Greg Gutfeld: Hate Crime Hoax Factory Doing Great

In light of the hoax at Vassar College, where a member of the Bias Incident Response Team faked a “hate crime”, Gutfeld offers up the above commentary on the prevalence of such fabricated attacks and the willingness of the grievance culture and their media allies to swallow and sensationalize any such story. Witness a similar media clamor over an alleged gay slur left on a receipt. Leaving aside the many interesting questions to be asked about why mean notes on dorm rooms or on one server’s receipt are national news in the first place, it highlights the question of why the press and the talking heads are so gullible and incurious when these types of “hate” incidents are reported in the first place. Did we learn nothing from the Duke rape case? Says Gutfeld:

Sadly, the media and academics don’t mind these deeds for they believe in one greater fact: It doesn’t matter if that hate crime is fake because a real one just like it has to be happening somewhere else. It’s the assumption that drives all perceived injustice. We don’t need facts, just feelings, to find fault.

It’s the old “fake but true” standard that stories such as this are held to. Those who view themselves as part of the persecuted class think it could and does happen all the time already. They don’t understand why they don’t hear about it. So they fake it. Because they need it. They need a reason to be. Not just to be, but to be aggrieved. If they aren’t wronged, then they’re just wrong. And they can’t have that.

Gutfeld concludes “the scary part is, in 20 years, they’ll be the historians writing about this era as if all of their lies were true.” That is indeed scary. And probably true. After all, even though these incidents only just occurred, the perpetrators are already forgiven and understood. And history rewrites before our eyes.

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