Glenn Beck’s full speech at TeaCon

I haven’t watched Glenn Beck’s TeaCon speech from this weekend yet, but if it’s anything like his other keynote speeches it’ll be awesome:






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37 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s full speech at TeaCon

  1. I attended this weekend convention and it was terrific. First we heard form Congressman Joe Walsh with a bang up speach of his own that made him a favorite in the crowd. I really thinj he is suited for the job as Congressman (is that a good thing – lol). As alwas=ys Joe Walsh reaches the people, understand the issues and leaves no doubt where he stands – with the people. He understand he is there to serve us and not himself or his interests.

    Then we heard from one of our best American heros and business owner, 88yr young, Joe Roeser – take aminute to look him up and get inspired. He is a business man in Carpenterville Illinois – the man is amazing.

    Then we heard from Michele Bachmannfollowed by a rousing speach from Herman Cain that left us mostly on our feet in applause through most of it.

    No doubt that Glenn’s speach as always was an awesome and a great way to end the weekend. I really felt hopeful after hearing all the speakers and meeting with hundreds of other good Americans from 5 dif states.

    God Bless America, now lets roll up our sleaves we have work to do.

  2. Glenn Beck? Gave up on him when he started representing his religion as Christianity. Encouraging moral standards and faith is great, but when someone goes out of his way to deceive on such an important matter can not be trusted, no matter how good his works are otherwise. Be careful folks.

  3. Yah, most people agree with most of Ron Paul’s positions. And we definitely know him to be a principled and honorable man. The Paul supporters can be a bit over-the-top, but that doesn’t really reflect the man, for me.

  4. I went looking for videos of TeaCon 2011 and discovered that it was pretty much a promotion for a radio network. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it wasn’t any kind of grass roots Tea Party meet up.

    Tea Party groups should be very careful about associating themselves with Glenn Beck. He’s always had his own agenda, which in this speech he was quite clear about, and he’s using the Tea Parties for his own gain. His message that both sides are just as bad is an insidious one but it works. During the Brown/Coakley election the Tea Party near me went Beck all the way and refused to endorse any candidate. They even sent out emails with links to all three campaigns. The third being to a guy named Kennedy who was obviously paid by the Democrats to split the vote.

    I hope Tea Partiers take Beck’s advice and use their brains. He is not their friend.

  5. Unfortunately, there are a lot of gaps between the videos. And it’s kind of frustrating, because just when he is about to finish his thought the video ends and the next video talks about something completely different.

    1. I agree, that was quite frustrating. And no wrap up. It was a good speech though. Got to love a God-fearing man.

  6. I just watched 5 segments (above). The last segment seemed truncated. Too, between the segments there seemed to be gaps while the camera operator was presumably reloading. Is the whole speech available for download or viewing?

    Thank you TRS for putting up what you did. It is quintessential Beck, for sure.


    1. OOPS!! Sorry, should have watched the video first. It’s the exact same one that Scoop posted – gaps and all.

  7. I don’t know what has taken him so long, but I think Glenn is getting on the Cain Train. Herman Cain stands for just about everything that Glenn espouses, which is to say the principles that made this country great (and are under assault today by BO). It was almost a year ago that Glenn compared Herman Cain to George Washington and Ronald Reagan.

    1. Oh really? You mean like supporting TARP? Or endorsing Mitt Romney in 2008? Or that he likes 90% of the patriot act, and he can’t even tell us what is in the 10%? These are Glenn Beck and tea party principles?

      1. Okay, find me a candidate that has zero issues that are questionable with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. TARP was a mistake but even Glenn Beck supported it at the time. I do not like Romney, but during the 2008 election, he wasn’t a horrible choice – especially pre-Romneycare. At that point, he was a successful Republican businessman that was able to win in deep blue Massachusetts.

        I love Ron Paul’s domestic policy ideas probably even more than Herman Cain’s. However, his foreign policy isolationist ideas would get us killed. Because of those, he has zero chance of winning the Republican nomination and is probably the only republican candidate that probably couldn’t beat Obama.

        Don’t drink and drive or you may end up on an embarrassing dashboard cam video that shows up on Youtube.

