Gun safe targeted in home burglary after being outed by Journal News map

Two men broke into a home listed on the Journal News map and specifically targeted the gun safe. The police have one man in custody and are investigating if the map published by the Journal News was used to identify and target the house.

Considering the burglars were unsuccessful at retrieving the guns from the gun safe, it sounds to me like an amateur operation where a couple of men found the house on the map and thought they’d give it a shot. If so, I sincerely hope the Journal News is held accountable as well as the burglars.

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68 thoughts on “Gun safe targeted in home burglary after being outed by Journal News map

  1. So one of the outcomes of publishing the gun map will be to redistribute guns from registered law-abiding citizens to unregistered criminals. Is that what the Journal News intended? Or is this another example of the unintended consequences that always result from the “good intentions” of the left?

  2. I urge everyone on here to blast the commie paper responsible for this break in. They conspired to plaster this list on the internet. It has now cause a break in at someones private dwelling. That means, according to first year law, they are accessories before, during and after the fact. So in short I am asking all you to stand up for these people, your Fellow American’s and hammer these Nazi sons of buggers. It is they’re just deserts! Before you ask. Yes I have already done it.

  3. Too bad they didn’t meet up eith the owner ARMED and dangerous! They’d both be taking a dirt nap by now.
    As for the papaer, eff ’em and there mothers. I’d do my best to ‘out’ every employee and the owners with names, addresses and phone numbers and hours of the day when they are not at home. What’s good for the goose…

    1. They obviously staked out the house and waited till they were sure it was empty. Are you really that senseless!

      1. No, I’m not, actually. What I’m saying is that IF the homeowner had been present at the time and ARMED the outcome would have been much different. Are you that clueless?

        1. To not be able to see that this/these punks STAKED OUT the home is absolutely remarkable. Many, and I do mean MANY people spend hundreds of hours up to weeks at a time, spying if you will, on anything from a squirrel about to spring a trap to humans in cross hairs. The main operation of the criminal mind is to make absolute sure that they’re chance of clear escapes is paramount to say the least. Having said that. If that makes me clueless, then so be it. I was one of those many that stalked, if you so wish to put it that, for the U.S as a person of active military. No I am not bragging and I do not wish the dreams I have even after over 30 years of retirement that still haunt me and thousands others. So yeah I guess I and all of us that have done that, are clueless. Criminals are predatory and they’re nature says, as well as dictates STALK! That’s what a predator does!

          1. I guess I still don’t get your point. If thieves are predatory and home owners are at home, shouldn’t they have the right and responsibility to drop the predator where he stands? Or should the homeowner just open the door for the predator and let him in?
            In our home, the predator would be dead immediately upon entering.
            Obviously, if the homeowner is not home, he can’t do anything to the predator. But in my area, if one of my neighbors observed the scumbag in my home HE would confront the predator. It’s called “having your neighbor’s back”.
            As for military service, I too served proudly years ago. Thank you for your service.

            1. Mike

              The thief waits and watches outside for up to weeks and learns the routine of home owner. Then when home owner is away, because thief’s been watching and now know home owner is out. Goes in and pillages swiftly. Yes if the home owner is there blast til the threat is gone or dead. But generally speaking the perp waits until the home owner is gone before rambling through the house unabashed!

  4. Once again, we see the unintended consequences of liberalism gone wild. If the robbers were influenced by the Journal, if I were the owner of the house I would sue the newspaper. It would serve them right and maybe if it hit them in the wallets they wouldn’t do such a stupid thing again, assuming they’re still in business next year.

  5. • Couple things come to mind that are either missing or not emphasized in this story when you listen it. The make of the gun safe, I want one whatever it is and two an emphasis on the fact these criminals did not get a single gun because the owners were “RESPONSIBLE” gun owners and had them stored / controlled in a safe. Now we are all waiting to hear when the first criminal gets himself shot dead trying to steal one of these guns. We all know it is going to happen and these Liberal/Progressive so called newspapers are going to demonize the homeowner who defends his/her property and lives. It is just a matter of time.

  6. Each homeowner of a house burglarized in Westchester and Rockland counties should sue The Journal News AND the Gannett Co., as well as all of the management of each individually. The homeowners who where named as gun owners by the newspaper for pointing their houses out as houses with guns available to be stolen. The homeowners who were left unnamed for pointing out their houses as without home defense weapons available.
    Perhaps a friendly rival newspaper could publish the proper legal documents with fill-in-the-blanks to initiate suit against everyone involved in this idiotic decision to publish gun owners’ addresses.
    I would image the cost of responding by Gannett Co., The Journal News, their executives and managers MIGHT teach them that their action has consequences. Who knows? Some folks might recoup some damages from them.

    1. I’d throw in suing the advertisers to this dangerous newspaper. Send them having to scurry to their lawyers and I think you’d find enough advertisers not willing to take the chance and in so doing, shutting down those idiots. By product might just be that they scare away any other liberal rag from trying such a dangerous, self serving stunt.

