2016.

    1. completely agreed… problem with his view is the racist blackmail. It was completely beneath the class expected of him. If he ever goes on BO, they will talk about it, and for once I will side with the moderate BO

      1. Very true.

        And if Newt gets the nomination then the Left will have a field day with this.

        I understand what Beck was saying, but the race card has no place here.

    1. like i said…he is getting full of himself and that is a dangerous place to be…its like “I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH..ITS ME OR YOUR LOST”

      really…don’t take this the wrong way but …that from a Mormon…really

  123. i try not to listen to beck that much any more…he is getting to full of him self…kind of like Alex Jones…both bring a lot of info but both are getting full of crap…

    1. I cancelled my subscription to GBTV when I started seeing how rude Beck was acting during his telephone interviews. He was EXTREMELY disrespectful when interviewing Newt. There IS a way to ask tough questions without being an asshole, and Beck made NO effort to accomplish that task. In fact, he went out of his way to be a jerk.

  124. Well Glen, Newt wasn’t our first choice or he would have been polling much better in August.

    We looked at Bachman, you want to talk about undisciplined and not ready for prime time. She would not survive the general election process.

    We looked at Rick Perry, unfortunately he pulled a Fred Thompson and showed up completely unprepared. Furthermore he completely doesn’t understand the base on immigration and he has his own progressive baggage with that vaccine.

    We looked at Herman Cain, unfortunately he is only prepared to talk about 9-9-9 and nothing else. Throw in the unpreparedness to handle what he surely knew was going to come up with his past and he wasn’t ready for prime-time.

    I’d like to look at Jon Huntsman, but it’s obvious he doesn’t understand the base either. His campaign staff seems to think that by taking a condescending view of the base in an effort to appease moderates is a good idea. Even worse, Jon Huntsman as the head of his own campaign seems to endorse this idea. No Jon, really, we like science, just honest science.

    Rick Santorum? Are you kidding me? He is the epitomy of the 2006 Bush era Republican that voted for the worst aspects of Bush policy. He got thrown out of office by 20 pts in 2006. Yeah, he voted for all of the Bush legacy of bigger government. And I’m supposed to believe is a consistent conservative? If that’s the case why wasn’t Trent Lott beating him up in 2004 and 2005? Oh that’s right, Rick got in line with the rest of the RINOS.

    Who’s left? Ron Paul the guy that blames america for 9-11 and is to the left of Obama on foreign policy.

    And thus we are left with Newt. Baggage? Yep. Herecy against conservatism? Yep. But the guy can talk and is to the Right of Obama on everything.

    I’m really sick of being lectured by Glen Beck.

    1. I guess I don’t have to ask your opinion of Romney since you list all his alternatives. Still, would be interested in reading what your thoughts are about the Establishment’s candidate?

      1. Firmly in the not-romney camp. Yeah, looked good compared to McCain and Huckabee in 2008. Romney blew it in early 2009 in February on FOX news when an anchor asked him, “Gov Romney, it’s been 5 months since Tarp, was it a good idea.” Guess what, Romney said yes.

    2. I agree. While I like Bachmann’s positions but what has she really accomplished?? She says she started this and sponsored that…but actually what has she gotten passed? What of her positions has she actually accomplished? Answer; very little to none because she cannot even get the support of her own party to pass it.

      Remember she is only been in Congress since 2007, three years and her level of experience has only been since 2003 in the Minnesota Senate again another 3 years. Is that really a qualification of experience and more importantly accomplishement for her to be in the highest office in the land??

      I think one she has some proof of accomplishment in legislation and actual changing government I would really believe in her abilities to change things until that time I think she is still too green to be catipulted to the office of President.

      1. I don’t fault her for lack of congressional accomplishments. How much was she supposed to accomplish with Pelosi as Speaker of the House?

        I like her positions on most things, I don’t doubt her conservative credentials. She just won’t be able to win in November 2012. She lacks message discipline, is prone to saying outlandish things and would walk right into the media narrative that conservatives are freaks. She would get Palinized or Angled if you will. Not saying it’s right, but that is the reality we live in.

  125. Beck has gone off the reservation. Newt is not my primary guy either, RS, however, Newt will be a heck of lot better than Obama!! Obama is seeking to transform America and erase its foundational principles. Obama is sold out to redistributive wealth. Newt does like government programs but not to the extent of Obama with his failed, humongous “stimulus” bills. Voting for Newt is not racism. It’s voting for the more conservative candidate. Whose talking points are these? Axelrod’s?

  126. Glenn Beck is in the process of moving to Dallas TX and he must be stressing out a bit.

    As much as he rails about Obama, George Soros and every czar of DC I know — through his actions — that he doesn’t believe what he said on Naps show.

    Beck calls out those in and around the Obama administration as being threats to not only the U.S. but to the worlds freedom. He has not included Newt in any of those attacks or connected Gingrich to the many groups/foundations providing the philosophical or material support for Obama or to any of those connected to the Soros political infrastructure.

    He hasn’t made any careers moves in reaction to a Gingrich movement but has done so to fight the Soros agenda.

    Glenn “Chicken Little” Beck jumping the shark is an everyday occurrence — no big deal there. I’ll keep my subscription to GBTV and watch in anticipation of his next jump.

  127. CPAguy put it right, it needs repeating;
    Neuter would be more dangerous than Obama…they both support the same things…however, Neuter would have both the R’s and D’s pushing for Progressive legislation.

    Ding ding ding.

      1. He made a quick turn and started saying good things about Sarah Palin a couple months ago, before she decided not to run. I was at conservatives4palin at the time and a lot positive comments were made about him. I thought no way is he doing this for her. It is now apparent that he was cozying up to the conservatives to pull them into his camp.

    1. Its that mindset that has destroyed the country and the chance of a right of center movement.
      Who is the one Dem President that is loved…. Clinton with all his baggages
      We purify our drinking water so much that it becomes toxic.
      I am not sayng Newt is it.
      I would prefer a Santorum or a BAchman.
      Question is why haventh they risen in polls and standing.
      What is it about NEwt that sustains him
      Why dint Cain survive his own baggage
      Why hasnt Mitt risen above 25%
      How did NEwt do a comeback
      Can BAchman do one for herself

      The left hated Clinton for triangulating,
      but he became their hero later
      We kill ours before they can even triangulate

      Thats why Bush never did

      1. When the question is about how the candidate becomes more popular or rising in the polls, it is dependent on who controls the message. The media rises and lowers candidates at will. If there is no coverage of Santorum, people who are semi-interested will have no idea who he is, if the coverage on him is negative, people are going to have a negative opinion of him.

        I prefer Santorum but he is staying at the bottom of the pile. How can he get more exposure, in your opinion?

        I really believe Gingrich is toxic as a conservative. I am not looking for purity but I do want someone who shares my love of small government, not just who can beat the Marxist in Chief.

