Great new ad pits Obama’s rhetoric on jobs versus reality

This ad is almost a month old but is a very well done and pits Obama’s words on job creation versus the reality of American’s employment problem:

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29 thoughts on “Great new ad pits Obama’s rhetoric on jobs versus reality

  1. The only thing those shovels are doing is shifting the bs he keeps spouting. REMEMBER NOVEMBER.

  2. I’m more embarrassed by the people that voted for him, than him. They’ve made America look really stupid.

  3. This guy is sooo full of himself with more and more lies, rhetoric, and narcissism. Yup, “SHOVEL READY!” That is YOU, Mr. Narcissist, come November. We’re going to shovel you right ouda town, and back to your thug friends in Chicago, where you and they belong. Yes, you are correct. If you don’t get this done in four years, yours will be a one-term experiment. You time is almost up, BUB! You’ve got too many skeletons in the closet by now to survive any longer.

  4. Good ad, but it forced me to listen to Obama for over a minute. Yuck!

    I swear he doesn’t really care what’s coming out of his mouth. As long as he thinks it sounds good and will look good in future documentaries, that’s all that matters to this narcissist.

  5. We can only hope that the sheeple that voted for him are unsatisfied enough to vote for Romney. Problem is, they get tired of Mitt, they vote for the next Anti-Christ-wannabe that comes along.

  6. Does anybody else notice that Obama doesn’t really know the meaning of the word ‘jobs’. He’s always claiming he wants to create ‘jobs’. He thinks the word means ‘projects’. He wants to create projects, like any good government-based man does. Jobs are not projects. You can’t put me to work for 2 weeks and call that a job. It’s a project, with a starting point and ending point. Jobs are created to be able to perform for a lifetime.

    That’s why stimulus money does not create ‘jobs’ as the money runs out in 6 months to a year. Every time he uses the word ‘jobs’, just replace it with the word ‘projects’ and what he says will become crystal clear.

    1. I’ve always said that as well.

      “Oh look at all the construction workers re-paving and improving the road!” Umm..yeah but they’ll be done in about 2 weeks so then what are they going to do? Of course they can drag the project out as long as they can so the guys continue to get money but thats another issue.

      1. Yep, and when there is another slew of construction projects down the road, it will be the same guys, but Obama will count it as added jobs.

  7. Good ad. I want these people to keep hammering at him until EVERYONE knows and understands the truth. He lied in the beginning… he lied throughout… and he continues to lie. And only the mentally ill, freeloaders, and dumbmasses will believe him and his lies no matter what. Let’s help the rest of them see the truth and the light. Let’s roll up our sleaves and get busy.

  8. Words DO matter, and America has learned that you can’t believe a word this man says. November, it’s our last hope. Be counted and get everybody you know to vote Obama out of office. The nation depends on it.

  9. Glad to see they ended it with the arrogant amusement about the nonexistent shovel ready jobs. Even though I’ve heard it a bazillion times, it still makes my blood boil.

  10. “Don’t tell him words don’t matter”….how about the word TAX, you horrible excuse for a president of the greatest country on earth.

  11. Amazing arrogance…. This guy needs to be recruited in the army and taught some humility

    1. He’s already Part of the Army, the Army of Darkness. You can liken him to every evil movie character in the past fifty years.

  12. I think every single Conservative who is running should dedicate a 5-Second portion of his ad (or a couple of sentences in print ads) to remind voters how his opponent voted on Obamacare. Since polls have consistently shown that roughly 65% of the US opposes Obamacare, we can make this election a 1-issue campaign. Since the economy isn’t going to change in the next 4 months, and the debt won’t change directions either, the RNC should remember that 65% is a huge voting block. Remember what happened in Wisconsin a few weeks ago? Multiply that result by 10…

    Candidates should also NEVER use the phrase “millionaires and billionaires” and should replace it with “successful people”. That eliminates this “class warfare” Bull Poop that Obummer is trying to use. It doesn’t change the meaning of the phrase, yet it changes the entire perspective of it.

    Are you listening, RNC???

  13. Obama’s talk is cheap (actually it’s expensive for us taxpayers) and his promises are empty! He sold America on a totally useless leader (?) and we’re paying a steep price for it. Time for a course correction in November.

    1. PoorRich: You might like this Bull Whittle AFTERBURNER, He shows the stacks of bodies beginning about 5:01

      This, like all Bill Whittle will grab you.

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