      1. Good idea. Typically when lawyers initiate lawsuits they sue everyone and force the courts to cut any out of the action. Trial lawyers are always trying to get to the “deep pockets.”
        That makes being a witness to anything dangerous from a liability point of view. “Oh, you saw the accident. Why didn’t you do something to stop it.”

  7. Hmmm, I’m just waiting for another attempt and their shot because of it…I don’t like people being hurt, however, you make the wrong choices and you get the consequences of your choices…just sayin

  8. Let the lawsuits begin. Please.

    I’d like to see those two guilty, liberal women in jail for endangering legal gun-owning residents of that state. Let Judge Jeanine preside.

    This infuriates me.

    1. From what I understand, Judge Jeanine’s home is one of those on the map. She has been sending out her producer to hound the editor, following her around daily. Hope she keeps it up and finds other means to stop those viciously stupid people at that paper.

  9. It may have been the intention of the Rockland Journal News to shame/intimidate gun owners in their area, but they could hardly have considered the possible consequences of their witch-hunting. Nor did they consider that:
    1. Targeted gun owners are now even less likely to give up their weapons.
    2. Providing criminals with a map of weapon owner addresses helps put weapons into the hands of criminals.
    3. Vulnerable, gun-free households are also identified by exclusion.
    4. Some of these will likely feel the need to arm themselves.
    5. Some of those gun owners are in security, law enforcement, and they have been put in additional danger, thanks to the Journal News.
    6. Some of those gun owners who are subscribers to the Journal News will cease to be subscribers.
    7. Advertisers in the Journal News depend on business from the targeted community.

    Smart all around.

  10. So we know all kinds of personal things about law abiding citizens…I’d like to know a few things about the mass murderers…How about we start with what drugs were in the bodies of these monsters??? What was their day like, what did they spend most of their time doing..??? You see if we start talking about their frame of mind, instead of what was in their hands at the time..too many liberals might be able to relate..

  11. So Gannett is a publicly traded company.

    Here are the papers and sites included in holdings: USA Today,, ShopLocal, PointRoll, USA Weekend, Cincinnati Enquirer, Kentucky Enquirer,, Clipper Magazine, PlanetDiscover, Nursing Spectrum, NurseWeek.

    They have interests in: California Newspapers Partnership, Texas-New Mexico Newspapers Partnership, Ponderay Newsprint Company in the state of Washington.

    Newsquest is a UK subsidiary and they also have an advertising deal with Yahoo!

    Under their ethics policy employees and OTHERS may submit their concerns regarding violations or suspected violations of law. Here is the # 1-800-234-4206.

  12. Time for a class action suit against the paper to shut them down. I’m not one favoring lawsuits but in this case the Journal News has put many in danger and they need to be held responsible for their actions.

      1. Like you said, together we stand and I think people have decided to do just that and praise God for it. You can only push so hard before someone pushes back. Looks like it took gun control and just wait til Obama gives his amnesty press conference today. I just posted something on CFP about Marco Rubio, Not surprised myself but would like your reaction. 🙂

        1. My reaction: Simple… When the going gets tough… the tough get going! You are a warrior and a patriot! There was no way you would ever surrender! You are on the side of our Lord God! You have Right and Justice on your side!!! I haven’t read your post on CFP. My computer is dodgy and I’m lucky it’s holding at all… But if I get the chance I surely will!

  13. Since they were apparently went right after the gun safe I don’t think that there is any real doubt that the criminals were using the Journal News map to target this house. There is a class-action lawsuit coming.

  14. Why not similarly publish the school records of the President? His courses taken, professors and grades. Then move onto the way in which his education was funded. If he received a Fulbright Scholarship to attend Harvard Law. Also the names and addresses of the professors and other students that he attended classes with, so that people can access them to ask them questions.

    1. Excellent question. Ask a liberal and watch their heads spin to the back and front again all the while attacking you for even daring to want to know anything about satan…er, his back ground.

  15. Seems odd that they would try to break in on the second floor if they didn’t know the house. Wouldn’t you break in on the first floor and search, and then try to bust the safe if one is found and flee with the contents?

    1. Perhaps the lights were out on the upper floors and further, perhaps from the back of the house it was easier to enter there undetected.

  16. This family needs to take this to court. If there are any constitutional lawyers out there, this could be a case like yelling fire in a theater. Since Journal News took it upon themselves to post this list, they are responsible for endangering this family and their property. This will be fun to watch.

  17. My gun safe would not be easy to get into. They are built very well, and bolted to the floor. Mine weighs about 1000 pounds loaded. I bought it recently, and it is the best investment I could have made. It is unlocked at night when I’m home, and locked when I am not home. I am glad to see that this failed. Makes me feel better about it. I wonder how gun safe sales are doing lately?

    1. I hope it’s unlocked but closer to you than a potential invader… I assume it is. This is not a criticism but out of genuine concern for you. Sometimes text is the enemy of message conveyance.

      I despise the whole “trigger lock” garbage… As if a gun could sneak out in the night on it’s own and commit crimes while the owner dreams of Unicorns and rainbows.