  128. Sorry, Scoop, but Newt is not going to be the nominee. I’d hold off before I sent him any cash. He may not even win Iowa if the Paulbots have there way. The attacks on Newt have only begun. And to help things along, Newt is going to release his Man Made Global Warming Book in a couple of months.

    Given a choice between Newt and Romney I’d take Romney. They are both con-men and neither man is a conservative, but Romney isn’t going to jump into bed with Nancy Pelosi and get cozy with all the boys from FanieMae. If a man can lie to three wives he can lie to the American people.

    As far as Beck goes I think he’s just frustrated that people are falling for yet another smooth talker in Gingrich.

    1. I like your points, but Romneycare is a big elephant in your post’s room is it not? Not too mention Romney’s transformation from a candidate running as a liberal republican in the 90s to the candidate we have today. I don’t support Newt (We can’t settle, Bachmann 2012!), but Newt has moved the ball more in the conservative direction than Romney without a doubt. Romney won’t even associate with the Tea Party and I am suppose to believe he will be better than Newt? He didn’t jump in the bed with Pelosi, but he did with Ted Kennedy! To me that orientation is worst!

      1. Newt has moved the ball more in the conservative direction than Romney without a doubt.

        Really?? Can you site specific examples?? Nope? Gingrich has mastered “Conservo-speak”. He knows how to construct such a convoluted argument and then throw Reagan a few times and everybody is euphoric.

        It doesn’t matter because Romney will be putting out ads as well as Bachmann (who called Newt a Socialist) that will rip the lid off the Gingrich cesspool.

        1. His voting record, welfare reform and balanced budget (he got a balance budget amendment passed in the House and proposed budgets that cut spending in the 90s). What has Romney done? Specific examples????

    2. Romney came out and said he believes in Man Made global warming too! So If I have to choose between two people that believe in the same thing then I will look at other things they don’t agree on. That is my choice, to way all options and then choose. When I make that choice I will not be racist for not voting for the current occupant of the White House!!!!

  129. I can’t believe that after all the work that Glenn did in previous years showing how BHO was connected to dirtbags like Van Jones, Bill Ayers, George Soros, etc. that he now thinks that Newt G. is just as bad. Is Newt related to any of those scumbags in any way whatsoever? I mean, what the heck?

    You should have stopped after 8/28 when you hit the high note, Glenn.

  130. Glenn just dubbed the Tea Party Patriots racist for supporting Newt, which in his eyes is a White Obama. Geez, Glenn! How could you have fallen so low? Why bring the race factor into everything! So what’s the alternative for Glenn if Newt won the nomination? Vote for Obama to prove that he is not racist? Way to go, Glenn! You just made your way to the pit of indecency!

  131. Many of you are falling into the same crap that we had in 2008! Newt or Romney? HOW ABOUT SANTORUM? How about throwing your support behind Backmann and stop settling early for the GOP clap trap that it’s one of two. YOU STILL HAVE a choice. Now get out there and make a difference and quit drinking the KOOL AID!!!


  132. Glenn Beck just proved no matter how well his opinions have proven to be true he is just as capable as the rest of us humans to err. Newt and Obama are miles apart on a lot of issues. Obama may refer to Reagan, Pope Paul II, and Margaret Thatcher but would never admit to having them as role models as Newt has done. As for the issue of race that is absurd as can be and shame on Glenn for that remark.

      1. If Beck really feels this way, I don’t think he has a heart.

        …or much discernment.

        If he’s such a “progressive” why is he also the devil to the left end of the spectrum? Why was he evil incarnate to them in the 90’s? Why is the guy who was the extremist right-winger in the 90’s now all of a sudden just like Obama? Hogwash. Phooey. Horsefeathers and BS.

      2. I doubt there will be an apology, Glenn Beck believes his views are infallible, I kind of pity him now because when you get to that place Glenn appears to be you have no one left to look up to, take advice from, or be humbled by.

        1. Glenn shouldn’t apologize. He didn’t do or say anything wrong.

          You guys just didn’t interpret his meaning correctly. That’s your problem, not his.

          If he’s such a “progressive” why is he also the devil to the left end of the spectrum?

          Read Mark Steyn, who calls Newt “a lily-livered ninny whom everyone thinks is a ferocious right-wing bastard.”

          The Left isn’t consistent.

          1. Mark Steyn wasn’t being serious. He was just kidding. Didn’t you listen to him? Couldn’t you see that? I mean, really!

              1. 1) How could you tell?

                2) So you admit to trying to cover it up, then. That’s good. It’s the first step to recovery. Come back tomorrow, same time. We have an opening then.

                1. Cover up WHAT?

                  How could I tell Steyn was being serious? Because I listen to Steyn regularly and I read his books. I’m familiar with his points of view and his rhetorical style.

                  Just as I am with Glenn, whom I’ve listened to since before he went to NYC.

                  Kids these days really aren’t taught how to read a text so that they catch the author’s meaning; they are taught that any of their reactions to the text are valid.

                  What a load. On behalf of my entire generation, I apologize to yours for failing to teach you jack.

                2. Oh my God, you are indeed rich. Thank you. I have really enjoyed this. I suppose I would have to tell you that I have been jacking with YOU ever since the first entry, due to your obvious ignorance. But, please, forgive me. I’m sure you can’t help it. It’s in your training (or lack of it, I suppose). Keep wandering, the rest of us will try to help you the best we can until you finally drown.

                  BTW, I’m older than you are. Goodnight, darlin’.

    1. Newt and Obama are miles apart??? Might that be because Obama has a Presidential record and Newt doesn’t.. If we (TEA Party) agree that having a progressive president is bad for the country, do we really need to go further and say that Newt’s not yet proven he’s as bad as Obama, so let’s give him 4 years to prove it…

      1. You have got to be trying to pull my leg and you almost did but you can’t be serious. I gave up my support for Rick Perry in favor of Rick Santorum and I assure you that if Newt wins the primary I will support him 110%.

        1. So, you don’t support Newt, then Beck really wasn’t talking to you.. Beck is talking to so-called TEA Party supporters who are willingly supporting one Progressive over another and for no understandable reason…

          1. The conversation should never be ‘you voted against him ’cause he’s black’ or ‘you voted for him ’cause his opponent is black’. Let’s try issues and policies, please. The liberal left always resorts to this crap ’cause they have nothing else. Beck doesn’t need to go there.

            1. Beck is starting first with Ideology because that defines a person’s Issues and Policy that will enter into their agenda.. Beck is telling the TEA Party that both Obama and Newt are Progressives and Newt has said it with his own mouth, it’s not something Beck made up from opinion…

              1. I don’t buy it. I will never bring up the race card on you in a political discussion and I would hope you never do to me. There is no place for it. Plain and simple.

                1. Quit. No we weren’t supposed to understand that, because that’s NOT what he meant. NO ONE GOT IT! Are we ALL wrong!?! There’s only TWO people on this ENTIRE website that got it?!? I’m glad you’re so forgiving, but you’re also too naive.

