Gov. Abbott pushing bill that would send ‘sanctuary city’ sheriff TO JAIL!

Man, don’t mess with Texas. Even if you’re a Texan Sheriff!!

Texas’ governor has been waging a war against the Sheriff of Travis County for pushing sanctuary city policies, and in this interview with Tucker Carlson, he says that he’s looking into legislation that would send her to JAIL!!!

Dang, dude.

Watch below:

The only thing I’d fault Abbott with here is feeding Carlson’s audience cheap red meat about the only reason to have sanctuary cities is because of evil liberalism. No doubt, that’s part of the reason. But many Sheriffs, who are probably well-meaning, believe that those policies help them enforce the law because otherwise people would be afraid of calling the police for fear of being deported. Whether that’s reasonable or not is debatable, but I would expect Abbott to at least be honest about the other side’s actual argument instead of offering an exaggerated straw-man argument.

On the other side, I could see why Texas would want to take drastic measures, as they are among the hardest hit by illegal immigration.

Anyway. Sanctuary cities are bad. Lock her up!!!

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