GOWDY: You don’t have discretion on whether to follow the law or not… HOLDER: I disagree…

Trey Gowdy really exposes the lawless nature of Eric Holder in this exchange about mandatory minimums. Holder is trying to bypass the law by telling his attorneys not to divulge to the courts the amount of drugs that were seized from the offender. In doing this, the court can’t invoke mandatory minimum laws because they don’t know the amount.

It’s this exchange that caught my attention:

GOWDY: That’s my point, is that your memo is trumping a congressional statute.

HOLDER: Well, I mean, we always have discretion. And, would you say that…

GOWDY: But you don’t have discretion on whether to the follow the law or not. That’s my point.

HOLDER: No, no, I would disagree in the sense that, taking into account resource constraints, it is incumbent upon those of us in the executive branch to make the maximum use of the resources that Congress gives to us. That necessarily means we’re always making choices about the kinds of cases we bring, how we deal with cases we bring…

GOWDY: But you’re already expending the resources of the prosecution or you and I wouldn’t be having the question. This is all about sentencing. I have no qualms if you say I’m gonna decline prosecution. You have an unfettered right to do that.

What I’m saying is you don’t have the right to say, in mandatory minimum cases, don’t tell the grand jury what the drug amount is.

Holder believe his ‘discretion’ gives him the power to ignore the law as long as he can cite ‘resources’ as the excuse. This is exactly the argument Obama is using regarding deportation of illegals. They ignore congressional law and claim they don’t have the resources needed to fully enforce the law. In reality they are pushing their own agendas which, in this case, is trying to keep minorities out of prison even when drug amounts are severe enough that the law demands prison time.

I would add that Holder also seems fairly outmatched in this debate with Gowdy, as he confuses prosecution and sentencing. Not only does Gowdy expose Holder’s motives, he also exposes what a light weight Holder is when it comes to defending his lawlessness.

Watch the full clip below:

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