                2. Yes, you’re all wrong.

                  Sorry, but there it is. Glenn was being sarcastic, as he often is.

                  The Left has trained us to react to racial elements instead of carefully working to understand what someone actually meant and then going from there. Or didn’t you go to public schools?

                  Glenn’s not in the habit of randomly calling people racists, but he is pretty keen on pointing out progressives with an R after their names. “If you want to vote for a progg, why not vote for Obama? Must be because he’s black,” he said, sarcastically imitating the Left.

                3. ‘Yes, you’re all wrong’ yelled Don Quixote. as SHE charged the windmill. LOL

                  I’m right, I have to be. I went to an Ivy-League school, and am still paying off the tuition (I do wonder what I learned there, though).

      2. Newt has a record as Speaker and it includes some good reforms like welfare reform and a balanced budget. So we know from his record (voting and leadership) he’s moved the ball in the conservative direction his entire career. You can’t say that of Romney and you certainly can’t say that of Obama. Beck is an ignoramus.

        1. Beck just addressed that, we all know of the good things Newt did, but we also know he’s a Big-thinker and a Big-Government Progressive that can’t help but try to solve problems and as President, that can only be on a Federal Level…. Beck asked that everyone examine THAT side of Newt and not just the good side everyone clings to.. Your trust in Newt is either that he’s changed or that Reps can control him as President.. Same was said/thought about Obama.. Didn’t work out so well..

          1. Get it straight, I don’t support Newt. But I absolutely reject what Beck said about the Tea Party being racist if we vote against Obama in 2012, if Newt is the nominee.
            It’s ridiculous. Newt is no Obama and his voting record and his time as Speaker should show that he’s a preferable choice. Yes, Newt has said things that has given us all pause, but he’s acknowledge that and he at least has come and addressed the Tea Party’s concerns. He has at least gone on Glenn Beck’s program and had a dialogue. Romney has done none of this and Beck with a straight face says that Romney is preferable to Gingrich??? No, sorry, he’s full of it.

            1. Well, you’re disagreeing with Beck about something he didn’t say.. So, slow down and keep it in context… Beck is talking to those who Opposed Obama for his Progressive Ideology but WILLINGLY SUPPORT Newt and his Progressive ideology.. Beck isn’t talking to those who might have to vote for Newt because he’s the last man standing…

              1. Anyone that votes for Newt vs. Obama votes for him because they want to (by Beck’s standard). I mean, basically you’ve got Obama and White-Obama, right?!? SOOOO, if I vote for White-Obama over the REAL Obama, I must be racist (and so must you), since they’re BOTH THE SAME! RIGHT?!?

                Wrong. Beck’s an idiot to say this. At leas voting for Newt in the Primary is voting for him over other GOP candidates. You’re too forgiving.

  133. Glenn Beck is really conflicted. On one he hand he loves to quote de Tocqueville, “America is great because she is good”. (which fits conveniently with Mormon doctrine on the nature of man) But on the other hand, he has the tension that not many are doing what HE thinks is the corrective course.

    So he’s happy that the TEA party ‘rose up’ and said enough, but then the TEA party poll respondents are behaving like sheep, being herded from one candidate to the other.

    I disagree with you scoop. I’m not running to the poll to vote for Newt in the primary. I will fill out an absentee ballot for the best candidate in the primary, then I will go work the poll as precinct official and watch you run through the door to follow the herd to cast your primary ballot.

    Then, I will wait to see what Sarah Palin does and work to get her name on the ballot in my state. Come November, I will pull the lever for Sarah Palin, and/or whoever enters the race running on a platform of SUDDEN AND RELENTLESS REFORM.

    Newt is about as sudden and relentless as my neighbors Chihuahua. It scares the crap out of me ’cause I don’t know it’s there, but realize ‘Oh, it’s just a Chihuahua’.

    1. No lover of PAlin and Country would talk like you jut did, nut yu just did and I excuse that.
      So if we cant vote our conscience, … Palin, then our conscience dies as Obama rules for another 4 years.
      Nice try…
      Note I love the reconsider movement. But as Palin will tell you herself, Country first, and right now country calls… in the absence of Palin… there is Newt, there is Mitt, make a choice… for to not speak is to speak, to not ote is to vote obama… okay I know that is in the General as we are still in the primaries. The only good thing you can say of the confussion is hopefully we draft our conscience in as a candidate at the convention…

      1. I didn’t catch your objection…please clarify.

        I’ll clarify my points:
        1) GB is frustrated
        a-He thinks Americans are good, but have been asleep
        b-He thought the TEA party indicated America woke up
        c-He thought TEA party people were seeing what He saw and was learning
        d-He sees Establishment GOP people as part of the problem
        e-He thinks poll momentum represent TEA party support for Newt

        2) This is the primary
        a-Democrats are not contesting Obama
        b-TEA party support will be spread between candidates
        c-We can vote on principle, pragmatism, or any combination
        d-Democrats will vote in the GOP primary in states where it is allowed
        e-the GOP nominee will be on the November Ballot

        3) There will not be 2 choices on the November ballot
        a-Obama will be the D nominee
        b-Someone will be the R nominee
        c-“Americans Elect”-will be on the ballot in at least 14 states
        c2-they may achieve ballot access nationwide
        d-If Ron Paul loses the GOP primary, the Constitution party will draft him
        e-Conclusion->the General election will look like a Primary
        e1-the more, the merrier

        4) ABO is a minimalist and risky approach/target
        a-ABO will likely result in the Establishment’s alternative to Obama
        b-GOP control of WH by itself won’t change things
        b1-Senate and House GOP leadership must change
        b2-It’s unlikely TEA party will take control of leadership (hope I’m wrong)
        c-ABO WH with current GOP leadership will rubberstamp status quo

        Finally-I am NOT a Palinista. I came to a conclusion on the best strategy (in my opinion) in 2008, but Huckabee was too devoted to Party to run as an independent. But the timing wasn’t right.

        I think the timing is right now for an INDEPENDENT (not 3rd party) run. Sarah Palin just happens to be the best qualified person nationally to achieve this historic feat.

        p.s. -With regard to my diabolical plan, Palin is a superior protagonist to Huckabee. I’m glad I waited.

        1. Utopianism (defined as a hunger for the ‘unattainable’) note the perenthesis, is killing the conservatives. Utopians do not wish to do the ground work. So a Bachman should be… sorry, must be nominated now or we die. Unfortunately, this election cycle hates Utopianism… thats why there is the ABO moement… any body but Obama.
          Thanks God Palin saw this and was willing to wait.
          But Glenn just showed that he wouldnt, so he insults the base.