      (edited for content by poster)

      1. It’s right by my bed, so they would have to be right on top of me to get to my guns. My guns are all locked and loaded, so a trigger lock would defeat the purpose. An unloaded gun is pretty much useless. It would be like taking the head off of a hammer. Though I must say, I live alone, so there are no kids to get into them. The safe is just to protect thousands of dollars worth of guns and ammo when I am not home.

        Edit: I think that it would do pretty well in a fire also.

        1. Living alone… Get a dog or two… Well worth it! They can hear… Well I was going on a rant about how great dogs are, but I bet you know all that already. So I’ll just say if you don’t have a pair of dogs (at least) get a couple. Anyone comes within their earshot will alert them and they will alert you and should some bad bastard break into your place you will be ready to dispatch his sorry a$$ to hell!

          1. considering I’m officially hard of hearing a dog would do wonders for me! Add a gun to your protection and you can survive even the crummiest ghetto apartments! (mostly)

            I’ve been trying to saving up for an apartment now that I’ve got work full time. Problem is searching for that suitable apartment complex that is in my price range and not in a bad part of town (though that seems impossible in reality). I was also considering if I do move on my own, to getting a gun, but some of the prices…yikes, a little too much out of my price range!

            1. First off get a dog and a good baseball bat and commando style knife! You will love the dog to death as much as he loves you and, should the need arise, you will be happy to have that knife handy… It’s better than nothing. Get a gun when you can afford one. Good luck my friend!

          2. I’ve struggled with the idea of getting dogs. The problem is that I don’t think I could give them due attention, and wouldn’t be home enough. I have never liked the idea of chaining up a dog, or kenneling them for long periods of time. I haven’t discounted it altogether, but am a bit hesitant to go for it. I don’t want to get a dog, then have to give it up. I did it once about ten years ago. It really isn’t fair to the animal. I have been thinking about early detection alarms for the house to alert me to someone being near the house while I am sleeping.

            1. Thank you for considering the dog’s life in your quest for protection. Dogs are pack animals, and one of the cruelest things one can do to a dog is isolate him or her and what being would want or deserve to live life on a chain? You deserve kudos and just wanted to pass that along. 🙂

            2. I agree with badbadlibs below entirely. I guess it’s my dog bias as my entire life had dogs in it. But your alternative solution sounds good too. My house has window alarms, motion detectors, window break detectors and 2 dogs and… (other defenses). If someone breaks in here… we (my wife and I) will know about it long before the criminal bastard could ever get close to harming us and we’ll take the appropriate steps. My whole suggestion to you was based on the dogs… Even if the alarms fail, the battery fails, or something… The doggies ears won’t fail… They hear something “wrong” they’ll tell us all about it long before an intruder could ever get to us…

              I’m sorry if I came across preachy… I often do that! 😉 But it was out of genuine concern for you. Just as I know you would make genuinely heart felt suggestions to me if the situation arised and you could help or make what you believed to be good suggestions.

              1. No worries. I totally agree that a dog would be the best early warning device, and a good partner to have around. If I still had kids, or a wife at home, I would have a dog, for sure.

            3. Having 5 “inside” dogs, I can attest to the, “give them due attention” part. I work from home so they have me around most of the day. Buy even so they can be a burden on your time, especially my elderly beagle that needs 24/7 attention. But they are a joy to have; I love my dogs! 🙂

              1. I have seen videos of people hiking with their dogs, and they have doggie packs for the dog to carry their own food. When I go hiking for a week at a time, I would need that. It’s tough enough to pack your own gear. Even then, the dog would know if there were a preditor around before I would. I don’t know about taking the dog snow hiking/camping.

            4. Thank you for thinking about the dog’s life. I’m in the process of trying to rescue an abused dog who is used for just this purpose. He is left outside 95% of the time and in Chicago this time of year is a horrible thing. He doesn’t have any toys to play with and the “owners” don’t play with him either. Despite this, he is still a very sweet boy who longs for love and affection.

          3. As a warning device, dogs are better than any other. No matter what size. My sister has toy poodles. One night a fire broke out in their garage. One poodle barked its beautiful little head off before the fire could do any major damage. I made the comment on hearing of the incident: Well, it more than earned its keep last night didn’t it.

      1. Exactly.

        Sadly, the answer lies with this corrupt, criminal main stream media. Until they get flushed out of America’s system, we will continue to never know the truth; through them anyway.

        1. …through them anyway.”

          Hit the nail on the head S_T. That’s where sites like TRS and others and our outspokenness come in. Word will get out, it just takes longer.

          (Seahawks gave the good fight, you and the Mrs. should be proud.)

          1. Thank you my friend.

            Seahawks… My wife is steaming and feels like they gave the game away.

            We live in the Atlanta area, so we can root for the home team. Man, I wish the outcome was different though. 🙂

            1. I was thinking about you two watching the game. The Hawks are for real, give it time. All the fuss about the great group of rookie QBs and only one remained. The traveling had to take its toll.

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