        1. The last Gallup poll had Paul two points down from Obama. That is better than every GOP candidate other than Romney. Also Pauls foreign policy views are not as crazy as portrayed once you actually hear him out about what he plans to do. He isn’t advocating anything like complete disbanding of the military. Its more things like “We beat AQ in Afghanistan. They aren’t there anymore. We aren’t going to do any more good staying there long term. Why are we still there? Lets bring them home.”

          Paul was in favor of reacting to 911, and has been in favor of reacting to legitimate national security threats even before they become well known and popular. Besides. They say that the president makes a moderate out of everyone. Even Reagan who is the cultish figure that conservatives worship gave up many things to liberals. He later said he regretted many, but he still did. Even Obama is at least trying to look like a moderate even though he isn’t. Every president comes in with a limited amount of political capital, and it is the things you mention Paul won’t be able to get done regardless thanks to that.

          1. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Like I said, I like Ron Paul’s domestic libertarian ideas. I’m a libertarian-leaning conservative. However, I could never support him because of his foreign policy ideas – even if they aren’t as kooky as they sound. More importantly, putting ideology and policy positions aside, I just don’t see the leadership qualities in Ron Paul that I do in Herman Cain. More than ever, we need a real leader. The reason that Ronald Reagan has become a cultish figure is because he made people feel good about America. We needed that after Carter and Lord knows we need that again after BO.

              1. Ron Paul supporters, as we’re all painfully aware, are very passionate. That passion can sometimes come across as fairly annoying to those who do not share the same passion. Ron Paul and Herman Cain are both good men. I’ve seen both of them attacked in various posts by each other’s supporters. That should not happen. In their hearts, I’m fairly certain that they both want what’s best for our country.

                I apologize for the dash-cam drunk driving comment. Although I found the video pretty darn funny, I was wrong for mentioning it. I’m sure that any day now, there will be a drunk Herman Cain fan Youtube video with a Cainiac slurring out “Get on the Cain Train!” “Yes we Cain!” “Cain is Able!”

  8. This isn’t going to be a popular opinion here, but the tea party has changed radically since the early days and not for the better. I first started getting involved in the movement a couple of months after it got started. I like to give new presidents the benefit of the doubt, but Obama wore his off fast. This was back when I was your typical conservative. I bought into the whole package that the republican’s talk about, but never do.

    This was until I got into the tea party. I read so much literature from those you might refer to as “intellectual conservatives,” some “country club republican’s,” but and many libertarian minded people. I even still listed to many lectures by anarcho capitalists. While I don’t believe that the private sector will can satisfy the security market (police, military) there is a lot of merit to their argument. I also learned a lot about the actual economics about things like equal pay for equal work, immigration, the fed, and a whole host of other things. It was one of the best forums of information I have seen. However recently it has been taken over by your traditional conservatives. Beck, I’m sorry. I love your research. I used to love watching your show on fox. However, you are no libertarian.

      1. There was a video I saw about a week ago that did an incredible job of laying down the foundation, but I can’t find it at the moment. As I can’t find it Ill defer to Milton Friedman.

        Ill try and give my own version even though Friedman does a better job.

        Ill take anyone in that group that falls into one of three categories.

        Anarcho capitalists who don’t think we need the government for anything

        Those who believe that the government should protect property rights and that is it.

        Those who believe that the government should solve all cases of market failure in which the cost of the government optimizing the market is less than the benefit from society than the benefit of the market. (Thank public good problem)

        Category three isn’t terribly relevant as almost all cases that group 3 would be for are already covered under property rights. The non-aggression principle is also a good start.

    1. Well, my opinion may not be popular with you, but, I think there are 2 Tea Party factions. The Ron Paul Tea Party faction, and the rest of the country Tea Party faction. We both believe in small government, but, we draw the line in Paul’s thinking that BECAUSE of government and our military, we “asked” for 9/11. I would venture a guess that Glenn Beck falls in the beliefs of the latter. And, so does Ron Paul’s son, thank goodness, whom I think has a bright future.
      I guess you will be in a quandary again when Ron Paul does not get the nomination, and he won’t. Will you vote to re-elect a man that expanded Bush’s troop count, took us into Libya, continued Bush’s invasion of privacy measures, and “assassinated” a US citizen (Awlaki), or will you vote for someone that can save us from the precipice of our country becoming Greece? No offense, but, I think I know which faction will prevail.
      As for the video, thanks Scoop, but, I agree, I like GB 2009 better. And thanks to whoever filmed it, and sent it your way.