  134. Sorry it doesnt make Glenn Beck’s Reputtion a little shady, it makes it completely stupid. Sorry for the name calling.
    1. I have followed Glen since CNN, I have come to understand what he says about Obama, so if he says that Newt is equal to O, then he has undercut himself, because he is saying he has been exagerrating on O all the while.
    2. Thats like saying Newt is Marxist
    3. Like saying NEwt is Radical
    What he fails to understand is
    1. What about the blacks who are Tea partiers
    2. Tea partiers were willing to stake a risk on many in the 2010 election, Christine O donnel lost to whats that guy’s name…. Sharon Angle lost to Pelosi’s big bro…. whats his name again?…. but if we miss it this time around Obama will stand on the Podium on the 21st of Jan 2013. and we will never be able to restore this country’s glory again.
    Glenn’s hatred for Newt is getting the best of him. When he described the difference between O and Mccain, we all got it. Remember the frog in the boiling water episode? What is it about Newt that stirs Glen like this. He is hurting himself and the cause.
    1. NEwt has always been an opportunist, dine with the left for fame and money
    2. The coutry does not only need to beat O, there has to be a good trashing of the liberal arguements, so that the country knows why they are leaving O to GOP.
    3. The liberal state of Wisconsin is standing with walker because the arguement has been made and the people get it…. TEll me who else can articulate conservatism and policies like Newt?
    4. Then ofcourse there is the need to beat Obama in the debates. America is longing to see Obama humiliated and that is not a race thing. Like even he Glen says, we feel his uppity mentality a lot. Black, white green and yellow, it is not a race thing.
    You just lost me there Glenn

  135. Finished. Glenn Beck you are a disgrace. That you would demean and convict the conservatives who have made you rich, by buying into liberal stereotypes is beyond the pale!

    I am with Scoop. I don’t support Newt now (We can’t settle! Bachmann 2012!), but I would not mind him being the nominee because with all of his faults, he has moved the ball in the conservative direction. That’s not on Mitt Romney’s resume folks. Romney’s landmark accomplishment led to Obamacare, the biggest government takeover of a portion of our economy ever! And even with that, Romney is better than Obama!

    I never really liked Beck. I appreciated his early opposition to Obama, his early support of the Tea Party and his exposing of Van Jones. But there was always something that never sold me about Beck. There’s something vain about Beck that will always supersede his commitment to conservatism and being a real, serious voice for the conservative movement. Rush is an absolute monolith for the conservative movement because he’s unwavering and effective. Beck is, in many ways, a secret agent, if you will, of the Left because he’s prone to the outrageous, which the Left can use to discredit conservatives.

    Anyhow, I don’t like Beck and hope this post gets wide circulation.

    1. Bringing out the race care was stupid, no excuse for it.

      However Beck has exposed Newt who is a Progressive.

      I’d still vote for Newt in a second over Obama, but he’d still seek alot of big gov’t that would hurt us overall (in terms of the debt, credit rating…etc) alot like George W Bush did.

      What has Rush done recently? Seems like he’s been carrying water for Newt and has been really soft on the criticism.

      1. People can be called hypocrits for voting for one guy over another, if they are both considered progressive, but the race card is just a cop out.

          1. Because the only phoney thing is the guy trying to cover it up. Even the Judge was a little taken aback. Was he fooled, too. Or was he in on it. Beck took a lot of flack when he called Obama a racist and then tried to walk it back. Did you help then as well to say he was just such a kidder.

            1. He wasn’t kidding when he said that “Obama seems to have a problem with ‘white culture.'” He said it because he had just read Obama’s book, in which Obama talks about “white culture” in a derogatory manner.

              He didn’t “walk it back” so much as re-evaluate Obama’s attitude and realize that Obama isn’t racist so much as “anti-colonial.”

              Glenn didn’t attend college or he’d have recognized that about Obama from the outset.

              1. Oh, I get it. You’re his show’s producer. I thought I recognized your comments. We’ve met before. That’s how you would know Beck would have recognized something differently if he had ‘only attended College’. Gotcha. I understand now.

                1. “Gotcha. I understand now” is meant sarcastically.

                  See how I picked up on that? See how I correctly interpreted your meaning instead of fixating on the literal meaning of your words? See how I relied on the complete context of your comments to correctly get your intended communication?

                  That’s how I got Glenn’s actual meaning. He was being sarcastic. AS HE OFTEN IS.

                  Glenn would have recognized Obama’s stance on “white culture” as anti-colonialism instead of racism if he’d gone to college because universities are lousy with anti-colonialism. I spent five years at Cornell listening to people mouth the same crap that Obama marinated in during his entire adult life. I had Obama figured out from the day he said he wasn’t wearing a flag lapel pin because he doesn’t believe in “false patriotism.” I recognized him as a faculty-lounge Marxist (and a malignant narcissist) and I haven’t been wrong about him since.

                  Because I know these people, having spent a lot of time with them.

                  Glenn hasn’t done time in an Ivy-League graduate program, so he has a few gaps in his knowledge in that wise. By the same token, Glenn can recognize alcoholics and other addicts better than I can, because he’s been there and I haven’t.

                  I am not Glenn’s producer nor am I affiliated in any way with his company.

                2. Wrong again, darlin’. I was being literal. I should have known that you were an Ivy-League type, though, ’cause you can’t really come to grasps with a lot of concepts. I’m not surprised that you are full of yourself about what you think you can grasp of Glenn, the Judge, me or any Tea Partiers. What you were taught in school on how to deal with our types will never work outside your classroom. But that’s okay. You probably won’t survive long in the coming foray anyway. You really are so naive. Sad. Hopefully, it never rains around you, because you have the same problem Obama has and you will drown.

  136. Steeeerike! You’re outta here Fonzie Beck! Hit the bench, then hit the showers, if there’s anything left after you and the shark have lunch that is.

    You be lunch.

    Beck = Zippidy
    Scoop = 21

    Spoken well Scoopatriot 🙂

  137. Damn, hasn’t the other side played that stupid race card to the hilt. I thought that we had seen the end of it, when we stopped caring what they called us. Now, Glenn? WTF! I’m not yet sure about Newt. I have other candidates I’m in favor of more. But I can NOT see him a s the MOST liberal progressive of ALL time. A right leaning centrist with some tendancies to go over the line to the left is nothing like the steamroller called Obama. Let’s see. Is a Bengal tiger the same as a pussycat just because they can both purr? Duh.

    1. Dude. The race card is a phony. It’s an obvious phony. It was designed to look phony so that you could tell that it’s a phony on account of it being all phony and stuff.

      Please learn to distinguish phonies from the real thing. It’s not that hard.

      1. I’m pretty good at seeing phonies. Take you, for example. Anyway, People are taken for what they say, not for what someone like you decides they would say or mean if you were to sit down with them and talk more in length. Words have meanings, but whatever. If he was ‘just kidding’ then he should say so. I don’t believe that I was that duped by a jokster.

        1. You’re supposed to have enough command of the English language to know how to interpret what someone means rather than what the Left trains you to react to.

          It’s not what Beck “would say,” it’s what he said, in the way that Beck says things: EXAGGERATED!

          “Newt is a white Obama” is what he was saying. Why would he mean anything else? Is Beck in the habit of calling people racists? No, but he’s very much attuned to GOP progressives, and so his calling out Newt as a big-gubmint progressive—which Obama also is—is what Beck does all the time.

          Same as with Romney. Same with Teddy Roosevelt. Same with John McCain.

          1. Glenn does not like Newt. There is no question there. There is no Republican, or even Democrat, for that matter, that can come close Obama. He is as far left as you can possibly get, this side of Marxism. Newt may be many bad things, but a far reach from Obama. Even the Judge was taken aback by his statement. I sure wish the Judge had a ‘better command of the English language’ too, as you stated.

            I know exactly WHAT he said and HOW he said it and it all stemmed from his hatred of Newt. Sorry, but true. Have a lovely day, miss flower.

            1. Dude. You can disagree on whether Obama and Newt are equally bad when it comes to progressivism.

              But you’ve also been trained by the Left to react viscerally to references to race. We all have, including Napolitano.

              There’s no reason to believe that “hatred of Newt” translates in to “thinking his supporters are racists.” Glenn just means that if you are going to vote for a progg, might as well be Obama.

              Why is this so hard for people to understand?

              1. You are really good to be able to not only 1) know what Glenn is thinking/feeling and 2) know what I or the Judge have been trained on by the left. It appears that you have been improperly trained, but I will not assume that, as a previous entry by you has admitted that you were being 1) facetious and 2) disingenuous. So we accept you’re weaknesses. I take what someone said for what they said. I don’t twist it around, change it and reformulate what it means, like you have.

                1. You don’t want people to apply the standard you’re applying to Glenn to you. “You said what you said,” even when you’re being sarcastic?

                  I know how you’ve been trained because the idea that your reaction is what determines meaning has been taught throughout the schools for decades. And it’s revealed in your comments, time and again.

                  Napolitano knows how people will react to what Glenn said, but I doubt very much that he thinks Glenn wasn’t being sarcastic.

          2. @ Dicentra Spectabilis – Don’t forget about his ability to be “sarcastic”. Those who truly understand Beck’s quirks know the true meaning of his words. I am a tea partier that was thinking about supporting Newt (stupid me). Glenn has succeeded in OPENING my eyes and doing research (yet again!!!) because of those BOLD “racist” QUESTIONS and NOT ACCUSATIONS. Are my feelings hurt … please … I would like to think I am a bit more thick skinned than to think he just called me a racist.

  138. I don’t care what point he is trying to make here. He just called me a racist. Turn about is fair play, Glenn you have become a zealot. To my way of thinking that’s just as bad as a progressive.

    1. He just called me a racist.

      No. He. Didn’t.

      He does NOT believe that people who prefer Newt over Obama are racists. He said it to make the point that the two are so close politically (in their progressivism) that their race is the only thing that distinguishes them.

      If you were to sit and talk with him, he’d tell you a dozen more things that separate them, and he’d say he doesn’t actually believe that Newt supporters are racists.

      But if he said you were bad at interpreting simple rhetorical devices, he would be right. Only the Left insists that we react viscerally to separate elements of a statement rather than to what the speaker meant.

  139. I disagree that Beck has “Jumped the Shark”.. He’s being honest and both Newt and Obama are Big-Govt progressives and untrustworthy.. People who support Newt are hoping that if/when he’s elected, either he has changed or that the Republicans can control him and that he’ll not be a radical or reckless Progressive… Problem is, most independents and Conservative-Democrats that voted for Obama were hoping the very same thing, that Dems could control him and his radical ideology wouldn’t enter into his agenda… Well, that’s called wishful thinking.. Voting is like Marriage, in that you never vote for or marry a person hoping you can control or change them, you accept them warts and all or you look for someone better… Newt is NOT a TEA Party candidate, he’s the antithesis of the TEA Party Movement

    1. But what does that I have to do with calling the Tea Party racist if it were to support Newt the GOP nominee over Obama?

      1. I guess Beck figured it’s “racism” because the TEA Party has consistently said Political Party doesn’t matter.. So, if you’ll happily support a Progressive like Newt but you actively protest a Progressive like Obama and Party has no influence on your decision.. What’s the reason.???? Anyone..? Anyone…?

  140. Beck, at times, can make some very good points.

    This, however, is beyond ridiculous.

    Seriously Beck, choose the red pill.

  141. I’ll have to agree, Glenn Beck jumped the shark… Playing the Race Card, Beck? Really? Seriously? Pathetic. As I’ve said before, all of these candidates stink on ice, but ANY of them is better than the jug-eared jackass in the White House right now. Beck needs a reality check.

    1. That’s why I can’t call usurper man a progressive because, he’s an outright Marxist who’ll do whatever HE thinks is necessary for the common good. Newt will just advocate policy but then he may do more than what the constitution says he can do.

    2. This is the problem with Beck, because he himself has said in the past that same thing about ANY of them is better than Obama. Now he has gone on the attack with Newt and it looks like a by any means necessary approach, kind of a progressive approach if you ask me. Instead he just should come out and say I’m for Bachman or Santorum and help get them elected by bringing up plans that will work and get people excited to go to the polls. Is just so disappointing that the conservatives candidates didn’t meet beforehand to stick together thru all this and get one of them elected for the good of our children like they so much like to repeat. If they had each others back the end goal would have been possible. Not anymore because is clear that we are helping the other side by attacking each other. I can just hear Beck saying I told you about Newt, you didn’t want to listen, he is a progressive. Why didn’t he say that from the beginning, I thought any of them was better than Obama? Sorry Beck but you were part of the problem on this one.

  142. I don’t like Newt, but I don’t agree with Beck here at all. Newt may be somewhat a progressive, and is a globalist, but he still loves American values and understands the desires of most of the citizens wanting to hold on to America’s greatness and values. Dear leader is a marxist progressive who desires nothing but whatever it will take to bring America to her knees. He cares nothing for the values, the people or the greatness that America has been and could still be.

    1. I don’t care for Newt myself but I think Glenn went way out there with this line of attack. I don’t think Newt is any better than Romney and I would vote for either but I would love to have at least one more opportunity to vote my conscience before I die. Last time it was for Reagan and it’s been too many years since …
      I’m with Scoop on this. As much as I love Glenn, this is irresponsible plain and simple. IMHO.

      1. Forgive me but it is his opinion isn’t it. If that’s what he believes, fine take it with a grain of salt, we all are entitled to our opinion that is unless you’re a conservative in the eyes of a Obamakoc Marxist stooge like obot.

        I’m sick of voting for the same ole crap every election cycle. If America is to ignorant to know the difference then so be it, she’ll die a miserable death and we can begin again. Next time around we’ll put serious limits on what the government can and can’t do. Capital punishment is obviously what’s needed here. Violate the constitution and get tossed out on your ear or executed.