      1. I think you are believing a mischaracterization when it comes to Ron Paul’s views on 911 and the military. He doesn’t do a very good job of stating his full views in debates with those 30 second interviews, but when you actually hear him out he is right. For example, the hijackers were 100% wrong for what they did on 911. There is no excuse for their actions. However we are giving radical muslims a lot of ammunition for recruiting.

        1. Ron Paul totally ignores the origins of Al Qaeda each and every time he’s invited to study it. He’s wrong, and he’s pathetic.

        2. No, that’s just silly that we’re giving radicals a lot of ammo for recruiting. You seem to not understand that jihad existed before America even existed. How’s that theory of yours work now?

          1. You have fallen victim to a lot of propaganda. Why do you think it is that we have good relations with the citizens of many muslim countries that we happen to leave alone?

            1. I’ve had this discussion before with others here, Jim, and it gets rather disheartening. I can give you chapter and verse from authoritative Islamic sources and Islamic front organizations, Al Qaeda pronouncements, current events, give you a whole rundown about Islamization in Europe and a history of Israel since 1917… and the nexus of left-wing groups and OIC Islam and their coordinated moves to deligitimize Israel and Western freedoms…ad nauseum … yet you would STILL call it “PROPAGANDA”.

              There is an unsettling pathology associated with extremist anarcho-capitalist libertarian dogma that is frustrating… trying at the same time to position itself as acceptable in “conservative” circles like the tea party.

              It’s not libertarian economic ideas that are the problem… except for the “anarcho” extremist parts… they are worth the time. It’s the phoney baloney non-interventionist non-aggression axiom dictates and the immoral “every act is an economic act” that makes extremist libertarians bat shit crazy.

            2. I’m very sorry to say, you are the one who has fallen victim to propaganda – THEIR’S. This upheaval that is going on today has many factions – all are seeking to be the world’s (owner) ruler. One or two started around 2000 BC and became more violent in the 7th century AD. The rest began in earnest within the last 200 years. All are still active today, to one degree or another.

              Most of the propaganda that we are experiencing today started with Sigmund Freud’s cousin Edward Bernays in the early 1900’s. The thread of this insidious complex milieu in which we find ourselves runs very long and deep.

              I gave up trying to understand the government’s (State Dept’s) foreign policy because it makes absolutely no logical sense. Most of it’s nothing but bad corrupt politics that needs cleaning up – if possible!!!

        3. Giving alot of ammunition….what a sorry and stupid statement. This is why Paul will never, ever be president. And why his supporters are hurting America. Yes, hurting America. You and your cohorts may not be sitting in the seat of power such as BO is, however, everytime one of you doesn’t vote because Paul (or someone like him) isn’t running, we wind up with the likes of BO as POTUS.
          Further, everytime the above stupid and wrong statement is spoken, there’s the real ammunition that is given to the terrorists. Why not, after all, you and Paul and others like you both say, in effect, we brought it on ourselves and all the terrorists are doing is what comes natural. shame……..

        4. Herman Cain summed up Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday last night. Chris Wallace asked Cain about his statement that Ron Paul was a”a grumpy old man!” Cain responded that “he is, all you ever hear him say is ‘end it, end it, end it!'” He’s tight and what’s more, have you ever seen him smile?

          1. Actually yes. Look at the interview I linked above. And really he is right about the “end it” talk. Even if you aren’t talking about the fed, you could easily end the EPA, the department of education, and the FDA, and that is just off the top of my head. Now I’m sure many here will disagree with at least one of those three, but that is classic looking at intents rather than results.

    2. You have got to be under 30. Ron Paul and his libertarian teachings appeal to the young and young at heart. They are the other end of the spectrum on the political curve. All the way to the right, complete constitution adherence in the time before the country grew up and realized you cannot survive without active foreign policy and isolation is never the answer.

      1. None of the founding fathers even envisioned that we have standing armies. They wanting armies to be raised if we went to war, and immediately disbanded after the war was over. Even I am not that radical.

      2. … Which it didn’t take long to figure out as Washington went out and fought the Barbary Pirates (sp?).

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