        1. He’s not entitled to call me racist without even knowing me. At least without an emphatic retort from me.

          1. You know damn well he didn’t call you a racist but he did ask you to think why Newt over Obama if their both progressives. Of course, Obama isn’t a progressive, his policies and actions are that of a Leninist or Marxist. They both wind up at the same destination. Obama hates America and Newt says he loves our country but isn’t willing to bring us back to a period of limited government.

            1. As Beck himself said ‘what else is it about?’ Now granted, he didn’t call ME a racist ’cause I’m not (yet) backing Newt, But if I did, I fall into his category that he had no right creating.

                1. I like Beck. I have always listened to him. But what makes you think he’s not. He puts out a challenge to the Tea Party and you say he wasn’t serious. What, he was just messin’ wit’ them? Whatever. If he was, then he’s wasting our time. If he wasn’t, he needs to explain himself. That’s all. I’m done with this whole conversation.

                2. You are NOT wrong Mr. Nukeman! I cannot accurately describe, with any kind of literary dexterity, how incredibly PISSED off I am that the man I looked up to for so long has now called me a racist. I mean, I’m used to hearing it from PaulBots, and Liberals, and Romneyites. But I NEVER expected to hear it from him. Hey BECK, how about this reason to support Newt over Obama: HE SUPPORTS ISRAEL, and is ANTI-IRAN/ANTI-PALESTINIAN/PRO-CHRISTIAN!!! Is THAT a good enough reason to support Newt over Obama, or am I still a racist?!?

                  As of now, I’d rather watch a Michael Moore documentary than have to endure another minute of Glenn Beck. I REALLY hope I’m misinterpreting what Beck said, but I really have now idea how THAT could be possible.

                3. Beck has a lot of good ideas. I would not dump him, simply because of this comment. He was driven by a hatred for Newt, which may or may not be justified, but in the following days, we will see what Glenn’s character is made of by what he has to say as a followup. Have faith, my friend.

                4. Let me rephrase Beck for the readers in Rio Linda:

                  Newt and Obama are both big-gubmint progressives. If you want a progg, why not just vote for Obama? <facetious>Must be his race, right?</facetious>

                  Beck has never accused conservatives or Tea Partiers or anyone on the starboard side of being racists. Why start now?

                5. You see, you don’t have the liberty to do that. You can’t take what he said, change it, imply something that didn’t happen, just to fit your agenda and claim it to be true. Facetious, my butt. You’re just being disingenuous.

                6. Wasn’t liberty, it was comprehension. Which can be demonstrated by restating someone’s words.

                  He’s going to confirm my interpretation on Monday. There’s no reason to suspect he ISN”T being facetious.

                7. Quite honestly, there is no reason to believe he was being facetious. I have listened closely to his words and watched his face. There is NO sarcasm there, in my opinion. Of course, you are right, we will hear further from him, as this furor will affect his revenue and it’s all about the benjamins. Anyway, one way or another, we will know how he stands.

          2. He didn’t say anyone was racist. Why don’t you look at the video before you fly off the handle and make comments you know nothing about. I think you’re probably just a headline reader which always skews the story to the perspective of the person writing the story.

            1. I listened to the video before my comments. But in deference to your accusation of me, I re-listened to it. Does he not say that if you are for Newt and against Obama, then it MUST be about race??? What else could it be? Did he not say that? If not, then I retract my statement. If he did, back the F… off and get your head out of either your or Glenn’s butt.

                1. Ohhh, I get it now. You’re being facetious. Apology accepted. You must realize that type written expressions don’t always come across as well as facial ones. Perhaps, next time, you’ll be more careful. Have a nice day.

      2. Like the ex-smoker or ex-obese person who feels uniquely qualified to instruct the rest of humanity due to their assumed omniscience resulting from their personal struggles, people like Beck lack introspection and humility. They’re still the same emotionally unstable people they were before they began their transition from addiction-to reformed sinner-to righteous crusader-to overbearing, smug, arrogant bore (the last being their NEW addiction, having come full circle).

        1. Screw you! Such people? Nobody is perfect. Everybody is in process. Part of the human experience is overcoming character defects. If a person submits to God and works hard at changing a transformation does indeed occur.

      3. this is irresponsible plain and simple

        Irresponsible how? Irresponsible to say that Obama and Newt are essentially the same? Or irresponsible to play an obviously fake race card to make a point?

        And how is overstating a point “irresponsible.” Beck overstates nine points before breakfast. It’s his gig. Everyone should know that.

        Conservatives rightly excoriate Obama for his statism, but now we’re embracing a statist with an R after his name?

        Might as well let the ship go down with a donk at the wheel, since we’re going down anyway.

        1. Someone sent me this link titled “The Real Newt Gingrich”:

          Back to Beck, his choice of words were somewhat harsh. But as a long time listener, I know Beck’s theatrics and strategies reasonably well, and I believe he was making a play on words to emphasize the point that all progressives are dangerous to our liberty–to be avoided like the plague. He could have been less harsh if he had merely labeled us “Party Hacks” for choosing the R-Progressive over the D-Progressive. Never-the-less, he is right that they are two peas in the same pod.

          1. OldDan you are so wrong. To say that Gingrich hates this Country the way Obama does and to actually go out of his way to try and back stab every friend this country has Including Israel. two peas in the same pod? Get a life and cancel Beck before you spend all your money on Generators and MRE’s. Gingerich does have some progressive views but 2 peas in a pod…. So BEck was right I guess if Gingrich gets the nomination you will be voting for Obama, Or giving it to Obama by supporting a 3rd party idiot like Ron Paul? Beck said he would consider that if Newt got the nod,,,,, I’m all done spouting off now. I’m tired of this topic. Beck said what he meant and meant what he said, He got caught and the Judge called him out on it. LOL

    2. Agree ABC.

      Obama on the Tea Party
      We cut taxes for 95 percent of working Americans just like I promised we would on the campaign. So I’ve been a little amused over the last couple days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying, “Thank you!” That’s what you’d think!

      Obama on working-class voters
      “And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”

      Obama on the “Occupy Wall Street”
      “Families like yours, young people like the ones here today – including the ones who were just chanting at me – you’re the reason that I ran for office in the first place.”

      “I think it expresses the frustrations that the American people feel.”

      Obama called the OWS protests a reflection of a “broad-based frustration about how our financial system works”

      Obama sees the hardworking taxpaying folks who love their country as the guardian of a flawed system of Government “a charter of negative liberties” and he hates you and everything you stand for.

      Did you know ABC that Narcissism Is No Longer a Psychiatric Disorder

      “Narcissistic personality disorder, characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance and the need for constant attention, has been eliminated from the upcoming manual of mental disorders, which psychiatrists use to diagnose mental illness.”

      Wonder if Obamacare had anything to do with this.

      1. Well laid out blackbird. And yes, on that last part, one can’t help but wonder about it hmmm. From some of the other stuff psychiatrists are crossing off the mental disorder list shows me at least that some of those psychiatrists need to be put ON the list.

      2. Great post. We need a real conservative in this race who has a proven record, who will take on Obama and the gop establishment and will fight for what is right. The only person I can think of is not in the race. Yet. The only person I feel strongly can take on the good old boys and the cbc is Governor Palin.

        1. I completely agree carmtom13, if Governor Palin changed her mind tomorrow there would be a sigh of relief from the Tea Party and convulsions from the Democrats, LSM and Republican Establishment. A unifying front would appear like never before, Governor Palin has that ability like none in the GOP to unify us and we would be posting on our grass roots efforts.

          By the way I watched The Undefeated last night for the first time, Stephen Bannon did an outstanding job in capturing Sarah’s Character and Leadership Qualities. From the beginning Sarah is a Visionary Leader and truly the Happy Warrior with a Servants Heart.

          Thanks for you post carmtom13.

    3. I’m with you on this, ABC. While I have a great deal of respect for Glenn Beck, that does not mean I follow what he says blindly. Racist? I don’t think so, Glenn. That’s a real reach. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop listening to his shows or reading his books, it just means that here, Glenn and I disagree, totally.

      Then again, I like Napolitano but again, don’t agree with a lot of what he says.

      Then, there’s Newt.

      Again, I wouldn’t say that I out and out didn’t like him, I’m just not sure of him yet. I still lean more toward Bachman/Santorum, but this all remains to be played out once the caucuses start next month. It’s apples and oranges because I can’t vote but the outcome of this election has worldwide repercussions and considering I am a Canadian, the repercussions are pretty huge.

      Newt may have baggage, some of that stuff includes his personal life and some of his less than stellar political clangers such as posing with Pelosi and his stand on global warming. That is a red flag for me. His stands on socialized medicine are questionable but, if he progresses toward gaining the nomination, who knows-maybe his position will change. It’sd all a crapshoot at this point in time, as the nomination for a candidate is still a long ways off.

      What has always struck me about Newt is his genuine, honest love of country, his patriotism and desire to make the USA great again. When I heard him talk about if he became president,, signing an executive order to abolish all czars – a pet project of the Occupier-in-Chief, things like that, he stands out in his desire to do what he can to restore the US to what it should be.

      Newt comes across as the anti-Obama – and to see him against BHO in a debate would be masterful – substance against style-Hope ‘n Change would not have a prayer.

      1. He did not call Tea Party people racist. He merely was equating Newt to Obama.

        He was merely saying that if you want a big government guy…why would you not go with the big government guy already in office…he was making a point about Neuter…not the Tea Party.

        Comprehension is important.

    4. Newt isn’t a progressive in the same manor as Obama? Oh really? Newt required congressman to read Tolfer’s book when he was Speaker of the House. Newt has supported Tolfer for years and years including writing the forward to one of Tolfer’s books. Who is Tolfer and what does he believe. Tolfer is a new-age progressive who has repeatedly said the United States Constitution is an out-of-date document that needs to be replaced. There is a ton of material and records pointing towards Newt as a super-max progressive.

      Newt is the Republican version of Obama…. there is NO doubt about it if you look at his records and beliefs and not just listen to the rhetoric..

  143. Wow. That makes Beck’s credibility a little shady. I think that Beck is just frustrated because he likes Rick and Michelle. I am with you scoop. Beck wants a conservative utopia and Rush wants to defeat liberals. I do find it irresponsible for Beck to say that Newt and Obama are one in the same except for race! Would Beck call Reagan a progressive for his amnesty policy in 1986? That it what it was regardless what was promised to Reagan.

      1. Perhaps Newt, but not Mitt…Mitt is worse than obama. He can’t even be honest about who he is with himself.

        1. Mitt’s dishonest.. but when I put him next to Obama i dont necessarily think Obama automatically wins the integrity battle either…

          1. You’re being far too kind. Let me help you out with this one. Obama is a liar and a fraud. Mitt is the “well-oiled weather vane” that Huntsman called him, and he’s also a liar and a fraud.

      2. I take Beck’s point, if he truely believes BHO and Newt are the same, then there would be only one reason to not vote for him; however, I do not believe they are the same. I do think Newt is liberal, in the old definition, but BHO makes him look ultra right wing to me. I’ll vote for him, he isn’t my favorite; but I would rather have a one term Newt than a 2 term Obama.

        1. I agree. They are clearly not the same. I will sprint and vote for Newt, Mitt, Rick, Rick, Michelle, Mickey Mouse (who is a proven conservative), even Huntsmann (PLEASE NOOOO!). They’re all BTO.

      3. He said if you vote for Newt you are a Racist! and you say he is frustrated? I say he is a Moron and hes playing you like a fool. Keep paying him if you want to. I’m done.

    1. He wouldn’t because in that instance Congress flat out lied to Reagan. They were suppose to secure the border as well. If Reagan knew that Congress had no iontention, he would have told them to kiss off.

    2. Beck just pulled a Newt
      When you get too smart, you get to careless and then say something stupid
      Hey Glenn, You are a Libertarian, what about those and some TPers who support Ron Paul, who you said has bad foreign policies

    3. 2012 will be our last chance. The political class is about to close the door behind us. We all know the Republic and our liberty is on the brink. This is not an Obama disaster, it has been a planned and calculated death march for decades.

      Beck is trying to shock us into the reality that Gingrich and Romney are well established players in the political class.

      With either of them the death march will continue.

      1. Couldn’t agree more… what we have to ask is: is this candidate going to expand government or shrink government. If the answer is that they’ll expand government, then we are no better off with them than we are with Obama. Because by the time we get someone in there that will actually shrink government, it will be too late!

        Both Mitt and Newt are expanders… their records are proof of that. They may have “seen the light” and changed their ways… if that is so, I’m willing to forgive them – but I cannot put trust in them at such a dire time.

        1. exactly right and Beck is right on this one. I will not vote for a progressive. I really don’t have a candidate left at this point. I will work for good conservative candidates for the House and Senate and at the state and local level, but this presidential race is over for me.

          1. So Obama wins. Good logic. I see you are a good Beck Disciple. If I dont get my way I’ll take my ball and go home.

            1. I see you are a good Establishment Sheep.
              The primary isn’t over yet Tommy boy. We don’t have to settle for a progressive yet, we still have two strong conservatives in Santorum and Bachmann.

              1. I will be voting for Santorum is he is still around by the time our state votes. How do you figure I’m an establishment sheep? Because I called you out for drinking the Beck Kool-Aid?

    4. I don’t know guys. Look there is a story preceding this one that covers this about Newt.

      I don’t think Newt will change stripes unless it suits what he needs? (That the progressive way) Now the issue with the ‘color’ statement, I think it boils down to it being about the ‘white guilt’ that continues to get thrown at us. Were not racist and neither is Glenn. But we continue to get labeled with that no matter what. I think that is what he may have been trying to argue? What was the real reason to choose Obama and not Newt?

      I think WE are all just so frustrated because despite the change in Congress, Obama continues his march to his dream of tyranny. From time to time we see a glimmer of sun when Issa and Grassley take to the mic over what they have uncovered. But it is not enough to us when the others we put in place to offset this are hardly out in front. (Boehner and Cantor)

      1. So lets do what Glenn says and support Ron Paul? save your time and money and just go vote for Obama that way your not labeled a Racist Tea Party Member.

        takes care of the problem without much effort. I told everyone I know that Republicans would find a way to screw this up and the best help so far has been GLENN BECK.

          1. Get your facts straight junior, He in fact did say he would consider a Ron Paul third party run. He said it on Judge Napalatono’s show. And he said as bad as he disagrees with Ron Paul’s foreign policy he would consider Paul as a 3rd party candidate before he would vote for Gingrich. Beck needs to go back to drinking. He’s probably sold all the Gold, generators and freeze dried food that he can.

            BTW, He supports who? Bachmann and Santorum. he only gets to vote for one.

    5. And with that statement Beck gift wraps and hands the left the statement they have been desperately trying to get for the past 4 years, “The Tea Party is racist”.

      If Newt happens to win the nomination the leftist media will use this and spin this and we will be hearing cuts and re-cuts of Beck saying, “I issued a challenge to the Tea Party members…. ask yourself this Tea Party. Is it about Obama’s race, because that’s what it appears to be to me. If you’re against him [Obama] but you’re for this guy [Newt], it must be about race.”

      I used to think Beck was pretty smart. Now I realize he’s just a huge dumbass.

      1. I wish I could give him the benefit of the doubt. But maybe Beck has indeed jumped the shark?

        I still can’t get motivated by any of them. I will pull the lever for the ‘R’ candidate only to ensure Obama fails. That’s as far as I will go.

      2. By his video proof…I must regretfully agree with you. Glenn Beck has really handed the Libtards a wonderful Christmas present because now they will use this as proof the tea party is indeed racist.

        1. The other thing to consider about this statement is that if we as a whole are indeed choosing Newt (and the polls show him outpacing everyone) then his point about Newt’s policies and big government tendencies is no different than Obama’s. So why vote against Obama at all? Why choose Newt?

          I do see what he’s trying to say. I just really have a hard time seeing that he’s calling us racists? He’s been a strong advocate for MLK and enriching us with the history that we didn’t get in school.

      3. Beck was merely pointing out that Obama and Newt (and Huntsman and Mittens) are the same guy.

        If you are for Newt…why would you go through the effort of electing him when you already have Obama in place?

        1. They are clearly not the same guy. They’re obviously not perfect conservatives but absolutely nothing like Obama. That is just plain dumb!

    6. Yes, Glenn jumped the shark on this. I never thought that I would see race-baiting behavior out of Glenn. I quit my subscription to “GBTV” the last time he disrespected Sarah Palin. Her behavior was exemplary, as she graciously fulfilled her agreement to appear with him after he did the deed.

      Many are defending Newt. I won’t. I have studdied his record and his world view philosophy. He has sided with progressive when it counted most. He stubbornly backed Dede Scazzafava, who is more progressive than the Dem she was running against, when he could have backed a TEA Party Conservative. Then, Dede ended up throwing her support behind the Dem.
      Newt is an Progressive Conservative.

      We want to oust BHO so badly that we are willing to help make excuses to overlook fatal flaws in a candidate just because she/he is ABO.
      As individuals, we will do our part to oust BHO. United, we have all the power. Approaching the vetting process of Newt, with confidence, an open mind, and a willingness to accept his flaws, record, and philosophy, has helped me to not be in denial about Newt and how dangerous he would be for America.
      IMHO, I think that we ought to shake things up a bit and help boost Rick Santorum, just to show Mitt, Newt, the LSM, and the GOP elite that we don’t have to accept who they are trying to shove down our throats. Mess them all up.
      Here is a good article on Newt that I consider a must read:
      Government Mandates: Newt Gingrich and the Art of the Con Explained

    7. I agree john, Beck is loosing me with this “perfect candidate” he sees in his mind.
      I like Santorun and Bachmann too, they may be more conservative but I don’t necessary think either would be more effective as POTUS than Newt. I think Newt stands a better chance of slaying 0.

      1. At this point, even a can of juice can beat BHO. <I think Levin said something like that.

        Even Santorum, with his terrible poll numbers, could beat BHO.

        1. Well, I wish I could agree with you, but I’m not seeing it. The Democrat Election-Stealing Machine is already gearing up. The 2012 election could make the fraud, intimidation, lies, vandalism and cheating of the ’08 election look like a church ice-cream social by comparison. It will take extraordinary effort to beat them. The GOP is going to have turn out their vote in unprecedented numbers. ALL of us will need to pitch in! Start by checking out and

          1. Having had many years experience (btw – on both sides) in and around political party activities (one time presidential delegate) I know for a fact you are right!! I have seen the other (left) side’s shenanigans up close and personal – disgusting / sickening / terrifying.

            Your words should be imprinted in every conservative thinking patriots’ heart and mind.

            The only successful way to defeat voter fraud is to overwhelm it with an extraordinary large voter turnout from our side.

    8. Glenn owes us all an aplology and I’ll be waiting for it. If he can’t apologize then he’s worse than Newt. Newt has apologized. Big big difference between the two. Get it together Glenn!

      1. I totally Agree Dax… I’m not usually a 1 issue person, but with GB’s comment I only wish I hadn’t signed up for a year of GBTV, even though I can cancel my subscription I can’t get a refund I’m still in until my year runs out. I agree with a lot of Beck’s positions but loosing to B0 in 2012 is too serious to denigrate any of the candidates.

      2. Apologize for what? I am a HUGE tea partier and the only thing Beck did was open my eyes to two things (his intent people):

        1 – the left will have a field day playing the race card … he just nipped it in the bud.

        2 – I was going to vote for Gingrich because I was getting LAZY again … he has awaken me AGAIN!!

        Thanks Glenn !!!!

        Right Scoop and all people BASHING Beck – SHAME ON YOU !!!

      1. Please. Obama is a socialist. Newt is no progressive. He has many new ideas but he wants less goverment. Stop trying to make them all the same please.

    9. GBTV in…4…3…2…1 Hello America This is Glenn Beck and thank you for watching, We have a very acked show tonite, please tell your friends, neigbours and family to watch this episode.
      First we go to the news with Amy Holmes
      Thanks Glenn I am Amy Holmes from The Blaze and this is the news we are following for you here at Blaze…..
      Lets see what he will say
      Maybe Scott Baker may have to fill in for a humiliated and demoralised Glenn
      Or he may act as if it never happened
      I hope he apologises

      1. He wont. I think he will shed some tears. That will do the trick, Shed some tears and then go to the commercial free program and try and sell some Gold, and Generators and Freeze dried food. And then have someone fill in for him. He’s busy these days with all this political stuff going on. Glenn Beck is the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party. He will help the Republicans screw this up better than they could ever do by themselves. Just what we need another Libretarian wasting votes and putting the liberal back in charge.

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